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Feature: In Vitro Fertilisation New Message

Anonymous  Posted: 03/07/2004 17:50

Was just interested in the price of IVF in Ireland? I am hoping I won't need it as I am currently on Clomid for treatment but am just trying to find out about other options and availablilty if needed

Anonymous  Posted: 15/08/2004 12:18

Is there a waiting list. How long before you start treatment. Do you have to go for loads of counselling waisting more time.

joanna (QLG15338)  Posted: 17/08/2004 20:06

Hi thanks for your reply! I am on clomid madication at present and am hoping that I will not need IVF.However it is something I am interested in finding out more about ' just in case' I need to go down that road. As for waiting lists i really dont know? I am sure there is lots of counselling in preparation for IVF but dont know much about the details

Anonymous  Posted: 13/10/2004 19:54

I have gone down the road of tests and my only option is IVF privately its about a month to get to see anybody about IVF if youre private but public is about 3 years long. I have tried clomid but will not work as my mans sperm is too weak. But we will get there.

Anonymous  Posted: 11/01/2005 16:45

Can someone give me an information about SIMS Fertility Clinic in Dublin? And is there public IVF in Rotunda?

catherine (DSJ26992)  Posted: 09/04/2005 13:41

there is apublic clinic in the rotunda.i am attending it since november 2004. the waiting list ia about 22 weeks depending on your age and your condition

Fiona (AUH32610)  Posted: 11/08/2005 12:47

Hi Has anybody gone to Clane Hospital for IVF? Just wondering if you know what the waiting list is there if you go privately? We have been referred but have not heard anything back yet? Tks

Rachel (BTH32560)  Posted: 19/08/2005 10:43

I am going to be attending the HARI Clinic in the Rotunda in September, it does totally depend on your condition, myself and my partner have fertility problems that have had us deemed 'urgent'. We were only waiting about 2 weeks to be called but i asked to have it put off for another few weeks to give us a chance to get money (and my head) together. The lady i was speaking to there said the normal waiting list time in the Rotunda was pretty much the same for public and private, she said 4-6 months at times. Everyone is treated by the same one consultant, same staff, same treatment, just going private, you are made pay for everything, all consultations and tests, everything so she advised me to go public. As it is just for the ICSI/IVF itself its going to cost about €4000, public. But any information you need about waiting times and costs just call the place you are to attend, i have found most people are very friendly and helpful.

Anonymous  Posted: 27/08/2005 21:13

Hi,I was told i had been through the menapause at the age of thirty five,had been trying to get pregnant for five years,we had ivf with donor eggs and have a lovely two year old hoping to try again soon ,where there`s a will there is a way.

Anonymous  Posted: 07/09/2005 14:47

I have just gone through one course of IVF with the Hari Unit in the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. Unfortunately it wasn't successful, however, I am going to give it another go and stay positive next time around. It worked out approx EUR4,000 for us, the price of the IVF plus medication. You do need to apply for a Drugs Payment Scheme card as soon as possible though because this does save you alot of money and they will not proceed without you having one. These do take a while to issue so no harm in applying for one as soon as possible. Another thing is that you must have a smear test result within 3 years. Good luck !!

Anonymous  Posted: 11/10/2005 09:34

i have done one fresh ivf cycle and one frozen ivf cycle with the hari unit and i have found the staff so very nice there, i now have to have surgery to remove a solid cyst from my ovary before i can go with my next and last frozen cycle but i have not given up yet

Anonymous  Posted: 11/10/2005 11:47

Just wondering how the Haris Unit found out you had a 'solid cyst'? I have PCOS and always woundered if I would ever have to have any cysts removed.

rk  Posted: 11/10/2005 13:50

was having a pre period scan to get ready for the next round and there it was it was an internal scan and they could see that it wasnt the usual fluid type so was sent to see a specialist within a week and am now waiting to have surgery to get it removed have had numerous fluid ones over the years but they always go as soon as i get my period was told this one wont go on its own

Anonymous  Posted: 11/10/2005 14:34

God, thats awful! Its just I have PCOS and am starting my second IVF treatment in January and was just interested because I always see the cysts on the scan, now they never do be too big, thank God! The best of luck anyway!

rk  Posted: 12/10/2005 11:50

Thanks, am not too worried even if they do have to take the ovary, although hopefully not, well at least I will still have my other one!! and i have 2 frozen eggs for my next cycle. I have had surgery on my tubes nearly 3 years ago and appendix when i was a child (which they think was the cause of my problems) so it will just be another scar to add to my collection. I am no where near giving up yet though

Anonymous  Posted: 12/10/2005 11:54

Very glad to hear it rk! I am now ttc for three years. I have a eight year old son already. When I had my son I went on the pill and when I came off it I was diagnosed with PCOS. The gyne reckons the pill caused all my problems! The very best of luck to you and your partner with everything.

Rachel  Posted: 12/10/2005 12:24

Hi everyone. I just want to let you all know of a great site for support for infertility etc. It's go to bulletin boards and you can search active forums to chat in from ivf by location to ivf by cause. its a great way to find support from people like us. Also if anyone is interested, i like to go to another site and go to the guest book forum, i now email a few girls from different parts of the world with infertility problems too after meeting them on that site, both sites have been very helpful to me. Especially as infertility can make you feel so alone.

rk  Posted: 12/10/2005 14:33

thanks a lot for your good wishes. we have been ttc for 5 and a half years. it is very hard at times but it will be well worth it so i would say to everyone out there to stay going for another while longer so that in years to come you dont kick yourself that you didnt go that extra bit that is what keeps me going anyway at least at the end of the day i can put my hand on my heart and say that i tried my very best and done all i could but i have taken notes from this site with the keeping your feet warm and the pineapple juice so guess whawt ill be trying next time round

Anonymous  Posted: 14/10/2005 14:59


caroline (TJZ32834)  Posted: 15/10/2005 23:26

hi there ! i have found out this year that i have pcos. and my partner has problems as well. i am hoping to have children. i was just woundering, with the ivf, do you have to pay all in the one go or is it as you attend the consultant.

RK  Posted: 17/10/2005 14:30

hi caroline with the hari unit in the rotunda you have to pay it just in advance of starting your treatment all in one go the very best of luck to you and your partner

Anonymous  Posted: 19/10/2005 22:09

hi everyone have been on clomid for the last year and half with negative result. Have been trying for a baby for two and half years and now facing the prospect of ivf in the hari. Does it cost 4,000 euro for each attempt at ivf

rk  Posted: 20/10/2005 10:59

Hi it costs about 4,000 euro for a fresh cycle but if they get surplus eggs these can be frozen and then you can do a frozen cycle which costs about 6oo euro this is with the HARI am not sure of prices elsewhere. there is an anual cost for freezing the eggs of a couple of hundred euro i think not sure of the exact cost

marie (YFG32142)  Posted: 20/10/2005 18:39

does anyone know if there are provisions in place as regarding time off work if you have to do a cycle of ivf

rk  Posted: 21/10/2005 15:49

i have had no provisions made from my job with going through ivf, all scans and appointments have had to be taken out of my own time and due to complications i had to go sick after transfer under the instruction of the unit, but there are no exceptions made that i know of but a note from the gp should cover you all the best with your treatment

marj  Posted: 31/10/2005 19:44

rk ivf cost you 4,000 euro in the hari.Did you go private or public and what is the difference.Is it more expensive than 4,000 euro to go private

rk  Posted: 02/11/2005 09:30

I am there as a public patient, so honestly dont know if the price differs as a private patient but I have inquired and vhi and bupa dont cover any of it, it adds up to roughly 4,000 maybe a little under, as you have to pay for blood tests (hiv and hep and another one that I cant think of)and have to have a recent smear and the man has to have a sperm count, it just all adds up think for the ivf alone is about 3,700

Anonymous  Posted: 02/11/2005 12:36

Luckily enough for me my boss told me to take as much time off from work as necessary for appointments, sick etc. I wasn't deducted one penny. I will never thank them enough for that because it took a lot of pressure off. It is up to the discretion of your employer. My advice is to be honest with them and explain the whole situation. Good luck!

rk  Posted: 02/11/2005 14:48

you are very lucky, sadly I dont have a boss like that and I have kept her up to date with my treatment and time off needed and so on and so on but I still am getting a bit of a hard time I am going for open surgery next week, and I am more or less expected back to work the following week!!!!!! my only sick leave has been in relation to treatment (I dont do sick) and it has all been certified but still no difference, a little understanding (not sympathy) goes a long long way........

Anonymous  Posted: 02/11/2005 15:58

hI rk, that is absolutely awful. And you did mention that your boss is a 'she' so I just cannot understand that. Obviously she doesn't have problems with infertility. All you can do is make the best of the situation but try not to feel under pressure to go back to work after your surgery if you are not fit and ready. Your health is your main priority at the moment and your boss will just have to put up with that! The very best of luck next week, I hope it all goes well for you.

rk  Posted: 03/11/2005 09:12

Thanks very much for your good wishes. Will be taking it very easy afterwards and looking after myself till I am back on my feet. Thanks again.

Fi (ALZ39033)  Posted: 13/12/2005 23:13

Hi all - I am delighted to have come across this forum. I live in America (I am Irish) and completed a failed ivf here 1 1/2 years ago. Very few insurance companys cover it here and it cost us $19,000 (icsi alone was $4900-which we did at the last minute). We are planning on battling it again but I am considering traveling to Ireland to do it because of the cost. This time I may have to use donor eggs. Does anyone know the cost of using donor eggs and recommend a clinic in Dublin and if there is a website. Good luck to everyone.

MaryE  Posted: 04/01/2006 13:20

Hi everyone, I have just found this site and hope that someone can help me. I have my first appointment with the hari clinic this month to discuss IVF as i have not be able to conceive naturally after trying for three yars. I have previously had loads of blood tests plus lap & die etc. Just wondering do the hari clinic normally redo all these tests again for themself??? What i really want to know is how long is it usually between your first appointment and your IVF treatment? At this stage im getting very impatient with the whole thing, i found Christmas so hard. Thanks.

Anonymous  Posted: 04/01/2006 13:46

Hi Mary I am currently attending the Hari Unit for IVF, actually I am just back from my first pre-period scan. This is my second attempt at IVF with teh Hari Unit. I first attended the Hari over two years ago having gone two years of unexplained infertility my gyne in Drogheda referred me to the Hari Unit. There they carried out a lapri and discovered that I had PCOS. Anyway, I do find the Hari very good and would highly recommend them. The very very best of luck with everything and if you ever want a chat just let me know and I will send you my e-mail address. I know Christmas is terribly hard and believe me it gets no easier as time goes on but we just have to keep hoping and praying that somebody up there is looking down on us!!! This is to the previous writer, as far as I know the cycle with donor eggs can cost around EUR15,000 but Im not sure - this is just through a friend of a friend!

Bear  Posted: 07/01/2006 11:45

My husband and I have been trying for children for oer 3 years.After a year of trying we went to our doctor, she referred us to a gyne who in turn told us all was okay and invest in a maybe baby so we could monitor ovulation. After a couple of months, I went back to the doctor who sent me to another gyne. Under this gyne I had a lap & dye, but nothing showed up. I told him in Jan 05 that we wanted to be recommended for IVF, called him in June and they hadnt even contacted the IVF clinic. Finally got a appt with clinic in sept 05, wnt and they said they spotted something they wanted to remove b4 they started procedure. Got back onto my gyne in Sept and waited until end of Dec b4 I yet again seen another gyne who would recommend not removing anything as it will not affect ivf. We are going back to the clinic this month but I am gettig a bit feed up with it all already and we havent even started the IVF. I just wanted to know if other people have had the long haul we have had and doesnt it get any easier.Also I was wondering when do you start taking the course of drugs whether its at the begining of my periods or after?

Bear  Posted: 16/01/2006 19:12

Could anyone give me information on Blastocyst. I just read up on it and I believe your chances of getting pregnant increase, is this correct? If people have done it would they recommend it? Any information on personal experiences would be appreciated as my husband and are will be starting our ivf in March and are considering doing the blastocyst on top of the ICSI?

jack  Posted: 28/01/2006 10:17

i am attending the hari unit for a second time at the moment.i done my first try of ivf 3 years ago and had a beautiful daughter called ceira so anyone trying ivf try keep your spirits up and don't give up.i also found all the staff in the hari unit very helpful.

Anonymous  Posted: 31/01/2006 08:32

Has anybody that has gone through ivf produced too many folicles? This is our second attempt at ivf. The first cycle I ended up in hospital with ovarian hyperstimulation and now the second cycle seems to be going the same way. I dont think that the hospital are going to allow me to continue on the injections because of the risk of hyper stimulating again. Has anybody experienced this, if so I would be very grateful of any advice. Thanks.

Tuckerbaby  Posted: 02/02/2006 13:57

Hi Everyone Was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the whole IVF process. We are due to attend the HARI open eveing this month, and then hopefully move on to IVF. Has anyone attended these meetings, what can we expect, any advice? Also, do you know how long after attending you can actually start the drugs? Any advice you could give would be great as I am finding this all very scary. Thanks a mil Deborah

Josie  Posted: 03/02/2006 08:10

Hi Deborah Myself and my husband were referred to the HARI unit from our gyne in Drogheda. We went to that meeting which was nice. It basically lasted about an hour and we got to see a video about how the whole process works (we hadn't really a clue at the time). What I found comforting was the amount of people there! It was unbelievable and apparently its the same at every meeting. I know the HARI unit are very busy but as far as I know we started 2/3 months later (which felt like an eternity at the time - but they actually flew by). Myself and my husband are in the middle of our second attempt at IVF and yes it is quite difficult but if you are anything like me, you will do whatever it takes. Its emotionally and physically exhausting. The books say not to do it at a busy time in you life and I know the first time around we didn't really take that too seriously but this time we did. You really need to be in the right frame of mind, relaxed and healthy. The very best of luck with everything. Take care. J

Liz  Posted: 15/03/2006 14:31

Hi everyone I just found this site, I'm currently just started treatment for IVF I'm also using Donor Sperm. I had IUI done 5 times last year! Looking forward to IVF this time.

Lou  Posted: 19/03/2006 22:59

Hi all, just came across the site. Have been trying for over 4years now for a child and just told my gynae that I am fed up at the mo and want something done. He is referring me for IVF in Sept as have to try tablets again first. I am public at the mo and was wondering does anyone else feel they are getting the run around with their gynae not bothering to do anything, every time I am there he tells me the next visit they will try X and when I go back he won't do it and try's Y. Also, if your first attempt at IVF does not work is there a specific waiting period before you can attempt IVF again.

LAURA  Posted: 20/03/2006 22:21

Hi Lou, I just read your message and know how you feel. I am starting my first IVF cycle in May . My husband and I went to see our g.p last July and she refered us to a consultant but I couldnt get an appointment until mid November so we then tried a private clinic. We got an appointment in about 4 weeks and had an inital consultation. We had a large number of tests which showed a few problems and in Jan we booked our IVF cycle. The first date we could get for egg collection was mid June. My advice to you is to take control of the situation and ensure things happen as quickly as possible as the wait is quite long between tests and IVF if thats the path you have to take. I have learned to think ahead and have already plans in advance should my IVF cycle fail. Why not ask book an inital consultation well in advance so you are not waiting another 3 months to get one should you need to? Good Luck with everything Laura

louise  Posted: 29/03/2006 17:23

hi there everyone, im new to this site have been of the net for awhile glad to have it back!can anyone tell me whats the criteria on same sex couples,is it possible to go for ivf in the hari unit in the rotunda?

Nina  Posted: 29/03/2006 20:55

Basically it is not allowed, although I can think of ways around it, but it means getting a donor to commit to posing as a partner. Big commitment for them, especially if they or you and your partner are not really into him being part of the family unit.

louise (MTM44443)  Posted: 30/03/2006 15:38

Have been down that road already we cant find a donor who will except no connection to the child,its so difficult we have no options and it just seems so unfair.

Moninne (RSW43395)  Posted: 30/03/2006 21:30

Louise I know it is very hard, but you can arrange for a sample online and go abroad for the treatment. It is very expensive. If you are brave, you could always take a legal challenge. Try the alternative parents web site and good luck!

louise (MTM44443)  Posted: 03/04/2006 16:47

Moninne thank you for the info you posted about alternative parents,its been such a great help for me to see that there are many people in my position,im lucky money is not a problem its the bloody church and the ridiculous legislation in this country that prevents my partner and i from trying to concieve to a baby.Im 31 yrs old, myself and my partner work very hard for our future and have made plans to have a baby which im sure thats what most couples do,i just feel so dishearted and let down by the system it sickens me to my stomach.why i am singled out? Sorry for going off on one but its hard not too..... thanks for listening!

Moninne (RSW43395)  Posted: 03/04/2006 18:27

Louise I know that society makes it hard for you and so many others who would make wonderful parents, but don't let it beat you. There are others out there in similar situations, gay, straight, in relationships ans single. You should find support with others through alternative parents and other groups who fight for rights for the various kinds of families in Ireland. Good Luck!

care-bear  Posted: 07/04/2006 19:00

hi 2 all,i have been trying 4 baby for 3 going 2 an ivf clinic in cork on the 4/05/06 so let ye know how i got on :-)

BU BU  Posted: 16/04/2006 13:21


Nancy  Posted: 19/04/2006 16:48

We have been trying to concieve your 1st Baby for 4 years, unsuccessfully. I am currently doing IUI (artificial insemination) and I shall be returning for a bloodtest next Monday to see if I am successful. My husband has injected me with hormones and the injections are ok but I get very emotional and moody due to the hormones and the pressure and facing disappointments. This is our 2nd IUI. The side-effects from the drugs are moodswings, sore breasts, swollen tummy, but once you eat properly and drink lots of water (to prevent hormone build up) you shall be ok. Best of luck

BrayLady  Posted: 20/04/2006 10:22

An enquiry on behalf of my cousin - she is 38 ( U.S. based) and has been told that she will only be allowed 4 IVF attempts and any more then this are actually dangerous. Can any of you advise if this is true and why this is. She will go back to her specialist and discuss but she is just so upset at the moment.

Josie  Posted: 20/04/2006 10:40

Hi Bray Lady Im on my fourth ivf cycle and nobody so far has told me that it is my last!!

BrayLady  Posted: 20/04/2006 16:49

Apparetly it is to do with over-stimulaion and the effct all the hormons have on the body., but prhaps they do things differently in the US to here. Thanks for your reply Josie.

rk  Posted: 05/05/2006 15:20

hi all I was last on this site in november 05 prior to my latest surgery, I am now getting ready to go for my 3rd round of ivf treatment and this will be my 2nd frozen cycle, it is with the hari unit who i cant fault they are brilliant

care bear  Posted: 06/05/2006 12:25

hi nancy just wondering how you r getting on with iui.I will be starting it in june .please keep me posted :O)

rk  Posted: 09/05/2006 15:49

I had my pre period scan last week and had a huge fluid cyst but went back this morning for a day 2 scan and the cyst is gone so i am all set to start treatment for a frozen cycle is there anyone out there doing a frozen cycle at the moment? i am curious as they have me on aspirin as well as the hormone drugs

Anonymous  Posted: 21/05/2006 18:20

I am about to return to Hari Unit as have been treated originally for endometrosis through medication and then on clomid which didn't work. I had been told to try clomid before IVF but it didn't work. I was just wondering about the medication you take before IVF, how long do the injections last for?

Anonymous  Posted: 22/05/2006 16:18

It depends on how your body reacts to the medication. You take the hormones for about two weeks, sometimes more and then move onto the injections for about a week. Everyone reacts differently. I responded well and although I was exhausted after the sniffing bit, it was much better than the Clomid. Good Luck.

rk  Posted: 23/05/2006 12:49

i find the ivf a lot easier tocope with than the clomid that seemed to send me off the wall and i was totally unrational while i was on it. i am just waiting to get blood results this afternoon to see if i can go ahead with my frozed transfer this week the lining is not as thick as what they want it but they said that if the hormone levels are ok then go ahead i would like to ask all you out there if any of you know if there is anything i could do to help with the lining thickening up as i tried accupuncture and that was on a frozen cycle and that one was stopped it was worse rather that better. i completed a frozen cycle last summer too so this is the last of what is in the freezer looking for any help or ideas at this stage please

Anonymous  Posted: 23/05/2006 14:23

Thanks for your responses. I found clomid difficult so it is nice to know that others didn't find the ivf drugs worse that that.

Anonymous  Posted: 23/05/2006 14:43

Hi rk I went for accupuncture too and the therapist is also a chinese doctor so she gave me herbs to thicken the lining. On the scan, it was clear my lining was lovely and thick, unfortunately my lovely little embryos didn't stick and on about day 18 I got my period. Hopefully it will work next time. Good Luck to you.

suzy-q  Posted: 24/05/2006 13:07

Hi. I am planning to start my second cycle of IVF in the Hari Unit. No eggs left over from last cycle so starting from scratch. Please enlighten me about the lining being 'lovely and thick' - what is the signicance? Does it affect implantation? I have been dipping in and out of this since Christmas. I think it's great and thanks to everyone who shares their experiences.

Anonymous  Posted: 24/05/2006 16:23

Hi Suzy Ideally the lining will be thick so that your embryos will implant. If it is too thin, they will not implant and you will not get pregnant.

rk  Posted: 25/05/2006 09:15

thanks for that I am planning on doing a fresh round of treatment probably september cos i dont hold out too much on this one cos these frozen ambs are the lowest grade that is left and i have been advised that after all my surgery i do have a lower chance than normal of it working and a fresh round has a better chance overall, might try the accupuncture and herbs on a fresh one and see what happens anyway my last frozen transfer is tomorrow so am still keeping all things crossed and just play it by ear

Anonymous  Posted: 25/05/2006 14:14

Hi rk You just never know. There is no rhymn or reason to which ones live. Hope they thaw out well and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

rk  Posted: 25/05/2006 16:02

thanks for your good wishes am not giving up on this one before they are even transfered but am just trying to be as realistic as possible but never say never will be back in work in about 12 days am taking a week holidays so will give an update then

suzy-q  Posted: 25/05/2006 16:19

Hi all, Typically how much time do people take off work for IVF? I have an hour and a half drive to and from the clinic so I took a day off for each visit. I didn't take time off after transfer - am I fooling myself or do you need to take things easy. I have a low stress desk-job. Hope these aren't stupid questions - I'm just trying to figure out what I could do differently second time round.

Chris  Posted: 25/05/2006 17:25

Hi Suzy, With regard to your question regarding how much time to take off after IVF - I've done it every way - gone back to work immediately and put my feet up for days afterwards. I believe that its probably best to try and take it easy for 48 hours immediately after. Lets face it when you've gone through so much at stage why not give it your best shot - rest can only help. They say you should try to relax as this helps. Mind you thats easier said than done when your mind can think of nothing else. Anyway, good luck next time !

Bear  Posted: 27/05/2006 10:26

We have just been through our first cycle of IVF in cork. I didnt have any real side effects from the medication. On egg collection day they retrieved 9 eggs, out of the 9 only 5 fertilised. I was delighted and thought they would transfer 2 and the remaining 3 could be frozen. On day of transfer only 2 were good enough for transfer and the other 3 were not of good quality to freeze. All my hope was on these two embyros & 14 days later i took the test and it was positive. We were over the moon and still are. We went back to cork this week and all is well and i am currently pregnant with my 1st child. I wanted to post this message to give people out there hope and encouragement to do IVF and hopefully their dreams will come true like ours have?

bu bu  Posted: 27/05/2006 16:04

Hi Bear, Thanks for you boost of confidence you obviously were one of the lucky ones congrats.any tips on what you done???

Bear  Posted: 28/05/2006 14:09

Hi bu bu, thanks for your message. Sorry to say no tips only to remain positive throughout the procedure.I also need to point out that we were in the unexplained category and the only problem they could see was that my husband sperm had low motility, but on the day of egg collected, his sperm motility was good, which helped.He had given up cigarettes so that might have made things better. I also said a pray every night from a novena book and thankfully my pray was answered.

trish  Posted: 30/05/2006 15:45

Hey All, i have not checked into site for a while, but good to see it busy. Am off in a few weeks for third IVF, after keeping post poning it for over a year, as we were dreading another negative result.... we decided no more IVF after this one, as our embryo's kept fragmenting, therefore chances of concieving slim or none if this occurs. We are giving it one more go, after being healthy freak for a while -anyhow, Suzi, I have read different reports on people taking time off, and really, it is better to take it easy than to be kicking yourself if you are unsuccessful... you will always blame yourself if it isn't sucessful, but at least its one less thing to be blaming it on. Best of luck.

suzy-q  Posted: 30/05/2006 17:05

Thanks Trish, for the advice. I hope everything goes well for you this time and that you are successful. All the best.

OLDIE  Posted: 30/05/2006 23:23

hi everyone just came across this site and i think it is great for you all to be able to share your experiences I was among the first in ireland to try i,v.f.some eighteen yrs ago with (unexplained infertility) .I had no success BUT yes miracles do sometimes happen and at age 42 ,twenty yrs married I got pregnant naturally and have a gorgeous daughter. my heart bleeds for all couples who struggle. and I thought a happy story would,nt do any harm good luck to you all

Josie  Posted: 31/05/2006 07:58

Hi Bear Congratulations. Myself and my husband just had our fourth cycle of IVF. They retrieved 13 eggs, 7 of which fertilised but like yourselves when we went in on transfer day there were only 2 good enough to continue with. I have ten more days to wait until my test. Dont know how Im going to last. Did you get any signs that you were pregnant in the first 16 days?

Bear  Posted: 31/05/2006 20:46

Hi Josie No signs as such. I did get a migraine but I normal get them anyway. My breast were tender which is something I noramlly didnt experience before my periods. I believe the signs for pregnacy and periods are so alike you never know what you are experiencing until it comes to the test. I hope everything works out for you, i did read somewhere that pineapple juice is good for you but not sure if thats a old wives tale and also to put a hot water bottle at your feet when you are relaxing in the evening. All the best i will say a prayer for you which i also believe helps.

jennie  Posted: 05/06/2006 17:57

hi i am going in for the first interview with the hari unit soon to start so worried i really want it to work.i have left work especially so i can give ivf all my time

jennie  Posted: 05/06/2006 18:05

also i wanted to ask for the people who have undergone ivf treatment in the hari unit any questions i should ask b4 i start the treatment

rk  Posted: 06/06/2006 14:23

hi all i am back. we went in for frozen transfer on 26.05.06 and the 2 embs did not survive the thaw so it was a big kick am now trying to convince dh that i want to give a fresh cycle ( which would be my second fresh) in september dont want to kick myself in a couple of years am coming up to 34 very soon

Josie  Posted: 06/06/2006 14:49

Hi Jenie, Im attending the Hari Unit also, for a year and a half now. I find them very very good, very efficient and friendly. They will explain everything you need to know but dont worry about asking questions that you think might sound stupid! Also, I remember our first appointment to discuss IVF, although they give you a booklet, I found that it was a lot of information to take in so I wrote loads down and I still look back on those notes! The very best of luck with it.

suzy-q  Posted: 06/06/2006 14:52

rk, so sorry it didn't work out for you but you are right to keep going for as long as you can. Better than having regrets later that you didn't do all you could. Mind yourself. S.

Anonymous  Posted: 06/06/2006 15:46

Hi rk It is so disappointing, but try to stay positive. You are still young in the IVF world.

Elle  Posted: 06/06/2006 20:22

Hi All, great encouragement to read all your stories. We have our fist appointment in the Hari unit next week. So nervous. My husband has cancer some years back and we had to freeze sperm before his chemo commenced. This is our only option in conceiving... Has anyone else gone down this road ? Also, I'm overweight and very anxious as to what the Doc will say, can they refuse to treat patients due to excess weight ?

rk  Posted: 07/06/2006 09:23

Hi all just to let you know that even though we have been kicked with disapointments I am no where near ready to close the door on this chapter yet. I just hope it can give some positive hope to others out there. and thanks again for all those good wishes it does give you a great help and i find this site really great

rk  Posted: 08/06/2006 11:24

Hi Elle welcome, am not sure if they can refuse to treat you in relation to your weight but have heard that there is a better chance of the ivf working if there is not too much extra weight i myself have just gone back to weight watchers as i want to loose a stone before i go for my next lot of treatment hopefully in september the very best of luck to you and dh

Mistycat  Posted: 08/06/2006 22:32

Hi Elle, Just to say the Hari Clinic was not for me, however I found the Sims Clinic very good. So there are options. :-)

rk  Posted: 09/06/2006 10:57

heya mistycat did things work out for you in the sims clinic? i am open to all options

bu bu  Posted: 09/06/2006 15:55


suzy-q  Posted: 09/06/2006 16:46

Hi Elle, weight is one of the criteria the Hari unit check before accepting you - your BMI must not be more than 30. I dieted like crazy to get down to 30 and when I went to start IVF they didn't weigh me or ask any questions about my weight! However, we didn't succeed on that attempt and even though we have signed up for a second go, I'm trying to lose some more weight (plus the weight I had initially lost and then put back on!). I'll be the better for it in the long run and maybe so would you.

jennie  Posted: 10/06/2006 19:03

hi josie thanks for your recent msg. i will take notes. good idea. how did you find doing the ivf. example pain etc

Elle  Posted: 12/06/2006 22:46

Hey Bu Bu, nothing has changed in Hari Unit ! We had our first meeting today. It was awful. The nurse took one look at me, and said 'Oh he'll have words with you, why aren't you doing anything about your weight ?' I didnt bother explaining that I am all ready 3st down since 2005...hated every minute of it. She was a right one !! How insenitive can staff be ?Felt degraded & ashamed. Told to come back in a year or two when I get the weight down......where to from here ?

rk  Posted: 13/06/2006 09:22

hi elle, you poor poor thing that is the last thing you needed to hear. how dare they speak to you like that when what you are going through is bad enough, i have to say that they are not all like that I had a bad encounter with one of the doctors there and I have requested that I dont have to deal with her again and i have not seen her since, and congratulations on loosing the 3 st that is great for you, I would get back in touch with them and ask to be dealt with by some one else or on the other hand they are not the only clinic in dublin doing ivf.......

jennie  Posted: 13/06/2006 13:19

hi everyone its a great site only found it a while ago. i went for the interview in the hari unit yesterday with my husband. we met the councellor first she was so nice then met the doctor, she explained everything to us and took blood. so am waiting for results of that and then should be able to start next month im so nervous but cant wait at the same time so hopefully have to keep positive anybody else starting their first ivf cycle

Anonymous  Posted: 14/06/2006 12:55

Hi Just wondered if anyone has had this problem...went for a lap & dye test a few weeks ago only to discover that one ovary and tube are missing, I still have one but they cant explain where the other one had disappeared to. Then they did more tests and its definately gone. Then they tell me it doesnt make a difference as one will just do the extra work, but how can I have the same chances with one as someone has with two??

Chana  Posted: 14/06/2006 16:56

Jennie, you need to have all ur medical records re-examined to see if it as remoived as part of surgery t any time in your past. friend of mine had one removed due to a cyst and she as told the declien in her fertility would be about 15 - 20 % but thsi was some years back

pooky  Posted: 16/08/2006 18:07

HI I just finished my first IVF and it was negative, everything went well had 10 emybros had blasocyst and 2 were implanted just cant understanded what went wrong i am heart broken they want to do 2nd ivf in october not sure will i do it

bu bu  Posted: 16/08/2006 20:08

Hi Elle, Wow cant believe you were treated like me,for me personally it was hard enough to have to be there in the first place without that humilation.I went back to my doctor & got into Galway,cant praise them enough.Wer heading back in sept so it is make or break at 35 id want something happening now wudnt i

rk  Posted: 17/08/2006 08:40

hey ah poor pooky really feel for you it is such a kick in the guts, you have to hold your chin up and try and be as positive as you can i am getting ready to start from scratch next month with a fresh cycle. i have done 1 fresh and 3 frozen cycles so am. never give up hope

Anonymous  Posted: 17/08/2006 16:38

Hi Pooky. I know how it feels really, it is awful. Everything goes ok and then....nothing. Give yourself some time to get over it. If you can. It is a lottery and that's all there is to it. The doctors etc are only helping you pick those numbers, they can't guarantee anything, even if sometimes they make you feel like they can. Have you logged onto ? lots of support there too. take care.

Patricia  Posted: 17/08/2006 20:59

Dear all, Just to wish you all the very best of luck on your journey. All clinics in Ireland are privately run but a few take medical card holders into their programme free of charge or at a reduced rate. You would have to telephone the clinic you wish to attend to enquire. Keep your receipts as you will receive tax rebate. All clincs have our best interest at heart and wish for success to occur. It's good for patients and for themselves.There is a support group which are very helpful and understanding and I hear they are holding a Conference in Dublin 18th November 2006. They also hold meetings bi-monthly. Their website is

suzy-q  Posted: 18/08/2006 10:14

Hi Pooky. Had my first attempt last April, and even though you know there are no guarantees, it's pretty hard to take when the test is negative. Give yourself time to lick your wounds, and the strength will come to try again - I'm starting again next Friday! Mind yourself.

rk  Posted: 18/08/2006 11:54

hi suzy-q wishing you the very best in this mad lottery we are all in take care

La  Posted: 26/08/2006 12:53

Can anyone tell me where I would find information about donating my own eggs? I have seen the SIMs web site but there doesn't seem to be anything else. Does HARI accept donations? Sorry if I seem clueless it's something I feel I must do but am absolutly in the dark about everything. Thanks

Tammy  Posted: 06/09/2006 22:11

Hi all , From Ontario Canada and new to this discussion. Pooky just want to say don't give up and go for the 2nd one. I have had 2 IVF procedures down this year-just finished the 2nd in july- and both failed. My eggs are not the best for fertilising. Had to do ICSI the 2nd time (they put the sperm in the egg)In Feb. had only one egg fertize-it failed and in July I had 3 fertilize and 2 implanted, agian it failed, don't know why, i relaxed, took it easy etc. Been told my ueterus was fine so i'm an unknown. I go in Oct. for my transfer of my final egg. Hopefully this one works, if not I will attempt the whole procedure one more time. So i know exactly how you feel, i was devestated the second time around, thought for sure this would work, the eggs had split to 8cells quickly and were perfect. SO to get a negative hurt real bad, but i am not giving up hope. My mom thinks the transfer will work because my body will be relaxed and not going through a big traumatic situation of being poked and cut and what-not like it is when we do the retrieval; hope she is right. Being 33 (almost 34) and not being able to get pregos is very frustrating, but, i know it will happen. In the mean time my hubby and I are trying naturally too, maybe it will work this way after all- never know. so don't give up-anyone, keep tying it will happen for all of us soon enough I'm sure. Good luck all. :-)

LuLu  Posted: 20/10/2006 15:13

Hi everyone Everything seems to be fine with me as I have had bllod tests and gynae exam but hubby has low sperm count. In this situation is ICSI the better option and does it cost the same as IVF. I do know however that I have a retroverted uterus and a fibroid. Does anyone know if these would affect my fertility - we have been trying over a year and I am 33.

dawnie  Posted: 19/12/2006 20:47

I'm waiting to see about ivf. I have blocked tubes and don't want to have tubal surgery. Has any one had tubal surgery . I'm going to the Rotunda in Dublin.

rk  Posted: 20/12/2006 09:45

Hi dawnie I had surgery on my tubes in the rotunda this time 4 years ago and it is a big and very delicate job but was worth a try at the time then we went on to have ivf 2 years ago and am due to give it another go from scratch next month

suzy-q  Posted: 20/12/2006 13:37

Hi all, don't want to brag but hopefully offer some encouragement.... At the ripe old age of 38 and a BMI of 31, I am now 13 weeks pregnant from second cycle of IVF. Took things very calmly, not all fairy-tale like we were the first time (got completely over excited then). Only took 1/2 days for scan - not the full days that I indulged myself with the first time, but I did take a week and a half off work for retrieval and transfer. Taking life nice an easy now and enjoying it. After the first failure we thought it would be hard to put ourselves there again, but it would be worse not to. There are worse things than fear - failure isn't always going to happen. Anyway, we are all on the brink of a new year, with all the hope that brings. I hope everyone has a good 2007 - Santa might come to you yet!!

rk  Posted: 20/12/2006 14:46

CONGRATULATIONS suzy-q am delighted for you and your dh just goes to show that there is always light at the end of the tunnel have you any other tips as i am due to start again in january and it will be my last fresh cycle. take care and the best of luck

suzy-q  Posted: 20/12/2006 15:44

Thanks Rk, I've no great system. We always said we would try 4 times as long as we could face it and afford it, the reasoning being that if there is roughly a 30% success rate then we would be giving ourself a little bit more of a chance. We were very excited the first time (I'm quite an emotional person at the best of times - I'd cry at 'Lassie'!). But the second time (also a fresh cycle) we just took it a little bit quieter, not too excited but still focussed. I also took the bus to Dublin instead of driving the 3 hour round trip myself. Work were great but there's only so much unpaid leave you can take because it is just that - unpaid. So by taking the bus I could do half days instead of full days. After transfer I took 4 days off with the weekend in the middle so 6 straight days of minding myself. If you can take more, great, but I ended up taking a few sickies as well. Sorry, I've rambled on but I don't think there is any magic formula for this. If homeopathy, or accupuncture or any alternative approaches give a person more of a chance or at least more confidence, that's great. But I think keeping on an even keel, keeping yourself balanced is very important. You've always shown such a great attitude which will stand to you no matter what - it's been great reading all the comments, yours especially. The best of luck to you, and everyone.

dawnie  Posted: 20/12/2006 23:15

Thanks rk. Don't know if I will have surgery. Were you off work long? They don't seem to know how bad my tubes are and I don't really want to go through surgery because of that. The last day I was up the doctor had told us that tubal surgery, once it works, the tubes stay unblocked. Were you told that?

rk  Posted: 27/12/2006 15:43

dawnie it is a fairly big enough op to have similar to a c section scar and was off for 6 weeks, yeh was told once unblocked great chance of staying that way. with me sadly that wasnt my only problem so ended up with no option but ivf, tried clomid which i found worse than the ivf but could be worse at least there is a chance and am still young enough so i keep telling myself.... best of luck with what ever you decide and remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel all the best for 2007 to you and all out there on this mad roller coaster

dawnie  Posted: 28/12/2006 21:24

im not been funny but no one has ever mentioned clomid to me.can you tell me what is it for and what does it do.thanks. all the best 4 2007.

rk  Posted: 02/01/2007 10:37

hey dawnie clomid is a drug you take if you are not ovulating it is used to stimulate the ovaries into working properly

bu bu  Posted: 02/01/2007 19:17

Hi All, I cancelled my appointment in Galway due to the lack of interest on my husbands behalf. Is any one else in a similiar situation?Im just so frustrated with him as IVF is the only way forward for us as he will not do adoption men eh.Is it just me or are all men like this? How do i get around him?help any one

bu bu  Posted: 03/01/2007 10:59

Lulu, just saw your message thought id share my info with you. depending where abouts the fibroid is,mine was at the back of my uterus so I had it removed,they dont help getting pregnant so if at all possible get rid of it,I was laid up for six weeks after my operation because they had to do a c section on me to get rid of fibroid but that was 5 years ago. We also discovered that I have no tilt n spill on my right side so sperm would have a job getting thru, plus according to doctors Im not ovulating, my husbands sperm count is low and also has low motility so we have been advised to use ICSI. this increases your chances as all the work is done for you, they insert the sperm into egg then implant it back into you. i do think it is a bit more expensive but that was four years ago so it would be worth your while to check it out.

rk  Posted: 03/01/2007 11:14

hi bu bu am so sorry to hear that my dh is not interested in adoption either and after our last failed ivf when i mentioned that i would go again with a fresh cycle he refused point blank his point of this was that he had seen me go through enough already and i said that all he needed to do was give a dontation the rest of the hard work was up to me and if i thought i was able to do it then i would he came round easy enough

dawnie  Posted: 04/01/2007 22:00

Does anyone know what other ivf clinics there are in Dublin and what their success rates are. And what's the success rate in Hari? Thanks

bu bu  Posted: 05/01/2007 12:54

Hi rk, Thanks for your comments unfortunately my hubby is a very stubborn man cant budge him once he makes his mind up. you see he was told to give up the fags for 3 months which he couldnt even do which was where I pointed out to him look at what I had to do, in return he told me for the success rate it wasnt worth putting us both through that. there is no point one of us all for it and the other just not bothered, he was the very same way with the adoption,we waited over 2 years on the register got called had to do some research and he buckled out, he saw how excited I was at the prospect of adopting but that didnt move him so......

rk  Posted: 05/01/2007 15:04

ah bu bu you poor poor thing my heart is going out to you mine dh can be quiet suubborn but when he clicked that i would do it with or with out him at a push he came round handy enough when he tried to put his foot down i told him at one stage that a doner wouldnt be too hard to find!!!!!

bu bu  Posted: 05/01/2007 19:41

so rk I aint the only one that tinks like that believe me I thought of a doner too and know one or two lads who would be only too happy to oblige. Iv made my mind up come monday I will make another appointment and if he kicks up well lets just say that I dont want to think about what will happen.Tanx for your support and listening. Im here if you ever want to bend my ear.

rk  Posted: 09/01/2007 09:02

Hi bu bu how did you get on yesterday have you gotten any further with dh? i hope all works out for you the way you want it to. I will have my pre period scan next week hopefully to get ready to go again......

bu bu  Posted: 09/01/2007 23:46

Hi rk, I rang to make appointment to be told there is at least a years waiting list so il be 37 doing my first ivf. as for my dh well I havent told him yet but i have written out what I want to say,put it like this if he doesnt co operate im tellin him that im using a doner so. yikes it could all backfire but i have to try.I think any one that has done this more than once is very of luck with scan keep us posted.

rk  Posted: 10/01/2007 11:33

Hi bu bu fair play to you for being so strong about it, did you make an appt? where? I am with the hari unit in the rotunda, the main reason i am so determined to go again is that i dont want to hit 42 and then kickmyself that i didnt try when i had a better chance I am 35 this year, so everything crossed and best of luck to you too with dh take care

dawnie  Posted: 10/01/2007 21:58

hi rk. I rang HARI today and after ages of telling the doctor that I didn't want tubal surgery a million times, I eventually have an appointment with him and then I should be able to start ivf. Do you know if there is a long waiting list? Does it all take long? I'm so excited about starting and dreading it to. how are u getting on? hope all is going well.

bu bu  Posted: 10/01/2007 23:05

Hi rk, Ya I told them to put me on waiting list in Galway,went to rotunda 4 years ago they woudnt even do a Laparoscopy on me let alone IVF if you remeber back i wrote that I had a b**** tell me that I was overweight to come back when I had the weight lost. Anyway like you said I feel we have to try at least once, isnt it a mans world!

smily  Posted: 11/01/2007 18:49

Hi there, as an answer to your question regarding cost of ivf in I reland, the price is between 3500 and 4000 depending on your treatment. ivf is 3500e roughly whereas icsi is 4000e. This does not include the exploratory tests you will have to go through initially to find the exact problem. Best of luck to you and hopefully you will be successful and won't need to go through ivf.

Anna  Posted: 11/01/2007 19:08

Hi there - I am new here - I am attending the Hari unit. This is my second attempt. Last August I only got as far as day 7 of the injections ( i had only one follicle). I now have three on each ovary and am gettign ready hopefully for egg coll. I have another scan. IS three on each good - So confused. Such highs and lows. I'm trying hard for life to be as normal but how on earth can I? I am worried sick that six is not enough. Does anyone know what a good no is?

suzy-q  Posted: 12/01/2007 12:14

Hi Anna, In my case, I had 6 eggs but they were ok to go ahead with and we were successful. I think the size is important - be sure to ask. We went to the Hari unit and I know they can be vague sometimes about how long it will take. Good luck and mind yourself.

Anna  Posted: 12/01/2007 15:07

We had another scan today - day 10. I now have five follicles on one ovary (sizes are 17,15,15,14,14) and three on the other (17,15,15) I have to go back tomorrow. Hopefully these will grow a bit more because I think that at present the size is not great. Anyone help me here

MaryQ  Posted: 18/01/2007 14:39

Hi there just thought I would let everyone know about ivf using a donor egg. I have had a succesful twin pregnancy in 2005 using donor eggs, They are our pride and joy, I am currently waiting to see if my second ivf is succesful doing the test next week fingers crossed. There is no waiting list you can go at anytime, the cost is around 5500 euro and can be claimed back on you med1 form. Takes just 2 overnight trips to spain and your success rate can be up to 60%

bu bu  Posted: 18/01/2007 18:29

Hi MaryQ Wow im so envious of ye but fair play to ye and twins oh you must be so proud. Iv so many questions like did ye look for twins, do you know anything about the donor?at what stage did ye go to Spain? sorry but im so curious want to explore every avenue. how did ye find out about donors?

rk  Posted: 19/01/2007 11:05

Hi all i went for my pre scan yesterday and yet again there is a cyt there so once again i have to go back on day 2 for another scan in the hope that it is gone and i can go ahead with the fresh cycle

Bear  Posted: 19/01/2007 12:25

Hi all, just a quick message to all who are doing a cycle or starting ivf. I just gave birth on the 5/01/07 to a little girl through ivf. We only had to do one cycle of ivf and it work for us the first time, which we are extermely grateful for. Without the gift of ivf we would probably be childless. so to all those who are undergoing threatment i would like to wish ye all the best of luck and hope yer dreams come true like ours have

rk  Posted: 19/01/2007 12:54

CONGRATULATIONS to you bear and your dh it is stories lilke yours that keep the rest of us going, well done on your precious gift may you spoil her rotten xx

dawnie  Posted: 21/01/2007 16:23

congrats bear,u r so lucky.just wanted to ask u what clinic did u attend. i am currently waiting to c if and when i can start ivf in hari, i have blocked tubes and dont want surgery so hopefully they will let me do ivf ,

bu bu  Posted: 21/01/2007 17:16

Hi rk, when is day 2 with you?best of luck am thinking of you fingers crossed PG.

rk  Posted: 22/01/2007 14:29

thanks a mill bu bu am due p any day from today but my cycle can go off the wall very easily when i am waiting on it.... so just a waiting game at the moment to see when they come and what the outcome of the scan will be to see if i can go ahead. any sign of your dh coming round to the idea of your treatment???

Bear  Posted: 22/01/2007 17:07

Hi Dawnie, i went to cork fertility clinic. It was a choice between cork and galway for me as I live in county limerick.

bu bu  Posted: 22/01/2007 18:20

Hi rk, to be honest havent had the time at the moment to talk to dh about treatment,iv been out of work for last 2 years trying to get back but the day will come sooner rather than later.keep me posted on how you go even if its just for support im here.

dawnie  Posted: 22/01/2007 21:57

hi bear. thanks .how did u find the ivf. was it very there much councelling involved?

rk  Posted: 23/01/2007 13:00

Hi bu bu thanks a mill that means a lot, best of luck with your getting back to work, and getting dh sorted take care and thanks again, will keep you updated

bu bu  Posted: 23/01/2007 15:23

Dave, So whats your story?

rk  Posted: 24/01/2007 11:26

hi bu bu just got P so day 2 scan is in the morning so have everything crossed that the cyst will be gone and they give me the go ahead........

bu bu  Posted: 24/01/2007 15:33

Hi rk, everthing that I can cross is crossed for you. did you hear the ray d'arcy show on the radio this morn? a man emailed with his story of how he and his wife went thru IVF 7 times to succeed on their 8th go she was havin a baby girl by section as ray read out the email, it was inspiring in fact it would put me to shame. Im back to work next monday yahoo so things looking up for me too so tink positive will be thinking of you tomorro xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

rk  Posted: 26/01/2007 09:53

good morning bu bu well done on getting back to work am delighted for you, didnt hear the show yesterday morn, was in the hari unit and had a scan and the cyst was gone so they gave me the all clear to go ahead so i started my nasal spray yesterday lunchtime....... so am back there in 2 weeks for bloods and then a scan the next day and see how it is going and if i start the injections then

bu bu  Posted: 26/01/2007 19:38

Hi rk Im delighted the cysts are gone and that you can go ahead best of luck will be thinking of you throughout. think of me as your silent "guardian angel" if you go on the todayfm site ray d'arcy show the story is posted on the site its worth a read. keep me posted.

rk  Posted: 29/01/2007 11:22

Hi bu bu all is going ok at the moment just tired from the sniffing during the night and disturbed sleep, that is so nice of you have always wanted to know who my angel is... hope you got on great today being back at work... let me know how you got on, will have a look at the day d'arcy web site thanks again

bu bu  Posted: 29/01/2007 16:39

Hi rk Got on great at work glad to be back actually. wudnt this sniffing larf make addicts out of us ha ha. so how long do you stay sniffing? i didnt get that far. any way keep me posted and the lack of sleep will hopefully be a sign of things to come when junior (please god) is keeping you awake at night.

rk  Posted: 30/01/2007 09:18

Hi bu bu glad you got on so well back at work i like to keep busy and out of trouble!! will be sniffing for a while and back into the hospital wed of next week for a blood test and the next day for a scan to see if i start the injections or stay on sniffer alone for another while, dont thing i'd be able to set junior like an alarm for 1a.m and 7a.m (ha ha) feeling grand for the moment on my drugs

orange  Posted: 01/02/2007 17:01

Hi, congrats to you all for having the courage to go through with this. I read these sites to help gain some insite into how IVF may effect my wife and how I can be there for her throughout this process in any improved way by having a heads up. I am also reading a book called the Stork Club by Imogen Edwards-Jones, a true story about a womans very personal, very funny and very moving journey through IVF. We are about to have out second appointment in the HARI unti after my sperm test was given the OK and we will be getting the results of a my blood test and her blood tests after her period. So I think we will be scheduling her tests next. I know this really going to be emotionally tough for her she is already finding it very difficult - crying, getting depressed very easily, mood swings. How did your husbands help ye? What can I expect? How can I best her?

bu bu  Posted: 01/02/2007 18:20

Hi rk, How are things going with you, I cant believe 2moro is friday already. Orange fair play to you for been there for your wife.

Sonia (MAV56396)  Posted: 02/02/2007 12:37

Anyone doing hypnofertility to help with the ivf in Ireland?

rk  Posted: 02/02/2007 13:49

Hey bu bu all still going ok just so very tired but have to get on with it at least i get a lie on in the morning. hope your first week back to work went great for you.

rk  Posted: 02/02/2007 15:36

Hi orange fair play to you, just be there for her and give her your full support and love and reassurance and plenty of hugs and just grit through the moods cos the drugs may cause her to go off the wall i know it did with me.

suzy-q  Posted: 02/02/2007 17:12

Hi Orange, I do admire you for joining in here - you seem to have a great attitude. My wee bit of advice is don't underestimate how all-consuming this is for your wife. I found I thought about it 24-7-365 so even when everything else was going fine, the one part of my that was out of wack was all I could think of. When we went for our last cycle, my husband had just started another job so he had that to tune into but nothing would have distracted me. Talking is a great help, and I found tapping into this website was great, it gives great support and also perspective - things aren't always as bad as they seem. Good luck to you both.

Orange  Posted: 06/02/2007 09:56

Thanks for the words of support and good wishes. What a weekend, I’m afraid I wasn’t exactly the model husband I aspired to be. Emotions were running high on Friday as I’m sure ye know and we rowed a coupled of times, my fault as well. But I managed to suck it up for the rest of the weekend and it went well. It so hard on her I wish I could put that smile back on her face. The next visit back to the hari is for my wife to have a laproscapy. She had a scan on the day and it showed up a some fluid blocking one of her tubes. It such a slow process it took us ages to get to here and now another month for another test I don’t image this is the end of it.

dawnie  Posted: 07/02/2007 19:47

hi sonia was just reading ur message. whats hypno fertility . what kind of infertility does it help,

rk  Posted: 08/02/2007 10:58

heya bu bu had my bloods yesterday and they are higher than what they want so i have to double my sniffer dose and go back on monday for more bloods and a scan and see whats happening from there, all i can do is play it by ear how are you getting on?

Anonymous  Posted: 08/02/2007 14:24

We just want to offer hope to all off you embarking on the journey of IVF treatment. I had a very fast rollercoaster ride, going from having a lap and dye in June 06 to starting treatment in November 06. We are now 3 months pregnant. I believe this is down to a combination of a lot of things, keep calm, keep it real, don't let it take over your life, love each other more than ever and keep an open mind. It happened so fast that it's still like it happened to someone else. We went to the royal in Belfast for treatment, as far as I remember it cost about €4000 in total, could be out a few hundred. They were so kind and helpful, explained everything so well, which to me is the most important thing. I wish every couple embarking on this "journey" peace of mind.

bu bu  Posted: 08/02/2007 23:53

Hi rk, I was actually wondering today how you were getting on so this blood work has to be at a certain level yeah did you ask is there anything you can do to help the process along or can anything be done?Im always thinking of you every day doing your "sniffing" it cant be the mo im wrecked travelling 120 miles a day just this week the weather couldnt have picked a better week for me to drive!!!anyway keep me posted, I lit a candle in the church the other day for you also lit one for everyone else on this site.

rk  Posted: 09/02/2007 10:46

Heya bu bu, thanks a mill you are very thoughtful, am just so tired but when i do get a burst of energy i am doing my normal day to day bits but otherwise i am taking it easy, am just playing it by ear and will see what the results are on monday and hopefully the double dose will have worked for me, they said that the fact i have 2 cysts there may be keeping the bloods up more than normal, dont envy you doing all that driving especially with the snow and ice we have had this week. I am wondering if there is anyone else doing their nasal spray at the moment and how are they finding it and getting on with it

Kea  Posted: 12/02/2007 21:43

Hello, this is my first time writing here. I have read so many comments and would just like to join ye! I have severe endo. and have had two laparotomies in 2006 to remove grapefruit sized cysts (both times!), I'm worn out. After my op. in Oct. I was told my tubes are destroyed and IVF is my only hope. We have an appt. with HARI on Feb. 28th and I am very nervous. I'm on decapeptyl injections at the moment because of the pain from the returned endo after the op. I am so weepy and exhausted, I don't know where I will get the strength to go through any more. We only got married in June '06, unfortunately the honeymoon period didn't last too long :-) Fingers crossed for the 28th anyway! Thanks.

rk  Posted: 13/02/2007 14:48

Hi all i got the all clear from my bloods yesterday the double dose of nasal spray done its job so i have to start my injections this evening and see how they go and am back to the hari next monday.

suzy-q  Posted: 13/02/2007 17:18

Hi Rk, Well done you and good luck with the injections - not the most pleasant thing but it has to be done. Mind yourself.

Clare  Posted: 13/02/2007 18:28

I am due to start IVF in the HARI in a few months. after arecent examination by my Gynae, I was told that I have some scar tissue on my uterus following fibroid embolisation last year. This news has really upset me as I know that it means an increased likelyhood of miscarriage with the IVF. I would love to hear from other women who have scar tissue and gone through IVF.

bu bu  Posted: 13/02/2007 19:38

hi rk Delighted to hear double dose of nasal spray worked, dont envy you at the thoughts of the injections but hey it has to be done. so what happens now how often do you have the injections and for how long?I got a weepy today cos my friend sent me a text two hours after having her second baby she has had her fair share of grief so Im delighted for her so just keep taking it day by day. always in my thoughts.

lulu  Posted: 13/02/2007 22:29

hi kea this is my first visit to this site. i too have endo and went to hari over 3 years ago to give the ivf a go and it worked 1st time. i am back again and heading shortly for pre period scan. so just want to wish you all de best and dont let it take over. stay calm and take each day as it comes. xxx

rk  Posted: 14/02/2007 10:48

hi all and bu bu and suzy q thanks for all the good wishes am still doing the sniffer but am back to a single dose and the injectiions are once daily it is like the injection pen a diabetic would use very fine needle not that bad at all, am back next monday to see how i am getting on still feeling ok and taking it easy and trying to be as relaxed as i can about it all

Anonymous  Posted: 15/02/2007 14:59

IVF- Clane. I started fertility treatment over 4 years ago and I want to share my experience with all to help those starting understand the process. Advice I will give is demand you want to move forward quickly once you are over 30. Tell your GP to refer you if you a year trying with no sucess. After your Gynagologist has done the usual check -Laporoscopy, to see if your Ovaries are okay and check for abnormailities or bloackages. I was put on clomid for 3 months with no sucess. Then referred to Clane for 1st IUI attempt. We did 5 IUI in total with no sucess over a 1.5 year period before we moved on to IVF. It is heart breaking each time, to fail to conceive and by the 3rd IVF attempt, Most people feels it is never going to work and it is when you need the most stamina to keep going. We kept going even though I had now reached 38 and felt hopeless. We weighed up that we never wanted to regret that we had not tried again so tried again a fourth time and the treatment went worse that time with only 5 fertilised eggs and by transfer day, My heart sank as only 2 were available with no frozen ones. I felt older because of it and that my body was failing me. During the 14 day waiting period. I felt much the same as the other times when it failed - soar boobs mainly. I was informed on February 8th that I was preganant. The disbelief and elation is indescribable for those who are at the end of their abilities to endure. Please keep trying, it is the only advcie I can give. On balance of probablities you will eventually concieve. PS I had unexplained infertlity. I wish you all the grace and strength to continue trying. My prayers are with you all. Lastly, the adoption process takes such a long time, we went on the waiting list after 1 year in Clane after 2 years waiting were finally called to go trough the course when it will take best part of another 2 years to actually get a child. It is no harm to regsiter your name on the waiting list. At least you do not have to suffer further if you give up IVF. To wait 4 years from start to finsih to adopt a chile is inhumane for thsoe who have already suffered infertility treatments.

kea  Posted: 15/02/2007 16:22

Hi lulu, it's great to hear you were successful first time. I'm trying not to let it get all-consuming; I've a long way to go yet, but the closer the appt. date gets.... Well, best of luck to you now, I really hope it works for you. Take care. xx

lulu  Posted: 15/02/2007 22:58

hi kea, lulu here, thanks for your gud wishes, i hope it works again but there are no guarantees!! couples take it for granted when they get pregnant but unfortunately it doesnt always be so easy!!! i remember after the last ivf thinking "oh my god it wasnt that bad, after all" and that was before i realised i was pregnant so i am trying to focus on that too. nobody knows that our little girl was de result of ivf but we spoil her rotten. take care talk soon luluxxxx

Pc  Posted: 16/02/2007 08:28

Hi all, glad to hear there are some good news stories out there, This is such a difficult process, I'm 39, was told to lose 2 stone and go back to the Hari unit. I lost this and when I went back was told I needed to lose another stone, This was in Jan and my next app is end of March, I'm so worried I won't make this target and whilst I wasn't too stressed before this is now really upsetting me as I feel I'm trying as hard as I can but its tough. They said I hopefully can start ivf at the end of March if I get this target. Does anyone have any advice?

Anonymous  Posted: 19/02/2007 17:43

Hypnofertility teaches you self hypnosis to reduce stress while preparing for IVF and doubles IVF success rates. We used it for unexplained fertility when living in the US but it's very new in Ireland.

bu bu  Posted: 20/02/2007 23:20

Hi rk How are you getting on?I asked my dh would he consider doing IVF last friday-still waiting for a reply needless to say I know the longer it takes for him to reply the more he hopes I'll forget.

DEE  Posted: 21/02/2007 07:01

I have just started my first IVF treatment. I have very bad endometriosis and at 29 it has taken us seven years to get to this stage. I am on the sniffer for a week now and just wondering if anyone would give me some advice on what to expect in the next few weeks- thanks.

rk  Posted: 22/02/2007 18:22

HI BuBu not going great sadly. I am on a lower dose of injection this time round cos i over stimulated last time so now i am not getting good results very few follicles and they are quiet small was scanned on monday and again today am being given 2 days grace to see if they catch up will be scanned again on saturday if not treatment will be stopped on saturday. all i can do is what i am doing and wait, but will start from scratch again as soon as i get the all clear to do so, i will be just be put back on the higher dose and monitored carefully....... watch this space feel ok about it all the best to all out there doing or thinking about doing ivf xx

bu bu  Posted: 24/02/2007 13:07

rk, sorry to hear things aint goin well. when did you first start ivf? would you be able to take a break maybe your body needs it i mean from all the drugs, or is it better to stay going?Im still waiting for my dh to get back to me :( Im giving him another week then im approaching him bout it.

rk  Posted: 27/02/2007 09:25

HI bu bu i started first ivf cycle in nov '04 and then done a frozen one in July '05 and then another incomplete frozen one in may '06 (they did not survive the thaw) and then this one so have had a break inbetween but am going again as soon as cos time is just passing by and otherwise it will be another year gone and another year older... so it will probably be june hopefully. good luck with dh

bu bu  Posted: 27/02/2007 23:02

rk, best of luck you are very determined and courageous. sadly im not going to get the opportunity. keep us posted from time to time, i wont be on site as much but will check in now and again to see how ye are doing.Good Luck to one and all.

rk  Posted: 28/02/2007 09:42

oh god bu bu am sorry that you are not getting the chance will say a prayer for you that something will sort out for you. take care and best of luck to you

jennie  Posted: 02/03/2007 16:05

hey everyone havent been on for a while, well since april, istarted the ivf then in august i was due to start the fresh cycle, had the eggs removed but only the left ovary produced eggs, so i have 7 eggs, then i went in to find out when they were gonna do the transfer and they told me they found a pollop and that had to be removed and it would set us back 3 months, well it was actually 6 months, so november had it removed, then they called me in in january, i was all ready to get going with the transfer and they said now there is a cyst, anyway that went away itself, didnt have to get it drained, so wednesday is 12th day of the prognova, so hopefully things look good and they can get on with the transfer i hope to god it works, my husband is going around talking as if i am already pregnant, i hope the eggs survive as i only have 4 now

dawnie  Posted: 02/03/2007 21:31

hi all just wondering if any one got a lovely letter like me.after waiting months to c doctor on 14 march, i got a letter saying my appointment is put back until may9 due to unforseen circumstances. i have been waiting ages for this appointment and now have to wait another 2 months. im so annoyed with this and just wondering if any1 is in the same attending public n seem to b getting put back all the attending 4 2 yrs now and waiting to talk to doctor and try start my ivf.[i have blocked fallopian tubes].

lulu  Posted: 04/03/2007 22:27

hi jenni, sorry 2 hear thay u are going through the mill. chin up it'll all work out. sometimes things just dont come easy. 3 years ago i went for ivf-it was my last hope-under pressure from husband to have baby. thought marriage would fall apart. last hope-went for ivf. had cyst drainage twice and then got pregnant and had little girl. absolutely brill!!! now i am back again and more cysts. shite!! more cyst drainage. but hey it not that bad. worth it in end!!!

Sara  Posted: 06/03/2007 21:21

Hi Everybody! I just have a few questions about ivf. I have just got out of the Rotunda after having a lap done. The doctor told me my tubes were too badly blocked to concieve naturally. I have to go back in six weeks to talk about going for ivf. Can anyone tell me how much time i would need off work is involved? As I don't want anyone in my job to know about it. And if the first cycle of ivf doesn't work, does it cost another €4000 to try again? Also how long would the waiting list be? I just don't know anything at this stage and want to prepare myself for whats ahead.

Orange  Posted: 07/03/2007 15:48

Hi, My wife just had a lap in the Rotunda and the doctor found that although her ovaries looked to be functioning ok, both her tubes were blocked. The good news is our doc tells us that he knows another doctor that can perform an operation to unblock them. The bad knews it puts us back about 6 months. Have any of you ever heard of this op or if its successful?

lulu  Posted: 08/03/2007 21:53

hi sara, i suffer from endometrosis and cysts and not able to conceive without ivf. have had a successful ivf. i was lucky enough that time as i was job sharing and could fib my way through the days i wanted off. didnt really need days off as such but if u are travelling a long distance like me i suppose it is time consuming. lucky enough this time i am at home. as regards the cost, im only guessing that if you can freeze it wont cost as much 2nd time around. mine werent suitable for freezing so i have to go thru process again. sorry apart from that i cant help you too much .good

Anonymous  Posted: 09/03/2007 12:25

I am to undergo ICSI this month and have all my fingers crossed!! I have to tell you, I keep updated on all the latest news and discussions on IVF and ICSI but have never had the courage to write a comment or participate in the discussion. However, I have to admit, when I read all your messages, it shows me the light to go ahead and dream of success each time my hope fades. Thanks so much everyone. Mine is an unexplained infertility. My husband too is extremely supportive and forever keeps my hope high. Please pray for us.

Pc  Posted: 13/03/2007 16:03

Hi, I hope someone can help. I got a day 3 test done recently, but thought the direction for the test was that if the flow was light before 3pm, then not to count this as day 1. My flow was light on the first day so I only did the test on the fourth day, thinking this counted as day 3, I have now found out that the fsh levels are very high and this potentially is a big problem, Also I was told that it looks like I tested on day 4, not day 3. Now I have to re-test on the next day 3, and can't get another review app after that until the end of April (was supposed to be in 2 weeks time). I feel really worried now and hadn't expected this,,has this happened to anyone else? I had been told by the hari previously to lose weight and now that I am almost at my target level, this has happened, I feel so upset....

RUBENS  Posted: 26/03/2007 16:09

Hi Folks, My wife and I have just completed our 1st IVF Cycle and are waitng the mandatory 2 weeks now before we do the preg test. They managed to retireve 16 eggs on collection day. The day after when we went in for the fertilization check it showed that 4 fertilized. So Far So Goo. On transfer day we had 2 excellent embryo's to transfer back in and 1 to be frozen. As I said we are now in the "waiting period" and I can safely say this is the hardest part of the IVF Cycle (even my wife agrees after all the poking and prodding). My wife is extremely this usual ? Thanks All

Bear  Posted: 27/03/2007 10:58

Hi all Before I started IVF, my sister gave me a novena book with a prayer in it for women trying to get pregnant. Its a nice little prayer and it gave me hope through my ivf. The prayer goes as follows: Dear kind father, giver of life,lover of humanity, you know how my whole being longs to concieve and carry and give birth to a baby. May my longing and anxiety and disappointmnet become a pure prayer that will touch your heart. Bless with fruitfulness the love that unites my husband and me. Nothing is impossible to you. Show your power and loving kindness now in me as you did in Sarah, Anna, Elizabeth and Mary. Let our love join with yours to create a new life, a new person, whom we can love and cherish and teach to walk in your ways. Mother Mary, pray for me to the good God, that my womb may be fruitful like yours. Amen. Bless wishes to everyone trying to conceive, hope your dreams come true.

Anonymous  Posted: 27/03/2007 18:27

hi im just wondering ive just had micro surgery done to have my tubes unblocked everything went well due back to hospital in 4 weeks has anyone ever had this done, if so could u let me know if it was sucsessful; and how long after u got pregnant, despratly trying to get pregnant. x x x

bu bu  Posted: 28/03/2007 11:15

hi ya rk, Just checking to see how things are going with you?

rk  Posted: 28/03/2007 13:12

heya bu bu all ok here hanging in there have good days and bad ones but not too many bad ones thank god i have spoke to dh about seeing about adoption will appply and see where that leads us watch this space as they say. how are things with you?

bu bu  Posted: 29/03/2007 19:29

Hi rk, had to giv up job wasnt able for all d standing back on certs. no harm you puttin your name down for adoption cos there is a two year waiting list best of luck. try and do some research on it like what country you would like to adopt from.some places take longer than others but you will be told all that when you go to your first meeting. So are you finishede wit I.V.F? I am looking into fostering tho, friends of mine do it short term.

rk  Posted: 30/03/2007 12:08

hey bu bu am not finished with ivf hoping to go again in the summer but will be back on the higher dose of drugs so they will just keep a close eye on me, just keeping options open wtih adoption, never thought of fostering. sorry to hear about the job

jennie  Posted: 30/03/2007 12:19

hey lulu thanks for your comment,well i was on the progynova and on the 12th day had the scan and blood tests done, scan was fine but i had to up the dosage of the progynova for 2 days and come back for another bloodtest to check if the levels were ok to do the transfer, i was so excited we actually thought that it was finally time to do the transfer after waiting so long, but the levels were still to low, so they stopped it, i now have to restart this part again, but it will take three months to get to start again, i think its a joke that once something doesnt work you have to wait so long to get started again. but i am a bit worried at the moment as i still havent had a period, i am about 8 days late and i hope there is nothing wrong, i am going to wait until monday and if still nothing, i will ring the hari and see what they think

jennie  Posted: 30/03/2007 12:33

hey anonymous, to your question as i responded to orange about the same subject, i had tubal surgery in september 2003 and i am still not pregnant, it didnt work for me, so from 2004 to 2005 i thought about ivf, i didnt know much about and was pretty scared about doing it to be honest, so in april 2005 my husband and i thought we are now ready to do ivf its now nearly april 2006 and i am still on my first cycle i havent even done the transfer yet but thats just me there has been alot of women very successful, everybody is different and as my mum says what is meant for you wont pass you by, thats what keeps me going

jennie  Posted: 30/03/2007 12:37

hey anonymous, also wanted to say to you i understand how you feel, wanting a baby so much, like me but this all has its ups and downs and the very best of luck for you, i hope it happens quickly for you

Anonymous  Posted: 31/03/2007 20:00

hi jennie thanks for writing and letting me know, the doctors say i am ovalating and producing eggs + my husbands smerm came back and there is nothing wrong there, i also have a son, he is 6 so doctors say they dont see why i shouldnt get pregnant, they say u shouldnt have sex for 6 weeks after surgery is that true?

jennie  Posted: 02/04/2007 09:34

hey anonymous, ah you have a son, well thats not too strange that you cant get pregnant, a friend of mine has an eight year old son and has been trying for about 2 years now to get pregnant, she had problems on her first pregnancy aswell something about her ovaries not working properly, the doctor gave her tablets and she was pregnant soon after, this time round she has had no periods for a year and she is trying but no luck sometimes there is no reasons. on your other question i did about 4 weeks after my surgery i felt ok to do so, but it hurt inside felt like near my stomach, even though i was healing grand on the outside, it takes much longer on the inside, i should have waited the 6 weeks, so yeh i would wait , do what the docs say, the best of luck

jennie  Posted: 02/04/2007 09:43

hey lulu, thanks for your message, you poor thing, i know its hard when it comes to the husband, i panic somtimes that if i dont ever get pregnant,he'll leave, we talk about it but you never know, dont get me wrong hes been there every syep so far and is always very good, considering im a moody person anyway, but hes adopted and i feel the need to get pregnant even more, ive never said that to him though, all the best

Anonymous  Posted: 02/04/2007 21:39

hi jennie thanks a lot, i really hope that ivf works for u, could u tell me what they do when u go back for ur 6 weeks check~up how will they know if the tubes are back to normal? i had no problem conceiving my son, a year later i had to have cysts removed and thats when they said if i couldnt get pregnant within 6 months to come back to him so ive been trying for the last 3 years.

RUBENS  Posted: 04/04/2007 13:12

Hi - You may have seen my previous post. We are on day 12 now and my wife had some light bleeding last night. THere is so much info out there that some suggest that it is ok for light bleeding to happen and other info says that it might mean that it the begining of her period. What are your thoughts on this. Anxious !!

jennie  Posted: 06/04/2007 09:50

hey anonymous, as far as i can remember, when i went back to the doctor, he sent me for another dye test and the results that showed was that the tubes had reblocked, there was too much scar tissue in the tubes and they told me that when i was younger, i must have had problems with my appendix(which i never knew) and that when they had a look inside they said that everything had sort of joined together, so thats why the tubes were damaged and that they couldnt do the surgery again and my only option for pregnancy was ivf. so anything i can help you with just ask, when are your 6 weeks up and are you staying out of work for the full 6 weeks

jennie  Posted: 06/04/2007 10:01

hi rubens, i would get onto the hari or were you are getting the ivf done and tell them, have you got the manuel that they give you before you start because i looked this part up and it says (in the majority of cases if this cycle is unsuccessful you will bleed in the second week usually before day 16) i hope this is not true in your case but you said it was light so maybe its nothing but ring and find out for sure, im not a hundred percent sure though i havent gotten to that part yet, im still at before transfer stage, nearly there. i really hope its nothing the best of luck to both of you

RUBENS  Posted: 06/04/2007 13:15

Thanks Jennie - The Bleeding has increased and is now heavier. We rang the HARI and they advised to still do a preg test tomorrow morning. I have heard though that even with bleeding it is still possible for a possible pregnancy but I do not want to be fooling myself either. I wish you the best of luck with your treatment.

Anonymous  Posted: 09/04/2007 12:09

hi jennie thanks very much, i due back to hospital in 2 weeks yes im staying out of work for the 6 weeks even though i feel ok the scar heeled up ok and everything seems to be going back into place, my period was on time this month, which i didnt think would after the surgery. so ill let u know when i go back for my visit to the hospital. and thanks again.

jennie  Posted: 09/04/2007 14:07

thanks rubens and the best of luck with the test

jennie  Posted: 10/04/2007 11:13

hey anonoymous, well thats good, everything is going according to plan, my scar healed very well too, do you still feel numb were the scar is, i was like that for ages, well good luck in the hospital

Orange  Posted: 17/04/2007 13:14

Hey Jennie, I haven't been back to this discussion forum in weeks, thanks for your info on tubal surgery. We haven't been back to the hari since we got the news but we do have an appointment on the 25th - next Wed - to see when the my wife's surgery is and get all the relative info. I suppose we will find out more detailed results from the lap aswell. It's good to know, Anonymous, that you should wait 6 weeks until after the surgery. Is it a very painfull op? Were you advised to stay out of work for the full 6 weeks or is that something you decided yourself? Sorry about all the questions? Fingers crossed, say prayers and all that it's successfull for both of us!!

Anonymous  Posted: 18/04/2007 10:41

hi orange, it was very painfull for the first few days, i went in on a sunday and got out on the thursday, but it does take a lot out of u, i felt i could have gone back to work after 3 weeks, but just enjoying the time off with the nice weather, there is 1 thing the doc said to me is that the tubes can close back up any time, i had a lap done in november they told us it would set us back 6 months too but had the opp done last month and due back to hospital for 6 week check up next week and can start moving on from then, so i hope everything works out for u both, and bost of luck.

Orange  Posted: 18/04/2007 17:28

Thanks Anonymous, I don't think I'll tell my wife that it's painful, it will just make her too anxious about the op. It might be better coming from the doc if he's honest. Luckily my wife will be off work for a few months so she will have that time to rest anyway. Best of luck next week, hope the checkup goes well. Thanks again for the info and the good luck wishes.

Anonymous  Posted: 19/04/2007 12:23

It may be far better that your wife is aware of the pain. That way at least she can be prepared, take the neccssary steps and discuss it with the doctor (who may otherwise regard it as routine given that they do it on a fairly regular basis) who can put in place the appropriate pain management.

jennie  Posted: 19/04/2007 12:59

hey anonymous and orange, i havent been on 4 a while and i agree with anonymous completely, it was the same for me but i didnt know what to expect, i was in a week and it was very painful, when i came home i could hardly walk, i lost weight aswell, but after about 3 weeks i was grand, but only thing that we did wrong was that we where buying our first house and that was alot 4 me to handle with the surgery aswell but for you orange once your wife takes her 6 weeks off work rest when she get home and has your support around the house she will be fine, the best of luck

jennie  Posted: 19/04/2007 13:03

i also have a question for anybody who is on the ist cycle of ivf or has completed their first cycle with the hari unit, i want to know how long it took and what complications there was because mine seems to be going on for ever and ever, i am now trying them progynova second time to do the transfer and this month it will be a year, i think that is way too long, im getting to the stage that i dont care what the results are i just want to know, im due in on 25th april review appointment, so that would mean probably start back on the progynova end of may

rk  Posted: 19/04/2007 15:01

Hi jennie i am sort of in the same boat too I seem to be with the hari for ever I done my first fresh cycle in Nov 04 and a frozen one was stopped in Feb 05 not enough reaction from me and i had a complete frozen one in july 05 and a frozen one was stopped in may 06 embys didnt survive the defrost and then i done a fresh one in jan 07 and that was stopped too not enough of a reaction from are not alone it does nto go smoothly for every one am hoping to go again in july pg for another fresh one on a higher dose of drugs. good luck and hope you get gd news

Orange  Posted: 20/04/2007 12:40

thanks Jennie and Anonymous, I told my wife what ye said last night and she said that she expected it to be somewhat painful with internal surgery of that kind and that you would need quite some time for recovery as well. So at least now she as an idea what too expect, thanks. Coinsidentally we have our house up for sale but hopefully it won't be too stressfull.

jennie  Posted: 20/04/2007 22:53

hi rk thanks for your comment, i thought i was badly off until i read your comment, you must have a great deal of patience, good luck aswell in july

jennie  Posted: 20/04/2007 22:55

hey orange ha ha WEIRD i am putting my house up for sale on monday, i am probably mad, your wife will be fine, dont worry, best of luck on both

auds (YZD61378)  Posted: 26/04/2007 00:58

Can anyone tell me if they attended the cork fertility center and how did they get on there ?

Anonymous  Posted: 15/05/2007 18:07

hi jennie and orange, went back for my appointment, and they said they will leave me for a year to try and conceive, and if i dont have any joy i will have to go for ivf, and jennie i asked about another lap to see if my tubes were unblocked and they said no so im thinking weather i should have just gone for ivf instead of having the micro surgery done, any way fingers crossed for u all.x talk soon.x

Kathriona  Posted: 16/05/2007 15:54

TV documentary looking for couples television is looking for couples who have had fertility treatment to feature in a new science documentary series for RTE. We'd like to talk to couples who have surplus embryos in storage following IVF treatment and are not planning to have any more children. Do you have an opinion on what should happen to your surplus embryos? Or are you uncertain or confused about the options that are open to you? Are you aware of practices such as embryo adoption and embryonic stem cell research? If not, would you like to meet experts who can explain the science behind these techniques? We're looking for people with strong opinions, big questions - or both who would be willing to talk to us about their own experiences. Perhaps you, or someone you know, may be interested in talking to us about this documentary? If so please call Kathriona on 01 4100 845 or email:

jennie  Posted: 21/05/2007 11:46

anoymous they always do the surgery first because that often corrects the problem as ivf is expensive

Anonymous  Posted: 22/05/2007 16:02

hi jennie thanks a lot i have to go back for another appointment in 3 months so i will say it to them again

BM  Posted: 27/05/2007 23:47

Hi all. Having just decided to embark on the IVF journey it's very encouraging to read the messages on this site. I often feel like I'm in my own private hell and I know I'm not alone. In many, many ways I'm very lucky as I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and I try to keep that in perspective. For over 2 years now, we have been trying to conceive our 2nd child. After investigation it turns out that my husband has anti-sperm antibodies, more than likely a side effect of a double hernia plasty which took place BEFORE our daughter was conceived. ICSI is the option that has been presented to us and as I'm 37 I feel like we should get on with it rather than continue to try unassisted. I'm wondering (as I haven't read it so far in the discussion) if: a) anyone has experience of the Merrion Fertility Clinic? b) anyone else has an experience of undergoing ICSI for anti-sperm antibodies?

Anonymous  Posted: 07/06/2007 13:42

Hi can anyone tell me if there is an age limit for IVF. I'm 45 now have been trying for years docs in hospital said everything ok. I'm lucky in one way have a 11 yr. old son.

Pc  Posted: 14/06/2007 16:12

Hi, can anyone please tell me on what day you should go for your pre period scan? I am not sure now if its one day before or 3 days?

jennie  Posted: 18/06/2007 20:04

hi pc your pre period scan should be about 4 days b4 ur period starts and if your attending the hari you need to book that appointment well in advance.

jennie  Posted: 18/06/2007 20:06

hi all i have a question i finally got to do the transfer on the 12th so I'm on day 6, i just wanted to know could anybody tell me how they were on their first transfer and were they really bloated and if they think that is from the crinone

jennie  Posted: 18/06/2007 20:07

hi orange havent heard from you in a while, i hope everything went well for ye, how is your wife

jennie  Posted: 18/06/2007 20:10

hey anonymous i think you can do the ivf upto your 40s but your chances are low just like under 30s their chances are higher but it all depends on your reason good luck ring your nearest and get some info

bu bu  Posted: 19/06/2007 12:12

Hey rk how are things going for you wasnt it June you were starting again best of luck.

rk  Posted: 19/06/2007 13:11

Bu bu, all ok was supposed to be going again next month but am putting it on hold for the moment till I sort a few things out-hope all is good with you.

bu bu  Posted: 19/06/2007 19:31

Rk like yourself have to sort a few things out but am in good spirits.

Pc  Posted: 20/06/2007 09:57

Thanks a mil Jennie. I had rang the Hari to check and they told me 3 - 7 days, so 4 is probably just right. They didn't say anything about booking it early though so I will ring again now and book it just in case...thanks again.

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 23/06/2007 21:03

hi i just went to the rotunda and was told ivf was are only thing left to do after 4 years of every thing that could be done to me thats what is left and i dont know what to do. i am so worried to start this as i don't know if it will work or not. i don't think i can take another set back as the way i feel now i will be put in a mad house, and apart from that my husband does not want me to do ivf but what have i got left i cant picture my life with out kids someone give me advice please i need to speak to someone who knows how i feel. lisa

Pc  Posted: 25/06/2007 12:46

Hi Lisa, I felt the same way and am due to start ivf in July. I also feel very anxious about whether it will work or not and feel a bit overwhelmed by it all and even how its got to this point, It is a big step and I know its not always positive, but we have to hope that it will be.Did you ask to speak to a counsellor in the Hari? Maybe it would help...Best of luck.

bu bu  Posted: 25/06/2007 19:48

Lisa we have been trying to conceive for the last 13 years and also told IVF was the only way for us. It is daunting to say the least and a big step. I wanted to do it but my husband didnt so we explored other ideas. Hav ye thought about Adoption or even fostering. I feel now at 36 my time is runnning out and I can see myself down the line kicking myself for not trying IVF once. Like you I always wanted kids but you must speak to some1 talk to ur doctor he will advise you on who to talk to.

jennie  Posted: 26/06/2007 17:08

hi bu bu i am currently doing ivf and i am at transfer stage , iwill be doing pregnancy test in 2 days and i will say it was a long process it's 15 months now but i am glad i did it it's my first transfer so we will see. it's not as bad as people say, it took a year for me to decide, if you have the money go for it because you probably will regret it my husbabd wants kids he knew this was our only option to have our own but he never pressured me.

jennie  Posted: 26/06/2007 17:10

hi rubens i really wanted to know how things worked out for you and your wife

jennie  Posted: 26/06/2007 17:12

sorry that msg was for lisa not bu bu but bu bu is right

jennie  Posted: 26/06/2007 17:14

bu bu and lisa can i ask why your husbands didn't want ye to do ivf

jennie  Posted: 26/06/2007 17:17

pc the best of luck starting ivf are you going to stay working through it

bu bu  Posted: 27/06/2007 12:28

Hi jennie I would love to at least try IVF once but it's very hard to persuade my husband to do it. He feels for the success rate it's alot of money gon down the drain. We did get to the stage of injections but my eggs were not big enuf so we abandoned it much to my dismay. We applied for adoption, again my husband doesn't want to do it so we have now been taking off the list. I will get around him tho because I want to at least try one cycle of IVF. We have to try ICSI cycle as there is problems on both sides.

Pc  Posted: 27/06/2007 14:18

Hi Jennie, yes we are going to stay with it, My first scan is next week and hopefully we can start from there. Feel a little nervous as once I made the appt we received the invoice and now it feels very real! I think I had always hoped that I would get pregnant at some point before it got to ivf but it never did (unexplained) so I always had this in the back of my head, But anyway we are at this point now so fingers crossed it will all go well. The very best of luck to you! I really hope you have good news. Is this your first attempt?

bu bu  Posted: 27/06/2007 16:07

jennie couple of factors why my husband doesnt want to do IVF. well this is what I think could never get a straight answer from him one been money and the very low success rate plus what i would have to go thru. Also the fact that he has to give sample men (its such a macho thing). Im sure people would ask does this man want kids at all. he does but you hav to understand after 13 years of trying and hoping he would just like for me to turn around and say Im Pregnant. I would like to know has anyone else experienced this. I have an app in August to see specialist so we will take it from there.

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 27/06/2007 22:03

hi jenny he is worried about me all that has happened in the last few years he thinks i need a break from it go on a hoilday and just relax ang go back to it in a year or so but if you are like me i want a baby now and i cant see my self waiting on till then i feel i need to keep going on .So i dont know what we will do my head is a mess i need to switch off but i cant . lisa

Pc  Posted: 28/06/2007 11:41

HI bu bu, after 13 years I can only imagine how difficult it must be for both you and your husband and also he must feel it's never ending and this is just maybe another avenue with no definite outcome, I think it's hard for the man also like you say on the part he has to play as even though we go through so much in this whole process, it must also be hard for any man to get his head around, And at the end of the day both partners have to be comfortable with going ahead. I hope whatever you decide works out for both of you.

jennie  Posted: 28/06/2007 12:32

hi girls bubu i know how ye feel, your husband will come round when he's good and ready, i know this can cause arguments in a relationship it is stressful, but take your time until you both reach a decision that you are both happy with and stick together. i felt the same as him when we first thought about this and i did think about it for a year until i was ready we went on a holiday and then started when we got back, but if you dont at least try once you might regret it the best of luck to both of you but as i said take your time and speak to others about it as well. pc i know how you feel one thing i will say to you i knew what the problem was, i had all the dye tests the laps and the surgery and i was told i had blocked tubes so ivf was my only option, you say that you have unexplained fertility well a friend of mine her auntie was trying for 10 years and nothing so went for ivf , she was in the same boat as you and during ivf even before the transfer they got pregnant naturally and had twin boys, so you never know, once you both stick together and take care of each other during it you will be fine, try not to worry lisa we were exactly the same as ye and we did take a year to decide went on the holiday, my husband was worried about me and as he said if you are ready to start ok we will start, so take your time and take your hols and relax so to you all i dont want to depress ye or put ye off but today was day 16 since transfer and this morning i had to do test so unfortunatly its a no no for us this time, i was upset but thats the way it goes, i have 2 more left in freezing so i will go again and be hopeful with that try, but as i said to the 3 of you im still glad i decided to try this, but it is my first try the best of luck to you all and if you have any questions please ask

bu bu  Posted: 28/06/2007 13:14

Tanx PC it has been hard but we will get there we have to keep going don't we, best of luck to you too. Lisa, your partner is right you sound like you need a holiday to get away and relax. You are so worked up nothing will happen you have to chill ( it's easier said than done I know) Take time out reassess your situation and come back refreshed to start again.

Pc  Posted: 02/07/2007 12:53

Jennie I'm really really sorry it didn't work out for you this time. I was wondering how you had got on. It seems unfair that this is the result, But you sound like a positive person so I hope you will be ok. I hope you are maybe taking some time out to get your head around this. I really hope it will work out for you in the future Keep in touch.

jennie  Posted: 02/07/2007 15:52

pc thanks for your comment, i am fine now i was upset but i have app. 31st july with the hari to restart again, my last transfer on this cycle, so i will just try again and the best of luck to you too, how are you?

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 02/07/2007 19:11

sorry jennie it didnt work out for you i know are heartbroken over this but keep trying and good look lisa

Anonymous  Posted: 02/07/2007 22:39

just want to know if ivf treatment is meant only for people with fertility prolem, because my problem is to choose the sex of my babies and is the price different from others.

Anonymous  Posted: 02/07/2007 22:41

please how would i know what exact day would be my ovulation day.

Anonymous  Posted: 03/07/2007 10:51

Anonymous, for ethical reasons, sex selection with regard to fertility treatment is not permitted here.

rk  Posted: 03/07/2007 11:20

anonymous that is a very thoughtless comment to post here if you had read any of the previous comments i can only speak for myself on this but after trying for over 7 years to get pregnant i wouldn't care less what sex the baby would be as long as we were both healthy. Sorry if that sounds snappy but most of us on this site have tried everything open to us to have a baby and the sex of it wouldnt cross my mind at all.

Anonymous  Posted: 03/07/2007 14:50

Anonymous - is there a particular medical reason for this or is it just personal choice? I can understand if it's because of a gender specific disease that runs in your family. If it's just personal choice, I agree with rk - you're being insensitive and selfish.

jennie  Posted: 03/07/2007 16:16

hi lisa thanks for your comment and how are you getting on yes i agree with rk, for anonymous, really, please you have so much to worry about, as rk said you really should have read first to see what we are all here first, very inconsiderate, i wouldnt care once i got pregnant

Pc  Posted: 03/07/2007 17:42

Hi Jennie, thats a very quick re-start date. Good for you and good luck. I actually didn't realise (maybe this sounds stupid but anyway) that you could have more than 1 transfer per cycle, I thought it had to be a complete new cycle, Or maybe I just completely missed that bit....Anyway the very best of luck. Have my scan this week so fingers crossed its all go. Very very apprehensive at the unknown and the what ifs etc etc but just want to get started now after all the talking, thinking, waiting, losing weight etc etc fingers crossed, Thanks for asking:)

bu bu  Posted: 03/07/2007 19:50

Jennie really sorry to hear it didnt work out this time fingers crossed next time will be the one. Annoymous I totally agree with rk except I would have expressed alot more anger. Arent you lucky you can be so choosy!!

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 03/07/2007 19:57

your right what kind of person are you to ask a stupid question like that go and read the last few pages of what we wrote and try and feel some of the pain and hurt that infertility has caused us to feel and you should thank god you have not got this problem and welcome any child to your life with love and what sex it is should never come in to it lisa

rk  Posted: 04/07/2007 09:31

hi all i was going to put a lot more into my last comment but was biting my tongue unless as someone said that it is for medical reasons that is totally different and THAT I could understand but anyway the best of luck to all out there i am hoping to get back on this mad rollercoaster in september for one last fresh cycle. as jennie said i would just love to get pregnant

jennie  Posted: 05/07/2007 14:42

hi girls hi bu bu thanks for your comment, i am feeling much better now, was really upset but i will look forward to next time. hi pc i only have review app. on 31st if something doesnt work for you, you are sort of knocked off the list and have to see the doc b4 you start anything again, you and your partner, so i will see the doc and once i have had a period i can then wait for my next period and that's when i restart the tablets to prepare the womb for the transfer, now as far as i know once you have zygotes(egg and sperm) in freezing you can do transfers, as only 4 survived for me i have two transfers, my right ovary didn't produce any follicles and my left produced nine but only 6 looked healthy and in freezing 1 just went and when they were thawing out the 2 for my last transfer 1 didnt look right so they took that away which left me with 4, as for the next transfer if the last 2 dont survive the thawing or dont look right then there will be no transfer and thats when my 1st ivf cycle is finished as i hope it wont happen, i think i have to recheck all this when i go in but i will let you know, any questions you have, dont hesitate to ask me, and the best of luck dont worry it wont be as bad as you think take care

Pc  Posted: 06/07/2007 16:23

Thanks Jennie, I get what you are saying, so lots of fingers crossed for the next tranfer!! I really hope that goes well for you. This is really helpful to know. I am all set now with my meds thankfully so not feeling to bad now, Will keep in touch. On hols for the next week. thanks for your support!!

win  Posted: 14/07/2007 18:28

Hi to all. I think you are all so brave. I hope i don't sound selfish. My story is when i was 25 yrs i got sterilized with the adivse of my doctor. I did and do feel lucky as i have 2 children one 16th and the other nearly 10 yrs old. I am now married for the second time naerly 5 yrs now and i am desperate for a baby. So off i went to see the doctor about getting it revesed and to my disapointment was told the chances of it working was poor an if i did manage to get pregant that it would more than likely be etopic's. So the best way forward was with IVF treatment. So we started looking at clinic's here in Ireland found them a wee bit expensive because i want to donate some of my eggs to help some body. Then my sister spoted an add in a magazine from an IVF clinic in London called CRM London looking for egg donor'sunder the age of 35 yrs. I rang them at the end of May 07 they explained everything that was involved and that my IVF treatment was free. there is no waiting lists. Its may be not feel right to so poeple but it feels right for me to do. So we made an apointment. In the mean time i went to my own GP to get my FSH checked on hte second day of my period it came back ok.So flew over to London 2 weeks later that was the begining of June 07 all went well they took my bloods an had a scan done my husband had to give a semen sample, which we had the results of before we left the clinic they gave me the starter injection to take home for when time come's to start. My husband was told he could get his bloods done with his own GP. Now i am just waiting to be match up with another lady. They also said that it should only take about 2 to 3 weeks to find a match because they have couples on their lists needing egg donations. I am really delighted to be able to help somebody else to create life. All the best of luck an wish's to all of you thinking , starting or in the middle of your treatments hope your dearest dreams come true for yous all.

bu bu  Posted: 16/07/2007 19:27

Hi Win so you are going ahead to have another baby congrats. I am curious tho when the time comes for you to have baby where will you go, I mean will any hospital take you in here? Or will you have to go to London to have it? I would be very interested in finding out more details.

win  Posted: 17/07/2007 15:35

Hi bu bu, Thanks for your surport. I'm not sure its something i hadn't thought about.But i'd say it would be here.Think i'l ask my doc just to make sure i'l keep you posted. bye for now.

Pc  Posted: 18/07/2007 11:47

Hi Jennie, just wondering did you have any side effects on the sniffer? I feel pretty ok actually so am just wondering if its common to have any or if hopefully this will continue.

rk  Posted: 18/07/2007 12:37

Hi pc i was really really tired on the sniffer and then when they doubled my dose it just got worse, but I knew I had to do it.

Pc  Posted: 18/07/2007 13:59

Thanks rk. I'm only on it a few days now so fingers crossed anyway. I read some of your previous posts and see you have been through the mill. I hope things are starting to go your way, I see you were due to start another cycle in July, Did you start? So are you around the same stage as me? best of luck if you are!

jennie  Posted: 18/07/2007 14:07

hi pc i was totally fine taking the sniffer, no probs, just relax and dont dwell on each thing your doing it only makes you more anxious, once you take care of yourself, dont work too hard, eat healthy, dont smoke everything else is in gods hands youve done your part, well this is what i think, i thought about things everyday and got more and more worried so i will know next time not to do so, you will be fine take care

Pc  Posted: 18/07/2007 15:19

sorry rk, think this sniffer is making me a bit mad! i'm sending double posts thinking they're not going through:)

Pc  Posted: 18/07/2007 15:20

Sounds like good advice Jennie, and probably makes sense. Am trying to do this anyway so all ok at the mo.

rk  Posted: 18/07/2007 15:35

hi pc things didnt go ahead this month and am not sure if they will things not going grt with dh lately so am just playing it by ear

Pc  Posted: 18/07/2007 15:44

Oh thats terrible rk, I'm sorry to hear that and hope that it will get better. Its a lot of strain on everyone. I hope you get the support you need and deserve and I really hope you go forward the best way for you.

bu bu  Posted: 18/07/2007 19:18

Hi rk I was just thinkin bout you remembered you were due to start in july but pc bet me to it. Sorry to hear things aint gr8. Just wondering do you need to take a break from this for awhile maybe your dh does too. Altho if your anything like me I hate waiting around and for me time is getting scarce. best of luck!

rk  Posted: 20/07/2007 11:48

heya bu bu and pc thanks for your messages hate waiting round and wasting time too. chances lowering as time is passing is what i am thinking am not getting any younger!!!so if i get to sort things i will go and do in sept hopefully cos the next one will be my last one. have to close the door on it at some stage cant go on trying forever we have been trying 7 years as it is and am not sure how much more my sanity can take....

bu bu  Posted: 21/07/2007 23:26

rk I can only imagine how tough it has been for you after so many attempts it can't be easy saying that sept will be your last try if ye go ahead but like you say closing the door on this may open the door somewhere else no? Wd ye think of adoption?

rk  Posted: 23/07/2007 10:39

haya bu bu have to close the door on it some time otherwise i would go on trying for ever.have been through so much and have had 2 major surgeries within our time of trying. one to try and clear mytubes which were all stuck together (from surgery i had as a kid) and the other cos i had a huge solid cyst on my ovary which that and part of my ovary had to be removed. so had said that my last ivf in Jan would have been my last attempt but it was stopped on me due to a poor response so my next complete will defo be the last one. have done the first lot of paper work for adoption just to get our names on the lise as that takes so long to get through

bu bu  Posted: 23/07/2007 17:04

Hi rk yes I agree your body can only take so much both physically and mentally. We were waiting 2 years on the adoption list got call last year went for our first counselling session. When we came home my dh told me he didnt want to go any further! my heart was broken. you can be preparing for it try to decide on a country find out all you can bout it. I was so excited thru all this process you learn so much.We have till nxt Feb if we change our mind to proceed. I want to but dh doesnt!!!

Pc  Posted: 24/07/2007 08:16

Hi Bubu, I really feel for you reading your mails. It seems like you've also been through the mill. I hope you don't mind me saying this. What do you think you will do if your dh doesn't agree to the adoption also? Do you feel angry with him? I really hope you can move forward. Thinking of you..

rk  Posted: 24/07/2007 08:51

hey bu bu oh my god how did you cope with that at least you have time to see if he will change his mind, have no idea what country to think about don't know where to start.. hopefully it works out for you and you can get to give it a try hope dh comes round to the idea take care

bu bu  Posted: 24/07/2007 12:14

Hi pc & rk everybody goes thru their own turbulence don't they. Well in August we have app with IVF dh still reluctant to do that not to mention the adoption! He was adopted you see but you'd think he'd be all for it so but who knows what's going on in his head...... Its so unfair men in this day and age still get their say, yes I feel angry with dh I think he is been so selfish he won't compromise one way or another but in my anger Im gettin to the stage now where he WILL have to meet me half way or else it's marriage counselling for us.What I would really love to know if there is any men out there loggin into this site who could give me their opinion on why my dh is so against it all?

rk  Posted: 24/07/2007 13:30

heya bu am at the marriage counselling stage which is why i didn't restart the round of treatment this month..... we have had about 4 weeks of it so far and yeh it is helping in certain ways it is not that dh is against ivf just things seemed to crumble with us over lots of other stuff thought best to get that sorted first before thinking ivf again, n yeh bu bu i would love to hear a man's side of it my dh is not a great one for sharing what is going on for him

Pc  Posted: 24/07/2007 15:31

Why is just so complicated for some people and others get pregnant so easily with no need for big talks about what to do, where to go, etc etc etc. Feeling a bit down myself today and yesterday but maybe just a bit tired, Am just praying things will work out but sometimes just wonder how I even got to this point. But anyways I am probably very lucky to be even finally be at the ivf stage. so fingers crossed for all of us. xx

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 24/07/2007 19:14

Hi, my name is Colin and I am married to Lisa. She asked me to read these messages and as a male to give my opinion. I know what your husband is feeling as i am a bit like that myself. We are at the stage of doing ivf ourselves and i have to say i am a bit against it. My wife is a wonderful person with lots of love to give to any child but with ivf i feel like the doctors are playing God. I feel as a catholic person with are not meant to play around with life and perhaps its not meant to be and that there is something else in life that we are meant to do .But when i look at my wife and see how unhappy she is, she would put those needles in her eyes if it would help. But when the times comes in November to do ivf i will be with her all the way if it works or not. For some reason we can't have kids and if that's what it takes I will go along with her despite my reservations. I love her with all my heart.

bu bu  Posted: 24/07/2007 20:28

Hey everyone Im sorry im depressing everyone how selfish off me tis is a site for people who are going thru IVF :( rk we just hav to work thru it but at least we can talk bout it wit each other n thats good support. pc fingers arms legs n eyes are crossed for you and everybody else best of luck.

rk  Posted: 25/07/2007 12:28

Am really pleased to hear from a dh side. The last 2 lines of colins message brought tears to my eyes. Bu bu you just have to stay strong and keep that chin up!! one way or the other it will all work out in the end. a little thing i like to believe in is that: if it is for you it wont pass you.

Pc  Posted: 25/07/2007 14:58

Hi bubu, you are not being selfish and it all goes back to the problems, feelings and emotions around infertility. Its a very hard road for all of us but hopefully things will work out for you. Hi Colin and Lisa, nice to hear it from the man's point also, My dh was also a little wary of the whole thing but is being very supportive and so we are lucky in many ways.. I wish you all the best in Nov.

bu bu  Posted: 26/07/2007 11:38

Hi Colin really appreciated your opinion on the topic thank you. Would like to hear other males' opinions if possible. rk & pc we just have to stay strong as you said rk and yes pc it is a very hard road for us all, all we can do is keep trying. the one thing I do hav to say it is a great comfort to be able to talk like this amongst ourselves. So God willing we will be successful. take care.

RUBENS  Posted: 26/07/2007 17:18

MALE PERSPECTIVE: Hi Folks - My wife and I jointly decided to go for the IVF. I was sceptical at first. We had been trying for 4 years without sucess. First thing we did was IUI. Did that twice and nothing. Then it was onto the IVF. We went through all the various tests etc and through it all we kept saying to each other that we had been through enough and this was going to be our moment. We go 3 good embryo's. 2 were put back in and one was frozen. After the dreaded wait my wife got her period. We were devastated beyond belief. We questioned everything from God to medicine etc and wondered why we were not getting pregnant. After a 2 month wait, we went back into the clinic for the Frozen Emb Transfer on a natural cycle. At this point we were still fairly down about losing the 2 previous ones but we soldiered on. 2 weeks went by and on the day before my wife's period was due she started getting cramping and period pains. I was devastated againg but held my wife and told here that until she actually bleeds we have a chance. We cried together for about half an hour. Next day no bleeding. or the following day. Time for the Preg Test. I went to the chemist and bought 2 tests. Bought some tissues because deep down I though we would need them. Got home and my wife peed on stick. (I was nearly peeing on the stick with here I was that nervous) We turned the stick over and.....PREGNANT. At this point I just fell in a heap on the floor. We hugged we kissed we cried. But we did it. My Point to all of the above is that in order to go through IVF you need to Love and Support each other daily. This is something you cannot do alone. There will be enough anger along the way without directing it at each other. Be there for each other. IVF can work. We are now 8 weeks Pregnant and every day is a special day. I wish all of you that are currently undergoing treatment the very best of luck. God Bless

Pc  Posted: 27/07/2007 12:03

Hi Rubens, I was in tears reading this. It makes it all worthwhile, I'm so glad to hear it worked out. Best of luck to both of you.I have just started my injections today and am glad my hubby was with me to see how they are done as I didn't hear a thing! Thanks for letting us know that it can work as whilst this is what we all hope for, its still very daunting, Take care both of you.

RUBENS  Posted: 27/07/2007 14:19

Pc - I really wish you the best of luck. At mass on sunday I will light a candle of hope to all on this fourm. God Bless and take care

bu bu  Posted: 27/07/2007 20:16

Hi Rubens wow your words were of inspiration hit home with me. Tears- I think I caused the floods in England!!!! Best of luck to ye and keep us posted plez. I'm more determined than ever.. roll on August. Rk your always in my thoughts.

Pc  Posted: 02/08/2007 13:37

Hi all, my treatment was stopped unfortunately, only 1 follicle. They said theres no point in continuing. I'm very upset as you can imagine, It was all so quick really and now what.. They will try something different next time, in 2 months. This as I'm learning can be a cruel process. But apparently it only happens to 10% of cases, so that also means there is hope for 90%. I don't want to upset anyone or put anyone off, its just not working for me at the moment unfortunately..

rk  Posted: 03/08/2007 08:28

Hi pc am so sorry to hear that it is so hard to get through. you just have to keep strong. i had mine stopped in jan this year for a similar reason just not enough of a reaction from me to the drugs but it happens and there is nothing you could have done as once you start this process it is out of your hands. take care and be nice to yourself sending you a big hug

Pc  Posted: 07/08/2007 17:15

Thanks rk, really appreciate your kind words! Hope you are doing ok also.

bu bu  Posted: 08/08/2007 10:06

Hi pc my heart goes out to you pet- I was at that stage, couldn't go any further either my follicles weren't big enough to proceed, that was my one and only attempt at ivf. So like rk said don't be hard on yourself don't dwell on it. rk how are things with you? I'm heading to see specialist next Monday.

Pc  Posted: 08/08/2007 17:06

Thanks bu bu, I didn't realise it was similar with you. I hope you get on well on Monday. Let us know how you get on. xx

rk  Posted: 13/08/2007 09:30

Hi Bu Bu and Pc hope all is ok with you both all is ok here am contemplating when to go again maybe next month or october not sure yet!!!!! good luck today bu bu let us know how you get on thinking of you

Pc  Posted: 13/08/2007 17:10

Hi rk, good to hear from you, You sound positive and ready to try again, so thats great! Maybe we will be trying at the same time as I think that it will be around end of Sep when I will start again. Fingers crossed for both of us. Bu bu, I hope you got on well today! Let us know. take care.

rk  Posted: 14/08/2007 08:53

Heya Pc am undecided at the mo but it will be either early sept or oct dont want it to go past that cos that will bring me into next year and have to do this one more time for my sanity and then close the door on it. it has been dragging on long enough. my mind is sort of setting on sept though!!! hope bu bu got on well..

bu bu  Posted: 14/08/2007 10:55

Hi all,we have a lot to decide ;you see I'm living in the south. Had to travel to Galway so every second day when scans had to be done I had to travel, so now we are asking Clonmel to let us do the scans there which would be half the battle. Fresh sample got.It's all planned to start end of this month, trying a few things first but im just happy to be at this stage. Didn't think we'd get this far! rk you really sound like your raring to go-good for you. Pc wouldnt it be just dandy if we all got pregnant at the same time. Yeah I know but I'm thinking Positive. I'm sending ye positive vibes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

rk  Posted: 14/08/2007 11:50

heya BuBu am over the moon for you all sounds good n yeh wouldnt it be so good if it happened for us all at the one time. i am the type that once i get something into my head i just want to go ahead with it havent rang the unit yet to see if they can take me on next month have to do that later cos we have to get bloods done first. keep us updated on how things go with you will keep all crossed for you. pc where does your treatment take place? i am with the hari unit in the rotunda

Pc  Posted: 14/08/2007 12:06

Hi BuBu, thats great news. I'm delighted for you that you feel happier and and sounds like you're moving ahead, The best of luck, Is it actually ivf that you will be doing and where will you get the treatment? Will this be in Galway? I can see that thats a long journey for you. What about Cork also if you're in the South? I remember seeing a programme about a hospital in Cork specialising in this treatment but am not sure where, Anyway whatever you're trying best of luck and fingers crossed for all of us, you me and rk!!! rk, I can understand you want to try one more time and please god that will be the time! Have you spoken to the clinic yet? Are you in Dublin? My review in next week so I hope it all goes well but am kind of dreading it also, but I just want to move forward now, Have put on a bit of weight over the last 2 weeks too and am desperately trying to lose it! I put it on soooo easily and then it takes a loooong time to lose it, but anyway at least I've stopped going up...comfort eating me things! Anyway keep in touch rk and bu bu. xx

rk  Posted: 14/08/2007 14:21

Hi Pc your review will be fine don't stress yourself about it where are you attending? i have put on about a stone since my last lot of treatment in feb am not too worried about it like you it goes on me so easy and is twice as hard to lose but it could be worse...... yeh i comfort eat too and too much we will all 3 of us be grand

Pc  Posted: 14/08/2007 15:59

Hi rk, am with the Hari. They are very strict on bmi so have to be careful. What about you? Will you attend the same clinic this time?

bu bu  Posted: 15/08/2007 07:40

Hi rk, pc. well I was referred to Galway by consultant in Clonmel so I will stick with them because they have done stuff that Rotunda woudnt do so. It will be ICSI pc that we will be doing. Ya I was told to concentrate on losing weight so that is one of the things I have to work on next couple of weeks. Have started walking the dog now I think its the dog walking me in fact! its a good way to clear the mind tho. try and not stress yourself out after all if your trying thats all anyone can do- right?. I totally agree with you rk on that score about waiting around - just go for it. Im calling us the 3 Musketeers- all for one n one for all.

rk  Posted: 15/08/2007 08:53

Hey Pc am with the Hari too I have been with them all along so am just sticking with them, they have my full records and my two last lots of surgery were done in the rotunda 1 through the Hari and 1 prior attending the unit so am thinking safer to stick with them. have it in my head now and just want to get started and over and done with.........

rk  Posted: 15/08/2007 10:29

Bu Bu. When I get something into my head I just want to get on with it and that is the way I am about treatment at the moment. Yes, I agree with the name you picked for us but I think we should be the 3 LADY Musketeers

RUBENS  Posted: 15/08/2007 17:27

I think "The Brave Hearts" does it for me. You guys are truly amazing. After seeing first hand what you need to go through to concieve I firmly believe that you are way up there on the list of extraordinary people. Continued good luck to you all. your never say never attitude is fantastic and the kiddies that I am sure you will all have will be blessed to have such 'Brave and Wonderful' Parents. X

rk  Posted: 16/08/2007 09:24

Rubens that is so nice Thank you. I do believe never say never and also if it is meant for you it will not pass you.

bu bu  Posted: 16/08/2007 10:08

ah Rubens your so sweet thank you but we do need something to keep us going and like we agreed already rk once its in our head we must do it. Yes the LADY musketeers sounds good to me. This site is the best way to help each other so thank you to everyone for their input its been an inspiration to know wer not alone on this quest.

rk  Posted: 16/08/2007 11:22

hey bu bu have decided on starting in early sept (hopefully) and have a pp scan and bloods booked 29th of this month so hopefully all goes ahead just want to get going now

rk  Posted: 16/08/2007 11:24

sorry pc meant to include you in that last message too :-)

Pc  Posted: 16/08/2007 13:42

Rubens that was a lovely message to send us! Thank you. rk, great news!! You're on your way:)Good for you and I know its probably going to be very hard to go through it again as I know you have been through the mill on this for a long time so I will say lots of prayers for you, me and Bu Bu over the next while. You're very brave and I will send lots of positive thoughts your way!! Bu Bu, I'm so happy for you also that you are moving ahead as I know you were very frustrated for a while there, so at least now you are moving forward. Fingers crossed for all of us!! xx

rk  Posted: 17/08/2007 15:44

Rubens hoping all is going well for you and your wife

bu bu  Posted: 17/08/2007 23:14

it is great to hear so many good outcomes even if it is just another step forward we are that bit closer to suceeding. I have a path worn away in my church from where Iv been lighting candles for us all. rk I know this trip will be very difficult for you alot of pressure but please try and relax. Pc your time wil come. Ruebens how are things going with you and ur wife?I am going away for a week to relax.

RUBENS  Posted: 18/08/2007 14:28

rk - so far so good. Thanks for the good wishes

rk  Posted: 20/08/2007 10:41

bu bu am quiet ok about it at this stage am trying to stay positive. i will be grand once i get started. enjoy your break xx. rubens glad to hear all is going ok for you both take care xx

Berry  Posted: 22/08/2007 08:54

Hi all....I am new to this website but have been reading all the posts for the past while and would love to get story is as follows...ttc to the past 5.5 years, 3 failed IUI....about to start IVF and terrified...........

rk  Posted: 23/08/2007 13:12

Hi BuBu and Pc my planned start for next month has had to be canceled cos my cycle is gone haywire and unset the whole apple cart so have to wait and see dont know what is going on with me at the moment

Pc  Posted: 24/08/2007 13:23

Hi rk, have been off line for the last few days so just checking in. Is there anything that the clinic can do to regulate your cycle now so that you can get started. I had my review this week and will be starting a flare protocal next time, which basically means I won't have the sniffer in advance but will start sniffer and injections together. I told the doc that my af hadn't come since the last treatment and he said if it doesn't come in the next week they can give me something to bring it on. (hope not too much info:)) Anyway my point is can they do something like this for you too to get you started? Hope you are ok, Hi bu bu, how are you? Hows the healthy eating and exercise going? Its very hard isn't it. Hope you are ok also. Hi Berry, nice to have you on board!! You have been ttc for around the same time as me..its very hard:) I haven't had iui but am thinking do they use stimmulation drugs for this? Then maybe the ivf won't be all so new for you, at least at the start? I really hope it goes well for you, When do you start and what clinic are you with? The very best of luck. xx ps. I can try to help with any q's but I didn't get through a full cycle due to not responding to the stimm drugs, hopefully will do better next time, But if I can help I will.

bu bu  Posted: 24/08/2007 19:52

Hi rk & pc. next monday is my start date all going well. ha healthy eating whats that. ah no I'm doing better with the exercise than watching what im eating. rk have you something personal going on that could be affecting your cycle? even if your stressed out you would know better than anyone. welcome berry.

Pc  Posted: 27/08/2007 14:18

Hi bu bu, hope you had a nice holiday. Did you go anywhere nice? Best of luck with next Monday, Let us know how you are getting on. Hi rk and berry, hope you had a nice weekend. rk, how are things now?

bu bu  Posted: 27/08/2007 21:11

Hi pc, rk. I just went to Kerry it was nice. I'm afraid I wont be talking with ye for a while, didn't make it to my app on Monday. My dad was rushed to hospital Sunday night, not good so everything is on hold. Best of luck to one and all. God bless.

Pc  Posted: 28/08/2007 17:28

hi bu bu, sorry to hear that and I hope your dad is ok, take care of yourself.

rk  Posted: 29/08/2007 09:14

Hi BuBu am sorry to hear about your dad hope he is ok, thinking of you. Hi pc how are you? when do you think you will be starting your next one? all is grand with me have been told that my cycle going haywire is just one of those things and can sort of be expected at my age!!!!! 35!!! anyway the hari are using my current length of cycle to book me in for my pre scan and if needed i will just go back to them for a day 1 scan when it does happen so am just playing it by ear at the moment and have to do the healthy eating and bit more exercise myself!!!

Pc  Posted: 30/08/2007 09:25

Hi rk, sounds like you're moving ahead. Don't you just feel ancient when you're going through this process:) Anyway my pp scan is booked now for 19th Sep and not sure if I've said but I will be doing a flare cycle, so will have the injections and the sniffer at the same time so it will be much faster this time. Am feeling very bloated at the moment though and am up a few pounds even though I've been eating very healthy and exercising plenty. Maybe it will be ok in a day or two. So take care and fingers crossed for both of us. BuBu, hope to hear from you soon and hope your dad is ok, Hi Berry, are you still around?

rk  Posted: 30/08/2007 11:03

Hi Pc you will be grand i have never heard of a flare cycle the way you are going to be doing your next one, i was supposed to have my pp scan last wednesday but had to cancel so when i spoke to the unit they said that they will just go with my new cycle so am in for a pp scan on mon week sept 10th, have to make an appt for my bloods for next week. bu bu hope you are doing ok thinking of you.

zara (JAC41410)  Posted: 31/08/2007 10:47

IS the HARI unit in dublin the only place?is there one in Munster?

Ruth (NVS64317)  Posted: 31/08/2007 12:16

Hi all yet again.....was missing for a few days but back again.....thank you all for your welcome!!!! As I have said already I am due to start the IVF process at the end of September, other than folic acid, is there any other supplements either I or my dh should be taking??? I appreciate if anyone knew anything along those lines, I am doing reflexology at the minute!!!

Pc  Posted: 31/08/2007 17:54

Hi Ruth, have you changed your name from Berry? Just checking it's the same person! I am taking folic acid and vitamin b complex. rk, what are you taking? My dh isn't taking anything but I think he's going to start on the b complex also this weekend. A counsellor I spoke to also said studies have shown that accupuncture can help so I may try that but haven't yet. Zara, there are a few places that I've heard of, as far I know there is a hosp in Cork, Cork Fertility Centre. if you google it you'll get info? There are other places in Dublin too like the Simms clinic, and Galway also. Clane hospital is another place I've heard of. I also hadn't heard of any of these places until this year when I started to find out more about the whole process. Hope this helps.

loll  Posted: 02/09/2007 17:03

After over two years of trying for second baby we were recently dealt a double whammy-positive antibodies and blocked tubes. Only option now is IVF. Had miscarriage in May 06, and did not have dnc following this traumatic event, wondering if this could be connected to my tubes being blocked?

Pc  Posted: 03/09/2007 09:46

Hi All, I sent an update on Friday but it didn't go through for some reason! Anyway hope you all had a nice weekend, Ruth, I think you were talking to us as Berry above, is that right? Just checking am talking to the same person:) The only things i am taking is folic acid and vitamin b complex. A counsellor I spoke to also said studies had shown accupuncture can help with ivf if nothing else only to relax you. Hi Zara, I have heard of the Cork Fertility Centre if that helps? Also know there is a hosp in Galway, and other places around the country, like Clane, Also Simms clinic in Dublin and probably more that I don't even know of. Hi Rk, how are you today? What vitamins if any are you taking? Hope all is well. Bubu, not sure if you're checking in but hope things are getting better for you. Take care.

Berry  Posted: 03/09/2007 10:51

PC, didn't change my name, just forgot to tick a box, thanks for you info!!!!!I will start on the Vitamin B Complex as soon as I can pick it up!!! I did try acupuncture during my IUI's but didn't really feel as if I got anything from it.....I must say though, I really feel I benefit from reflexology!!

rk  Posted: 03/09/2007 12:04

HI pc all is grand here am in next monday for bloods and ppc and resigning of the consents and just wait and see then what is happening with cycle. I am just on a bcomplex with folic acid but when i start treatment i normally go on aspirin too under direction of the unit. hey bu bu hope all is going ok with you thinking of you take care

Pc  Posted: 03/09/2007 17:30

Hi rk, I take the folic acid on its own and then b complex separately, I think thats what I was told, Do you take it all in one? Sorry now but just wondering am I ok to be taking it separately. Probably not a big deal but maybe I'd better check?

BM  Posted: 05/09/2007 00:37

Hi, I've been reading this notice board for a while but haven't joined in yet. I'm about to start the nasal spray on Mon next for my first IVF treatment. I'd be grateful for any advice on what the side effects are or if certain foods should be avoided etc. Both of us have been going for acupuncture for the past year, the biggest impact for me has been to regulate my cycle, which was all over the place before but now you could set your watch by it. It's been hard to accept that IVF is the path we need to take, I've been dreading it but as the time gets closer it will be a relief to get started. I'm sure everyone feels the same way. rk/Pc sorry to ask a stupid question but what is ppc? bubu - your messages are always so positive, I hope all is well with your Dad. Loll - also ttc for 2+ years for 2nd baby and anti-sperm antibodies are the issue.

rk  Posted: 05/09/2007 09:16

Hi Pc i was on folic acid and vit B12 separately then i started breaking out really bad in cold sores and went to the chemist and he gave me the b complex that has b12 and folic acid already included..have gotten back to my walking and I'm knackered and so are my poor dogs too, ah it has to be done and it is for a good cause have really cut down on my sweet munchies too and have cut out drink altogether....

rk  Posted: 05/09/2007 10:13

Hi Bm Welcome a pps is the pre period scan you get done before starting your ivf treatment I am with the hari unit in the rotunda and you must have a pps before they let you go ahead

Pc  Posted: 05/09/2007 18:00

Hi all, Bm wecolme! Girls am flippin wrecked this week, Very busy at work which is not helping the exercise part as too tired in the evenings. Just popped in to say hi but will talk later in the week, Take care.

BM  Posted: 05/09/2007 22:47

Thanks rk/Pc, I going through the Merrion Fertility Clinic and I did have one of these just didn't recognise the name. Picked up the perscription today so will chart my progress. Fingers crossed for us all....

RUBENS  Posted: 06/09/2007 13:33

HI All.. just to let you know that we are going for our 3 month scan early next week. I cant believe that the time has gone so quick. I have to say that I am nervous about this scan. Had the 7 week Scan in the HARI and all went ok ..i.e. good size strong heartbeat etc... Contunued good wishes to all of you..

rk  Posted: 06/09/2007 13:41

Hi Rubens the very very best of luck and sending you and your wife and bump a big hug

Pc  Posted: 07/09/2007 11:17

Hi Rubens, best of luck to you and your wife on the 3 month scan:) It will be a lovely moment for both of you. Thanks for your good wishes, Hope everyone is ok, BM, good luck wih starting, are you on the sniffer? I am not having the sniffer this time and will be straight onto injections so maybe at that point we will be quite similiar. Have a good weekend everyone and talk on Mon.

sophie  Posted: 07/09/2007 14:27

Hi everybody. I have been reading through the messages and find it very informative and helpful. My husband and I have been ttc for over 2 years now. Thought nothing of it at the start, but when nothing was happening decided to go see my G.p. Did the blood tests and found all seems to be okay, unfortunately my dh has had to provide three samples, showed low sperm count. referred to Galway, been twice. Tested for anti-bodies (ok).I asked for a laproscopy to be preformed, will be going in October. Now I am a bit anxious about it. What if he finds something???Please let me know if anyone has gone through it recently and anything to tell me about it.My date for the procedure is very close 2 my period, does that matter. Love to hear from you all.xx

Ash  Posted: 08/09/2007 03:18

Hi has anybody had infertility treatment in galway as a public patient? My gynae has referred us to galway for treatment because following a lap&dye my gynae discovered that i have one blocked fallopian tube with the other one working correctly. We are trying for past 2yrs im 29 and hes 32. We are both on welfare and so have a low income. Also i have heard that public patients have to pay 4,000e per ivf cycle, is this true and is there any free ivf for medical card holders? Anyone with info greatly appreciated as im very depressed seeing everybody around me concieving and having healthy babies and it is not happening for me.

Pc  Posted: 10/09/2007 08:14

Hi Rubens, hope all goes really well at the scan. It will be emotional I'm sure:) Best of luck!! Hi everyone else, how was the weekend? BM I think you are starting the sniffer today so best of luck!! Rk, when is your pps, is it this week? Mines next week..the time is flying now! Berry do you have a date for your pps? Good luck to everyone! Bubu, if you're checking in hope you're ok:)

rk  Posted: 10/09/2007 15:53

Hi Pc and BuBu I was in with the unit this morning for a scan and bloods and to resign the consents well all went grand bar the scan i have a big cyst on each side one looks ok and well the other one doesnt so hopefully they will go with a bleed otherwise it will be a drainage which i have never had done or surgery which i dont want any morn of!!!!!! so that is my update for now back to the waiting game

bu bu  Posted: 10/09/2007 19:25

Wow girls I miss a couple of days and it's like a beehive all activity great to hear it. I see alot of new names welcome and a lot of questions. Firstly my dad not good just taking it a day at a time. My IVF appointment put off now till next year :( I will be checking in from time to time to see how every one is doing and offering my support but wont be talking the "lingo". I have a question what is vitamin B complex for?

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 10/09/2007 21:34

hi ash just to let you know you do have to pay for ivf as it is only done privately in private clinics.And does not come under any free medical cards holders which i think is not fair as i think we all deserve a right to have a child not matter what ever how our life has worked out for us but remember you still have one tube opened and there is always hope and they might even do surgery on the other one tube to open it so dont get down there is lots of things to go through before ivf so good luck. lisa

Pc  Posted: 11/09/2007 08:13

Oh no rk, god its never straightforward, Hopefully they will just go. Hope you're not too stressed and will be able to start again soon. Take care. xx

BM  Posted: 11/09/2007 11:05

Sophie / Ash - sorry, don't have info on either Galway, medical cards or laproskopy, i'm afraid. A friend had the laproskopy, one tube completely damaged and had surgery on the other to repair, also had treatment for endomitriosus (all of which took 18-24 months) and is now pregnant with 2nd child - within 2 years - without IVF - so there is hope. It is difficult to see others pregnant and producing healthy babies without any trouble. Eventhough you don't begrudge anyone just because it hasn't happened for you, it's hard not to ask "why us". We have gone for councelling with an infertility specialist connected to the clinic, just two sessions but have found it to be incredibly helpful - I know everyone's different. This chat room is also helpful, I've been reading it for ages and have only started to post since the treatment has finally started. I'm encouraged by the strength and positivity that comes through from many women and men in similar situations - hopefully you will too. Pc - hope all going well. Started sniffer yesterday, so far ok, hating having to drink so much water (2-3L per day)! Still it's a small price to pay ultimately if things turn out the way we hope. rk - hope you don't have to have surgery you don't deserve it, will be thinking of you. Bu Bu - so sorry to hear about your Dad, will be thinking of you too. As for B complex, don't know either, I'm taking folic acid only.

rk  Posted: 11/09/2007 11:18

Heya Bu bu sorry about your dad hope your doing ok as you can be strong and will say a prayer for you. drop in from time to time to say hello.I was put on the b complex as i had a very bad outbreak of cold sore Hormonal related (b vitiamins are very good for hormones and skin) Pc am grand think it was just the initial kick yesterday so am sorry for my moany mail am grand today ready once again to face whatever is thrown at me....but hopefully they just go with a bleed but it is out of my control so just have to go with the flow.

rk  Posted: 11/09/2007 14:10

Hi Bm bit of a silly question for you why do you have to drink so much did the clinic tell you to while on the sniffer?

BM  Posted: 11/09/2007 14:32

rk - clinic told me to be sure to drink 2-3L of water a day whilst on the sniffer. Apparently dehydration and headaches due to dehydration are common side effects. I read the leaflet in the box and there is no mention of this, but I figure it can't do any harm. I'm on Synarel, have you taken this?

Pc  Posted: 12/09/2007 08:12

Hi All, nice to see so many people here now:) Hi Sophie and Ash, Ash sorry i don't know anything about medical cards but hope as Lisa says that there may be other areas you can explore apart from ivf that maybe can help, Best of luck. Sophie I think you asked about the lap, I had one done 2 years ago, It was clear which unfortunately didn't help me as we still don't know what the problem has been all along, apart from now getting older! I was a little sore after it and unfortunately for me got a bit of an infection so was out of work for 2 weeks, It is an operation even though a small one so you will probably be a little sore and uncomfortable after it and I also was very tired, let us know how it goes. Hi BM, I also wasn't told to drink lots of water last time I was on the sniffer, maybe different clinics say different things, I didn't get any headaches though so was lucky. When do you go back for your scan? RK, good you sound in good form. Hopefully like you say they will just go away, Have my pps next week, praying it will be ok and ready to start then soon after, Hi Lisa, how are things with you? Bubu, sorry to hear about your dad but nice to hear from you:) Have to go as came in early to get some work done:)

DEE  Posted: 12/09/2007 08:21

hi all, i also have been reading the site for a while now, ttc for 7 years and have one failed ivf last year april, just getting ready to start the sniffer but the cant regalate my peroids so it will be another few weeks, i am attending the galway clinic, i am 30 and my husband is 34. i have severe endermetrosis with my ovaries covered in cysts. which makes it hard to retrive eggs, i have to say i had no problems with my first cycle, i felt great, but the 2 week wait for the result was hard, it is hard to stay positive, but the way i look at it, it will be well worth in the end, good luck to everyone.

rk  Posted: 12/09/2007 09:15

Hi Bm thats a new one to me the unit have never mentioned this to me think it is a different sniffer i'll be on. well the best of luck to you.

Niamh (RBC64810)  Posted: 12/09/2007 11:01

Has anyone tried the option of having IVF abroad...I've heard of people going to India for it. Does anyone have any thoughts/experiences on this?

sophie  Posted: 12/09/2007 12:24

Hi all, thanks 2 BM + PC for your answers in relation 2 laproscopy. Still curious to know if my period date will intefere with the scope. I wonder if the results are okay when will we get an appointment for the clinic? Does that involve more tests? I know i am jumping the gun but would love to get as much info as possible. I am 31 + and my dh is 34. We both dont smoke or do drugs and have a v. moderate intake of alchol.We are both in good health and have jobs that are not 2 stressful. When we went to see the gyne he told us that to concieve natural would be like lightening striking! I found this very hard to take in, I still thought in the back of my mind that he wold turn around and say oh, nothing to worry about take a pill and all will be fine. I have never been to hospital before for a any procedue so u can understand my trepidation. sorry to rave on about it.

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 12/09/2007 21:00

Hi pc, well going to see the doctor in the hari unit at the end off november and i think ivf from there i don't know how long i will have to wait, in the new year i would say. But i am ok two people i know are pregnant now one 2 months after getting married and i have to say i had to bite my lip when i heard i get so down but that's life, isn't it, and my sister inlaw is due her twins in october and i have been buying bits and pieces for the babies. i would cut my arm off to be her as i know you all would. My endometriosis is killing me at the moment the pain every month i am ready to faint with it i have tried every thing you can think off herbs ,tablets ,you name it but just keep on going.

bu bu  Posted: 12/09/2007 21:15

Sophie I've had four Laproscopies done in 13 years. I had my period for two of them, they will still go ahead and do it. They discovered a fibroid at back of my uterus and also discovered I had no tilt or spill in my right ovary which meant sperm hadnt a hope of gettin thru. They told me this the same day as I had the surgery.I also had couple of small cysts which they burst while doing the lap. I had a procedure called a myomectomy to remove fibroid and was told to start trying for kids straight away but to no avail, I was also put on Clomid. You wil have a little scar just at your belly button.

Pc  Posted: 14/09/2007 08:21

Hi Lisa, nice to hear from you:) Sorry you're a bit down. Most days I'm ok also but then something happens and it hits me like a brick...had a bad week or so after the first ivf cycle was cancelled where I was very upset but now I feel a lot more positive again and just hope to God it will work for us. I don't have pain like you do as don't have endometriosis so that must be very difficult for you every month. Would acupuncture help? Hi to eveyone else, hope you are ok, Dee, let us know when you sound very positive. Best of luck, Take care everyone, talk soon. xx

sophie  Posted: 14/09/2007 13:29

thanks for the info bu bu. Will let u know how i get on in the next couple of weeks.

BM  Posted: 16/09/2007 22:30

Hi everyone, one week into sniffer and so far so good - have felt tired, however which may or not be due to the drug - has anyone else found this? Hi Pc - have baseline scan on 25th, so we'll see how things are going at that point. Lisa - we can all relate to your feelings about people "falling" pregnant and with twins due in the family, it has to be hard for you. I know it's impossible to be positive and upbeat all of the time, but the way I look at it (at the moment anyway) is every step you take is a step closer, even if you end up havng to have additional treatment, it's just the process. The endometriosis sounds terrible, I hope you are able to find some relief. I too wonder if acupuncture could help?

rk  Posted: 17/09/2007 08:53

Hi Bubu & pc hope you are doing ok bu. am still in limbo waiting will drop back in when i have more news..... take care

bu bu  Posted: 17/09/2007 20:19

Hi pc & rk just checking in to see how are things with everyone? Things much the same with me.

Pc  Posted: 18/09/2007 11:00

Hi bu bu, was supposed to have my pps tomorrow, but today my p has started this morning, I have been so busy the last while in work and this week will be the last extremely busy week I have for a while, I was ready to start next week but now feel under pressure and not ready, because the protocol I am doing would have me starting tomorrow, I feel quite upset today as I have a lot of other stuff going on family wise and just feel this week is not the right time for me to start, But then I'm thinking if I push it out to next month i lose another month, not sure what to do, I'm going to ring the clinic now and talk to them. Doesn't help that my stomach is in bits today, the worse pains I've had in a long long time...

rk  Posted: 18/09/2007 12:06

Hi Bu bu sending you a hug and thinking of you. Pc you poor thing have a chat with the clinic first and then see how you feel sending you a big hug too. I am having the opposite prob to you over the last couple of months I have been getting p every 19 - 21 days instead of 32-49 days and now that i am waiting on them to see if my cysts are gone it has gone back to the long stretch again...... never goes as planned. let me know how you get on

Pc  Posted: 18/09/2007 15:20

Hi rk, thanks for being so nice. I needed to say this to someone today as just feeling awful, Anyway spoke to the clinic and am going to start in Oct as I'm just not able to start tomorrow. It's only really another 3 - 4 weeks, pps now booked for 12th Oct so I won't fee it and feel better now, I'm going to look for an acupuncturist next week to maybe get myself more relaxed as feeling very wound up at the mo, Anyway enough about me. I hope the cysts go and that you are ok, Some other clinics seem to manage it better by putting people on the pill to agree a definite date, i think this is a better way of doing it, but anyway it's not for us,,, Bu bu thanks for checking in and hope you are ok:) Talk soon, xx

rk  Posted: 19/09/2007 08:58

Hi BUBU and PC my wait is over well nearly am day 1 today so am in with the unit for a scan in the morning to see if cysts are gone and to see if i get started with the sniffer. PC how did you get on? did you ring them yesterday? what's happening with you??? thinking of you both

Pc  Posted: 20/09/2007 08:32

Hi Rk,thats great news. Let us know how the scan goes, Fingers crossed all is ok for you. I did speak to the clinic and have cancelled until Oct, My scan is now 12th Oct, so only 3 weeks, then I will start the injections on day2. So just need to try to relax over the next 3 weeks have plenty of exercise and eat as healthy as poss. Think I made the right decision this month but need to get this started in Oct. Best of luck today RK. xx Hi Bubu how are things with you? Am sure its very hard with your dad, Take care, Hi BM, is the sniffing going ok?

rk  Posted: 20/09/2007 17:35

Hi Pc and Bubu things didnt go good this morning, still have a bad cyst there despite heavy bleeding. so have to go back on day 19 for drainage and then hopefully start sniffer on next period. was gutted this morning but then just got it into my head that there is nothing i can do about it as it is out of my hands and i just have to go with the flow so i am ok about it now.done some retail therapy to cheer myself up after my visit as my dh was working down the country this morning so i didnt even have him with me for a hug. :-)

oaklands  Posted: 20/09/2007 20:52

HI Just reading the various costs of IVF, you can get tax relief on the treatments all your medical bills are tax deductable. so made your claims. med 1 form a nd its always the previous year. so whatever costs incurred in 2007 you can claim all costs in january 2008 good luck get your tax back on all costs.

BM  Posted: 22/09/2007 11:27

Rk , PC - sorry you're both having such a hard time at the moment. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will bring better news. Best wishes to you both and BuBu too.

kubs  Posted: 23/09/2007 09:52

Hi i am starting the ivf programme at present i started taking the lucron injection i need support when it comes to taking the two week injections how do i inject myself is the needle big i am so scared

Pc  Posted: 24/09/2007 08:45

Hi rk, sorry to hear about the cyst but like you say theres nothing you can do this month, so hopefully next month you will be ok to start, Sounds like we may start around the same time, Hope you're not in too much pain. Hi bm, thanks for your good wishes. How are things going for you? Are you due to have your scan this week, tomorrow I think you said? If so best of luck and let us know how you get on.

sophie  Posted: 24/09/2007 11:07

Hi oaklands. you said u were reading the various costs of i.v.f. Can u download this or did u receive it from the clinic. Is this in relation to every clinic or a specific one.

rk  Posted: 24/09/2007 15:14

has anyone had to have a cyst drained how uncomfortable is it and do they sedate you? i have never had this procedure done before so it is another one to add to my will possibly be done on monday 8th oct have to ring next week to confirm

BM  Posted: 25/09/2007 14:53

Hi all. Hope you're having a good week. rk - sorry have had no experience of this but hope it is straightforward and not too painful. Hopefully it will clear the way for next month. I had my base line scan today and all looks well so progressing to injections from tomorrow I'm on puregon. kubs - new to this myself and on different injection to you but I will update you to see if I learn anything that might help as things progress. Hope it's going well.

Pc  Posted: 26/09/2007 10:22

Hi BM, good luck with the injections....Tey are not too bad, just a bit freaky the first time you do it as i suppose its nt natural to be injecting yourself, First time i just took a big breath and went for it, and it was fine. I was on puregon but next time will be on something different so am not sure what they will be like, rk, sorry i can't help you as also dont know anything about cyst removal...hope you can get some info...xx

kubs  Posted: 26/09/2007 17:05

Hi all: to BM thank you for your response, i feel like the hormones are kicking in i am always so irritable anyone who is on the two week injections please inform how it is to RK i just had a cyst drainage last month i had three cysts that were the size of tennis balls it is not very painful they give you mild sedation so that u are half asleep but you do know when they insert a long needle the same needle they use to remove the eggs: they insert the needle in the cysts and drain the fluid: i promise it is not that uncomfortable afterwards you bleed alot so be prepared for that, hope this helps you.

kubs  Posted: 26/09/2007 17:33

hi to everyone i am new to this i have read all your messages and it is good to know that we have someone out there that is going through what we are going through. I live in Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa, where do most of you live????Thank you for responses.

Pc  Posted: 28/09/2007 14:45

Hi everyone, we've gone quiet over the last few days, How is everyone? Welcome Kubs, nice to talk to you, Most of the girls on this site I think are from Ireland. Hi BM, how are the injections going? When is your next scan? Hope all is going well! Hi RK, hope you are ok, Won't feel it until oct 08th, Let us know how you get on. Have a nice weekend!

rk  Posted: 28/09/2007 15:03

Hi Pc all is ok with me am keeping myself busy with work and am doing a bit of decorating in the house to keep my self occupied and out of trouble. will let you know what is happening when i ring the unit next week to see what and when is next for definite. heya bu bu hope all is ok as canbe with you and to bm hope you are doing ok with your injections

RUBENS  Posted: 28/09/2007 15:15

Hi- Just an Update. We had the 3 Month Scan and thankfully all went well. Dr Geary in the Rotunda was very happy with everything. My good wishes go out to all on this Forum

Suzy-q  Posted: 29/09/2007 00:39

Hi all. Haven't been here for a while. We now have a beautiful baby boy who is 13 weeks old. If anyone out there is losing heart, don't, because if and when it works for you, it's simply amazing. So please please keep trying. Ash, yes you can download the Med1 from the revenue commissioner's site Look under forms/ claim forms (Individuals) and it's the first one there. Sophie, I had a laparoscopy in 2005, in the HARI unit in Dublin. They said afterward that there was no clear reason why I couldn't conceive but that we should go for IVF. This was a bit hard to take. They also said that they could see a nice sized follicle developing for the next ovulation and maybe that might work. Well, we went at it like billy-o (sorry if too much info) but nothing happened, and we ended up going for IVF, succeeding on our 2nd attempt. The point is that if the Lap shows up something, that points the way forward, and even if it doesn't, you can still go on knowing you have eliminated another test. I was on B12 throughout all my time attending the HARI unit - I took Cytacon which has 4 micrograms (mcg) of B12 per tablet. Some multi-vits have less, maybe as low as 1mcg. I'm pretty sure the HARI unit recommended the 4mcg. I've been catching up on all the posts and I have to say that Rk, Bubu and PC you all have such stamina - go Lady musketeers!! Reuben, I hope things are going well for you and your wife, and that you are enjoying this exciting time.

Pc  Posted: 01/10/2007 10:12

Hi Rubens, thats great news!! Thanks for letting us know. Its great to know that things can and do go well. Bot of you must be delighted and rightly so:) Take care. Morning to everyone else. Aren't the weeks just flying, frighteningly so! Am trying to be as healthy as poss this weather and get a few pounds down before starting again, was doing great up to the weekend but didn't do much exercise this weekend so will have to get back into it with a bang today! Hope all is well. RK, nice to hear from you. bm, hope the injections are going well. Hi to bu bu and hope you are ok,

ang  Posted: 01/10/2007 10:43

did anyone find it a bit unusal being told to going to one pharmacy when all local phamacies stock and supply all injections?

rk  Posted: 01/10/2007 11:52

Hi pc am getting back into it with a bang myself today spent last week decorating so didnt have extra time for walks. hi to bu bu and great news rubens. ang i think the reason the unit tell you to go to one pharmacy is cos they have them in stock, where as for other chemists it would not be an every day stock my chemist had to order them in specially for me

Pc  Posted: 01/10/2007 12:01

Hi Suzy, thanks for letting us know this, and congratulations on your lovely baby:) This is what it's all about. Like you at my lap they also said they saw a nice sized follicle developing and like you we did the same afterwards! And of course to no avail. Sometimes when I hear about people conceiving after the laps I wonder if its because of this, ie, they now know the follicle is there and so go for it, whereas all the other times its difficult to 'know'. Anyway thanks for saying about the B12. I'm on a multivitamin but will check what the B12 content is, I found the Hari a bit vague about the amount f B12 to take, other than to ensure I took a b complex vitamin and folic acid. Thanks again Suzy. Hi Ang, my understanding of the drugs is that not all local pharmacies are familiar with all the drugs, so for example with the Hari the rotunda pharmacy supply it and give you all the instructions etc as they are dealing with the same drugs every day, unlike a local pharmacy who would not deal with them so regularly.

Pc  Posted: 01/10/2007 12:03

Hi Suzy, thanks for letting us know this, and congratulations on your lovely baby:) This is what its all about. Like you at my lap they also said they saw a nice sized follicle developing and like you we did the same afterwards! And of course to no avail. Sometimes when I hear about people conceiving after the laps I wonder if its because of this, ie, they now know the follicle is there and so go for it, whereas all the other times its difficult to 'know'. Anyway thanks for saying about the B12. I'm on a multivitamin but will check what the B12 content is, I found the Hari a bit vague about the amount f B12 to take, other than to ensure I took a b complex vitamin and folic acid. Thanks again Suzy. Hi Ang, my understanding of the drugs is that not all local pharmacies are familiar with all the drugs, so for example with the Hari the Rotunda pharmacy supply it and give you all the instructions etc as they are dealing with the same drugs every day, unlike a local pharmacy who would not deal with them so regularly.

paul  Posted: 01/10/2007 13:15

hi all im a pharmacist and all pharmacies can get these injections in a few hours. It seems to me highly unethical for the clinics to be recomending one pharmacy these drugs are extremely expensive and there is the possibility of a conflict of interest between doctors and the pharmacy. Anyone use Sims clinic

sophie  Posted: 02/10/2007 14:11

HI SUZY - Q. Congrats on the birth of your new baby, u must be thrilled. In relation to the lap u mentioned about the follicle. I will be havin a lap done on October 31st it will probably coincide with my period. Will they still see what they need to. I also enquired from "ASH" about downloading from the internet, but it was the costs of i.V.F. i was asking about.

Suzy-q  Posted: 02/10/2007 15:20

Hi Sophie, I'm sure you have read the other comments saying that it was ok to have the Lap done when you have your period - I'm sure your clinic must have taken it into account. But if it eases your mind, why don't you just call them - it can't hurt. With regards to costs.... At the HARI unit costs last year were - fresh cycle €3,900, €600 for a frozen cycle. There is also a storage charge, if you have zygotes to freeze - €300 per annum - the first year storage charge is included in the fresh cycle cost. You will also have to pay for the first €85 of your prescription meds, and the chances are you will have 2 prescriptions in one full attempt so you will have 2 €85 charges. These can all be claimed back on your med1. Also, the HARI unit insisted that we had a Drug Payment Scheme card before we went ahead - otherwise, the meds are €1,000+. For the Lap procedure - the actual procedure cost €600 in 2005, incl follow-up appointment but I also had to pay €448 for hospital bed for the night and €200+ for the anaesthetist, as well as other laboratory tests (urine test, any tests on any tissue they might remove during the procedure). Again, these can all be claimed back on your med1. If I were to have a Lap again - for whatever reason - I would definitely consider going in as a day patient, staying in a hotel the night before. It might seem penny pinching, but €448 is a significant amount of money to me - I'd get a hotel room for 1/4 the price. Hope this helps. Good luck on the 31st - you will be sore for a few days afterwards, a bit like when you have your period - take it easy that weekend if you can.

BM  Posted: 04/10/2007 10:04

Suzy-q - congratulations on the birth of your baby, it's so encouraging to hear success stories. Enjoy every minute of your time with your baby. RUBENS - congratulations also, I'm sure the scan made it seem all the more real. rk - I believe you're hoping to start again next week, hope it all goes well. PC - think you are also starting next week, hope you also get off to a good start. Thanks for your kind words on the injections, my DH has been administering - gives him something to do and feel involved and they haven't been too bad at all. Paul - in terms of recommending a pharmacy, my take on this from my experience is that that clinic wanted me to nominate a pharmacy, to whom they could send the perscription to in advance to ensure they were stocked with the necessary drugs - no pressure to use one pharmacy over the other. I'm into my 9th day of injections now, found I was VERY fractious in the first couple of days but seem to be on more of an even keel now! Had a scan on Tues and another tomorrow. The scan showed 8+ follicles of a good size so all going well it will be egg collection next week, fingers crossed. I'm experiencing a lot of twinges, not really pains particularly on one side and movement in the ovary region which I would describe as feeling like "fluttering". Has anyone else experienced this?

Pc  Posted: 04/10/2007 12:09

Hi all, hope you are all well today, Hi BM, that's great news that you are doing so well and have 8 follicles. So best of luck to you over the next while and let us know how you get on, When I got to your stage I only had 1 (very small) follicle so am so glad to hear its going well for you and hopefully when I start again in 2 weeks I will also have better results this time:) How is everyone else? RK, any update on when you are having the cysts removed? Hope it goes well for you and just take it easy. (ps, had some problems sending this message so if it appears more than once sorry!)

rk  Posted: 04/10/2007 12:45

hi Bm all sounds great for you well done and best of luck keep us posted.... Pc am grand was onto the hari this morning and I am in on monday for drainage and am none the wiser after that i will up date as i know more all the best to all out there

bu bu  Posted: 06/10/2007 11:57

Suzy Q congrats you have just gave me the courage to go on- thank you. Pc-looking good. rk best of luck on the 8th.Ruebens- delighted all is going well. welcome to everyone else, sorry I'm vague but just doing a flyin visit, kept going.

rk  Posted: 08/10/2007 14:06

Hi Pc and Bubu nice to hear from you congrats Suzy Q, My cyst drain didnt go ahead this morning cos when i had a further 3 scans it was decided that it wasnt a cyst after all that i have fluid in one of my tubes (very probably from the tubular surgery i had a couple of years ago)!!! so I am just being left to get on with and wait for my aunty flo and start my sniffer on day 1. so after being worked up for this it hasnt happened thank god. am relieved now back to the drawing board and the waiting game

Pc  Posted: 09/10/2007 09:41

Hi rk, was just wondering this morning how you got on. Terrible to be built up for something like this, but good news that you didn't have to get it done. Feeling terrible again this month with pms, really bad same as last month. Don't know what's going on, anyway have my pps on friday so hopefully all will be fine and will be starting the flare cycle next week. fingers crossed. talk soon. xx

BM  Posted: 10/10/2007 11:59

rk - I'm pleased for you that you didn't have to go through the process of having a cyst drained. At least now you have a start date - you're right though, the waiting game is no picnic. Pc - your pms sounds dreadful, fingers crossed for Friday, will be thinking of you. I went in for egg collection on Monday, no wonder I as feeling a lot of movement and tenderness last week because they got 22 eggs - 11 of which were mature enough to fertilise. I heard yesterday that we have 5 good quality embryos. Unfortunately the fact that I had so many follicles indicated that my ovaries had been overstimulated so the transfer process which was supposed to happen today, has been postponed until Dec (approx). I have to admit to being gutted by this temporary set back - but I realise 48 hours later with more perspective, that it's just a set back. Having waited this long 6-8 weeks isn't such a huge deal. It is the whole build up and then the anti-climax that's quite draining. I really don't mean to over-dramatise, 5 embryos is a great start and we're over the moon but I have been quite sore and tired which doesn't help when you're trying to put things in perspective. I'm sure I'll feel even better by tomorrow.

rk  Posted: 10/10/2007 12:29

Hi bm sorry to hear that you have had a set back it is the worse feeling but at least you know you are going to have the transfer in a couple of weeks and can be more prepared and feeling better than you are at the moment keep your chin up and stay strong it will all be worth it in the end

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 10/10/2007 19:09

Hi bm just a question how did you feel with the ovaries been overstimulatated were you in very bad pain with this? Sorry about the stupid question but i wil be starting ivf soon in December and that's what they think will happen to me as my ovaries are covered in endometriosis and they said it might be hard to take the follicles away from them. Lisa

bu bu  Posted: 10/10/2007 20:39

Hi rk I feel for you nothing as bad as having yourself psyched up for an op then to be told no it's not going ahead altho it's good in your case you can get on with it now, keeping my fingers crossed. Pc I sympathise with your predicament they are f****** when there like that. Bm I think thats what happened my small attempt at IVF I was overstimulated ended up with nothing to work with. Dont be so hard on yourself get a good nights sleep. Thinkin of ye all.

Pc  Posted: 11/10/2007 08:47

HI BM, I can imagine you're upset at not being able to have the transfer now, but its great that you know now you have 5 embryos, and hopefully when you get over the soreness and upset you can look forward to the next stage and hopefully great news at the end of it:) Take care for now and try to rest. Are you able to take some time off work? Wishing you all the best.

BM  Posted: 11/10/2007 11:10

All - thank you for your kind words of support. I have a lot more perspective now that a few days have passed and I realise that conditions weren't favourable for transfer and it would have drastically reduced my chances and impacted my health. This whole business is fraught with setbacks, it's quite a journey that we're all on, but will be worth it in the end. I realise I'm very lucky to have gotten this far and five embryos isn't a bad result. Lisa - I wasn't aware that my ovaries were overstimulated and I was being scanned every other day. I felt a lot of movement/twinges in my sides, my abdomen was a bit taught and tender - that was the extent of the symptoms. It was clear to the Consultant when 22 eggs were retrieved (having expected 10/11) that I was overstimulated. I don't have endometriosis and have no idea how this might result in over-stimulation. My experience with the clinic was very positive, they seem to be taking every precaution to ensure my health wasn't compromised - no doubt you'll experience the same. I'm sure they'll take your endometriosis into account. Pc - good luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on.

rk  Posted: 12/10/2007 11:06

Hi Pc hope all goes well for you today and you get up and running.... Hi Bm glad to hear you so positive again. when i had my first fresh cycle nearly 3 years ago they collected 28 and 14 fertilised 7 remained good enough to use and when i did the transfer i was in a lot of pain i was told afterwards that i had been over stimulated....then i did a 2nd fresh on a lower dose and that was stopped due to lack of response so my next one which i hope gets under way fairly soon will be back on the higher dose and they will just keep a closer eye on me

Pc  Posted: 12/10/2007 12:24

Hi Rk, thanks for the good wishes. I didn't realise you had so many on your first cycle, and then 2nd stopped due to lack of seems crazy that both cycles were so different. Hopefully this one will be the one that will be just right for you. Got on ok today, small cyst on left ovary but they think it shouldn't be a problem. Got my prescription, my god such a bad of meds its unreal. Have to go back on day 2 and hoping the cyst is ok will be starting the sniffer and stimms. So fingers crossed. Will keep you updated. Hi BM, glad you are feeling a bit better about things, and theres no point in putting your body under unnecessary strain so hopefully this will all work out for you for the best, Hi bu bu, thanks for your good wishes and hope your dad is improving? Take care and talk soon. xx

BM  Posted: 12/10/2007 12:26

rk -thanks for telling me about your experience, I'm so utterly exhausted and still feeling some discomfort, I can completely see why they didn't go ahead with the transfer, I can therefore only imagine how that must have been for you. Have you had experience with frozen cycles? Fingers crossed for your next cycle, you deserve a lucky break. Pc - thinking of you.

rk  Posted: 12/10/2007 22:31

Hi bm they have to put your mental and physical health first no matter what. i did 2 frozen cylcles and they are so much easier cos all they are working on is building up the lining and you dont go AS mad on the drugs!!! Hello to Pc thinking of you and Bubu too

Orange  Posted: 16/10/2007 14:49

Hi, it's been a while since I posted a message on this site. Six weeks after my wifes 2 and a half op and she is still sore. To be expected really, it was quite a big ordeal she went through. It was a fairly tangled mess in there. So we are giving ourselves a 6 month goal and if we are not pregnant by then we will have to go the IVF route. So its fingers crossed and candles lit from here on out. My wife has been prescribed clomid to stimulate her ovaries. Do any of you know what kind of side effects she may encounter with this drug? Your experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Jo  Posted: 16/10/2007 15:15

Have just done and IVF cycle, well was going to be ICSI, but when it came to implant eggs, got v. bad news. Everything went to plan, textbook you could say, all fine. extracted 12 eggs ok, but when we went back in the next day 4 the review, we were told my eggs had just disintegrated, without even the sperm going near them, so didn't even get a chance to implant them back into my womb. Was told its very rare and only happens to about 4% of people. Told if we tried again would prob get same results, Anybody experience this and get any different results? Very Upset/disappointed

Pc  Posted: 17/10/2007 12:02

Hi Jo, very sorry to hear that. You must be very upset and disappointed. I also didn't realise this could happen and to get so far must be devastating for you, I don't have any advice for you unfortunately but am wondering what clinic you are with and if they have given you any options? Is there anything they can do next time to reduce the risk of this happening? Maybe you have not had a chance to talk to them properly yet, I hope you get some answers and maybe someone else here can help. Hi Orange, I haven't spoken to you before. Was it a blocked tube operation that your wife had? Hope she is ok now and best of luck with the next 6 months.

Jo  Posted: 17/10/2007 13:23

Thanks PC for the sympathy. With the Hari Unit, they weren't positive about it being a sucess if we tried ICSI again, they have never experienced another couple being successful trying again with the same problems as me, - always same outcome, they said they only average this problem happening once every 2 years in the Hari Unit. Is a big shock for me, as we were told all along that nothing wrong with me at all, perfect womb even, I am only aged 30, my husband was the problem, so was complete shock to be told that my eggs are the problem. Will prob do it once more to make sure, but find it extremely hard to do and then face the depression over it not working again.

ed  Posted: 19/10/2007 10:38

Hi Orange, I started the 50mg of Clomid this month and took it days 5-9. The only side effects I had was hot flashes one morning and slight cramping. No leaflet came with the prescription, which really annoyed me, so I checked the net to find out about the side effects. Reported side effects include: mood issues, headaches, ovarian enlargement, multiple pregnancy (although the percentage is very low) and hot flashes. I'm now on day 16 of my cycle and keeping my fingers crossed. Best of luck

Pc  Posted: 19/10/2007 10:39

hi Jo, I really feel for you and am sorry to hear this. I am also with the Hari. I wish I could offer you some advice as I can imagine the shock you're feeling. It would be hard to go through this again if you are thinking before you even start that its not going to work, so maybe try to research it a little more if poss before you try again. Would it help to get an opinion from a different clinic like the Sims in Dundrum? I don't know but have heard that they offer some different or additional options than the Hari...but really I don't know too much about the detail, Let us know how you get on? Hi to everyone else. RK, how are you? Have you started yet? My day 1 was supposed to be on Tuesday and I am late this month, which is unusual as usually I am early. So maybe if nothing has happened by next week do you think I should ring the clinic and see what they say? Feel so bloated and as if I've put on about 5 lbs....terrible. Anyway sorry for moaning and hope all is well. Hi BM, how are you feeling now? Hope you are feeling a little better. Bubu, hope things are ok with you? I know you are leaving things until after xmas... Orange, did you get any updates on the clomid? I'm sure if you googled it you would get some inf? Bye for now. xx

Demmo  Posted: 19/10/2007 20:32

Hi all, Have been injecting buserelin for a couple of weeks now and started the menpur injections last a while ago as well, going back for my 2nd scan tomorrow in the cfc cork fertility clinic, had one the other day and my follicles were under 10mm i hope they're bigger tomorrow, this is my 1st attempt of icsi. I'm 29 and hubby's 33. I hope so much that things go ok, sorry guys....just need to get it off my chest as no one else except for close family know what were going through at the moment and its great to have a forum like this to talk about what's happening. I wish all of you the very best of luck, you all deserve it. I'll keep you posted on any developments, may need some shoulders to cry on if things dont go as we'd hope but fingers crossed and i'll just keep praying !!!!!

rk  Posted: 21/10/2007 11:07

Hi all bu and pc and bm I am starting my sniffer later today. am a little later than expected but sort of got a shock all the same as silly as that sounds cos now it is here in my face to get started again and it is the last fresh cycle i plan on doing. ah well i just have to get on with it now will keep you all up to date and let you know how things are going for me.

Eimear  Posted: 22/10/2007 15:27

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've just finished my 1st IVF in the HARI unit. Today is day 16 and the result- negative. I'm truly gutted. I have one frozen embie - if that doesn't work - I don't know. I'm 27 & my hubby's 40. I had stage 3 endo. which seems to have been the problem. I feel utterly alone in this, no one understands unless they've been through it do they? Anyone care to share survival tips?

Pc  Posted: 22/10/2007 16:15

Hi rk, best of luck to you! I know what you mean, its scary once it starts. I've just got the go ahead now to start the sniffer this evening and menopur injections tomorrow...please god it will go well for both of us. Should know fairly quickly this time whether I'm responding or not as no down regulation....very scary. what injections/stimms are you using? Am wondering what the menopur are like. rk keep in touch and best of luck. Hi Demmo, nice to talk to you. Seems to be going well for you, thats great. I see you are on menopur also,,,can I ask do you inject in your stomach and how do you find them? Hi to everyone else...

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 22/10/2007 20:20

hi eimear sorry to hear that and i know how you feel i have endo to and i am at stage five and we are heading to hari unit in november so we dont know what is ahead of us but you and your partner have a break and give your body a break and i know how you feel but try a keep your heart up and if you need to talk to someone my email is lisa

Demmo  Posted: 22/10/2007 20:30

Hi pc, Yes my hubby gives me both injections into the stomach (buserelin and menopur), they're pretty painless to be honest and they seem to be doing the job, am having scans done every 2nd day at the mo, my right follicle has 22-23 follicles on and my left has 18, sounds like a lot!!! I'm back again on wednesday and should be getting a date for collection then all going to plan, they have me drinking 3 litres of water a day as well, am going to the loo the whole time!!! My ovaries are quite sore but they've told me that it's to be expected. The menopur injection i take consists of one vial of salt water and 2 small bottles containing a white tablet in each, i take the water from the vial with a long needle and slowly inject it into the 1st bottle with a tablet, the tablet dissolves as soon as the water touches it, when its dissolved i draw it all back up into the syring and repeat the process with the 2nd little tablet bottle, when thats all done i replace the long needle with a much smaller one, get rid of the bubbles and inject it. It's all pretty straight forward, just to ensure that you draw back all of the liquid during the process and not leave any of it behind, hope the info. is useful for you, talk again soon, after wednesday's visit probably...Bye and thanks for listening

Orange  Posted: 23/10/2007 11:51

Hi Jo, thanks for the info my wife doesn't start the clomid until January but we'll keep our finger crossed us both. Best of luck and thanks again.

Pc  Posted: 23/10/2007 12:51

Hi Eimear, so sorry to hear it didn't work for you this time. It must be a terrible disappointment. if its any help I have read that for some people it can take a few cycles for it to work, not that that will make you feel any better at the moment. But don't give up hope and like Lisa says maybe give yourself and your body a rest for now and try to get your spirits back up, Take care. Hi Demmo, thanks so much for the info, Just had my first menopur injection just now in the clinic. I'm on 2 waters and 8 vials with tablets, apparently its the highest dose so please god it will work this time. Can't believe you have so many follicles...are you in pain? Best of luck with the scan tomorrow. hi Rk hope you are ok and hi to everyone else. Quick question for anyone who might know, last cycle my fsh levels were 11.2 and doc said this wasn't too good as they were rising, This time the level is 5.3. Anyone have any idea how it would go down and does this mean anything? Should have asked but too much other info to take in today so passed me by until I left the clinic and thought about it. Anyway bye for now.

Eimear  Posted: 23/10/2007 14:16

Hi Lisa, thanks so much for the support. I'm feeling a little better today and I'm becoming more determined that I can get through this - it's not easy though!

Orange  Posted: 24/10/2007 11:17

Sorry meant Thanks ed in my last message!! We will be able to start trying again next month. We have given ourselves a target of 6 months and if we are not pregnant by then we will have to look at IVF. Hopefully she won't have to go through what most of you guys have as it seems like a very tough road, she has been through enough already. Thanks

Pc  Posted: 25/10/2007 11:37

Hi all, just wondering how everyone is today? on my third day of injections (well will have my 3rd tonite(. so far so good, feeling a little crampy but maybe thats a good sign? Anyway don't know but hopefully, Hope everyone is ok.

rk  Posted: 25/10/2007 12:36

Hi pc glad all is going good with you and your injections am feeling bit dizzy and head achy with the sniffing and bit down and moody but otherwise i am grand!!!! just have to get on with it and work is not helping at the mo either ah well...hi to bu bu and bm too

Pc  Posted: 25/10/2007 15:07

Hi rk, I didin't suffer on the sniffer last time but the nurses had told me I may get some of the symptons you have,but thankfully I didn't. Hope you're ok, Its very hard when you're busy in work and finding it hard to focus, at least I've been finding it hard this last 2 weeks anyway, Have a bad headache at the moment. It must be from the injections as like I say the sniffer was ok last time. Hope it goes away soon. How is everyone else, Demmo how are you getting on? BM are you feeling a little better now? Bu Bu haven't heard from you in a while, how are you? Jo, did you get any more information on what happened this cycle?

Demmo  Posted: 25/10/2007 20:44

Hi pc, Went for my scan yesterday, was feeling a bit sick the night before as i'm working nights this week and i told this to the nurse that was doing my scan, she said that i has lots of follicles at the 18mm mark but would have a word with one of the doctors regarding my nausea, he examined me and said that it looked as if i was ok and that with the amount of follicles present it was normal for me to feel some discomfort when moving certain ways, he said that he would also consult with dr. waterstone (the main man) and would ring me if all was to go ahead, i must admit i was nearly in tears when there was a risk of the extraction not going ahead, the nurse rang me a little later and said that the doctor was confident that all was ok and ready to go ahead for friday morning, hubby and i were delighted !!! so we're back tomorrow for the extraction and ICSI, took last night and tonight off from work and my nause is gone thank God, must have been from working nights. So it's all systems go tomorrow so fingers crossed!!! and by the feckin great to be finished with injections !!!

BM  Posted: 26/10/2007 00:26

Hi Pc, rk and everyone. I know it's been a while, I've been travelling for work and the distraction has been good! Pc / rk - thrilled for both of you that you have started, I know it's a very mixed emotional time - good to have started again but daunting at the same time. I hope you will both be successful - you truly deserve it. Pc - I was told to drink 2-3 litres of water a day to avoid headaches which are apparently common due to dehydration. I wonder if it might help you too. I used to drink through the headaches and naturally spent a lot of time in the loo! Demmo - I had a similar experience 2 weeks ago when I had 22 eggs collected - lots of movement, sore ovaries and a bit of nausea. Good luck tomorrow, I hope it all goes well. I was back in the clinic today for a scan which showed my ovaries are almost back to normal size after the over-stimulation. I'm going to hear tomorrow for sure, but the nurse believes they'll let me start the HRT on day 2 of my next cycle for the frozen cycle. Fingers crossed. I was gutted initally when we couldn't complete the fresh cycle after egg collection, but I felt so wrecked after the drugs and over-stimulation, I totally understood why it made sense to wait and do a frozen cycle. As began to feel physically better I regained much of my positivity. I still worry - the odds are 50/50 but 2 weeks ago 6-8 weeks wait seemed like an eternity but now it's coming up quickly again. That's the highs/lows of this whole process I suppose. Good luck everyone and stay well.

Pc  Posted: 26/10/2007 08:05

Hi Demmo thats great news! Hope it goes really well for you today. Let us know how it goes? Haven't even visualised getting to this stage yet as really just focussing on getting past my first scan which is on to be honext I haven't even really thought about what this part will be like. Anyway hope it all goes great for you and that you are able to rest afterwards and be all set for the transfer. xx

BM  Posted: 26/10/2007 11:03

Pc - good luck with the scan on Monday - will be thinking of you!

Pc  Posted: 26/10/2007 14:33

Hi BM, great news to hear that things are settling down and you can look forward (maybe not the best phrase but you know what i mean!) to moving ahead. You're right, its all about waiting and waiting, for this to happen and that to happen, and then it depends on this and depends on that....crazy really but there you go. Thanks for the tip on the water, My clinic didn't say that to me but I had been drinking a bit more myself yesterday and my headache did go away so will try to do this now every day. Really not sure how I should be feeling now on day 4. I know you can't analyse it all, but would like to know if I should be feeling anything at this point..I am feeling just a little bit bloated but to be honest feel like that sometimes anyway so who knows. Hi Demmo, hope all went very well for you and that you are ok! When you're up to it let us know. Hi RK, when do you go back for your down reg scan? Hope you're not so down today and are in good form. Working from home today which has really helped me de-stress a bit and actually getting a lot of work done also which is great! I find the travelling into and home from work is the worse part so not having the journey even an odd day at the moment is great. Can only do it an odd day though but still am luck to be able to do this at all. Anyway won't ramble any more:) Take care everyone and talk soon. xx

Demmo  Posted: 27/10/2007 14:12

Hi Pc, Went for the extraction yesterday, they got 52 follicles !!! which in the end had 30 eggs in them, it was ok but they had to work on me a little longer as i had so many follicles/eggs. They rang me then today (Sat) and told me that 25 out of the 30 eggs had successfully fertilized and that it was a great number. The down side is that they may have to do a full freeze aka freeze all of the embryos because the amount of them i released was so big that its safer to wait a month or two to let my hormone levels base line again and then work towards to implantation, its a little longer to wait but we're gonna freeze all of the embryos anyway so as i dont have to go through all the injections etc etc again, have a scan on sunday so they'll make a decision then on whether to keep going with the implantation this week or wait for a cycle or two to pass, either way we're both delighted that so many fertilized and its only a temporary set back. How are the injrections going for you so far, i didnt get much bloating but the ovaries do get quite sore after a week or so, but anything you're not sure of just conatct the clinic and dont take any chances. keep me filled in on your progress and if theres any questions you have about the treatment just ask, we can compare aches and pains !!! Will let you know how i get on tomorrow wit the scan, til then adios amigo !!!

rk  Posted: 27/10/2007 16:07

Hi pc best of luck to you and to bm time goes faster then we realise am grand been mad busy with home and work and am in better form cos i dont have any time to sit down and think as to what is going on just getting on with things am back with the hari on mon week 05.11 to see how things are going so just plodding on till then best wishes to all out there taking part in this mad lottery the best things come to those who wait ....... have a nice long weekend

Pc  Posted: 29/10/2007 11:42

Hi All, bad news for me I'm afraid. No response today again and my cycle has been cancelled. As I was on the highest does possible the clinic don't think there is anything else they can do for me, Looks like this part of my journey is over. Feel so sad and can't stop crying. Not sure where to go from here. Thanks for all your kindness over the last while and best of luck to all of you. xx

rk  Posted: 30/10/2007 13:32

Hi Pc am sending you the biggest of hugs am so sorry for you and dont know what to say to you will say a prayer for you to get through this and be strong xxx

BM  Posted: 30/10/2007 17:09

Pc - so very, very sorry to hear this. I can't imagine how you're feeling, I'm sure the disappointment and sadness are overwhelming. Please know that I am thinking of you - as I'm sure we all are. Over the past couple of months I have found your strength and positivity genuinely inspiring and you deserve a break. I'm sure you will eventually be able to find a way through this and hope you are able to find another way. We'll still be here for you. xxx

kea  Posted: 02/11/2007 15:35

Hi all, I have gone through my first IVF cycle, unfortunately with a negative result on day 16 and no frozen embryos. We're hoping to start again in Jan., this time they're putting me on Menopur and the long protocol instead of Puregon on the antagonist protocol. I'm just hoping that it works next time! Lisa, I have chronic endo and did find the stimulation period quite sore at times. I was concerned about hyper-stimulation too but they will keep a close eye on you, and feel free to ring or go in if you are very worried (I did arrive at 8am one morning after a night of terrible cramps). Best of luck, I hope all goes well for you.

sophie  Posted: 06/11/2007 09:27

Hi everybody. went for my lap + dye on Wednesday last. Thank god the results came back to show everything was perfect. Had to have an overnight stay. Feeling okay now.

Pc  Posted: 06/11/2007 21:42

Thanks rk and bm for your kind words. Starting to feel a little better but had a terrible week, so upset. Anyway hope things are going well for both of you. xx

rk  Posted: 07/11/2007 11:31

Hey pc glad you are feeling a little better i have prayed for you that you keep strong take care of yourself

Anonymous  Posted: 07/11/2007 19:08

Hi all, just found out that we could need ivf in order to consive, can anyone tell me how i get refered to a clinic or can i walk in and make an appointment myself? Any suggestions would be greatly received. Thanks

bu bu  Posted: 07/11/2007 21:44

Hi all just checking in. Pc sorry to hear it didn't work for you, pardon my ignorance but does that mean you cant try any more? rk how you gettin on? Hi to everyone else sorry if i seem vague but Im lost as to where everyone is.yer always in my thoughts and prayers. I burn a candle for ye every day at home.

ed  Posted: 12/11/2007 13:56

Hi Orange, I'm glad to report the clomid worked for me. Nearly six weeks pregnant and everything is going fine so far. Best of luck

Jo  Posted: 12/11/2007 15:29

To Anonymous, if you are going to go for IVF you need to get a letter of referral from your own GP - to an IVF Clinic, the HARI Unit is probably the one you will be referred to in the Rotunda Hospital. Then contact the IVF Clinic and make an appointment, and it will start from there. Best of luck and hope it goes well for you.

BM  Posted: 12/11/2007 23:10

PC - good to hear from you, hope things get easier as time goes on. Think of you often. rk - how are things progressing? I had a scan couple of weeks ago that showed my ovaries are getting back to normal after over-stimulation in October and I'm going to start HRT on day 2 of this month's cycle for a frozen cycle - all going well the transfer will be done early/mid Dec. Things are really busy at work and have a lot going on at home too so the distraction is welcome. Any tips from anyonee who has had experince of frozen cycle would be greatly appreciated. I hear the drugs are in no way as severe as the fresh cycle - which is no bad thing...

bd  Posted: 14/11/2007 13:21

Hi - had ivf in April got pregnant and no heart beat at 7 weeks scan. Truly gutted. Back to Hari unit this month to try the frozen cycle but only have 1 frozen embie so I am not holding out too much hope - Going to go through it drug free as no point in filling me up with hormones if it does not survive the defreezing process. Can anyone give me some advice - Totally agree with lots of you - no one understands unless they have done it - Best of luck to you all out there -

Anonymous  Posted: 14/11/2007 14:27

Hi JO, Thanks so much for the info, has been a great help. You're a saint.

Pc  Posted: 14/11/2007 15:35

Hi All, BM thanks so much for thinking of me. You're very kind and I'm glad things are going well for you, I hope it all works out. Hi RK, am hoping things are going well for you also? I would love to know how you are doing. Hi bu bu, I had my review with the Hari yesterday and basically they said I had a .05% of ivf working, so they didn't recommend it. If I did try again with them it would be the same protocol and to be honest there didn't seem to be any support for us trying again, and with this % of it working that probably makes sense. They asked me if I would consider donor eggs which is a whole other minefield and right now I am just trying to get myself back to thinking straight without crying. But thats where things are at. How are things with you and thanks for thinking of me and asking. BD, sorry to hear the ivf didn't work out for you, Best of luck with the frozen cycle. Its nice to talk to such genuine people here and as BD says, unless anyone is going through this, its impossible for them to understand, The last few weeks have been the worst of my life but I hope that some day things will still work out for us. I also hope that things work out for everyone here and look forward to hopefully hearing your good news in the future. xx

Jo  Posted: 15/11/2007 11:03

PC, am sorry that things didnt go well for you, It is an extremely difficult time, I actually did my IVF back in January in the HARI and it didnt work as I have said before, but please remember that your system is still full of all those drugs and it does make you even more emotional/depressed and irrational. I have been through it and had a very tough time after it didnt work, but I will tell you that time does make it a bit better - you will have good days and bad days still - but not as bad as these days that you are going though now, it will never leave you, but you learn to cope a bit better. I got back into work fairly quickly after it, about a week after crying and crying, but did find it helped me as it takes your mind off things. They too recommended a donor egg to me, but thats a whole new ball game to get into. And you have to travel to Madrid for it. But remember you will cope better with it all in time. Don't make any decisions about anything now, take time off from the whole thing and give your mind/body a rest. Don't mean to be telling you what to do/how you feel, but just thought it might help you to realise that unfortunatly you are not the only women to feel the way you do at the moment and you will feel a bit better with time

Pc  Posted: 16/11/2007 10:20

Hi Jo, thank you so much for saying all this to me. And you're right there appears to be a lot of people who end up in this same place which I am starting to realise. I think you're right about the drugs too, this time they seem to have affected me a lot worse, or maybe it's just a combination of the drugs plus the shock of it being stopped so suddenly and then the after affects of it all. I feel so tired at the moment and am not sleeping well at all as my mind is racing. But I am back at work and back at my gym which is probably a good thing as hopefully it will get my body back to start feeling more normal. I know you went through a terrible time also and so appreciate your support. Even now I feel better than I did last week so that has to be a good thing. I have been beating myself up over things I did or didn't do right over the last few years but now realise this is just torturing myself and at the end of the day it seems like this is just something that can just happen no matter maybe what I could have done in the past (like maybe getting a second opinion quicker etc). Anyway sorry for rambling and thanks again. Am looking forward to the weekend and think I will treat myself this weekend so that will be nice:) Take care Jo and keep in touch. xx

jack  Posted: 20/11/2007 15:33

Hi Just finished 2nd ivf cycle got eggs transfered 10 days ago,have to wait 16 days to do a test but done one already and it was positive but very faint has this ever happened to anyone else.

BM  Posted: 21/11/2007 08:48

Pc and Jo, I think you are both incredibly strong women, even though you may not feel that way at the moment. Although I haven't reached the end of my IVF journey yet and you may think I have no right to say this, so apologies in advance, but you have tried and left no stone unturned - you will NEVER regret the fact that you tried this even if the drugs and the emotional roller coaster have had a huge impact on the quality of your life over the past year/s. It would be great to continue to hear from you both. xx

rk  Posted: 27/11/2007 13:16

Hi pc and bm and all hope you are all doing ok, sorry i have been out of touch i am off work at the moment and had probs with my computer at home. I had my egg collection on monday of last week and they collected 16 on tuesday we found out that 9 had fertilized and on wednesday when we went in for our transfer we were told that there was only 2 good ones to transfer and there was 1 left but it didnt look likely that it would survive enough to freeze but at least i got 2 decent ones to transfer and for the first time ever the lining was thick so now we are playing the waiting game i feel great today have been quiet sore till now but sure that has to be part and parcel of being a bit bashed round on the inside. will keep you all updated with progress hopefully this time cos this is my last time on this mad merry go round!!!!! best wishes to all

jack  Posted: 27/11/2007 16:06

Hi Everyone Just finished my second cycle of ivf and delighted to say it worked both times i already have a little girl of 4 years so just to say to everyone don't give up and stay strong

Pc  Posted: 28/11/2007 17:26

Hi RK, just saw your message, I'm so glad this cycle has gone well for you and please god this will be the one. Are you resting and taking time off work? You really deserve this, I'll be thinking of you. Let us know how things go for you, xx Jack, congratulations on your good news! BM, hope all is well? How are things going for you now? And Jo how are you? Believe it or not girls I have changed clinics and they have recommended doing one more cycle. They've called it a 'close' cycle as I think part of my distress was the fact that I just didn't feel 'closure' for want of a better way of saying it, just shock that all the waiting and hoping was over in an instant. Anyway I will be on a diferent protocol again which I wasn't aware of before but consultant said it was unlikely it would work. So should I go there again? I wasn't sure but now feel maybe it is the best thing to do and am 100% sure we will then try the donor egg option. I don't think I will feel the same sadness with this cycle if it doesn't work as I feel much more prepared, and think my last cycle was the worse time for me, don't think this one could hit me half as least I hope not. So the end of Dec is when I will try again, this consutant has said maybe 2% chance, better than .05% I suppose, but we have taken steps on the de option so I feel better that at least we are doing this. Have kind of moved from despair to acceptance and hope that this will give us our family...but there are no guarantees. How is everyone else doing? Bubu are you still there? How are you? xx

cat123  Posted: 29/11/2007 00:11

How much is ivf in galway?

Berry  Posted: 29/11/2007 13:03

Hi all, we have just discovered that our 1st attempt at IVF has failed, started to bleed on the day before the pregnancy test was due to be done.....I am feeling absolutely devastated and can't see the future, just to add insult to injury now, my doctor has discovered an infection in one of my ovaries and am in alot of pain!!! Has anybody tried counselling to help through this very hard journey!!! Or has anybody got any advice on how to get over this failure???

bd  Posted: 29/11/2007 16:20

First of all to Berry I am really sorry to hear your news. I had a positive result but when it came to week 7 there was no heartbeat. I too was just devastated. I didn't go for counselling as I was too upset to even get the words out. I know its hard and not a thing I can say can make it any better but its true what they say about time been a good healer. I will always remember that horrible time in my life but I am now starting to sleep better and am able to go out and have a few drinks without crying at the end of night. I will pray for you over the coming weeks. You know counselling might help you make better sense of it all I just wasn't up for it. I had to deal with it my own way. I am now on my frozen cycle with only embryo so I am not getting to excited. Still have to see if it survives the thawing process yet. To Cat123 - I just know the Hari unit is €4300.00 not too sure how much Galway is.

sand  Posted: 29/11/2007 16:31

Hi everyone this is my 2nd fresh cycle,have had 1 fresh and 1 frozen which both failed so this is our last bit of hope,emotionally and financially,has it worked for anyone 2nd time round?

rk  Posted: 29/11/2007 17:17

Hi pc am so glad that you are feeling so much better about the whole thing. which clinic did you change to ????? was it recommended to you? will cross everything for you when the time comes round for you ;-) am still doing ok and feeling well!!! will be none the wiser about this round of treatment till the end of next weekend so i still have a long wait ahead of me. anyway am still trying to stay as positive as possible

Pc  Posted: 30/11/2007 15:43

Hi Berry, so sorry it didn't work for you. I can only imagine how low you feel and all the sadness you must have. I think when you decide to have ivf its such a big thing that when it goes wrong or doesn't work its so terrible as all your hopes and dreams are pinned on it. I know its hard to hear but the pain will get a little easier and hopefully in time you will feel stronger to decide how to move forward, But for now take care and look after yourself and your partner. Hi Bd, best of luck with this cycle. And Sand, best of luck to you too. For some people it seems to take one or more cycles so please god this time will work for you. Hi RK, so glad to hear you are ok. Fingers crossed for you for next week, Am really hoping this will work for you, Isn't it strange how we don't know each other personally but yet you're in my thoughs at the moment so lots and lots of luck. I have moved to Sims clinic in Dundrum. Firstly to have a consultation with them in general and secondly to talk about their donor egg program. We were unable to progress any more with the Hari so in many ways it has helped to stand back and look at things again with a new team. Anyway keep in touch over the next week and look after yourself. xx

BM  Posted: 02/12/2007 23:26

rk/PC - sorry it's been a while, I've been travelling for work again. rk - I'm thrilled for you, fingers crossed that you have a positive result - the wait must be very torturous. I'll be thinking of you this week. PC - great to hear from you, it's very encouraging that you are trying another clinic and without too long a wait. This might make all the difference. I'm into my 2nd week of HRT for my first frozen cycle and have a scan tomorrow to get an approximate date for the transfer, likely to be next week some time. I'm feeling a bit edgy tonight which is why I logged on late to catch up with everyone. I think it's just that date is getting closer and I'm suddenly getting a bit stressed. Most of the time I'm positive and upbeat - it's that roller coaster again! BD - best of luck, hope it works out! Berry - so sorry, hope you begin to feel better soon. Jack- so great to hear a positive story, it highlights how amazing a positive outcome can be. Best wishes to all. xxx

Pc  Posted: 03/12/2007 17:01

Hi BM, god that time has gone quickly since you were disappointed when you couldn't get the transfer done last time, or maybe for you it hasn't gone so quickly:) but best of luck next week, will be thinking of you, Can imagine you must be nervous as this is what you've been building up to, so please god it will all work for you. Please let me know how you get on. Rk, how are you feeling? Will you test this weekend? I hope you are taking it easy! Hopefully it will be great news for you, xx

sand  Posted: 03/12/2007 22:09


bu bu  Posted: 04/12/2007 19:35

hi pc & rk, sorry its been awhile but rk its looking good for you, Pc a change is as good as a rest so maybe this will be it for you.Im afraid my chance is getting slimmer & slimmer as my mother was diagnosed with advanced alzheimers this week so im now full time carer for both my parents. I'm just writing to basically say bye cos I won't have the time and to be honest no right to be on this site any more but I go with one thing---- one for all and all for one. 3 musketeers go girls.

Pc  Posted: 05/12/2007 14:31

hi Bu Bu, so sorry to hear about your mother, I wish I could e-mail you or 'personal message' you somehow away from this site as obviously things are very hard for you, and I know you don't want to go into everything here, but I would hate to think of you giving up all your chances of your family when this was what you wanted for so long. You have as much right to be on this site as anyone else and I hope that you will stay in touch from time to time. Please take care. xx

rk  Posted: 07/12/2007 08:11

good morning everyone pc and bm and bu bu well waited the 16 days and got a negitive result so am devistated and dont know what to do.... am not surprised really cos during all this going on my mam has started daily treatment in one of the hospitals on the far side of the city and my dad is ill in another hospital on the far side of the city so all combined it was really to be expected. ah well i just have to get on with it, bye for now to all and thanks to you all for the good wishes and thoughts for the last while as pc says it is a pity that this is the only way i know some of you bu bu and bm too all take care i will drop in again in a couple of weeks

bu bu  Posted: 09/12/2007 20:47

rk pet my heart goes out to you if anyone deserved to get pregnant you did. i am a firm believer & im not a religious person but when one door closes another will open. i hope you will explore other options would you try Adoption. I would love to chat to you & pc on a personal level but how would we go about it?

BM  Posted: 09/12/2007 23:01

rk - I am so very, very sorry the disappointment must be overwhelming. It sounds like things are very tough for you with both parents being unwell too. This whole process is so very cruel. My heart goes out to you. PC - hope you're doing ok. I had a scan last week to establish a date for my first embryo transfer this week, but unfortunately a polyp showed up in the lining of my uterus which wasn't there before, which is so disappointing and unexpected. Until that is removed we won't be able to proceed. After the huge emotional build up I was devastated but I realise it's relative in relation to what you both have been through recently, it's actually just another step along the way. I'm now trying to see this whole thing in a different light and not put deadlines on it - it just doesn't work that way. I have to wait for a withdrawal bleed and hope that the polyp goes of its own accord. If doesn't it will have to be removed via hysterospcy, so it may be up to 2 months before the transfer is done. The waiting game again....

Pc  Posted: 10/12/2007 13:01

Rk just saw your news as I wasn't around at the weekend and didn't get logging in to check. Am so so sorry to hear this news. It's so unfair. Feel very disappointed for you. I know that you thought long and hard about this cycle so I can imagine how you must be feeling. Why is it just so hard for some people..I just don't understand it any more. RK, maybe when the rawness of this eases a little for you, you can maybe take some positivity from this cycle in that you got through the full process to the end. So maybe the clinic will have some ideas for what they could do different next time should you decide to try again? Sending you a big hug rk to you and your hubby. It's very cruel. I do believe though that we will find a way of having the family we so want and hope that we can stay in touch in whatever we decide. Please let us know how you are when you are up to it. xx

Pc  Posted: 20/12/2007 18:43

HI all, RK how are you now? Let us know how things are. Thinking of you with hugs:) Hi BM, any more news on the polp? Hope things are ok? Hi to everyone else.

BM  Posted: 13/01/2008 21:54

Happy New Year everyone, it's a while since anyone's posted a message so thought I'd get the ball rolling. Pc/RK - hope you are both doing well. Pc - have you started your "close" cycle yet? It would be great to hear from you. RK - think of you often. I had a scan on Friday, as the clinic wanted to wait for me to have a withdrawl bleed post the drugs before scheduling a hysteroscapy to get rid of the polyp in the hopes that it might go of it's own accord with a bleed and the good and surprising news is that it has. So next cycle it's back on the drugs for my 1st frozen cycle with a transfer hopefully mid-Feb. Feel very lucky to have escaped the proceedure as I was sure I'd have to have it removed.

sophie  Posted: 15/01/2008 10:49

hi everyone.Just thought i'd check in. Went to see the gyne recently, told us we are now considered "unexplained infertility).I am going to start clomid for three months and if no joy I will be tryiny IUI for a further three months. Hopefully one of these will work.!!!!

rk  Posted: 15/01/2008 13:58

hi pc and bm hope you are both well i am doing ok just getting on with things. trying to get back to some sort of normality i have decided not to go back to hari for a review as i honestly cant see myself going through treatment again. will be in touch again soon

Pc  Posted: 16/01/2008 17:21

Hi All, great to hear from you! I was thinking of everyone and wondering if there was a problem with the site as no-one was posting! BM good news for you! Will you keep us updated on how you get on? RK think of you often also, I can understand what you mean about not going back to Hari but at the same time maybe it would help to just discuss what happened with them? Just wondering would you consider getting an opinion from Sims? They are in Dundrum... If you need any info on this let me know. As you know I am doing this 'close' cycle, which basically seems to be a long down regulation (from after xmas to prob next week) along with estrogen priming. (which apparently is used in the us for 'poor responders') so am currently on injections of buserelin plus oestrogen tablets and patches. Not building my hopes up but at the same time as I'm now doing it again you can't help but want to hope it might make a difference! Anyway if I don't respond this time then next option is definitely donor eggs and this option is also available in this clinic. But for now I am going through this again just trying not to build myself up like before as I couldn't go through the despair of last time if this doesn't work. Hi Sophie, nice to hear from you and best of luck with the clomid! Girls lets keep in touch....and maybe things will improve for us this year. xx

sand  Posted: 17/01/2008 14:31

hi pc,just to keep you updated,the 2nd full cycle of ivf also failed on 29/12/07 and am only getting my head round it now,was in the clinic on monday and will be using my frozen embies on 16/03/08,that will be 2 fresh cycles and 2 frozen cycles,if this one fails il go thru 1 more fresh using different meds and that will be it emotionally and financially so hopefully i might get a positive this year....... good luck on all your meds,hopefully theyll work for you

AM  Posted: 17/01/2008 19:26

Hello ladies, Im new to this group and its really fascinating to read all of your stories not to mention a great network of support. I find that the whole IVF business is so isolating because no one really understand how tough it is. I'm 29, hubby 33, blocked fallopian tubes that cant be opened. Had first fresh IVF in July 07. They said our chances were up to 50%. unfortunately a strange and still unexplained complicated arose and after the transfer ( having had a text book response) I ended up in a lot of pain as a result of a large build up of fluid in my abdomen which had to be drained without anaesthetic. Then my poor Mum got diagnosed with breast cancer, Then my period arrived. We had gone with an elective single emb transfer on the advise of the clinic. So we sent for a FET in oct / nov thinking that as there is no stimulation involved there would surely be no complication again but sadly the same problem arose again this time prior to a double embryo transfer. So I ended up in Vincents for a week having all sorts of sickness, xrays etc. unbelievably we went ahead with the transfer worried that this problem might always occur for us. Again we got a negative. I began to think that this will never work for us and that there must be something else wrong with me. In a way the internet is your own worst enemy. Anyhow, long story short we have researched blastocyst transfer and are going for a consultation this coming Saturday. It will be interesting to get a second opinion. To be honest I found the doctor I was dealing with in first clinic quiet difficult so a change might be good. We have 4 frozen embryos left. We have started counselling and so far find it great. We have found the whole infertility thing extrmely hard on our marriage - almost harder than the IVF itself. i wonder did anyone else have this problem with their relationship and has anyone else tried blastocyst transfers. Thanks ladies and best of luck to all of you great women!

BM  Posted: 18/01/2008 12:21

Pc - great to hear from you and that you are so positive in spite of all that you've been through. A new clinic and a new approach might be the thing as it seems like a very different approach. Of course you don't want to get your hopes up - but it's a new year as you say, so you never know.. It's also exciting to hear that the Sims clinic have a an egg donor programme, I always assumed you'd have to go abroad for that. I'm not at Sims but some one I know had no success after 5 attempts at IVF through another clinic, but had success with the Sims clinic - I know that this is not necessarily any indication and everyone is different, but they do seem to have a flexible approach. Fingers crossed - please keep us up to date.. rk - I hope you are doing ok, you've been through an awful lately. Sophie - good luck with the clomid, hopefully it will do the trick! Unexplained infertility is very frustrating, I know but fingers crossed... Sand - best of luck too. AM - we have also attended some counselling sessions and found them to be brilliant. It is such a difficult journey and it really takes it's toll. Sorry - I don't have any information or experience on blastocyst . I hope you'll keep in touch.

AM  Posted: 20/01/2008 13:42

BM - thanks for your reply and the vry best of luck with the FET. You must be on Femetab and tha this stage. The great thing about FET is that it is so much easier on the body. We had our first apt with SIMS yesteray. Im delighted with the thorough approaah being taken. They are going to run a few more tests in an attempt to explain the recurrent implantation failure. It is possible that there is another prob but also possible that we didnt get a positive because i was so ill each time that we didnt get a full runat it. we are going with the blastocyst programme whch measn that if we have two available to transfer on day 5 we will have a 50% chnace of success. We are also considering doing the Mind Body programme that they run. I was chatting to a friend last night who has a baby, age 2 now, and since then has had 2 miscarriages - poor thing. Just shows you that we all have problems! To those of you having a rest take a good old rest and to those of you embarking on new cycles best of luck. Your posts are great. We will be going again in March so I'll keep you informed. AM

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 21/01/2008 21:43

Hi everyone, went to the IVF meeting in December in the Hari Unit. I could not get over so many people there. You tend to think its only you going through this. I have an appointment on the 30 jan to see the doctor and I think we will be starting around feb. I am so scared and happy that we have got to this stage and starting the IVF roller coaster. I hope to God I get through the stages of it and get pregnant so say a prayer for me and I will also be praying for all of us. Take care. Lisa

Jo  Posted: 22/01/2008 10:28

Hi, just wanted to get some information from anybody if they can help, was wondering if people had experienced more than one Clinic? I have attended the Hari Unit, but was wondering how people found the Sims or other Clinics? Any information greatly appreciated.

rk  Posted: 22/01/2008 14:23

Hi PC and BM and all I would also be interested in information for the sims clinic too please. I am just toying with the idea at the moment. still don't know what to do haven't even gone back to the hari for a review yet

Pc  Posted: 22/01/2008 17:03

Hi all, its nice to see lots of names again!! BM - lovely to hear from you. You won't feel it now till mid feb and great you didn't have to get any procedures done! Fingers crossed! Hi AM, sorry to hear about the hard time you've been having...seems like you've been through the mill, Am glad you got on well with Sims, I don't know much about the Blastocyst either even though I have heard it mentioned. Do you know what kind of protocol you will be doing and when you will actually be starting? Best of luck! Hi Sand...Just after xmas must have been a very hard time for you to get the negative result and I'm sorry to hear that. but I really hope next time will work for you:) Lisa, I also was shocked when I went to the open meeting in Hari,,couldn't believe so many people there either. I really wish you well and hopefully you will let us know how you get on? Hi Jo, I know things didn't go well for you last time and can understand why you might consider your options. You might remember I was with the Hari and now am with Sims. I just found their approaches are different, although at the end of the day that doesn't mean things will work out for us better in one than the other. For me I couldn't go any further with the Hari (which is what they had told me) and was given a different protocol with Sims to try one more time. Personally I think its always worth to get a second opinion so at least you know you are considering all the options..I hope that helps? Hello Rk, so nice to hear from you! I hope you are ok. I can understand not going back for your review as its hard to go back and maybe have to then make a decision as to what to do...I honestly don't know what the best thing is for anyone to do, just know that for me I was so low after the news I got in Nov and felt I had come to the end of the road, and just even talking to another doctor in another clinic helped me in many ways to try to consider my options. That could have been more to do with my state of mind than anything else, but I don't think I had fully accepted that it wouldn't work so to be given the option to try one more time really helped me I think, And if this doesn't work then I know now I don't want to try this any more and have to decide where to go from there... Will you let me know what you decide to do? Think of you often. Take care everyone. xx

AM  Posted: 22/01/2008 19:50

Ladies, Ive just changed over from The Merrion Clinic at Holles Street to SIMS. The initial reason we did this was beacuse merrion do not offer blastocyst cycyles which have a far higher success rate per transfer then a straight forwarf IVF. Since changing I have been most impressed with their flexible and highly thorough and advanced approach. Everyone from the receptionist to the nurses are a breat of fresh air. It costs the same amount of money but to me its feels like the differnenc sbetween going public or private. The doc at SIMS did say that he wouldnt have done anything differnet than Merrion but he had come across my particuar compliacation before and has been able to put my mind at ease in this regard. They are running some more test on me to eliminate any further problems and Im delighted about this as I am convinced we have another problem. They aslo offer a lot more options such as donor eggs and work with international clinics. They run a mind body programme to help you relax and they are the largest faciitly in the country. It sounds like Im writting an ad! Of course had I got a positive result while with the Merrion I would be singing their praises. Persoanlly I think I just needed a change a and feel like I am now being listened to. The nurse from SIMS even called me yesterday at 7pm - how dedicated are they! On balance I supppose different clinics suit different patients and changing can be stressfull in that you have to go through your history again. It really depends on your sistuation I guess.

Kaki  Posted: 25/01/2008 15:25

Hi AM. Did they tell you in the clinic that blasts are 50% successful, I never heard that but hoping it's true. They don't really give any stats at my clinic. My situation is somewhat similar to yours. I only get one embryo back each time because I have a uterine abnormality. It's very frustrating cos everyone else is getting two embryos which is double the chance that I have. I have blocked tubes too, beyond repair. I have done one frozen cycle (blastocyst) bfn. I have done 4 ivf's all bfn. I am currently in the middle of another FET. I have 3 embryos in storage (blasts). One previous FET was cancelled because the frozen embryos didn't survive the thaw. This was the worst part of the whole IVF jouney for me and i'm naturally nervous it will happen again. I'm nearing the end of my tether now as I feel it has taken over my life. My marriage has suffered as a result of the infertility but more so because of the IVF. We nearly split up over christmas and not sure what will happen if this cycle is another bfn. I find FET much easier on the body than IVF but the 2WW is exactly the same - hell. I was informed yesterday of two pregnancies, one of whom is a friend of mine who is pg with 3rd child. It's so hard to hear this when you're in the cycling, only those whoare on this journey understand how hard it is. I wish you luck with your FET. Kaki

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 25/01/2008 22:27

hi kaki I know how hard it is when you hear about other people having babies and every time i hear of a friend or family member is pregnant i try so hard to look happy for them but i know my face says it all. I work with people with drug problems and drink problems and i try to keep in mind that i would never want their lives but not one of them has a problem getting pregnant and their pure babies are born into that life. Some times i feel like screaming my head off. i would give any thing to have a baby. So good luck in all that is ahead of you and i will pray that everyone gets the news this year that we all want. lisa

AM  Posted: 26/01/2008 01:28

Kaki - you poor thing. I really feel for you and mean that from the heart. My marriage is also really suffering and it was so bad that I too thought that this might be our last christmas together. Have you tried counselling? We have just started counselling and are finding it very useful so far. I am only beginning to undertsand why my husband acts so ambivalent to the whole IVF thing, which naturally makes me feel very isolated but apparently this its totally normal in this situation. The counsellor gave us some really good articles on the impact of IVF on relationships and I can post them on to you if you like. How we can go about doing this without posting your address on line I just don't know. With regard to the blast success rate at the SIMS, it is currenlty 50% chance per double embryo transfer, the point being of course that one may not have any blasts available for transfer. Which clinic are you attending? My tubes are also inoperbale as a result of damage from my crohns disease. I know how you feel - utter trepidation at the thought of another negative and how your relationship will cope. Infertility is just so tough. My best friend who got accidently pregnant had her baby last week. Keep persevering for as long as you feel you can cope Kaki and please god the odds will be in your favour this time. i really hope your blasts make it and that they implant. I'd love to hear how you are getting on. We will be going with a fresh cycle, but hopefully with blasts for the first time in march so I too will keep you posted. Keep the chin up - things will get better. Ps: I'm too lazy to check all the spelling - wish this thing had a spellcheck!

bd  Posted: 28/01/2008 21:33

Hi All, goodness I used to think there was something wrong with me when friends used to tell my that they were pg and how awful I would feel. The worst was days before I was due to start ivf last year, one couple told me that they were pg and the other couple told me when I was two weeks in the programme. I was devasted and still feel bitter to this day. We only told our two closest couple friends that we were doing this and this is how they treated us.Some people just have no thought at all. I did get pg and of course they were dying to know but unfortunately I miscarried at 7weeks. They knew everything we had been through and still they never once commented on how insenitive they were holding back till they were 13 weeks but it was ok for them to know about us. I am now doing the FET, I only have 1 emboyro. The transfer is for 12.30 tomorrow so I am hoping it will survive the thawing process. No one knows this time only my parents. I do think I am so much stronger not just about the miscarriage but about the longing of children. I will always love children regardless of our outcome but now I think I am able to relax and let whatever life has in store for us just happen. (We have spent five years trying for a baby) I think its great to hear that we all can get some positive feed back from people that have gone through this before us. I know that not everyone is successful and that is a terrible strain on our relationships but as the saying goes what does not kill you makes you stronger. I do wish everyone the very best of luck, I have even started back going to mass each Sunday and always include you all in my prayers that God will bless you all with the children you deserve. (By the way, I was never a really holy person but times got tough for me over the last year, I felt no one knew how empty and worthless I felt so I started going to mass the odd week and maybe it was the sense of peace in the church but I feel it helped) Good luck to you all!

ks  Posted: 29/01/2008 10:13

Hi all, just reading all your comments i am at the start of this so it's all new to me. I just wanted to say that reading all your comments to each other is amazing to see such a support unit that is here. I wish you all the best of luck with your cycles this year and hopefully we will all get the result that we are looking for. BD i know what you mean about insensitive friends they just don't seem to understand whats going on. Its even worse when it's your family that don't understand it's heart breaking to feel that you have no-one to turn to, even to vent your anger at. Well wishing you all the best of luck this year. Keep the support going its amazing to see.

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 29/01/2008 12:08

hi bd i will be thinking of you tomorrow and please God everything goes well for you and your partner i will be thinking of you . lisa

Kaki  Posted: 29/01/2008 13:35

Hi BD. I hope you are ok and that your embryo survived the thaw. I know what you mean about people holding back telling about pregnancies at 13 weeks, yet if we tell anyone about our IVF, then naturally they will want to know if it worked or not and if you were lucky enough to get pg, you don't have the same privacy as those who get pg naturally. I think you are right to keep it to yourselves this time. I used to tell friends about my IVF's in the past but now I don't because at least if they don't know I'm doing it - they won't ask. I suppose everyone is different and if it helps to tell people you should. It's great that you feel the way you do about letting whatever happens happen. I have been TTC for 7 years and I have yet to say that. KS - Good luck on your journey, i hope it's a short one. A word of warning: Be prepared for it not to work first time. I was so naive when I started on the IVF route, I was sure it would work first time. I gave it 100% and yet had no control over the outcome. I guess what I'm saying is I wish someone had warned me that it could be a long journey. If I had known this, I might have been prepared. Then again, nothing really prepares you. I hope you and everyone else embarking on this journey get lucky first time. AM - We did counselling two years ago but I was starting a new job and had to abandon it. There were other issues at the time - not just the infertility although I'm sure it was what brought them to light. I read somewhere that if there any cracks in your relationship that IVF will find them. Well, it certainly found ours and now the cracks have turned into canyons. I would be interested in reading those articles, I will see about getting a box number or something. I'm having a scan tomorrow to check lining thickness and then ET next week pending 'embryo survival'. Thanks to everyone who reads and responds to these posts. xxx

rk  Posted: 29/01/2008 15:40

Good afternoon ladies, just dropping in for a quick hello. Hope all goes well for you all going through the mill at the moment. I still haven't been back for a review and don't know what to do next and yeh I totally agree that if there are any cracks in a relationship the journey through ivf will definitely find them and they will just expand. We went to a counsellor last year and honestly I don't think it helped at all so don't know where to go from here. To all, big hugs and be nice to yourselves.

ks  Posted: 29/01/2008 16:38

Thanks Kaki for the advice i will keep it in mind throughout the whole thing. It's great to see so much support for everyone on this. I hope all goes well for you and everyone on here this year. Take Care

bd  Posted: 29/01/2008 20:45

Hi All, just to let you know the embryo survived the thaw and the transfer went ahead at 12.50 this afternoon. Spent all afternoon lying down - so fingers crossed. The doctor said it was a 4cell when it was frozen and then went to a 3cell when it was thawed and then overnight it went back up to a 4cell which is a really good sign apparently. We didn't really understand it totally but maybe its better that way as sometimes the more you know the more you worry. Rk - i do hope you go to the review at least that way you can put it behind you and either try again or look to future. You have been through so much both mentally and physically that you need a break. Think of 2008 as a new chapter in your life - out with the old and in with the new. A huge thank you to KS, Kaki and Lisa for sending your best. It's great to have such support. I do wish you the very best and although it is tough you just have to keep thinking it will be worth it. Positive thinking only - there will be plenty of time for negative thinking if things don't go to plan. I did the treatment a few weeks ahead of a girl that I meet in hospital over nearly 3 years ago now. We were both in overnight and exchanged numbers. I got pg first and then she did. When I miscarried we still kept in touch and I really was delighted for her with her news. She had been through so much and really deserved it. She took her baby home last week and I can't wait to meet her new arrival. I think we both gave each other the strength to carry on no matter how tough things got. Its funny but I was quite choosie who I was happy for when I heard of pregnancies. Nature its a funny thing. Now all I have to do is sit back relax and wait till 14 Feb to find out if it has worked. Please keep the messages flowing as it will keep my mind occuppied. Take Care all and very best of luck.

Kaki  Posted: 31/01/2008 10:37

Hi all.I had my scan yesterday and the lining is not thick enough yet - 6.99mm. Back again next monday for another scan and hopefully a transfer next thursday or friday. I work weekends sometimes and I'll be working next weekend, friday evening included. I had hoped I could take it easy for the weekend but I guess I can't. What do you guys think about resting after transfer? On my first ivf, I stayed in bed for 3 days, it nearly killed me but I did it - BFN. The past few times I just lay on the couch for the evening and went back to normal next day, just resting a bit more than usual. I really think it makes no difference but you want to do the right thing don't you.

BM  Posted: 31/01/2008 20:43

Hi all, It's great to see so many more people posting, it had got quiet there for a while! Bd - thrilled that the ET went ahead, mind yourself - fingers crossed, you so deserve a positive outcome - from your messages you have been through a lot and seem very strong. Keep us posted there are a lot of people rooting for you on this site! Kaki - hope you get the green light next week. I am about to start my first FET in Feb, waiting for my next period to start so that I can go back on the drugs, so I am afraid I don't have any advice on whether rest makes a difference or not. I agree with your advice on the potential length of time this journey can take. Been TTC for 3 years now, but only started my IVF journey in August. I had the egg collection done in October but had OHSS and we couldn't go forward with the transfer. Went back on the drugs in Dec expecting a transfer before Christmas, then during a scan a small polyp was found so that cycle had to be abanconed. So in other words this journey takes a long time - in the short time I've been on it, I've realised that you cannot put any deadlines or time pressures on it and it adds to the disappointment if you do. Each scan/appointment is a step - the build up to get through the whole process is massive so taking it appointment by appointment (I'm still trying to talk myself into this way of thinking!), seems to be a healthier approach From reading this message board for the past 6+ months, I should have learned that from everyone's postings but I didn't cop on until I was in the position myself. AM - hope things are progressing with the blastocyst, really interested to hear how you're getting on. rk - good to hear from you. Hang in there... Pc - hope things are going ok, would be good to hear from you too and how you're getting on with your new clinic. KS - hope you are lucky first time, technically speaking this is my first time too, it's just been drawn out. It's been said before but unless you are in the midst of this journey you don't understand what it's like or how difficult it is to learn of other's pregnancies etc. so keep in touch ladies it's so nice not to feel alone on this journey. Enjoy the weekend.

AM  Posted: 02/02/2008 19:06

ladies Im rooting for you all, those of you who haven't started, those who are in the midst and those who are on "pause". I completely agree its certainly is a long and sometimes torturous journey but I guess we all need to knock on the IVF door and if the door opens it will me amazing. If not we will know that we did our best. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. We are on The Mind/ Body Programme at Sims this weekend. So far so good and we have another day of it tomorrow. If any of you want any more info on it just let me know. I wish I could see all of your posts while replying - that way it would be a bit more personal. Im not very techy - maybe there is a way to do that! Keep up the good work!

lisa (OSX60231)  Posted: 04/02/2008 12:14

Hi everyone just to let you know we went to the Hari Unit last Wednesday and were told that we could not do ivf, as now with the endometriosis being so bad and the fsh level is so high, over 30, there are no eggs there and they think the body is going in to menopause. So that's it, after 4 years we are left with nothing. Lisa

rk  Posted: 04/02/2008 13:19

Hi lisa, sending you a big hug you poor thing. try and stay strong.

bd  Posted: 05/02/2008 13:19

Hi Lisa, words cannot express how I am feeling for you and I am sure you feel the same. I don't know what the great plan is for us all on this journey I just know that if you can manage to take each day at a time (a bit like an addict) you might start to see light at end of the tunnel. Ok this is end of this journey for you but have you thought about fostering or adoption??? You have soo much love to give please don't think this is the end. All my love and sending you lots of hugs BD

Kaki  Posted: 05/02/2008 14:00

So sorry for you Lisa. Take time out before deciding on what to do next. Be good to yourself. Kaki.

Pc  Posted: 05/02/2008 16:06

Hi All. Lisa just to say I'm so sorry to hear the news you got at the Hari. its just the worst feeling in the world to feel like that and hope and wait for so long and think that ivf will give us our dreams and then for it to be so cruelly taken away again, I feel for you so much and know from your posts, like everyone here, how much you long for your child like I also do and yet after one appt its taken away. I'm sorry, This was the point I was at on my last visit with the Hari, due to the no response they also told me not that I was going into menopause, but that my ovarian reserve was too low, probably much of the same thing. Anyway as I'm sure you know from reading here before I also was devastated and it was truly one of the blackest periods of my life. I had also spent 3 years with the Hari, losing weight, trying other things etc etc etc, then just nothing, except outside crying on the street beside the Rotunda. So terrible. Anyway as you may know I moved to Sims and tried a 'close'cycle, Unfortunately yesterday this also was cancelled for the same reason, no response, so now I really have to accept this will not happen, This time I still feel down but not the terrible sadness of before as I now need to accept this and somehow move on, but its so so hard. I suppose what I'm saying is for now just look after yourself and your hubby as this is a terrible shock for you, and maybe when you are ready to think about moving forward somehow, then you will be able to do so. I'm not fully sure myself yet what to do and also need a few days again to come to terms with this, but if I am can help you at at all please let me know. xx Hi everyone else, BM nice to hear from you and glad things are moving ok for you, I hope you keep in touch also and let me know how it goes. xx And RK, how are you? Have you thought about what to do next? God girls we could write a book I think...why does it have to be so hard! Its good at least to have nice people here to at least say what we feel to and it does help. Talk soon, xx

AM  Posted: 06/02/2008 20:57

Lisa & PC: Im so sorry to hear your news. I can imagine the devastation and grief you must feel. And because its not openly discussed you may feel quite alone at this very traumatic time. This may not b what you want to hear right now but its worth saying. We have been looking into intercountry adoption. When it was first mentioned to me I thught " no way, I want my OWN baby". Since then I have researched it a lot and would love to be able to give our love to a child who so desperatley needs it. We have meet peopl in your situation who now have adopted children and belive it or not they wouldnt change a thing beacuse its a win win situationa and had they had there own children they would never have experinced the joy of adopting an orphan / institutionalised child, Its a long process but very worthy. You may not want to consider it at the moment but if you every do I will show you where to start. AM

Ally  Posted: 07/02/2008 17:11

Hi Lisa, I'm so sorry to read your news. Far from wanting to give you false hope; I know of someone in her early thirties who doesn't ovulate anymore and was told this was the end of the road. She attended SIMS and they said they'd try IVF once with her. She was put on the highest dose of stimulation drugs and against all odds, she responded and is now very much pregnant. Perhaps it's worth a phonecall to them; a second opinion?! Whatever you do, mind yourself. Thinking of you. xx

BM  Posted: 11/02/2008 09:46

Lisa and Pc, I like everyone reading this message board am so sorry to hear your news. It's impossible to imagine what you are going through. You are both so strong, I'm sure you'll find a way through this but at the moment I'm sure that seems impossible. We are all thinking of you and wishing you the best and hopeful that you will find an alternative path to a family. Take care of yourselves. xxx

Kaki  Posted: 11/02/2008 12:46

I had FET last friday - one blastocyst. I had 3 in storage, the first didn't survive but the second one did. I have one left. I'm now officially on the 3WW and I used to think the 2ww was bad. I have to wait an extra week to hpt because I'm on hcg injections - God help me, may the time fly. I had two glasses of wine last night and now I feel guilty. I really felt I needed it though. I'm starting to go crazy already. I've been in this place so many times, it's like groundhog day. I went to a concert on saturday night to take my mind off things. The woman sitting in front of me was proudly telling her companion about her two daughters being pregnant at the same time. The other woman then announced her daughter was pg too and that her sister who had started menopause was pg too. As it turned out, one of these girls had been to school with me and has 4 children already. I couldn't believe I would be so unlucky to hear all of this. All I wanted to do was leave. I got up to go to the loo and when I came back they were still talking about all the pregnancies and there's me wishing I could just have one. To experience motherhood once in ones lifetime doesn't seem like too much to ask....

Pc  Posted: 12/02/2008 15:12

Hi All. Kaki, I hope this will be the one for you! I hear what you're saying and it can be very unfair. But hopefully the wait will be worth it and things will go your way,let us know how it goes? Fingers crossed for you. Hi BM and AM, thanks for your support as always. AM. yes we are also considering intercounty adoption. Its a long road and we really are only at the start of the process.BM, how are things with you? Where are you at now? AM how are you getting on with the Sims? RK, are you still around? Did you have your review or are you leaving things for a while? And Lisa I hope you are ok. When you feel up to it let us know how you are...thinking of you, All quiet with me at the moment...just trying to figure how where to go from here. Even though you psyche yourself up for ivf not working, when its finally over its still hard to deal with and moving on somehow is difficult, But we have to as whats the alternative....Anyway will keep you updated on where I go from here and wish all of you well, xx

BM  Posted: 14/02/2008 09:15

Hi all, Pc - glad you're in touch, you have a lot on your mind at the moment and it's very hard to change course so suddenly, when so much of the last few years have been taken up with ivf. You will find the next path, it may take a little while. Keep us posted, we're all here for you. Kaki - I have yet to find myself in the painful place of "waiting" post FET and it sounds torturous and the drugs don't sound pleasant. Hang in there - not long now. bd - thinking of you today as I think that you find out the results today. All fingers crossed... I've been back on the fematab since last week and I have a scan tomorrow to see when/if we go ahead with the transfer. This is as far as I got in Dec when a polyp was discovered, so I'm a bit anxious but trying to see this as a step. We'll see..

bd  Posted: 14/02/2008 16:45

Hi All - bad news today, test negative so its over now for a while anyway. Going to go on holiday and try to get back to normal if there is a normal that is. Best of luck to you all out there.

AM  Posted: 14/02/2008 20:31

BD - Im so sorry to hear that. I know how painful it is. Pamper yourslef to bits - you deserve it. Hope you book an amazing holiday. You might not feel it now but you will get through this. My thoughts are with you. BM - best of luck with this cycle - all sounds v. positive so far. PC - hope your doing ok. Youve been through so much. Kaki - hope you too are ok. You must be getting result soon so fingers crossed. I'm due to start the blast cycle drugs on March 2nd. We got results of immune bloods today and it turns out I have elevated levels of anti nuclear anti bodies which is a common cause of implantation failure. The good news is that this has now been identified and it can be counteracted with heparin and steriods so more drugs to take! Sure I'd try anything. But I'm actually delighted as this might explain why we have had 2 negatives so far. Have flu at mo and on anti biotics so hope to kick that soon so I can be in the full of my health for March. Ladies - you are all fantastic and deserve so much credit for going through this. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

BM  Posted: 14/02/2008 22:01

bd - so very, very sorry. You are right to go on holiday - some time away and rest will do you good and help you regain some strength. Thinking of you xxx. AM - that this has been found out now and that it can be treated is very encouraging - it could make all the difference. Look after yourself, March is only around the corner.

gar  Posted: 21/02/2008 12:01

hi me and my wife have went through ivf and have had twin girls as a result. we have also done another 3 cycles with no luck. my wife does not want to do this anymore. the problem lies with me it is called vas difference were my tubes are not connected properly. before we done the ivf i had a operation to try and fix this and it did not work. i was wondering does anybody no of someone who got this done and was successful cheers

Kaki  Posted: 21/02/2008 16:07

Hi Gar. I'm sure it was a long enough journey to get the twins. Now you have two children. That's great! You are among the 25% who succeed with IVF. I don't want to sound mean or anything but a lot of us here don't have any children despite being on the rollercoaster of ttc for many years. I know if I was fortunate enough to have twins, I would count my blessings and breathe a sigh of relief as my ivf journey would be over forever. I myself have done ivf 6 times and after every failed attempt I said I would never do it again, but I want a baby so I'm pulling myself out of the dark hole to do it again. I am at the end of my tether now and will not be pursuing ivf after 2008. I am adamant it won't eat into another year of my life. I think you should be grateful for what you have. I can appreciate that you would like more children but IVF is so unpredictable and so horrible as many of us know that to have two babies out of it is indeed a miracle. Could it be that you are putting pressure on yourself or are feeling guilty for being the cause of the inability to have children. I think the partner with the 'problem' suffers a lot of guilt on top of everything else. Please, stop putting pressure on yourself and feeling guilty - relax and be happy. Enjoy your time with your twins. Time will go so fast and if you waste their early years trying to have more children through ivf and feeling miserable that it's not working, you might regret it later on. My husband has never held his own child in his arms and may never do so, and I know if he spoke to you, he would say you are a very very lucky man. Kaki.

sophie  Posted: 22/02/2008 11:16

Hi guys, I have started the first month of clomid. Got the prostegrone level taken at day 21 and showed a level of 104. Last year my level was 35. (not taking anything). Just wondering what the levels had increased to, for anyone who was on clomid. ( the level is 50mg.)

rk  Posted: 28/02/2008 11:58

hey all had my review with the hari and told them that i am not thinking of doing anything more this year, have too much else going on, so left my option open ended to think about going back to them next year. they said that the only difference would be to try a blasto cyst but can't remember what this is. they are starting to do this new way in april of this year. will drop in again in a while to say hello and wish all of you out there going through this the very best and remember be nice to yourself cos it can be quiet tough at times.

BM  Posted: 28/02/2008 13:24

Hi rk - good to hear from you, your need to take time off is very understandable given all you've been through. I don't know anything about blastocyst though I'm afraid. Kaki - how are you getting on? The two week wait must be up soon. Thinking of you. Pc - hope your are getting back on your feet. I had my first FET last Tuesday (19th Feb), unfortunately 2 of the embyros didn't survive the thaw, so they thawed two more which did survive and were used. However I have had some very light spotting since Saturday - not a flow at all but from time to time some brownish/bloody residue. Of course I called the clinic and was told it could be old blood as it's brown, it could have happened when the cathetar was inserted to place the embryos and that even if I experience fresh blood (which I have had but again very little, not enough to use a pad/tampon) I have to test next Tuesday as I may have lost one embyro but the other may have survived. Has anyone else experienced this? I find this very hard and naturally my expectations are very low now, of course I'm being told to "keep positive" - but how? It's like I'm putting off the inevitable and I have to wait to deal with this, when my instinct is to deal with it now. Is it actually possible that this could still work out - doesn't seem like it? I'd appreciate any feedback/advice out there.

Kaki  Posted: 28/02/2008 18:05

Bm - I had my FET on the 10th Feb and due to test this Saturday, the 1st march. I had that same brownish stuff too. I agree it could be left over from transfer, the brown stuff is nothing to worry about. However, I have had slight cramping on and off since yesterday and some bright red blood yesterday ( only small amount) I have not seen it since. Like you, i don't like the sight of it. I personally think it's AF trying to arrive but being held back by the tablets. I hope I'm wrong. I had one blast transferred. Due to a complicated uterus, i am only allowed to transfer one embryo at a time which is extremely frustrating! You have a good chance as you have 2 embies. The problem with ringing the clinic about things like bleeding is that they never say anything for definate. A few months ago, I got a bfn after a fet and the clinic told me to keep taking all the stuff for another 5 days just in case it was a late implantation. I did and the extra 5 days were agonising. At the end of the 5 days- another bfn, quickly followed by AF after withdrawal of tablets and crinone. I have been reading on the net about people who get very light AF and cramping who still go on to get a bfp. Apparently, it happens quite a lot. It's the 'not knowing' that kills us. I'll post on Monday with my news: good or bad - i just don't know. RK - Blastocyst is an embryo which has been cultured in the lab for 5 days. It's more developed than the 3 day embryo. I have had 2 transfers with blasts. Some say they are more successful than 3 day embryos, others say they are not. i have done both and neither has worked so I don't know one way or another. The only problem with blastocysts that you are taking a gamble that embryos will make to blast stage- some embryos which are fine on day 3 don't make it to day 5 (this doesn't mean the 3day embryo which didn't make it to day 4 wouldn't do very well in the right environment (womb). Some labs are good with blasts, others not so good. It's all pot luck at the end of the day, i think. Kaki

BM  Posted: 29/02/2008 10:02

Kaki, Thanks so much for responding - I feel similar to you in that I wonder if the drugs are keeping AF at bay. It's interesting what you've said that this isn't uncommon, but you're in that mode where you want to protect yourself from disappointment whilst hanging on to a glimmer of hope. I also go to an accupunturist, who gave me a miscarriage prevention treatment yesterday - which has actually lessened the slight cramping I was having - so who knows, only time will tell... Either way fingers crossed to tomorrow - I know that it's very hard to even imagine taking the test, I will be thinking of you and as always we'll be here for you. Lot's of positive vibes...

rk  Posted: 29/02/2008 14:21

kaki thanks a mill for explaining to me now i understand a bit more it is all a gamble no matter what way we do treatment sending you a big hug and lots of good vibes for tomorrow best of luck xx

AM  Posted: 29/02/2008 16:24

BM-best of luck with it all. It is a very anxious time but it is true tht some break thorugh bleeding is normal. It is possible that it can still work out and you are literally in the hands of god now. I'll be thinking of you. Kaki - the very best of luck to you too. You are nearly there and I will be dying to hear your results. Rk - we are just about to emabrk on a blast transfer. Will be starting drugs at weekend and transfer will be at the end of the month all going well. It is more advanced technology. The good news is that if you have two emb available for transfer on day 5 you should have a whoppping 50% chance of success and blastocyst mission in life is to implant. The bad news is that you might not have anything to transfer if your emb's arrest before that. But the positive element of that is that you would be putting yourslef out of your misery earlier and aoaiding the 2 week wait as these emb's would probably not have survived in the womb anyhow. If you end up with no embryos at least the clinic can look into whether or not there is a genetic problem etc. Anyhow, sounds like time is what you need. Great to read all your posts lady and best of luck to you all.

AM  Posted: 29/02/2008 16:27

Ladies I forgot to ask what arrangemnts you all made in terms of tkaing time off work while going thorugh IVF. I did various different things on each cycle so far but as I ended up sick with complictaions each time I had to take two weeks off each time. This time I was planning on tklaing a week of after the transfer fro a litlle R & R. my husband thinks I should be taking 3 weeks plus off but I think that is too much and That I would crack up waiting. Also tkaing that amount out of my annual leave would kill me if it didnt work. Maybe I could take some unpaid leave? I'd love to ehar what you all did??

BM  Posted: 01/03/2008 11:50

AM - thanks for your good wishes, as you say it's out of my hands. Great that you're starting at the weekend, keep us posted on your progress. In terms of arrangements with work, I've been incredibly lucky, my boss is being very understanding I took the week of the transfer off as medical leave, I did the same during egg collection. I did however work from home from time to time if I felt I needed a distraction I must admit working last week was a blessing, I needed a distraction in a bad way. I'm sorry as this is my first experience, I have yet to ask for time off again.. I'm in the HR field and if you are not keen to take all of your annual leave, let's face it you're going to need r&r after all you're going through no matter the outcome, then taking some unpaid medical leave or some firms offer partially paid medical leave, might be the way to go - if you can afford to do so. This way you'll feel that you gave your body time to rest etc. However it it's possible and not too stressful a distraction seems to be healthy from my experience. Kaki - thinking of you today.

Kaki  Posted: 02/03/2008 09:49

Tested yesterday and BFN. Today I have AF. What a lovely present for Mothers Day. I'm upset but more than that, I am angry at the unfairness of it all. I'll have to spend the rest of my life avoiding pregnant women and babies. I have one blastocyst in storage. I'm so tempted to leave it there as I know well and true that A) it won't survive thaw or B) It won't implant and BFN. I won't be posting much from now on but I will drop in now and then to see how ye are getting on. Thanks for your support and good luck on this rotten horrible journey. Kaki.

BM  Posted: 03/03/2008 10:49

Kaki - I am so, very, very sorry. There are no words that I can use to help. It is so desperately unfair for all of us and it is an terrible, rotten journey that takes over your life - you are right. I hope that in time you are able to make a decision on what to do next, it sounds like you need a much deserved holiday/rest. I'm testing tomorrow, but not very hopeful at all, had bit of fresh blood yesterday which stopped - but the signs just aren't good. At every stage there has been a hurdle, maybe that's just the way this journey goes, but it seems to me if it were meant to be this time it should have been easier - maybe I'm naive... My thoughts and best wishes to everyone, I'll post if I can tomorrow.

bd  Posted: 03/03/2008 13:44

To kaki, I wish I could give you a great big hug and sit down and we could cry our eyes out. I know how you feel, I have been trying to keep myself busy and booked ourselves a holiday since our last treatment. Miami and then a cruise. Just need a break away from pregnant women and all those babies that seem to be everywhere I turn. We're not rich but after all we have been through over the last few years I think we deserve it and you do too. Tell your hubby you both need to get away and try to forget at least for a few weeks all the turmoil you have been through. To BM - I wish you the very best of luck tomorrow. Take Care all and wishing you all the best in the future.

rk  Posted: 03/03/2008 14:31

To Kaki, my heart goes out to you there is nothing anyone can say or do just try be nice to yourself and dh and take a total break away and relax. sending you a big hug

BM  Posted: 05/03/2008 09:07

Well as I predicted, I also got a BFN. I've actually really known since Sunday but have been trying to keep up the pretence of being positive. If I'm honest I've actually known for the last week, the signs just haven't been good. I'm exhausted and low, feel like all of the air has been sucked out of me but I am determined not to be defeated I will try again. I'm going away over Easter and having that to look forward to is no consolation but it's giving me something to focus on as well as a review meeting with the Consultant in the clinic on the 20th. Kaki/BD and AM thank you for your kind words and support. Hope you are all doing well.

rk  Posted: 05/03/2008 09:50

Bm am so sorry just try and stay strong and don't let this get the better of you and enjoy your break, big hug to you.

bd  Posted: 06/03/2008 11:12

BM I am so sorry to hear your news. God, I really wish at least someone on site would get the good news they deserve. We all seem to be having rotten luck. Enjoy your break at easter and try your best to keep a positive outlook on life - I know its hard. I should listen to my own advice sometimes. Take Care and thinking of you. bd

Kaki  Posted: 08/03/2008 12:24

BM- So sorry to read your news. You have been giving this 100% and it has taken it out of you. I feel your pain. I think it's like running a marathon and when you reach the finish line, there is nobody there waiting for you and you find out that there was no race and that you were running all those miles for nothing. After your easter break, you will feel better and stronger, I know you will. I too feel totally drained, physically and emotionally. I have had to take two weeks off work cos I just couldn't concentrate. I got a sick cert from the gp and he also put me on antidepressants which are giving me a splitting headache. I will stick with them for a few more days but will stop taking them if the headache continues. Hello to everyone else, hope you're keeping well. Kaki

Pc  Posted: 10/03/2008 17:18

Hi BM and Kaki, so sorry to hear your news. I can understand how hard this is, its very unfair. Am sorry you had to go through all this and then for it not to work out, BM, hopefully your break with help and then your review will also help, I hope so:) RK, nice to hear from you, I had heard the Hari were introducing blastocyst, but of course I never get this far, but maybe this would help as you have gotten to transfer in the past? I hope the break will do you good, On my side I've decided to go the donor egg route, Had an appt in IM Barcelona recently and have now decided to go with them. I hope to get to transfer around May, fingers crossed, Hopefully this will all work out for all of us in the end, xx

rk  Posted: 11/03/2008 09:00

Hi pc am delighted to hear you are trying another route how do you get the information of donation over seas?? do you know someone or was it a lucky dip? i wouldnt have a clue where to start but am keeping my options open for hopefully next year best of luck xxx

Pc  Posted: 13/03/2008 15:01

Hi rk, there is a thread on called 'anyone going down the egg donor route'. Its under 'trying to conceive'Do you think you could check this out? This is where I got some info, but actually the Hari recommended it to us and we checked it out via the internet first, The name of the clinic is Institut Marques Barcelona and you can google their website and contact them via e-mail, The waiting list for an app is approx 2 months. Let me know if you access this thread and over there I can pm you and give you any other info you need,

Pc  Posted: 28/03/2008 15:47

Hi All, I haven't seen any new messages in ages, is this still working ok I wonder? Anyway hi to everyone, RK and BM, how are you? Just dropping in to say hello and hope we can keep in touch, xx

Suz  Posted: 30/03/2008 13:47

Hi there I'm new to this so hope someone can help - I'm 40 and just completed my 1st IVF on day 10 after tansfer of 2 zygotes - yesterday had some pinkish blood on tissue only followed by very dark brown mucus it went as the day went on but the same thing again today - rang the Hari unit and they said it is probably start of period - i really don't want to believe this - some of the side effects of the crinone say spotting - and i truly believe this is what it is - has anyone had same and gone on to be pregnant?

rk  Posted: 31/03/2008 10:48

Hi Pc all is grand here, havent looked any further into things and wont for this year. have too much other stuff going on but am grand hope. all is well with you and BM how are you too?

BM  Posted: 31/03/2008 10:49

Hi Pc and everyone, I took a break, went away over Easter and I'm just getting back into the land of the living. I'm actually starting HRT again on day 2 of my April cycle in the hopes that the one lonely embryo left in storage survives the thaw - which I'm naturally not getting my hopes up about it's chances - but it's the clinic's policy that everything in storage needs to be used before a new fresh cycle can be started. I've yet to have a fresh cycle as I had over-stimulation back in Oct when I went for egg collection and realise that in my case (maybe everyone's, I'm not sure) chances for success are greater on a fresh cycle. I'm also considering changing clinics. The clinic has been great, really nice caring staff, but I feel that I've been given the "standard" treatment and that very little has been adjusted to adapt to my specific circumstances (challenge is high level of anti-sperm antibodies in my DH). It feels like that they are just too busy to give in depth individual attention to the specific details of my situation. Is this just the norm and are my expectations to high? Is it better to stay with the same clicnic now that they have learned about my reaction to the treatment in the hopes that they will adapt the protocol on the next fresh cycle? I had to abandon transfer on a frozen cycle twice because I over react to oestrogen too and develop polyps when on it and feel that if I embark on another fresh cycle using the same dosage I will over stimulate again and therefore won't have the chance of a fresh transfer. Am I just being naive and impatient? Is this how all the clinics work? I'd be interested in others views/experience.

rk  Posted: 31/03/2008 12:14

Hi Bm , I actually feel the same with the clinic i am with, felt i was just getting the standard treatment not nipped and changed for the individual but am not worrying about that for the moment as i have put a stop on everything for the run of this year. but if we restart on this road again next year i very may well strongly consider changing clinics.

Pc  Posted: 31/03/2008 17:03

Hi BM, can you ask your clinic what protocol they plan for you on your next fresh cycle? And discuss your concerns? If you are still worried then I would consider changing clinics....I think you know yourself when its time to change...From what I've seen some clinics are good at dealing with more general probs and I don't want to in any way mean to simplify things,,,as ivf in itself is a hard and difficult process for anyone to go through, But if there is anything more complex going on, then its seems there are some clinics who deal with these cases better,,,I hope this makes sense and don't mean in any way to trivialise what anyone has to go through, its just my opinion and based on what I've found out myself based on trying twice with my first clinic and once with my second clinc. Now as you know I'm dealing with a clinic in Spain which is very different again. Its a hard decision to make, ie to change, and I wish you all the best with it but pg you won't even have to if all goes well with the next frozen cycle...Will say a prayer for you, xx Hi RK, glad to hear from you. Sounds like you have a lot on at the moment and hope you are ok. Hi Suz, I'm so sorry I can't help you, I hope its not the start of your period..I've never gotten to this stage so don't know but I wish you all the best,

BM  Posted: 31/03/2008 20:40

Pc, Thanks for your response, you are absolutely right, after all we are paying for this service we should be able to question the approach. Although I've taken a break, I'm still feeling quite down about the whole thing which I realise is not helpful for the purpose of this message board, everyone going through IVF goes through very tough times. I've temporarily lost hope which I realise isn't at all helpful - optimism is key to this whole process. I wish some one with a crystal ball could tell me that it's going to work out so at least I could have some comfort that this rollercoaster isn't for nothing before putting myself through it all again and I've only done it once! Feeling sorry for myself I realise. I've actually booked an appointment to see the counsellor in the clinic this week so at least I'm doing something about it. Thanks for posting so quickly - you've given me a different perspective which really helps.

AM  Posted: 31/03/2008 22:41

Hello lady birds Sorry for the lack of posting. BM - I hope you are doing ok. I was with a clinic for the first two cycles, one fresh and one frozen. We ran into complications with fluid build up which the clinic washed their hands of and shipped me off to hospital, the second time for a two week stay. Very long story but the end result was that I went for another opinion to SIMS and havnt looked back since. I find their whole approach incredibly thorough, professional and friendly. The doc literally went through a very long list of reasons for recurrent implantation failure ( I had great embryos, great endometrium, Im 29 etc) and specifically looked at each one in relation to our specific circumstances. The result was a tailor made drug regime for us, with a lot more drugs than before. They ran more tests to rule out any other probs and discovered elevated levels of anti nuclear antibodies which could be a poss reason for failure to date. He had also seen many women with the same fluid build up complication that I get and in essence worked on the assumption that it ill always happen with me but said it is not a big deal. They have been brilliant in that since egg collection they have scanned me every two days, always telling me not to be afraid to call them at any time of the day or not and have arranged drainage of the fluid at opportune times such as egg collection and at the today as opposed to sending me off to hospital where no one knows anything much about ivf. I also felt the doc in the last place didn’t listen and was always rushing. I just couldn’t click with them. Having said that I have a great friend who had a very positive experience with my last clinic and got her beautiful baby on her second attempt - age 40 so I guess it depends. I think its all down to how you find their approach suits you and some clinics suit some more than others. I too thought it might have been mad to change and that I was maybe being impatient and was also worried that they would not be fully up to speed on my previous cycles. This turned out not to be an issue at all as one clinic writes to the other with a full summary of your chart. we even transferred our four frozen embryos from one place to another but that is a whole different story! Its important to bear in mind that it might just be one thing that a new clinic does differently that will make the difference for you. Best of luck with the frosty – you never know it could be the one! I hope that is of some help. We had two blastocysts transferred today ladies so now the two week wait. Hopefully third time lucky! DH and I are heading away on Wed till Sun to rest up - any excuse! Were delighted because they have frozen another 2 blastocyst and we should have another 2 balstocyst to freeze by tomoorow. pretty good considering we only got 10 eggs at collection and the complications we had. Suz- spotting can be normal especially around implantation. I know how you feel - I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Fingers crossed for you. PC-We have friends who went down the donor route in Spain after years of IVF and are now proud parents to twin girls! So best of luck. Are any of you on the adoption waiting list as a plan B? Its not something I think about a lot at the moment but are on the list - the long list! anyhow. I find it comforting to know that come hell or high water we will be parents one way or another. Kaki - long time no hear, you poor thing. You will get though this and come out the other side, honestly. I was at GP 5 weeks ago with terrible panic attacks as a result of all of this and I really did feel doomed but I have come through that horrible horrible phase and I have no doubt that you can too.

Pc  Posted: 02/04/2008 14:45

Hi AM, wow 2 transferred thats great news and also some to freeze is really great for you, I wishyou all the very best. Fingers crossed that this time it will work out for you. Have a lovely rest while you're away! I am also on the adoption list, currently going through getting my paperwork sorted. It also frightens me as I'm realising whats involved in the whole process and it just seems so difficult and long to start to even think about. but I hope one way or another we will end up with our family. Its just been such a long road and seems never ending.. Hi BM, sorry to hear you've been a bit down also. I can understand why and its like you say if someone could say, yes, it will work at some point, then we could all keep going, but because we just don't know we can get overwhelmed with the hopelessness. I hope talking to the counsellor will help. We spoke to a counsellor about 2 months ago and whilst it doesn't ease the pain it got some things out that were just good to say to someone else, instead of always bottling it up. Like AM Sims was the last clinic I went to and even though I wasn't successful with them I also found them really really good, and very different than my first clinic who I feel even now wasted so much time with me...I won't even start on this,,but still get angry about I would just say to you don't be afraid to ask questions and question your protocol as you need to feel happy with the treatment you are receiving, It wasn't until I went toSims that I realised how unhappy I was with the treatment I got from my first clinic...just dragging things out the whole time and not discussing things with me properly. Anyway whatever you do Ihope it works out for you and that you start to feel better about things soon. xx

Jo  Posted: 02/04/2008 16:07

I am also thinking of going to the Sims Clinic as wasnt too happy with the way we were treated at our clinic, was with them over a year ago now, it has taken me this long to get the courage and strength to even try to go back and do it again. It takes so much out of you, Am just going to do it again and if we get the same result twice then I will know for definate. - My eggs just disentraged when they were removed, didnt even get a chance to put the sperm near them. Anyway I think that if you are not entirely happy with one place, and are thinking of trying again, I think try another, they are all pretty similar in price. and its your hard earned money and I feel you should be treated with respect and get the attention and care you most definatly deserve. Its hard enough even to realise that you might need IVF, for you not to be treated properly then. Anyway thats my opinion and best of luck to all out there going through it, its very tough, and dont forget if it doesnt work, you still have your partner that you fell in love with initally and dont loose sight of that, as its very easy to fixate on the whole IVF thing and how soul destroying it is if it doesnt work.

BM  Posted: 03/04/2008 08:35

AM/Pc/Jo, Thanks for your response and kind words. I have contacted Sims and I'm waiting for them to come back, they say there's a 10 week wait for an appointment so at least I have started the ball rolling whilst I go through the next frozen cycle for my lone embyro (fingers crossed it survives the thaw!). I may decide to do another fresh cycle where I'm at and will decide based on the review should this next stage not work out by then I'll hopefully have the appointment. AM - fantastic news about your transfer, it's good to hear you so positive too! Jo - you are quite right there are a lot of lonely people in the world and to have a supportive partner is already a family. It doesn't stop the wanting but it is good to have the perspective. I'm in to see the counsellor this evening - we went as a couple last year and found it very worthwhile - this time we've decided that I'll go on my own. The weather is getting much more spring like and now that the evenings are longer, I can feel some of my positivity coming back.. Thanks for listening ladies!

Pc  Posted: 03/04/2008 11:48

Good to hear you sounding in better form BM! I hope the counselling went well for you and will help, Just a tip also, if you need to get an app quicker than 10 weeks as Sims to let you know if they have any cancellations, I did this contacted them in Oct, had review in Nov and started ivf in Dec...would have been even sooner but for some delays that were on my side not theirs...once you are in their system there are no delays from that point...I hope that you won't have to go near them and in fact know of one girl who had a number of attempts and had one frozen embrio left and this was the one that worked for her! So fingers crossed you won't even be needing this option, but its good to have a plan 'b'....'just in case'... Hi Jo, I remember you from before, that was so hard what happened to get so far and then unable to go any further, again I hope this time if you decide to go again either at the same or another clinic, that it all works out for you, And you're right thank god for my partner as at least we are happy and have each other..its just so soul destroying with this constant battle just to have what we thought would come naturally...anyway best of luck to all. xx

Suz  Posted: 03/04/2008 18:17

Hi there everyone, Thanks to all who replied - I'm afraid the spotting was the start of my period - so upset - I can't imagine how you all manage to cope with your own situations and still remain so positive and willing to put yourselves through the emotional rollercoaster - I am very lucky - i have a 13 year old son - I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks back in 2002. Even with all of this I know I can get pregnant (but not on my own) but it doesn't make the wanting any less - My son is an only child and I feel so sad for him - I come from a very large family and have 23 nieces and nephews - my sister just produced her 5th baby 6 months ago - I have one sister who has the same problems as myself and another sister who is just 45 with no kids either - Life is so weird and it is so hard for any of us to make sense of the cards we are dealt - i see it every day - unfit and unworthy parents (not saying my family are). I can get so angry with those people just wanting to tap them on the shoulder and say something - who did I piss off in a previous life to deserve this? I get so much joy from having my sisters children over to stay - the house is so full of life and somehow how I always imagined m life would be - I find it a great relief and help with my emotions to take care of them for a night or weekend - If any of you have the opportnity to do this you should it really does help - I love them so much and just wish they were mine. I hope I haven't offended or upset any of you with this info and I know so many of you feel I should be happy with my one beautiful son - I am more than happy and grateful to have him but i am also fed up of the guilt of sharing the fact of still wanting more children, when i know any of you would swop places in the morning! I'd love to be able to find some inspiring words to enable all of us to accept our prediciments but there isn't such a combination of words out there - My only advice is stay strong and positive and be sweet to your partner - they are more helpless in this than anyone -

AM  Posted: 06/04/2008 20:37

Hello ladies PC - great to hear more pos feedback about SIMS. Keep us posted as to how you are getting on. I hear the donor programme they run has a success rate of 60 - 70% per transfer which seems incredible. Jo - sorry to hear your story. I can only imagine how devastating that must have been. I wish you all the best with your decision. No harm getting another opinion before you decide what to do. BM - that sounds like a plan and hopefully you will have to cancel it. we did counselling too and found it utterly exhausting, like trying to untangle a huge knot but it has reaaly stood to us and finally myself and DH seem to be in a good place as oppsoed to a bad place while going through this. It really is very difficult and can be hugely damaging to a marriage if the issues are not dealt with. I think counselling should be compulsory. Suz - my thoughts are with you. I know how much grief you must feel and your right life can be so horribly cruel. Ditch the guilt at once though - there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting another child and it is clear that you are abundantly grateful for your son. Honeslty, its doing you no good feeling guilty about any of this. I too have 23 nieces and nephews and adore them all! They can be a real tonic. I bet you are the favourite auntie! Unfortuntately I have developed OHSS. I had to have more fluid drained last Wednesday which would have been around implanation time. They tell me in the clininc that draining has no impact on success rates - I hope they are right! We thought me might have more than 2 to freeze but our day 5 10 cells didnt progress to blasts sadly. we are grateful to have two though and im thinking that as all of my previous transfers were 9 cell day 3, that maybe they didnt grow at all after trnasfer and maybe beacuse we had two nice blasts on day 5 this will make all the diiference. Anyhow, doc said on wed that he will drain me every 48 hours for next few weeks until settles down! I was around the bend about telling work etc. i feel that my career is really suffering from this and that my bosses patience is waring thin but this is the most important thing for us and i Have to remember this. Anyhow, when I went back for draing on Friday things had miracoulsly cleared up! This could be bad too though as OHSS is aggreavted by pregnancy so I dont know what to think! Anyhow, I'll rest up until Wed and hope that it stays settled. Test is at weekend. I was an emotional disaster last week and cried not once but twice in the clinic on friday. they told me that I was stresed to max and that that is bad for results - to stay positive if I want a pos result so thats what Im doing although now I feel stresses about feeling stressed! Myslef and DH headed off for a few days R and R - just what doc ordered! Results for us at weekend. cant even think about it. Keep the chins up ladies - you are all amzing women!

Pc  Posted: 08/04/2008 16:13

Hi AM, sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with the ohss, I'm glad you're ok now and really hope you get good results at the weekend. BM, just wondering how did you get on with the counsellor? I hope it helped. Talk soon girls, xx

AM  Posted: 12/04/2008 17:01

I thought I would lever say this but BFP! There is a God!

Pc  Posted: 14/04/2008 12:35

Hi AM, congratulations!!!! Thats great very pleased for you and wish you a very happy 9 months ahead. xx

AM  Posted: 14/04/2008 18:56

thanks so much pc. long road ahead, but the first and biggest hurdle has been conquered. i hope you'll have just as positive experience with donor program. the success rates are outstanding!

BM  Posted: 14/04/2008 22:29

AM - what fantastic news! You must be over the moon! This is incredibly encouraging for all of us please keep us posted on how you are getting on over the next months. I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy! Pc - I have found the couselling very helpful, I'm still attending it. Tomorrow I'm going for a scan to find out when/if we might transfer the lonely embryo which may not survive the thaw. I realise this is why I've felt so hopeless. The councellor encouraged me to insist on scheduling a review meeting with the consultant, this is in the diary for the 6th May, which if the transfer doesn't go ahead, will feel like an eternity but I accept that they were not going to agree to anything sooner. I have requested a copy of my file and I'm going to set up an appointment at Sims, I may not switch clinics and will make my decision pending the outcome of the review meeting on the 6th, but I need to know that I'm making progress. After 8 months, I've only managed one frozen transfer because I constantly develop polyps on oestrogen - I need to hear that the next cycle is going to be far more tailored to me. Again the counsellor has encouraged this - although she is affiliated to my current clinic - she thinks that I'm in a no win situation and with out something to focus on for the future I will continue to find this very hard to face. I have to admit to feeling very tortured at the moment and finding it very hard to find the positives, so I'll keep up the counselling for the time being.

Jo  Posted: 15/04/2008 10:14

Congratulations AM, its a long time since there was any good news on this chat site! I wish you the best.

Anonymous  Posted: 15/04/2008 11:08

wat is bfp???

Anonymous  Posted: 15/04/2008 11:09

Congratulations, great to get some great news here.

AM  Posted: 15/04/2008 14:13

Thanks for all your good wishes ladies. I have to admit I'm terrified but am trying to stay positive. I really hope that this news will encourage you all and remind you that IVF does work. BM- I completely understand and agree that you have to take control of things yourself to a certain extent. Counsellor sounds like she is giving you good advice. Don't lose heart - this could be the one! I too have complications as I always develop OHSS but ended up with a pos all the same. Anonymous - BFP - means " big fat positive"! Keep in touch ladies.

Pc  Posted: 15/04/2008 17:13

Hi BM, am glad the counsellor is being helpful to you. Even if she is affiliated to the clinic she probably sees all the more clearly where the gaps are and so hopefully can guide you forward. Its hard to stay positive and I get very weary sometimes with all of this...but I hope you start to feel a bit more hopeful and that things will work out for you, At least getting a second opinion will help you to have a choice in what happens and therefore get back some 'control'. Take care. xxx

BM  Posted: 17/04/2008 21:20

Hi all. My lonely little embryo survived the thaw - I can hardly believe it - had the transfer today so another 2ww begins. I'm going to do my very best to stay somehwere in the middle about this - impossible not to be in some way optimistic, but don't want to sink if this doesn't work out. I will keep up the counselling. I'm waiting for my file to be completed so that I can get my name down for an appointment at Sims and will go for the reveiw meeting where I'm at, before I make a final decision to change clincs. That's if of course it's necessary.... That rollercoaster keeps on going. I hope all of you are doing well out there.

AM  Posted: 20/04/2008 19:43

BM - very best of luck with it. Will be thinking of you. Take it very easy - no high impact activity, streching etc. Your in the hands of God now. Let us know how you are going. All well with me - first scan on Wed week. Don't think I will really belive it till then. Obsessed with repeating the pregnancy test at mo. Cant wait for the 12 weeks to be up. Its terrifying but I have to be positive and take it easy.

Pc  Posted: 21/04/2008 15:57

Hi BM, just saw your post that you had your transfer....that's brilliant. And it must be a strong little embie to survive the thaw. Really hope this works out for you, I know you don't want to get your hopes up but it also sounds like you have a good chance....will say a little prayer for you:) Take it easy now and look after yourself, AM, glad things are going well for you. RK are you still out there? BM will check in soon on you. xx

rk  Posted: 24/04/2008 19:06

hey pc am still here just so much going on at the moment, am seriously stressed and up to my eyes both. parents ill and mother in law too so don't seem to have a minute and the weeks just seem to be passing me by. am not even comtemplating any treatment this year, will see what next year brings but will drop in from time to time to say hi and see how everyone is. to everyone on this mad roller coaster stay strong and chin up :-)

BM  Posted: 29/04/2008 22:59

Hi ladies. Well I'm almost through the 2ww, Thursday is results day. I'm not very optimistic, I had a bleed - small but definitely fresh blood - on Friday night/Sat morning, but it had stopped completely by Sat afternoon. The clinic have instructed me to carry on drugs and pesaries - am I foolish to still have some hope? The evidence would suggest that the embryo didn't make it, afterall there was only one. I guess we'll know for sure soon. rk - good to hear from you, must be tough with so little time to yourself, thinking of you. AM - hope all is going well and that you are adjusting to the positive concept! Pc - hope you are doing ok, isn't your appointment coming up soon?

sophie  Posted: 30/04/2008 09:41

Hi everone, just checking in. Unfortunately the clomid did not work for me, my next step now is i.u.i. I am starting on menopur injections tomorrow and have a scan on Wednesday. If anyone went through this could they please post their story. Thanks

AM  Posted: 30/04/2008 11:23

BM - my heart goes out to you. Having been through it three times myself I'll never forget the anguish of the two week wait. Try to stay positive - I know it's not easy. Sophie - I too tried clomid but with no joy. We didn't go down the IUI route - it was never offered to us for some reason - maybe I was not a suitabel candidate. I wish you every success. Ladies - we had our fist scan on Monday and we have been blessed - after three attempts we have ended up with not one but two beauties with lovely heartbeats! We just cant believe it. It is still very early days though - 7 weeks today so were praying hard. Proof though - IVF can and does work.

Suz  Posted: 30/04/2008 20:03

BM - don't be too down hearted - when I got pregnant with my son - I thought I had a period! it is not at all unusual and if it stopped and nothing since there is still a good chance of it taking! I really hope it is good news for you and you will be in my thoughts tomorrow when you wake to do the test. Just do as AM says - be positive - it does work! AM - not sure if my previous message got through - I got cut off for some reason - but basically don't worry too much - relax now and enjoy your pregnancy - I see so many women getting so stressed out that their memories of pregnancy are so negative - it is a truly magical experience and you must enjoy every minute - yes we all worry but don't let it take over - pamper yourself and enjoy the whole 9 months. Girls - take care keep in touch and big loves to you all. PS - All is well with me - I have been so tired though since I got my period after transfer - I feel totally drained but have two weeks of sunshine to look forward to in June so trying to get in shape for that - did anybody else find that when they did bleed after treatment that they felt really tired and run down - is this normal? i haven't booked a review appointment yet so not sure if I will give it a second try - what do ye think - i will be 41 in July and my son will be 14 in November - but even having given it one go i feel much more at ease with it and am maybe quite happy to give it up - Hmmmmmm - that doesn't sound very logical does it!

BM  Posted: 30/04/2008 21:25

AM - That is truly wonderful! It is amazing, I'm truly over the moon for you and hope you continue to keep us posted. Having good news stories like your's helps keep perspective on why we've all embarked on this. Take care of yourself and your precious cargo!

AM  Posted: 01/05/2008 15:26

BM - I'm thinking and praying for you today. Hope all goes well. Thanks for the your kind words. Suz - thanks for your message - I didn't get the last one. I'm trying to relax and not let the worry take over - you are right. I too was whacked after the bleed after treatment. I think the reason is that you get a particularly heavy bleed, the withdrawal from the drugs and the huge emotional turmoil that you feel. Only you cna make the decison as to whether to go again or not. Either way take a good break before you decide.

bu bu  Posted: 01/05/2008 21:10

Hi all just a quick hello this is the first time Iv checked in with ye in ages.I hav put ivf off till next year sadly my dad passed away 3 weeks ago RIP. so now its hectic wit mum. always thinking of ye on this heartbreaking journey.

BM  Posted: 01/05/2008 21:31

Well ladies - it's a negative for me I'm afraid. Although I am very sad, the knowing is better than the torture of waiting and the fact that there was only one embryo and little chance it would have survived the thaw is allowing me to be a bit philosphical and not fall apart. The counselling seems to be working! We have a review on Weds and w will weigh up if give Sims a try. It has taken me 8 months to get through one cycle (two frozen transfers) and I am exhausted. I know I've been unlucky over-stimulated followed by constant reaction to the fematab but I need to hear that there is another way. Suz - I think the break will be good for you. It's entirely up to you whether you try again, wanting to add to your family is incredibly natural. You will always be able to say you gave it a shot if you decide this is the end. Pc - hope you are well. AM - stay well and enjoy every minute.

Pc  Posted: 02/05/2008 16:42

Ah BM so sorry it didn't work for you...thats just terrible. I know you are being strong but can also imagine you are tired now also as its gone on a while. I hope you can decide where to go from here and pg it will all work out for you. Bu Bu nice to hear from you and sorry to hear about your Dad. That must have been very hard for you as I know you were helping both your parents. I hope in time things will work out for you also. And RK, you sound stressed and it must be terrible with both your parents ill and your mum in law too...thats a lot to cope with, I hope you have some help...stay in touch. AM, great news for you really and I hope you are enjoying it now! BM you asked where I was at...well hopefully towards the end of the month or early June I will be going back to Spain for the fingers crossed for me also. The clinic have a donor for us and we now need to sync our cycles. I never thought I would end up here but now that I have I feel very grateful to the person who will be helping us! I just pray it will all work out. DE is also a very expensive process and once again I am getting scared about the whole thing...but please say a prayer that this will work for us. Thanks for your support. xxxx

FC  Posted: 06/05/2008 20:52

hi all. just joined the site today. i thought it would be good to discuss my IVF treatment with others. no one i know has gone through this. i have just had my transfer on monday and am just begining the 2ww. Its hard!! this is our second cycle of IVF ICSI and we are really praying for positive results. has anyone any advice on how to keep your mind occupied?

rk  Posted: 07/05/2008 08:54

hi all bm sorry to hear your news, bu bu nice to hear from you and am sorry about your dad. i am still hanging in there. i used to keep myself busy during the 2ww by crocheting, i started a blanket when i started the ivf and needless to say that is unfinished too....will finish it someday!!! :-) to all out there a big hug and keep strong

FC  Posted: 07/05/2008 23:22

crochet ... not sure if i could do that! sounds complicating. three days in and feeling good so just going to keep working and busy. thanks for you advice.

NR  Posted: 21/05/2008 13:32

Hi Everyone - this is my first time chatting to ye all - just reading your stories feels like I'm looking into a mirror. My story is I'm 34 yrs old and have been trying for a baby for the past 9 years to no success - I have the dreaded endometreosis - I've had 2 failed attempts of ivf in the hari unit - 1st attempt actually went to day 19 before bleeding so was hopeful - 2nd time I got a bug the night after the transfer (sods law) & got period on day 8. It's been 18 mths since my last transfer & I'm hoping to go again this month - fingers crossed.

Pc  Posted: 30/05/2008 07:31

Hi girls , how is everyone? This site has gone very quiet! FC how did your test go? I hope you got good news! And NR good luck with your ivf this month, BM how are you now?How did your review go and did you make any decisions on whether to change clinic or not? I hope you are ok. And RK, I know you have been taking some time out with your parents being ill and can imagine its very stressful. I hope you're ok though and stay in touch:) I am hoping to have my transfer done soon...maybe over the next week or two depending on my womb lining being ok,currently a bit thin. Say a prayer for me girls and I'll let you know how I get on. xx

AM  Posted: 30/05/2008 11:02

PC - nice to hear from you. Will be thinking of you. Stay positive. I did it against all the odds and you can too! All going well with us. Nearly 12 weeks and starting to pop!

Pc  Posted: 30/05/2008 16:19

Hi AM, glad its all worked out for you this time and great news that you're now 12 weeks, That has flown! Good for you. Thanks for your good wishes.

BM  Posted: 31/05/2008 10:32

Hi all, Sorry I've been a bit quiet - have been travelling to Asia for work - good distraction. I had a review with the consultant, we went in prepared with a list of questions and I have to say she dealt with them well. She scheduled me for a hysteroscopy and a D&C to get rid of any polyps that I constantly developed on fematab and make sure all was well. I had that done 2 weeks ago and they found a small polyp and removed it. The consultant suggested we take a few months off, especially as one cycle has just taken me 8 months, my body needs a break from the drugs etc... DH felt we should keep going on the basis that I would continue to think about it and torture myself even if I was on a "break", so we decided to get an fsh reading to see if taking a few months off would make a difference, given that I'm 38 and the good news is that my levels are normal so we're not going to start again until August - it's nice to take time off but also have something booked on the horizon. In the meantime I got my summary of care to Sims and finally got a call for an appointment mid June so we may still change (in fact I sense we probably will) if they can fit us in around August time frame. So that's my news. AM - so thrilled all going well. Pc - I have everything crossed for you, please keep us posted, you so deserve success. Rk - also good to hear from you, look after yourself. I actually have a great story one of my best friends has just gone through her first cycle - 4 years trying IVF only option took her 2 years to work up to it as she has a phobia of needles, hospitals etc. The whole cycle has been text book and yesterday she got a bfp! She's the only person I actually know, aside from those I've met on this message board, whose gone through this and to get a positive first time is amazing - it's inspiring me. Hang in there ladies - think of you all often! xxx

Pc  Posted: 04/06/2008 07:45

Hi BM, lovely to hear from you and glad your review went well. Sounds like your levels are fine which is also great news! And its a good idea to take a break and just maybe do and think of other things for a little least now you have a plan. On the hysteroscopy would you mind telling me how this was done? Was it under general or local anaesthetic and maybe you can't name the hospital but was it a hosp you got it done in or private clinic? Reason I'm asking is that I've just found out I need to get one done as my lining is not responding to the meds (no surprise there then..) and they want to stop this cycle and check out if theres a reason why. Am ok about it as hopefully its not a big problem and can get resolved but would like to understand a little more about the hysteroscopy. Thanks BM. xx

BM  Posted: 05/06/2008 08:37

Pc - Sorry to hear that you've come up against a minor hurdle - hopefully that's all it is. The hysteroscpy was done under a general anethestic - you can actually go in as a day patient, they'll let you home as long as you're collected by someone. I had to stay in the night before to guarantee a bed as it was done early in the morning and I was allowed go home by 3PM on the day of the proceedure. Its done by attaching a speculum so it's not as invasive as a laporoscopy. I had it done in Holles St (I'm in the Merrion Fertility Clinic) and my medical insurance covered it as it's acutually a very standard proceedure. I had some light bleeding for about 5 days afterwards but the recovery was fine. I am however, still waiting for my first period post the proceedure which is a little bit late now, I was told that this is to be expected. Pc - I am more than happy to speak to you too if it's useful and to pass on the consultants name etc. Let me know if you want to arrange this. xxx

Pc  Posted: 05/06/2008 12:13

Hi BM, thanks a mil for the info. Yes I hope its only a minor hurdle. Have got it arranged now in the Beacon thankfully so am glad about that. Will be in 2 weeks time so will let you know how i get on Just means a further delay but sure we're used to that by now right! And hopefully there is nothing wrong that can't be fixed. Unfortunatley i can't see any way on this site to send you contact details BM (ie, without letting the whole world know:). I know on some sites you can send personal messages but don't see that here - do you? Anyway I should be ok hopefully and hope we keep in touch. xxx

FL  Posted: 05/06/2008 16:36

Hi all, First time chatting to you. I've been through IVF unsucessfully twice in 1998. Since then I have been widowed but am with a new partner and was contemplating trying again. I am now 39. I got some bad news last week. My FSH level on Day 3 bloods is high. I have to get the test repeated and then go on Clomid for 5 days and get another level taken -- any advice

Pc  Posted: 07/06/2008 21:41

Hi FL, I don't have much advice for you but just to say sorry you've been through such a hard time and I hope that if you decide to go ahead with treatment that it will work for you. If you want any support along your journey let us know. xx

BM  Posted: 19/06/2008 13:05

Hi all, Pc - just wanted to check in and see if you how you're getting on. Have you had the hysteroscopy yet? Hope you are keeping well and in good spirts. FL - sorry I have no experience of this but I hope you're hanging in there and that further tests have given you a better picture of the options. AM - I hope you are blooming! Let us know how you're getting on. We went for a second opinion at Sims yesterday and I think we're going to go with them for our next attempt. They are recommending a very different course of treatment to prevent over-stimulation which was the root of all of our problems in our first attempt - this is the main reason that we're looking to change. They are also suggesting a blastocyst which is what I believe you had AM? Looks like I'll go on the pill (hilarious!) in July and start the drugs in August, with a hopeful egg collection/transfer in September. It's been nice not thinking about this for the past 2 months and I'm pleased with our decision, it feels right. Look after yourselves ladies. xxx

Pc  Posted: 27/06/2008 12:36

Hi BM,, that sounds like a good decision and I'm glad at least now it looks like you've gotten a solution to the problem. So the very best of luck for the next attempt and I hope you'll keep us updated! Yes I had the hysteroscopy, all went well and no polpys or fibroids or anything like that. Took a biopsy to do some tests but hopefully all ok so I'm hoping that a tweak of the meds will be whats needed for me. Am still a little sore and was very tired all week but just glad now its over. So am sure now we'll have plenty to keep in touch with over the next while BM. xx

Pc  Posted: 30/06/2008 08:28

Hi BM, I posted a message to you a few days ago but it didn't come through here. So to let you know the hys went ok, no problems seen and now waiting for biopsy results. Felt tired last week but ok now. Have to get these before I can start cycle again. Glad you have made the decision to go with Sims and great news you feel they can help you with the problems you had last time. I really hope now it will work out for you, I hope we keep in touch. xx

BM  Posted: 02/07/2008 11:54

Pc - good to hear from you. Good news that the hys was clear - fingers crossed for biopsy results will also be clear and you'll be able to try with the different dosage. Keep me posted. I check in from time to time this message board has gone quite quiet!

AM  Posted: 02/07/2008 15:28

Hi ladies BM- As you know I had a great experience with SIMS. Their drug regime is incredibly thorough from before the treatment to into the first 12 weeks. I changed over to them becasue they offer blast cycles and now as you know after two being transferred I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins! Previously I went though two complicated unsucc attempts with another clininc that dont do blasts. Maybe I was juct lucky this time but I do think that the change of clininc had a lot to do with it. Their blast success rate is approx 50% per cycle whihc is very very good and while I did have some complicatiosn this time, they deal with everything very efficenlty and without any fuss in house. I wish you all the best with it and do keep me posted. PC- great to hear that all is looking good for you. Keep us posted too! Thank God all is well with me. Every time I look in the mirror and see my bump I have to pinch myself. Please God all will continue to go well. You spend the whole time while you are trying worrying and then once you get pregnant you spend the whole time worrying about the baby - but boy Im not complaining. Keep up the good work ladies!

EB  Posted: 07/07/2008 21:19

Hi Ladies, I have been trying to get pregnant nearly 4 yrs now seeing a gyno but she's not very good a waste of time really, has done nothing since Nov last yr. She put me on Clomid for three Months a yr & half ago, got pregnant but had mis at week 8, I was shattered as two my best friends got pregnant the same time & I had to watch them go through what I should of been going through & I'm still watching, its hard. All I want is to have a baby with my husband. I do have irregular periods always did I didn't even know I wasn't ovulating until I went to the gyno, my hormone levels are very low & my gyno blames everything even the mis on my weight. I need advice, anything that would help...

Jo  Posted: 09/07/2008 11:24

Hi EB, you need to get your GP to write you a refreral letter for an IVF Clinic, HARI Unit in the Rotunda, SIMS Clinic in DUndrum, or where ever suits you, in regards to location, check out the internet. I too have been trying for years, did a failed IVF cycle back in Feb last year and am going to try the SIMS this year, just to see if I get the same problem occuring again, then I will know for sure that it will never work. I have a problem with my eggs. I too, as everybody on this site will tell you, think it is very hard looking at people pregnant/with babies etc... all my sisters in law have up to 5 young children each, all the while I am still trying IVF etc...So you are not alone in thinking that way. Best of luck.

EB  Posted: 14/07/2008 21:10

Thanks Joe I'll definitely look into these places I'm going to have to take charge & make things happen for myself. I'm just not happy the way its going so far. I have mixed emotions about getting pregnant. As much as I want to get pregnant, I'm SO scared of having a mis again, but I want it more.

Pc  Posted: 25/07/2008 08:24

Hi ladies, this a quick question for BM. I hope you don't mind BM! When you had your hysteroscopy did it take a long while for af to come afterwards? My op was 4 weeks ago and so about 6 weeks since my last one and no sign. Am waiting on it to start treatment again and getting quite annoyed as not sure whats going on. Any advice welcome! How are you getting along? I know this thread has gone quiet but hope we can keep in touch!! AM - hope all is going well for you. xx

BM  Posted: 25/07/2008 18:34

Pc - Hi there. Yes I was a bit late could have been 5-6 weeks and was told that was normal, could take bit longer. At the time I was still with the other clinic we were discussing when I'd start again and their sense was that it could take up to 8 weeks before AF arrived post hysteroscopy. I know it's frustrating but it sounds like it's perfectly normal. Hang in there! AM - also hoping that you are blooming. Jo/EB - hope you are both making progress on whatever paths you've decided to take. I'm on the pill at the moment and starting the down regulation drugs towards the end of August so not long to go now. I'm taking 2 weeks off work before hand and hope to be relaxed and calm as I start my second attempt. I'm encouraged by one of my best friends who very, very luckily got pregnant in May on her first attempt - she's 11 weeks now and about to have a scan. Although it's hard to see others pregnant when you want it so badly yourself, knowing some one personally who has tried IVF and had it work for them is also really encouraging.

AM  Posted: 28/07/2008 10:50

BM - that is great. Fingers crossed for you and you can rest assured that you are in great hands. Let us know how you are getting on.

Pc  Posted: 28/07/2008 16:54

Hi all, BM thanks for the info, it was 6 weeks so very close what you said. It came on Saturday so am back on track thankfully. Have a scan next week and pg if all is well will be on my way for my transfer. Am glad you are getting all ready for your next attempt in August and I wish you all the best. Running out the door from work but will check in soon. xx AM hope all is well, xx

bu bu  Posted: 29/07/2008 19:44

Hi all just poppin in to say hello. could ye tell me please what a blastocyst is? wat does it involve? how is it different from IVF/ICSI etc...... It is vey encouraging to see that these procedures do work and to all who have successful- well don & congrats and to those who are trying-dont give up. unfortunately due to circumstance out of my control I can not try anything at the moment so Ladies if your losing heart please dont - think of me and do it for me.

rk  Posted: 30/07/2008 09:15

hey bu nice to hear from you. I am in the same boat myself cant even contemplate any treatment this year too much going on with parents and would not be able to give it a decent shot. ah well am not that old at 36 i hope that maybe this time next year or so it could be considered..... take care to all out there and stay strong

FL  Posted: 30/07/2008 10:16

Hi bu bu & everyone As far as I know a blastocyst is when they leave the fertilised egg longer than the two days before it is transferred back. The positive of this is that if it is developing after 3 days there is a stronger chance of pregnancy and the negative is that there could be less eggs for transfer/freezing because they might not all survive the extra day. I think this is it as for my self I am thinking of starting the IVF programme the beginning of September. My FSH levels are high and there is a chance that I won't respond to treatment but the doctor is willing to let me try once and sure I don't want to regret not trying - praying for a miracle

Pc  Posted: 31/07/2008 08:33

Hi BuBu and RK, great to hear from both of you. Seems like you are both very busy this year with family and hope you are staying strong. This is a long road for some of us but hopefully we will all get there in the end.xx

Jo  Posted: 31/07/2008 10:11

Hi all, well we have started on the ICSI route again. I am on the pill for another 2 weeks and then the rest of the drugs and and scanning etc will all start. Am quiet nervous about it, as If it doesnt work this time then it will prob never work for us, we are just going to try different drugs this time, but Doc isnt too optimistic, but has said we will at least have tried everything. But am so afraid that it wont work, how do you get on with everything knowing it will never happen for you. I know I will but its just so hard. Trying to be positive also, as I know being negative doesnt help things either. And am trying to relax. Havent told anyone this time that we are doing it, as I actually hate talking about it out loud - that prob sounds weird! Anyway just letting off a bit, hope you are all keeping well.

rk  Posted: 31/07/2008 12:32

hey pc glad all is on track for you and best of luck. keep us posted and hope all goes well for you. take care.

bu bu  Posted: 31/07/2008 19:50

tanx Fl all the lingo gets me confused sometimes.Rk gr8 to hear from you. as for 36, well Im 38 so wer in the same boat. I hope things are ok with your folks. Did you do any enquiries on foreign transfer?Pc wat next for you,does the hysteroscopy improve your chances?

Pc  Posted: 02/08/2008 11:49

Hi girls, Jo the very best of luck to you on this cycle, I know you said before it was very hard to decide to try again and were not optimistic but you are trying and it can I really hope this will work out for you. Are you going with the same clinic? Let us know how you get on? Hi Bu bu, the hys was only to see was there anything going on that was making my womb lining not thicken for the transfer..I am doing donor egg ivf in Barcelona due to no response with my own eggs. This was a huge decision for me to go down this route but now I am so glad that I still have an option and pray that this will be successful. I am due to have a scan next week in Dublin and if all is ok I will then be going to Barcelona for the transfer. Hope you are well also and nice to hear from you.xx

AM  Posted: 03/08/2008 20:27

My first letter ; I have only just found the site and had to join in.I have the dredded endometrosis and I am 2 days off having preg test following frozen cycle.My home tests are neg so were devastated. We had failed fresh cycle in April too so its hard not to lose heart in the whole thing. Mind u we are few of the lucky ones. We have two beautiful sons as a result of fresh cycles ages 3 and 1. I always wanted 4 or 5 children so we must persevere. I can't do anymore again than I did this time. I had 4 full days of complete bedrest and then no heavy lifting etc.. to no avail. We still have 4 frozen so we'll go again asap .Does anyone know how long u have to wait between frozens?

BM  Posted: 04/08/2008 21:52

Hi ladies. Bubu I remember you from when you posted last year and I was just reading this board but hadn't started particpating in the discussions. I think sometimes you have to take time out of this roller coaster to deal with other things in your life, it's just to hard to keep all of the balls in the air, so fair play to you and Rk. I know having parents unwell must be hugely stressful too. Jo - will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes over the airwaves. Pc - all fingers and toes crossed for you this week and that a trip to Barcelona is on the cards. Keep us posted. I have my first scan on the 21st of Aug and should be starting the drugs that day too - so we're all going through this at the same time - it will be nice to be able to check in with you all. Stay strong everyone! xxx

Jo  Posted: 05/08/2008 11:35

Thanks PC, I changed Clinics, as I think I would have been too nervous even going back to the old one with and also wasnt too happy with their bedside manner, so went with another Clinic and am happy enough with them so far. Best of luck to you in Barcelona, hope all goes well.

bu bu  Posted: 05/08/2008 21:19

Hi Pc, wow that must be some rollercoaster for you. So u hav the support of the clinics here to do this? Bm-Life can be so unfair. I'm not getting any younger but we have to do what we have to do, parents do come first. To everyone else, best of luck on this journey.

Anonymous  Posted: 08/08/2008 07:57

Hi all, Been thru ivf unsucessfully now thinking of going donor route in spain. If anyone has any info I would be very grateful - where do you get your scans in dublin etc.

Pc  Posted: 09/08/2008 19:45

Hi everyone, Anon and Bu bu, the Beacon clinic womens centre will do scans for people going to Spain. I am currently going through the de process and hoping to have transfer tomorrow. Will post next week. Hi to BM and everyone else. xx

Ella  Posted: 11/08/2008 15:14

Hi all. Ella here again. Sorry for being off the post for a while, but hey i'm back now again!! We have definitely decided we are going to do the Donor Egg program in Barcelona. We are doing it in association with the Cork Clinic. I am in contact with them now and we are also starting by seeing a Counsellor on the 27 of this month, as they suggested. The process shouldn't take too long and hopefully all will be well over with by Christmas with hopefully positive results for us. We have to be positive girls and have hope. Try every angle before you give up for good. It's hard to be without hope even through it all, but we still get the hope from somewhere and that has to mean we keep going!!! I would like to know from anyone if they know the time span in which you get to book your flight to Barcelona?? In other words, when you get the call to go for the transfer of the eggs into you, how long do they give you, so you can book your flight?? Thanks girls, awaiting any replies to this... Ella.

rk  Posted: 11/08/2008 15:47

hey p.c best of luck and hope all is going good for you

bu bu  Posted: 11/08/2008 19:51

Hey Pc, best of luck, am thinking of you and fingers crossed.

Ella  Posted: 12/08/2008 08:59

Hey Pc. The very best of luck to you, and here's hoping for the best outcome ever!!! Let us know how you get on with the transfer etc. Thinking of you!! Ella

Kel  Posted: 12/08/2008 15:09

Hi everyone, I'm totally new to this site but it sounds very helpful! I am 39 and on a waiting list in Belfast for IVF. My husband and I have been trying for 2yrs. We'v had the test that they say are "normal". No apparent reason why we haven't conceived. I have recently been told of the clinic in Galway that use a methon called NaPro technology. Can anyone give some advice that has been to this clinic. I'v done my research but I'v had difficulty getting through to the clinic. I'm wondering about waiting list times and costs. My husband is very sceptical. I'd appreciate any advice. The support that you have given each other is amazing.

Pc  Posted: 12/08/2008 17:18

Hi girls, thanks a mil for your good wishes. Am just back from Barcelona after a rough week of ups and downs...anyway we are back with 2 embryos on board so fingers crossed now this will work out for us. Ella, on timings, i got the call even before my scan on bank hol Monday to say donor was ready and if scan was ok we had to be there on Wed am at 10 for ec for fresh collection. so scan was on tues morning, all was ok and we had to fly out tues night, Ryanair do flights in the evening to Gerona and then a bus to Barcelona, an hour 10 mins, We flew back with Aer Lingus as they fly from Barcelona, Best of luck to you on your road. RK and BU, thanks for thinking of me. BM how are you? Hope all is ok. Jo Jo, how are you getting on? Talk soon, xx

Kaki  Posted: 12/08/2008 21:08

Kel - I did the Napro 3 years ago in Galway. I can't remember how much it cost but it wasn't expensive. It takes 3 months to complete. It works best for people who have hormonal problems which prevent them from conceiving. It is very good for those with recurrent miscarriages. My problem was mechanical - tubes closed, so didn't work for me. You have to commit to monitoring your cycles for 3 months. You are assigned to a 'teacher' for this time and they help you with this. It is intriguing what you learn about mucus etc. The name of the doctor, i'm sure you know already is Phil Boyle. I don't think the waiting time is too long.

Ella  Posted: 13/08/2008 09:14

Hi Pc, O my God, i can't believe the timing is that short. My hubby is teaching and he wont be happy to hear that as getting time off at that short notice is not really an option for him. I suppose just prepare from when we start and let them know that we will need the time off. How long were you in Barcelona?? Was the process difficult? I was looking at the flight options too for our first visit and they are not looking great. We would like to get over there and back in the one day if we could and again time off might be a problem. Anyway its important so has to be done. I can't believe your little 2 are on board after all this time. I really will keep my fingers X for you and hope to God it all works out for ye this time. Baby Dust to you!! Keep in touch and let us know how your feeling etc. Ella.

Pc  Posted: 13/08/2008 15:43

Hi Ella, in our case we were there for a week but thats unusual, as we had to have some extra tests done and ran into some probs at the end. But it depends on whether you need to be there on the day of EC or not, so if your hubby needs to give fresh sample for the EC then you would need to be there that day, then usually the transfer is 2 days after that (unless they tell you otherwise). So you could fly in the evening before EC, be there for 3 days then fly home the next. If you don't need to be there on day of EC, then you would just need to be there for the day of transfer, so it all really depends, you will know a lot more after your first visit and if they advise you to do any tests or not at that point. Hope this helps. xx

Ella  Posted: 13/08/2008 16:21

Hi Pc, Thanks that does help some bit i suppose. Anyway since this morning, we have organised our first visit to Barcelona for the 29th of October. I would have preferred Sept but this suits my hubby better and at least then he wont need that much time off. He will be off that week as it's mid-term and the flights were cheap. So we're flying with Aer Lingus on the 29th and back again that night. A bit of a rush but hopefully will work out ok. I rang the Clinic here in Ireland and they told me that hubby wont need a fresh sample before we go so results that are already done will be sufficient. Hope that is the case now and not to be told different when we go over there. Im also hoping that we just have to go on the day of EC for transfer and that's it, otherwise it will cause alot of probs with the time off. Hope you're feeling ok since your return, and that you are getting plenty of rest too. You will need it. Take care, Ella.

Pc  Posted: 13/08/2008 22:36

HI Ella, they will definitely ask your hubby for a sample when he's far as I know this is routine. They will also talk to you before to understand how long you have been trying etc and may suggest some other tests for your hubby. Just letting you know so that you are prepared for the sample at least. Glad you have your app sorted and you should be fine going in the morning and back in the evening with no probs so best of luck and will be looking out for you to see how you get on.

Jo  Posted: 14/08/2008 09:05

Best of luck PC with your two on board, really hope it works out for you, we are heading in next week for another scan and then will start the hard meds! Seem to be waiting so long this time just to even get it all started, have been on the pill for 2 months now, and was waiting for an initial appointment for 3 months before that, anyway we are on the road again and really hope it works for us. Best of luck to you and also to you Ella on your journey to Barcelona.

Ella  Posted: 14/08/2008 09:33

Hi Pc, and Ruthie. Ruthie, thanks for your info there. I appreciate it but i presume what you're doing now at the mo has nothing to do with the Egg donation process. Pc. Thanks for that info too. I am hoping that they wont do anymore tests on my hubby. Was there a reason why they did more tests on ye? It's just that i spoke to the nurse in the Clinic in Cork where we did our previous IVFs and she said they will take a sample and that should be all, so im hoping that will be all then. We really cant afford to take a week off at that time of the year. Another thing too, will we expect to wait long for them to find a donor for us. I presume it's different with everyone but roughly how long does that take?? Hope you're relaxing and being good to yourself while you wait. I know it's an anxious time, so patience, lots of it is required. Take Care, your info has been vital and great help to me. Looking forward to more. Ella.

Pc  Posted: 14/08/2008 11:58

Hi everyone, Jo so glad you on your way finally, i know its been a long wait but hopefuly now all with be very very worth it!!! Let us know how you get on. Ella, when we had our tests in ireland for dh at the ivf, we were always told no problem there. From talking to the other girls (on who are also going to Spain, they don't take other clinics results but do a fresh one themselves to make sure. They also say that if for example you were trying for 5 or 6 years and have come to the point where the problem is our eggs, that it may not have always been our eggs, and maybe there was also a prob with the male also. This is nothing to be worried about, its just that they check out all avenues and they may not even go there with you. Just in our case and some other people i have spoken to, they decided to check out my hubby also and suggested some extra tests which showed up problems we were not even aware of. Like I say this may not be the same for you, so just go to the app with an open mind and see what they say to you. They won't do any other tests unless you agree and they won't do them on the day of the visit, so you won't be delayed and can be in and out that day. And maybe in your case they won't have a need to anyway. On finding a donor it takes approx 8 weeks from time of app to time of transfer, thats all going well and thats what they quote. Hope that helps and talk soon. Hi to everyone else, BM, how are you getting along? hope all is ok. xx

Ella  Posted: 14/08/2008 16:11

Hi Pc. Yes i know about the fresh sample that will be taken over, and that's ok, but the previous samples given to see sperm is ok will be given from our clinic also. I sincerely hope we dont have any other tests to do. I dont really understand DNA fragmentation and what all that's about. We never had any doubt either before that the semen analysis taken werent ok. Would you advise us to do these tests or take a chance. Does that mean more trips to Barcelona or can they be done here in Ireland?? Another Q i have is, did they only have 2 embryos to transfer for you or did you freeze some and would they transfer 3 ever if they had them?? I hate bothering you with all the Q's, you'll think i'm a right plague!!!! Ella.

Pc  Posted: 14/08/2008 22:35

Hi Ella, I have no prob at all with your questions honestly:) I might not be the best person to advise you on having the tests done or not though, as in our case we also thought the same as you, and got a shock with they (1) advised us to have them done and (2) found that there were problems with my hubby. People with higher levels of fragmenation will find it more difficult to get pregnant, and in our case the rate was 29%, anything between 20 - 30 is considered a problem, over 30 can be more severe. They also did a test called FISH which checks the chromosome set up and found that the chromosomes were abnormal so basically even if my eggs had been fine, we never really had a chance even with 'normal' ivf..not that any kind of ivf is ever normal, but you know what i mean. They do not do these tests in ireland which is why so many people go to spain in the first place. If they find problems they have ways of overcoming them, eg, for the dna fragmenation they can do a surgical procedure called Tese which takes the sperm direclty from the male and so can reduce the degree of fragmentation. If there are abnormalies they can advise on having pre genetic diagnosis, which allows them to see if any embryos are genetically abnormal. Again this is not available in ireland and may not even be something that everyone would want to do, I'm just giving you the possible solutions. So would i advise to go for the tests, well yes i would but really that doesn't matter, its whether the clinic will advise you or not thats important,. and i would say if you are going to take the time and trouble to go and visit them and get a diagnosis and treatment plan, then you should listen and take on board their suggestions as they have seen all kinds of cases and know pretty much straight away what to suggest based on your history etc. They will take a sample on the day and like i said may not even suggest any of this to you, but if they do AND if you agree, then it takes a few weeks to get the results. Unfortunately for me no i did not have any to freeze and was bitterly disappointed, but on the thread if you have a look there you will see that many of the girls going the donor route have eggs to freeze. One girl there the same time as me had 10 eggs, 2 transferrred and 8 frozen, so again it depends on the level of issues they are dealing with, In our case we had more problems than we ever realised, in your case it may only be the donor egg that you need to make your dream come true. I hope so and wish you lots and lots of luck! I know its a big step but these clinics are experts and once you make the leap it gives you renewed hope. Also there is a good clinic that i've heard of in the czech republic called Reprofit which offers the same treatment (not sure about tests) at much lower prices but longer waiting lists of about 8 - 9 months. On rollercoaster there is another girl there who recently got pregnant with twins. Hope this isn't too long winded and is of some help. I'm not an expert in any way so can just tell you of my own experience. xx

Ella  Posted: 15/08/2008 15:30

Hi Pc. You're a mountain of information!! It's all a great help. I presume from what you have said that they wont transfer 3 embies so, but sure that's ok too, dont want complications either. Hope you're doing well so far. I guess you have one week down at this stage. When are you due to test?? Fingers X for you and have a lovely relaxing weekend. Try not to be thinking too much about it, or it will drive you mad. Isn't the rain depressing!!! Hope everyone else is doing ok, what are ye up to girls????? Ella.

Day  Posted: 17/08/2008 22:24

Help! If there's anyone out there that can help me I would truly appreciate it. I am going crazy, because I am going through my 1st IVF cycle and I've been positive and hoping that everything is fine. My transfer was on 9 Aug., and my 1st pregnancy test is 20 Aug and the finally is 22 Aug. Today is 17 Aug 2008, and I couldn't wait any longer so I took a home pregnancy test at about 1:oopm and it was negative! I'm so hurt! Is there still hope for me? Was it too soon? Should I keep my hopes up? Please anyone, help!

Ella  Posted: 18/08/2008 09:02

Hi Day, Relax, take it easy, you will get yourself into a tizzy if you dont!! I did three IVF's all of which were negative but i got a bleed always before i was due to test, on the 3 occasions, so the fact that you havent got that, means there is still hope for you. I think to get a bleed before hand is the normal procedure. Maybe it is too early to test. You still have 3-5 more days, so that's nearly a week when you think of it. I'd chill out and keep the mind occupied with something else for a while. Go shopping or meet a friend for coffee, get out of the house for the next few days until you have to test and see then. I'd still hold hope!! Ella.

FL  Posted: 18/08/2008 09:13

Hi All Sorry I haven't posted to the site in a while. I have been reading and keeping up to date with you all. Wishing you all the best of luck on your journey. I myself have just booked my pre period scan in the Hari Unit - this day 4 wks the 15th September Here's hoping.

Ella  Posted: 18/08/2008 15:52

Hi Pc, How're you doing this week? Are you feeling ok, any different?? You must be getting excited now bout the whole thing. Hubby and i are going to a counselling meeting in Cork next week. Hope he/she doesn't turn us off the whole thing .... too late now anyway, we've decided. Did you have any of those meetings?? I feel like I want to ask you more q's but can't think at the mo. A girl I work with was telling me that she met her friend at the weekend and someone she knew had donor done in Spain and is now 5 mths pregnant, so a good ending there. Lets hope we all get that positive. Take care Ella.

BM  Posted: 20/08/2008 17:45

Hi all, just back from 10 days of hols in the South of France (I know I'm very lucky), which was great - weather fab and helped get my courage up for cycle number 2 (all going well). Since I've been away there have been loads of postings - some new and some returnees which is great. PC - so pleased for you that the transfer went ahead, sorry I haven't been in touch. I know you said there were some unexpected occurences, but at the end of the day you came away with two embyros - hopefully that's all you'll need. It's amazing what you have learned in Barcelona about your circumstances, if only they had all of these tests available in Ireland, then you'd learn so much and even avoid the pain, stress and heart break of unnecessary IVF cycles. The tww is awful so I hope you are doing ok. As always your messages are very up-beat and positive. I have all my fingers/toes crossed for you. You so deserve a positive result, hang in there....xxxx Day - I know from the messages you took a test today, I hope it was positive - the wait is torture as you don't know what to feel. Thinking of you... Ella /Jo / FL/Kel - hope you are all doing ok on the various paths you're on. Well, tomorrow is my first scan at the clinic and all going well I start the drugs on Friday. After one failed cycle that took 8+ months to get through, I decided to take a few months off IVF and focus on work and other things, allow myself a holiday. I've enjoyed the "freedom" of knowing I had treatment booked but at the same time not being in the midst of it, so naturally I'm now a little bit apprehensive. I'm on a very different protocol this time so we'll see.. Jo, you and I may be going through this on similar timings. I hope things are off to a good start for you. Keep your chins up ladies, good to have so many out there all fighting the same corner, the support does help.

Ella  Posted: 21/08/2008 16:16

Hi Day. I hope your ok and that your news is good. Please log on when you get time, and let us know how you're getting on. Pc. Same for you, hope you're doing ok aswell. I haven't heard anything from you in a while, and i keep posting on this site. Maybe i'm logging into the wrong site?? Hope you're news will be good also. Fingers X for all. Ella.

BM  Posted: 21/08/2008 17:12

Hi ladies, went for appointment today and start puregon and luveris injections tomorrow. As I overstimulated during my previous cycle (with different clinic), I'm not going on a "down" regulation - there is a chance that I'll understimulate but we'll see. So I'm on the rollercoaster again... PC - hope you are doing ok. Will check in after the weekend won't be on line for next few days. Thinking of you often. xxx

Pc  Posted: 22/08/2008 12:52

Hi everyone. Day first I hope that you ended up getting good news? sorry for not answering sooner but i didn't see your post until now. BM, wow 10 days in south of france, umm how lovely!! Did you eat well and have the last of the wine before you start again!!! I think i would have done! Did you travel around or stay in the one place? would love to hear! And starting again today I think, thats great and now you are nice and relaxed I'm sure you are raring to go and wish you the very very best of luck!!Will you keep us updated? And isn't this with Simms, i think it is anyway. If so i thinkyou will find them really nice and good. xx And Ella. sorry for not replying back, just trying to keep a bit of a low profile until i do my test! as otherwise becoming obsessed at looking up this and that and what if and what does this mean, god my head is quite wreacked really, Testing on Monday so hoping for the best - we'll see. will let you know how i get on. and hope you are ok also? isn't it oct you have your appt for? have you done any more research?Will be talking to you over the next while i'm sure. xx And Jo, how are you getting on? I know you were very nervous and really hope this time its going well for you? Do let us know if you feel up to it. Hi to everyone else, am hope your pregnancy is coming along great and hi to rk and bu bu. xx

Jo  Posted: 25/08/2008 12:13

PC hope today goes well for you, really do. BM sounds like we are both doing this at the same time alright. I have been put on Menopur injections though this time. Started them last Thursday, so I am back on Wed for another scan to see how things are going. Have had a few meltdowns already about the whole thing, but trying to stay positive.

Pc  Posted: 25/08/2008 13:27

Thanks Jo, well at long last I have gotten good news and my test today is positive. Its very early days but pg will work out. I did a home test and need it confirmed with beta so pg it will be fine. Thanks so much for all the support and kindness and will be praying now that it works for you and BM also and anyone else here thats going through the same thing. xx

Jo  Posted: 25/08/2008 15:24

PC I am delighted that you got a positive, it has been a long and difficult road for you and I am glad it has worked out for you, best of luck with the following months!

AM  Posted: 26/08/2008 11:50

PC that is just the best news ever! You've been through so much - well done! I'm so excited for you. I'll never forget the day we got our positive. I am now 24 weeks and the twins are doing great. I still have to pinch myself every time I look in the mirror! I do spend a lot of time worrying about the pregnancy but I guess that is par for the course for anyone in this situation. Keep us posted. No doubt you will be dying for the 6 week viability scan. Congrats again - I'm over the moon for you.

Pc  Posted: 27/08/2008 12:56

Thanks Jo and AM, Jo how are things going for you? I hope you're ok. And AM brilliant news that you're getting on well and you're well on your way now. Yes i have an early scan booked so hopefully that will be ok. Hard to believe it i think until we have that. xx

BM  Posted: 27/08/2008 22:15

PC - omigod - how fantastic, I am over the moon for you and so encouraged for the rest of us. What you have gone through over the last few years and esepcially the steps you have taken through the donor route are incredibly brave and you thoroughly deserve this. It really is true that "fortune favours the brave". Try not to worry yourself too much, I'm sure it's so hard to take in/comprehend and enjoy it for now. Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on. Day - thinking of you, hope we hear from you soon. AM - great to hear that you are "blooming" you are more than half way there, try to enjoy it if you can. Jo - hope your scan went well today. I had my first since starting the drugs last Fri, it looks good but I have 17 follicles so my over stimulate again, we'll know more on Fri and again on Mon when I go in for the next scans. I am trying not to allow my hopes to be too dashed but have to admit to being a bit upset. I'm on a lower dose than at my last clinic (PC - you are right, I'm at the Sims and so far so good, it feels very different to my last experience already) and didn't go on the "down regulation", I'm so deseperate to achieve a fresh transfer... AM - from memory didn't you have similar challenges?

Ella  Posted: 29/08/2008 08:33

AM Just to recap on your journey.... You are now pregnant with twins, was this with IVF or donor or which way did you succeed. I was reading back on the posts just now and i see your first letter and i know you would love 4 or 5 children ... best of luck to you. We have had 3 failed IVF's ourselves and have an appointment made for donor egg in Barcelona on the 29th of Oct. This is just our first visit and hopefully then in 6-8 weeks after that we will have our donor, pg, all going well. I have been in touch with Pc all through this, and she has been more than helpful, giving me information about it, and good for her, and her success!! Wishing her the very best!! So anyway, let me know what you did, as your news is brilliant too and the best of luck to you with the twins, half way there so the worries are hopefully over for you now. Hope you're doing great and looking foward to hearing from you soon. Ella

rk  Posted: 29/08/2008 11:05

Hi pc and everyone havent checked in for a little while. am over the moon at your fab news well done and HUGE congrats to you and dh big hug to you both xxx take care

bu bu  Posted: 30/08/2008 21:07

PC-congrats Im over the moon for you. look after yourself and try to relax personally I think you hav the hard part over now. Yipeeee

AM  Posted: 31/08/2008 12:33

BM & Ella - did I say I wanted 4 or 5 kids?! Good grief! I supose what I meant was that in a ideal world we would have lots of kids. We are just so thrilled with what our twin pregnancy. We thought we might never have any children never mind two. I had two failed IVFS with the previous clinics and went with a fresh dual transfer ( non donor) with Sims on round 3. I had severe OHSS on all three occasions. In the first clinic they washed their hands of me once this happened and sent me to Vincents Hopsital where nobody knows a lot about OHSS. After the second time this occured we really thought there was no hope beacuse I ended up seriously ill each time and in hospital for 2 weeks. Then we changed clinics to get another opinion and we could not belive how knowledgable they were about OHSS and how much experience they had dealing with it. They said, yes you will most likely develop this again but it wont affect your chance of success provided we drain off the excess fluid when it occurs. They dealt with it in a simple no nonsense approach that really made us feel very reassured. Of course it developed again, in particular after the trigger injection and there were several drainings but no shipping off to general hospitals as they dealt with it all on site. None the less we at last got a positive and are now almost 25 weeks pregnant with twins. BM - I know you have had similar problems. I really hope that now that you have changed over to the new clinic that they will be able to deal with it. Ella - I think the donor programmes is excellent and the success rates are first class. PC can be your inspiration. Despite the OHSS we didnt get great numbers fertilisation wise but we got two good blasts which did the trick. I was really disheartened with the numbers but it just shows you - its not really relevant. One good one is all you need. Do let us all knwo how you are getting on - its a very tough time but you are giving yourselves the best chance. Good luck. By the way I did acupuncture every week around the cycles and in particular within a few hours of the transfer.

ET  Posted: 01/09/2008 13:09

Just new to this discussion forum...first attended the Hari unit in Jan 07 after 3 years of TCC. had lap & dye in March '07 and everything perfect..DH all ok too. had IUI in May 2007 but no joy. Underwent IVF in April '08 on long protocol with 12 eggs, 6 fertilised, 2 ( 4 cell grade 2a & 2 cell grade 2b) transferred on day 2 and none suitable for freezing. Unfortunately got period 2 days before due to test. Had review appointment in June '08 and discussed blastocyst transfer. Doctor not too hopeful from last cycle that eggs would reach blastocyst. Started 2nd IVF in July '08.....on menopur injections this time..had 9 eggs collected and 6 fertilised....3 went to blastocyst stage and one transferred back and two frozen....two week wait dreadful as really thought I was getting my period...had DH convinced it had failed but unbelievably got BFP and am now 5 weeks pregnant! Never thought it would happen so just to say to everyone out there to stay positive!

Ella  Posted: 01/09/2008 14:26

Well done ET, that's good news for you. The 2 ww is terrible but if it ends in success then you soon forget about it!! Thanks for joining in and keep in touch and let us know how you're doing. Pc - Hope you're doing well this week and starting to get used to your new pregnancy!! Your 6 week scan will be forever coming but it will come and i'm sure it will all be real to you then and everything will be hunky dory!! AM - Thanks for that info, you're story is fantastic!! Twins, Wow, i would really love that. I pray every night that our donor will come good for us and that this process will work. I used to attend an acupuncturist and found him great. He worked with my cylces too in order to relieve liver dysfunction and any blood clots that might occur during my cycle (not much though). I found him brilliant and funny and nice. I'm wondering now will i go back. Was there any specific areas that your acupuncturist worked on for you?? Was he/she a general acup or specially for fertility? I live in the South, so Dublin or anywhere north would be no good to me. Maybe i will take it up again. How often did you have the acup done?? If you could give me these details i would be delighted. Thanks and great talking to you!!! These sites are brill!!! Ella

AM  Posted: 01/09/2008 21:47

Ella my acu woked on regulating cycles and I noticed a seriosuly lighter less painful blood flow. She also worked on general relaxation and good health as well as my crohns disease. She works out of south Dublin. She is top of her field for fertility and is diffcult enough to get an apt. She is €75 per session. I have no doubt your donor will come good! Its great to read all the positive stories on this thread. While it is very difficult for those still on the journey I think it is important to remember that it can and does work. Keep us all posted! ET - congrats also! Superb news.

Jo  Posted: 02/09/2008 09:54

Hi BM, how did your scans go on Fri and Mon? I have 9 follicles, so I am going in tomorrow for the egg retrieval, am nervous, we got this far the last time and then when they got my eggs out they didnt take well to the sperm, so didnt even get a transfer. have been on Menopur and Oragalutron and injected the Pregynl last night. so I am in tomorrow for the egg retrieval. Couldn't sleep last night, hoping to get some tonight as want to be rested and relaxed going in tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

BM  Posted: 02/09/2008 10:04

ET - this is fantastic news, every time I hear some one getting a BFP I think it's so encouraging for those of us still on the journey. I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Very best of luck! PC - hope you are doing well. Ella - I'm sure you're donor will come through for you. AM - thanks for the details. I had a scan yesterday and have 23 folicles in spite of the low dosage protocol, which is more than we had hoped for, but my oestrogen levels are ok and my ovaries are not overly swollen so it looks like I'll avoid HOSS this time, thankfully. If I get 20 eggs or more they will opt for elective freeze all, but as we too are going for blastocyst will evaluate how I am during the 5 day wait. Getting such a high volume compromises the quality too, so to begin with fingers crossed I don't get to many eggs, I am so desperate to achieve a fresh transfer this time.... Stay strong and well ladies. xxx

Ella  Posted: 02/09/2008 12:47

Jo, 9 follicles is great. I hope it all goes v well for you this time and that the eggs will fall in love with the sperm this time!! Try and relax cause there is nothing to be gained by being nervous anyway, easier said than done i know!! I was relaxed through all mine and sure nothing worked for me, so you just never know what to be doing and not doing!! Thanks AM for that info. I will check into the acup with my old fella and maybe just doing it twice monthly or something to keep the form good and to keep me relaxed too. I wish i could log into other sites and see what they have to say too but i cant unfortunately!! BM best of luck to you too on your journey. You could always be wondering about follicles, few or many, but it's all down to luck on the day, so i wish you the very best and hope it all turns out positive for you, let us know!! Day, we've had no word from you, hope all is ok with you and when you feel up to it, log on, if nothing else, just for support!! No matter what stage we are all at, it's a long journey for us all girls, so the support is great, and it's important to keep in touch with eachother. At these times you need strong support and friendship and the fact that all of us here are going through the same thing is the best understanding anyone can give. Thanks again girls. Ella.

BM  Posted: 02/09/2008 14:49

Jo - best of luck tomorrow, hopefully you'll get some good quality embryos this time. I'll be thinkning of you. I'm one day behind you, I'm having the pregnyl triger tonight and going for egg retrieval on thursday. Keep me posted, fingers crossed for us both....

Lu  Posted: 02/09/2008 23:15

Hi Girls, I'm new to this post as well but have been reading all your experiences for the last few months. We have been TTC since 2005 and were referred to a Gynae Dept of a local Hospital for tests. After waiting months for appt, nothing was found with my fertility but routine tests showed DH had a low count. We were told to keep trying as it only took one sperm. Basically we attended for routine appts and got nowhere fast. We asked for a referral letter for IVF and waited 9 months for appt. We felt we achieved more in 1 hour with the fertility clinic than 3 years in the Gynae Dept of Hospital. After further tests, they discovered that DH had anti-sperm antibodies and we would go down the route of ICSI. Since our appt in July, things have moved very quickly and I am now waiting for day 1 of my cycle so I can start nasal spray on day 21. Infertility is such an isolating and devastating thing but fingers crossed it will work for us. I think every one of you are so inspiring and positive despite the fact that treatment is so invasive and emotional. Please God, we'll all achieve success and all our dreams will come true. Take care and keep positive.

BM  Posted: 03/09/2008 11:42

Lu - it's good to hear from you. My situation is very similar to yours, I don't appear to be the issue, my DH also has significant anti-sperm antibodies and tomorrow will be our second attempt at ICSI. I'm not qualified to give advice, but from my experience what has surprised me the most is how I have reacted to the treatment, having discovered the anti-sperm antibodies, we were convinced (because we were told) that IVF would be relatively straightforward for us because the male end of the proceedure is not very invasive and "the problem" wasn't with me. In our case, I over-responded to the protocol and ended up with OHSS, which compromised my health and the quality of the eggs and therefore the embryos and it took 8 months to get to the end of the cycle with many of the embryos not surviving the thaw - hence the 2nd attempt. There is so much that I have learned about myself, my system and IVF over the last 12 months. We are all on our own journeys and each of us is different. It may well be straightforward for you and I truly hope that is the case. I convey this information to you because of the extreme disappointment I suffered and how unprepared I was for the possibility of things not going to plan. I hope that you go through none of this. One of my best friends is 16 weeks pregnant after one attempt at IVF, so I have a lot of hope and feel very positive, but realistic about attempt number 2. Over the past 12 months I've got so much out of the stories/journeys of others on this site, no one understands the journey unless they are/have been on it. There are so many strong, brave women out there and it's so good to hear all of the stories. Best of luck to you and all of us!

Kel  Posted: 03/09/2008 12:48

Hi, I'm new to this thread..I've been on the infertility problems thread for the past couple of weeks with PC and Ella. Just wanted to wish Jo and BM the very best for Wed and Thurs. I too am waiting for my 1st go of IVF. I am quite new to all that you have been going thru. It's been quite an education to read all of your entries but extremely helpful. I now know how complex it all is and all the things that can go wrong.. and yes, right! It's wonderful to hear all the positive results. Personally, its the waiting that seems to be getting to me. We've bin seeing a fertility doc since May of last year just. We were married in July07. We hadn't used any contraception from the beginning of 06. We've had all the relevant tests to find that all seems "normal". I feel the problem is my age. 39.5! I'm on the IVF waiting list in the north. I'm hoping to have our 1st go before I turn 40 in Dec. Anyways, just some background for this thread. This really is a great forum. I look forward each day to logging on and reading how everyone is doing. You have all definately helped me to stay positive and to realise that there are so many of us going through and feeling the same things. So again, good luck to all. xx

Lu  Posted: 04/09/2008 10:59

BM, many thanks for your story and advice. I really hope things go well for you today and everything goes to plan. Jo, best of luck aswell. As I'm new to all this, I don't understand how it took 8 months to get to the end of one cycle .... I am pinning my hopes on starting treatment next cycle (if there are more than 10 couples undergoing treatment in the month) I'd have to go on the waiting list for the following month. Maybe I'm very naive, but I cannot wait to get started and am pinning everything on it being successful. I'm 35 and so hopefully, I'll have time (and money!) for another attempt if God forbid this fails.

CC  Posted: 04/09/2008 20:53

Hi ladies Im just getting over a cancelled cycle due to poor response, there were 4 follicles but not mature enough to go ahead with egg collection. This is my second fresh cycle, my frist ended in a chemical pregnancy. Im finding today particularly bad as I would have been due our baby today, i feel heartbroken but i guess our little one is heaven now. Anyway this cycle was cancelled on 5th August and to date i still havent gotten a period, ive had spotting twice over the last few weeks with cramps so i was convienced it was starting but it just stops after a day or so. I did a pregancy test about 3 weeks ago but it was negative as the clinic told me i should ovulate around 7th Aug so to try naturally cos ya never know! I have severe endo so i dont hold much hope myself of concieving naturally to be honest! My hormones are all over the place at the moment, im either bursting into tears or in a rage that would make satan look like a bunny rabbit! Its weeks now and i just cant handle being like this for much longer im going crazy, id even be grateful for a good nights sleep at this stage but i lie in bed going over things in my head and living in fear that ill never get a period again. My question is for any of the you that have had a cancelled cycle how long have you waited before your period started and have any of you ever felt like this, maybe i am losing it! Also do yous think there is still hope after a cancelled cycle? Any help or advice would be great. CC

Lu  Posted: 05/09/2008 08:38

CC I'm not one to give advice as I haven't started treatment yet, but try and remain positive. Maybe take up accupuncture or reflexology to help things along naturally. I have done reflexology and really found it relaxed me and helped me unwind. My DH has also done accupuncture and found it fantastic. Excuse my ignorance, but what is a chemical pregnancy?

Pc  Posted: 05/09/2008 10:22

Hi everyone, there seems to be a lot going on at the moment. BM and Jo, am hoping things went well for both of you this week? BM I know you had a lot of follicles so am praying things went ok for you? And Jo did the fertilisation go ok? I know it must have been a hard week and am hoping all is ok. CC having a cycle cancelled is very frustrating and I can only imagine how annoyed and upset you are...It happened me 3 times but in my case I usually had either none or just one small follicle, so the fact that you had 4 well I don't know but hope that when you have your review they will maybe change your protocol for next time to try to stimulate some more? Let us know how you get on. Hi to Ella and Ruthie and Kel...hope things are ok. And rk and bubu thanks so much for your good wishes! AM am glad all is going so well for you with your twins!! And that you're taking it easy. Sorry if I've missed anyone..will check in soon and will update you after my scan next week. xx

BM  Posted: 05/09/2008 10:27

CC - you're story is heartbreaking and my thoughts go out to you, it must be incredibly difficult to go through the whole pain of IVF only to lose the baby - it's seems unimaginable. I'm so sorry. I'm afraid I don't have any experience of cancelled cycles to share, have you spoken to your doctor/consultant? I have friends who have experienced delays in periods when they are going through a very difficult time - isn't this a possibility? I also know of someone who conceived naturally after a cancelled cycle - so it's worth talking this through with some one medical. It might help. In the mean time, my thoughts go out to you. Lu - you have a lot to be optimistic about and I am sure you will have success. Because of my HOSS, we had to wait for 2 months before we could look at a frozen transfer for the embryos we got last Oct, when I went on fematab (drug you go on to prepare the uterus for an embryo transfer), I over responded to it and developed polyps, it was Feb before our first embryo transfer (2 out of 5 embryos didn't survive the thaw and so 2 others were put in but the lab didn't have as much time to see if they were dividing before transferring - something I was bitterly angry about as time went on). This didn't work, so we had one embryo left - again I overresponded to fematab (4th time - the clinic was unable to offer an alternative, this was april of this year) developed a polyp, but as there was a 50% chance that the embryo wouldn't survive the thaw we decided to go for it irrespective of the polyp and it didn't work. It wasn't until May (8 months later) when we had our post-cycle review that we were told by the consultant that the embryos were compromised by my HOSS becasue the eggs weren't of the best quality because there were too many of them (I had 22). We decided to take a few months off and get a 2nd opinion - hence we are where we are now (with a new clinic too). Yesterday they collected 13 eggs (I had 23 follicles) - which was a huge relief, as if they had got as many as 20 they would have gone for an elective freeze all again. I find out today how many embryos we have and then if any of them move to the blastocyst stage over the next 5 days - if so and if they are happy with my health I'll have a fresh transfer on Tuesday, which would be such a boost and yet I'm trying not to get my hopes up.... Jo - I hope your ER went well and that we hear from you soon. Kel - thanks for the good wishes, hopefully your appointment will come through soon. PC - I hope all is well and that we hear from you again before too long. Ella - hope you are well.

Lu  Posted: 05/09/2008 13:28

Bm, My heart goes out to you after all your attempts, but please God in the next few days you'll have great news. I didn't realise the amount of problems IVF brings ... the clinic we're with didn't really explain any of the negatives that go hand in hand with treatment. I wasn't aware that some of the drugs could produce polyps etc. I knew it wouldn't be plain sailing but I think all these "fertility experts" who are getting paid handsomely, should explain in detail about what can go wrong. We were told about IVF treatment being stopped due to overstimulation etc but no-one sat us down to really talk to us. I feel in our case, we seem to be just another number on the list. The only real solid true information I am getting is from all these posts and I congratulate you all on sharing your highs and lows and personal stories. I'm trying everything in my power to prepare my body for success, but haven't been told whether vitamin supplements would be beneficial or not. I have heard of vitamin B but not sure whether to buy an all-in-one multi vitamin or it on its own - any suggestions??? I hope you all have a good relaxing weekend (despite the crap weather) and a new week will hopefully bring us closer to success.

Jo  Posted: 05/09/2008 13:46

BM, thats great news that they got 13 eggs, hope all goes well for you over the next few days. They got 9 eggs from me on Wednesday and got the phonecall yesterday saying that 8 of them fertilized! - I couldn't believe it, was in shock, so they said if anything changes that will phone me and let me know, otherwise they will ring on Sunday to get me in on Mon or Tues for the transfer. So really hoping that I dont hear from them until Sunday evening! Really couldn't believe it as we were told so many times to expect that same outcome as we got before, - the eggs not fertilizing, so really praying things go well. Lu best of luck on your journey, it is extremely hard and emotional, stay positive. CC, i too was an emotional wreak after our first IVF attempt, that only thing I can tell you it that time makes you feel better able to cope with it, when all the drugs etc leave your system too its better, its takes time.

Pc  Posted: 05/09/2008 13:58

Oh BM am so hoping you get good news today and tomorrow and that all will go well for the the little embryos!!! Will be thinking of you over the weekend. xx

Anonymous  Posted: 05/09/2008 14:20

Very interesting conversation. One thing I have been having a hard time finding is getting the IVF ultrasound scan in the specific time needed! Anyone know where I can have this done in Dublin?

Kel  Posted: 06/09/2008 13:58

Oh BM and Jo.. You've been in my thoughts and prayers throughout the week.. Please God, all that you are going through will bring positive results. I can only imagine how close you both must feel. I'm still extremely frustrated. I didn't hear back from the doc so I just took the bull by the horns and walked into the hospital asking to see her. Surprisingly, she did! She told me that I'm 56 on the waiting list for the 1st attempt and that at this rate I won't be called before I'm 40. ( Because we live in the North, we can have 1 go of IVF free before age 40). We were told that it was a years waiting list when in actual fact its 18mo. The point is, we would have done all this a year ago privately. Now, I have to be put on a private waiting list that is the same size as the NHS list. On a positive note, she did scan me and was able to tell me that my uterus doesn't look like it should for day 14.. which answers my previous question about my cycle being a bit off. She's now put me on clomid. Doesn't sound like many find it helpful but we've decided to try it for a couple of months while we still wait! I feel strongly that we don't really have time to wait any more. I too feel very much let down by these professionals that don't really tell you all the options. Certainly my first private doc led us to believe that we would be called within the year. Now its just tough luck. The hosp doc told me to get on every list possible.. I never dreamt it would be this hard. Never mind all the obvious complications that you all are experiencing! Hopefully, soon, we will all get good news! PC.. best of luck with the scan next week. Ella, hopefully things are going in a positive direction for you and the egg donor. Ruthie and Anto, hopefully the charting, etc is working. To everyone else, try to stay strong. Best wishes xx

BM  Posted: 06/09/2008 17:37

Hi ladies. PC - so good to hear from you and that all is going well, the scan next week should hopefully make it more real for you! Jo - this is fantastic news well done! I hope that you get the news you're hoping for on Sunday. Are you having a blastcyst transfer? Well out of my 13 eggs 11 were mature enough to fertilise and from the 11 we got 10 embyros! I'm thrilled but now the tortuous wait to see if any reach blast stage. Appartently I'll get a call between 4-7PM Sat/Sun if it's BAD news. It's now 5.45 on Saturday night and I'm absolutely bricking it. Gosh this is torture. Anonymous - sorry I'm not sure what you mean by an "IVF scan". CC - hope you are doing a little bit better every day, thinking of you. Lu - thanks for your good wishes. I think the "pre-conception" vitamins might be the way to go as they have everything, but I'm not sure - that's what I've been taking. Hope everyone else is well and enjoying a stress free weekend!

arin  Posted: 09/09/2008 20:05

Hi girls, how do think what fertility clinic in Dublin is better? I'm new. Thanks

Jo  Posted: 10/09/2008 11:25

BM, yes I'm doing blast, went in for the transfer on Monday, at that stage we only had 2 eggs left good enough, the rest of the eggs weren't deemed good enough, - was down to 6 on the Sunday and when we went in on the Monday we were told we only had two, so none for freezing available, which is upsetting as now I keep thinking that maybe the two they implanted arent that good either, have the 2 week wait now. Hope you got good news about your eggs and got your transfer ok. Kel, would you not try a clinic down South, if the waiting list is that long up North and you are thinking of going private anyway, dont think you have to wait as long in the South, I waited 3 months for an appointment in the Sims CLinic which is in Dundrum. Arin, I have experienced two Clinics in Dublin, first the Hari Unit in the Rotunda and secondly the Sims in Dundrum, I found the Sims much better, in that they take time with you and are more understanding and helpful - which is what you need going through this, but I suppose everybody has their own experiences and the Hari has produced babies also. Best of luck to everybody

KS   Posted: 10/09/2008 11:38

Hey there girls I was just reading all your posts oh my god such a great support network you have here. I have just started on the journey and my doc has put me on Clomid. I am worried about the side effects, can any one tell me if these last the whole month or just the days that you are taken the tables? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes to you all

Pc  Posted: 10/09/2008 18:07

Hi girls, Jo firstly great news that you have your 2 little embies on board!! YOu have every chance of success now so hope you can take it easy over the 2 weeks and will be wishing for every good wish for you. The 2 little embies sound like strong ones so best of luck! i know its disappointing to have none to freeze but hopefully you won't need them anyway. And BM how did you get on? Did you get to transfer? I hope so, it sounded like things were going well for you. I hope all is well and that you're also on your 2ww. Take care everyone and talk soon, xx

arina  Posted: 10/09/2008 19:59

Jo, thanks for your information. Next week I gonna go to my GP for a referral letter. Does anyone know about lap? How much it cost in the hospital, how long they keep you in? I have no health insurance. Should I get it? Sorry, for all those questions, but I'm not irish. 2years traying to conceive. Thanks a lot & good luck too everyone.

arina  Posted: 10/09/2008 20:06

And 1 more question - what different between 'whether you wish to be seen privately or publicly'? If you choose 'publicly', are the costs still the same? Thank You!

BM  Posted: 11/09/2008 09:31

Jo - 2 blasts transferred - that's brillaint news! I know it would be nice to have something to freeze but in many cases (although I'm not as familiar with FET using blasts) the embryos don't survivie the thaw. The two you have may be all you need and as awful as it would be to have to go through this all over again, at least you know that you can get this far. I think it's fantastic and hope you are toughing out the wait! PC - great to hear from you, but you never said how your scan went?? KS - sorry I have no experience of clomid to pass on. Arin - I too am at the Sims and had experience of the Merrion too. I have been incredibly impressed by the care and treatment at Sims, but if I had had success at the Merrion then who knows... If you know anyone personally who has been through this I'd advise you talk to them too. Well we got 3 blasts - 2 were transferred on Tues (still one day behind you Jo!). The third wasn't quite "compacted" so they were giving it until yesterday and I expect to hear today if it made it to a stage where it could be frozen. I honestly can't believe we made it this far - there is still a MAJOR hurdle to overcome over the next 2 weeks but I feel so fortunate to have made it to a fresh transfer. Don't get me wrong I'll be crawling the walls by the time the next 11 days is up (it's a 12 day wait for blast transfer). Any tips for getting through this period greatly welcome. Jo - keep in touch over the coming days/weeks. Kel/CC/AM/Ella - hello to you all.

Jo  Posted: 11/09/2008 10:49

PC, thanks for your words of support, I have been driving myself mad thinking the embryos they implanted werent good enough, as they others didnt survive, but your right, I have as much chance as anybody and I have to stay positive, how are things with you? Arina I think going public is a longer wait to be seen and I think most of the costs are covered - I am not sure as we always went privately, but if you go privately you can still claim some of the money back you spend with a Med 1 form. Good luck. BM thanks for your words of support, the wait is very hard isnt it? Delighted you got your 2 blasts also and hopefully you will get that one to freeze, best of luck!

Lu  Posted: 11/09/2008 14:11

Hi Everyone Ks, I was on Clomid for 3 months and had absolutely no major side effects except I did get a very bad headache on one occasion but that might not have had anything to do with Clomid. We attended Holles St publicly after waiting 9 months and were told we would need ICSI treatment and since that 1st appointment we have been attending in a seperate clinic in Holles Street. We have been told our treatmnet will cost in the region of €5 - €6k. We have already paid €150 for 1st consultation and €50 for a teaching session. VHI paid for my Hy-Cosi scan, so regardless of being public or private it still costs a huge amount.

KS   Posted: 11/09/2008 14:49

Thanks Lu that's a great help. I have been all over the shop since starting on these and I don't know if it's me or the tablets. Oh my god you have been on some journey since I can't beleive I am only starting. Praying these tablets work but I am not optimistic about it. Can't help think I did something in a past life to stop this. Best wishes to you all.

AM  Posted: 11/09/2008 17:48

Jo and PC - congrats on reaching a major milestone. About a week after the trasnfer I was quite sick with OHSS and drainings and thought it would never work and it did! Tips on surviving well try to relax. I know it sounds impossible. Myself and DH went away to Kelly's hotel for 5 days. Dont know if it helped but I never really took much time off work on the previous two attempts which failed. Dont over exert yourself or stretch. Visualise the implantation and the end result. I still have the baby gro at the end of my bed which I looked at every night during the last IVF cycle. Intererestingly it has an owl on it and say " twoo" on it - amazing considering we are 26 weeks with twins! You are in the hands of God now to a certain extent so try to relax and think positive. I did some acupuncture and took Mum omega. On public v private there is no public ivf service in ireland - it is all private unfortunately. Cost in the region of €4000 to €5000 per fresh cycle. On clomid, I was on it for 6 months and think the side effects are all month as it fundmantaaly chnages your cycle and encourages the release of more eggs. I wouldnt worry to much about the side effects especially considering that the side effects of the IVF drug regime is far greater. Great to see so many new comers to the thread! keep up your posts!

KS   Posted: 12/09/2008 09:25

Thanks AM for clearing that up didn't know what was going on with me. Congrats on the twins so glad it worked out for ya after all the hardship. Fingers crossed these work for me. Best of luck to everyone.

Pc  Posted: 12/09/2008 09:49

Hi BM, oh am so glad you had 2 transferred. thats just brilliant! And Jo you're dead right, you have every chance! And both of you now take it nice and easy and everything crossed for you!! Well BM, didn't get to log in yesterday but my scan went very well...we saw TWO little heartbeats!! Can you imagine, after all this time, two. Am thrilled, excited, scared and everything all at once...its huge and life changing and I just can't believe it. Thanks so much for asking and thanks everyone for all the encouragement over the months. xxx

CC  Posted: 12/09/2008 09:54

Hi girls, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging responses, sorry im only replying to them now i just needed a break from talking, thinking and analysising why my cycle was cancelled. After some doing some research my conculsion is that the fact my FSH was so high at the time (18.5) i didnt need the down regulation nasal spray as my hormones were already down regulaated naturaly cos of the FSH. Im changing clinics based on this as i feel the clinic im with now should have known this. Plus after the cycle was cancelled, which was the day before egg collection, i should have been given something to bring on ovulation but i wasnt and now 6 weeks on i still have no period, i did a pg test and its negative so thats ruled out! I guess stopping all the meds so abruptly has my hormones all over the place, i just hope to God i get a period soon just to make me feel normal again! Did/do any of you have high FSH levels and if so where you given medication for it? My clinic told me not to worry about it as it flucuates but i am very anxious about it cos if it gets any higher im afraid using my own eggs might not be an option anymore? Also, and sorry for all the questions, do any of you girls have endometriosis? I have it quite severe and im trying to educate myself on diet and nutrition, have any of you any advice? In saying that did any of you make any major changes to your diets before and during IVF? I gave up the usual things but if any of you have any tips it'd be great. Sending loads of baby dust to you all. CC P.S Congrats to the ladies who have gotten their BFPs its great news and gives us all hope.

rk  Posted: 12/09/2008 15:06

hey pc great news for you and dh am so happy for you and bm all bits crossed for you during the 2ww but stay positive and as relaxed as you can i know it is so hard. and hi to the rest of you out there on this mad roller coaster it will be worth it all in the end my thoughts on repeat ivf are still very much on hold too much happening with parents to consider it but i will drop in from time to time and once again girls GREAT NEWS and news like that is what gives us hope... xxxxx

arina  Posted: 12/09/2008 20:19

Thanks girls. Good luck! I decided to go to SIMS.

BM  Posted: 13/09/2008 09:10

AM - thanks for your tips, they certainly worked for you. I have been warned that I may still suffer HOSS and that I may need to have drainage done - so it's reassuring to know that it didn't impact the outcome for you. My sides aren't as tender/sensitive but I still feel bloated and there was some fluid when they scanned me before the transfer, but not enough to stop us from going ahead - tg. So good to hear about your progress with your two bundles of joy! Pc - what can I say this is AMAZING news! I know it's early days but to find 2 heart beats, what a dream come true! I am over the moon for you. Put your feet up and look after yourself - please keep posting. Jo - hope you're doing ok and staying positive, I'm trying to play it all down (impossible) and not let it get to me. Some good weather would be helpful as a long walk would probably clear the head. I'm also going for acupuncture. Keep in touch. CC - really good to hear from you. It sounds like a 2nd opinion would be useful and may be boost your confidence. My thoughts go out to you. rk - great to hear from you, thanks for your good wishes. Stay well ladies, thank you all for your good wishes and positive vibes, they really help. xxx

AM  Posted: 14/09/2008 13:07

PC - oh my God - more twins - I am delighted for you! I know how you feel with the mix of excitment, fear etc but it really is the best outcome - an instant family! I'm sure you will have many questions for me so fire away. 27 weeks next Wednesday. Feels like they are having a disco as I type! To the rest of you formidable ladies - you are all doing very positive and brave things - may good luck come to you all soon - God knows you all deserve it.

Jo  Posted: 15/09/2008 09:13

PC congratulations on the two heartbeats, best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy! I'd say you can hardly believe it after all you have been through. BM how are you getting on, all well I hope, I have until Saturday and then I do the pregnancy test, its hard waiting, every twinge I get I think Its my period coming, just trying to take it easy and relax.

BM  Posted: 15/09/2008 10:00

Jo - I totally understand what you mean, I'm trying not to read in to everything and avoid "knicker watching" but some days are better than others. I wish I could be more positive, my nature and self protection veres toward the negative.... I'm testing on Sunday, hard to believe that this time next week we'll know.

Ella  Posted: 15/09/2008 10:18

Pc. Hi, Am i believing what i'm reading??? Twins??? Isn't that just fantastic, well done to ye both. I'm thrilled for you. I was busy with work of late so didn't get a chance to jump on here. I cant find your comment on finding out about the twins!! When did you have your scan?? You must be so excited, hard to contain i would imagine!!! Relax, Relax, Relax. Are you working???? I really hope and pray that you go all the way now with your little embies now!!!! Let me know what site you posted the message about the twins and finding it out, so i can read it for myself!!! I cant wait to get started myself now. Hoping and praying all the time that it will work for us too. Sometimes i feel real hope and now i'm starting to get anxious again. I'm going to take Mum to be vitamins, starting them soon. Did you take anything before you're treatment?? We still havent told anyone anyway that we are going doing it and i think that's the best way for us at the mo!!! Let me know all...... Ella.

Pc  Posted: 15/09/2008 13:34

Hi everyone, oh thanks so much for the lovely comments!! Ella, you make me smile and I hope you don't get too anxious although easier said than done!! I think i had gotten to a point where I'd been so down and so anxious in the past that this time we just went with it and I tried to just take it as it happened...i seemed to 'mellow' a bit as time went on as i knew i couldn't control it and trying to control it was doing my head in. if that makes sense!! I had 2 scans, one 2 weeks ago where they saw 2 sacs but couldn't see heartbeats so until we saw them i couldn't confirm it. Then last week at 6w 4 days we saw 2 heartbeats which was fantastic. On vits I just took folic acid and b complex. When is your appt Ella? Hopefully not too long! AM thanks a mil, am still quite nervous about it all, and keep having little pains like period type pains (not bad) but just enough every so often to make me nervous. But nothing else thank hopefully all will be ok. Just wondering if you had anything similiar? I wouldn't mind some reassurance!! And so glad things are going well for you, its very overwhelming though isn't it? Jo and BM, wow can't believe you will both know so soon!! Have everything crossed for both of you and really it would be just fantastic now for this to go well for both of you! Wishing you both lots and lots of luck.xx RK thanks for your good wishes and so nice to hear from you, Hope you're not under too much stress with everything and are keeping ok. Hi to everyone else.

Kel  Posted: 15/09/2008 15:28

Hello Ladies.. PC, what amazing news! So delighted for you and DH. Was wondering how your scan went. Fantastic. The very best of luck to you both! Ella, it's all very encouraging on this thread, isn't it?! So many bfp's! I'm glad this has given you more encouragement. BM and Jo, isn't it great that you two are just about at the same hurdles. PG your waiting isn't driving you both mad! Relax.. Ha! AM- it's great to hear you are doing well at 27 weeks. Hope I haven't forgotten any1. As for the rest of the new ladies, keep giving updates as they are really helpful and encouraging, especially for those of us that are really just starting out. I am patiently waiting for my next cycle so I can begin clomid. We are going to try it for 2 months only, then go to a clinic we found in the north that well take us in Dec/jan. Thanks to you all for your messages! Take care xx

Ella  Posted: 15/09/2008 16:13

BM and Jo, Your time just seem to fly!!!! Good luck to you both, fingers crossed for positives all the way!!! Girls, if ye dont mind me saying .... and i hate to say it in case it jinx things but i think this is a lucky site!!!!!! A lot of the news seems to be positive and good!!! So lets all stick together, keep the form up for each other, give each tother a laugh, and things will turn good for us someday!!!! Thanks PC for your words of wisdom once again. My apt is on the 29/10/08, so bring it on, can't wait to get started!!! I would imagine the pains are quite normal but i'm in no position to talk, AM would be the woman for that!!! I must try to make myself "mellow" a bit now too. Wonder how you do that????? Ha, Ha!!!! AM - how are you doing since, hear the disco is rocking, so that's mighty!!!! Good luck to everyone else on their journeys too. Ella.

BM  Posted: 15/09/2008 17:16

Ella you are right, lately this has been a lucky site and I so hope it's contagious. Over the year+ that I have been posting there have been many ups and downs for everyone on this site and it has helped me tremendously to know that I am not alone. I dream of posting with news of a BFP, it would be a dream come true! PC/AM look after yourselves and your "precious cargo". To those starting out and those who have been using this site for a while, keep posting, it's so nice to hear from everyone and to know that no one it alone in all this.

Pc  Posted: 15/09/2008 21:24

Think the 'mellow' comes with getting older Ella but we won't even go there:)!! You won't find 29th Oct, it'll fly, have you got your flights and hotel booked or are you going back and forward in the one day? Think of all your q's up front also so you can ask once wishing you all the best and will be here to see how you're getting on!! Thanks Kel for the kind words, and best of luck with the clomid. Am glad now you also have a plan for Dec/Jan 'just in case' and you never know you mightn't even need it! BM and Jo, how you are ladies bearing up? its so hard this 2ww isn't it...honestly the first week i was fine and second week all went pear shaped..the not knowing was so hard and noticing every sympton, but lets hope now for really lovely news for both of you.xx It would be just so great. AM hope to hear from you when you're time, although I'm sure you're starting to get tired now and are very busy i'm sure also!

bu bu  Posted: 15/09/2008 23:01

Ella I hav to agree with you this site is lucky "it must be catching"! Am & Pc wow wat an outcom I am so thrilled for you I wish it was happening to me. Rk our time will com.dont lose faith. I was on Clomid and for me I think I wud hav been better off taking smarties but everyone is different. I did hav mood swings tho. So everyone on this rollercoaster ride hang on,dont let go of ur dreams. I hav to believe that some day I will be in Am or Pc shoes-pregnant with twins!!!!!

FL  Posted: 16/09/2008 10:01

Hi all Just logging in after the weekend and my pre period scan yesterday. Have the nasal spray and the puregon waiting to go. Great to hear all the positive news congrats PC - delighted for you BM & Jo - hoping its good news at the end of the wait. AM Delighted your so far on hope its plain sailing from here Everyone keep the faith in your journeys Just on another note my best friend is in labour as I type its her 4th she has 3 boys and my youngest sister is due the week before Christmas, my other sister had her third girl last March and ye all know its hard happy for them all and delighted to be part of their lives but hoping some day it will be me

AM  Posted: 16/09/2008 14:12

BM and Jo - keep up the good work. I know its so difficult not to analyse every feeling but to be honest what I learnt from that is that most of the symptoms eg cramping, moodiness etc are the same whether you are pregnant or about to get your period.So I gave up analysing as it really means nothing at the end of the day. PC- I had all sorts of cramps and aches that frighthened the bejaypers out of me and still do but particularly in the first 12 weeks. My doc said it was totally normal as did the mid wife. Your body, utereus etc is undergoing massive change and the stretching of the ligaments can cause sharp pain and the stretching of the uterus can cause period type cramping. I did worry a lot in the first 12 weeks and that is normal too but do try to relax! To the rest of you great ladies - there are so many posts now I am getting confused. Pity I can see the thread as I type my reply - that would be easier. keep up the good work!

Ella  Posted: 16/09/2008 16:07

AM, Can you tell me how often you did your acupuncture??? I have booked one for next week but was thinking of just doing them once a fornight, do you think that's enough???? I did it before once a week all last year along with my IVF's. I have started the Mum to be vitamins now and i'd say they are very good. I dont smoke anymore really but still have the odd night out here and there and the few drinks. Were you being very good that way?? Did you stay off the drink for months and months or did you still take the few and have the aul night out or do you think it matter at all?? This Q is to you too PC????? Seeing as ye girls have the success on yer wing!!! Ella.

Ruthie  Posted: 17/09/2008 07:23

Hi Ella Kel and PC - have just hopped across from the other thread to join ye here - have not a chance to read your recent/current news yet so don't know where ye are all at. Decided to start at the beginning of the thread so as to be familiar with everyone and am currently on page 11 of 18!!! Have to head to work now but will jump in later this morning to catch up with all your news. Hope you are all keeping well xxx

Ruthie  Posted: 17/09/2008 16:01

PC - oh my god - I too am speechless (and let me tell you that doesn't happen very often!!) I can't believe after all this time and all the heartbreak and negative stuff you have been through that you are expecting TWINS!!! and that at the first donor attempt. WOW! is all I can say!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and your hubby - I am stunned and delighted and jealous and and and!!! Well done - YOU GO GIRL!! Do you mind me asking if you used donor egg and sperm (as you mentioned there was a sperm problem too). You are a lucky lucky girl and those little twins don't yet know how lucky they are to have landed with you and your hubby. AMAZING!! just amazing. AM - great news that you too are rocking along - may the disco keep you awake nights!!! you too waited long enough for the music to start!! Glad to hear you are keeping so well. By the way I find it easier if you open the website twice so you can type your post on one and check the thread on the second window!! BM & Jo - I will say a prayer for you both on Saturday and Sunday - kilos of baby dust to you both. ELLA - you too must be getting excited - not long to your appointment - you wont feel it going. Anto - how are you going with your tracking?? When did you start? I have had one appointment with my fertility friend and thought I was having my period at the time but she informed me that as is was brown it actually counts to last cycle. Still waiting for a real one!! Typical just when I thought I was getting the hang of it!! Due back to her at end of this month but supposed to have blood tests beforehand - can't see that happening if no period!! Never mind - will wait and see what happens. Hi to everyone else on here - great to hear from you all and the support as usual is MIGHTY. xxx Ruthie

Pc  Posted: 17/09/2008 20:30

Hi Ruthie, nice to hear from you again, and never thought of opening 2 websites..good thinking!! Thanks so much for your kind words, its really nice of you to be so kind and really really appreciated. We had a long journey to get here, very very long but like a lot of other people I'm sure and its hard. Even now sometimes it still feels hard, when i think of everything. But we are very lucky now like you say and hopefully things will go well for us. Ruthie, I can't send personal messages on this site or at least don't know how there anywhere else that you post that i can send you a message or do you have an e-mail or something?If you do let me know. Hi to everyone else. BM and Jo, how are you 2 lovely ladies getting on!! Gosh the days are flying aren't they, you won't feel it now till the weekend. Am sure its very hard for you now, i know it was for me at this stage. Am so so hoping for good news for both of you. Would be just great. xx Hi Ella, hope you're in good form? Well I don't want to be giving you bad info! but no i didn't stay off alcohol for months and months but then again i would have really only had a few glasses of wine at the i was more conscious of it and would have taken it easy but still had the odd glass up to near the time we went to spain. Am sure everyone makes their own judgement on it and i suppose once you're careful thats the main thing. Hi to everyone else and best of luck. xx

AM  Posted: 17/09/2008 20:51

Ruthie you are a technical wizard - why didnt I think if this before. Now I can reply without trying to remember it all! Now all I need is a spell checker! Too lazy to do manually - think you all get my drift. V frustrating waiting on aunty flo but best to get cycles right before anything else. BM & Jo - thinking of you lots! PC - you too! Ella I pretty much stopped drinking once I started on the drugs which was about 6 weeks prior, being a rebel the odd day with one glass of wine. Prior to the drugs I cut back a good bit, ate a healthy balanced diet, did the acupuncture to regulate cycles and generally built my body up for it. I took mum omega and folic acid as well as zinc. Hubby took zinc and el argenine - gives the swimmers flippers! One the acupuncture front I did it every week once on the drugs and three times in the transfer week with one session within 2 hours of the transfer. Before that I went every 2 week so to regulate cycle, help to relax and for general health. It cost a fortune but am a great believer in giving yourslef the best possible chance. Do let me know if you have anymore questions ladies.

BM  Posted: 18/09/2008 11:12

Ladies - after so many positive posts I'm sorry to bring the tone down, but I am in despair at the moment and couldn't think of where else to turn. I am going mad, I had night sweats last night, slight dull ache in my legs and breast tenderness, which for me are often signs of PMT! I haven't had any spotting and no cramping, lots of twinges in the abdominal area. I'm beginning to convince myself that this hasn't worked and going slightly mad! The 2ww is hell for everyone I know. At this point in my two FETs I had some spotting and taking the pregnancy test was really a worthless exercise. I'm just heading out for a long walk to clear the head but I am in a panic! Sorry to put up a post like this but there are so very few places to turn to.

Elshadai  Posted: 18/09/2008 12:59

I will encourage anyone to go for IVF. Not working for me those not mean it will not work for others.

FL  Posted: 18/09/2008 14:16

Hi BM Sorry to hear your feeling so frustrated and there's no need to apologise, we are all well aware that the tone cannot always be positive. But my thoughts and I'm sure everyone else's are with you in this tough time as you wait to test. On a positive note all I can say is that you have no bleeding, the twinges etc could be part of the course. I myself am waiting for my period to start so I can start treatment, today is day 31 but thats nothing, last month it was 40 days. My fsh is high which is a sign I could be very near the menopause but I feel I have to try. As I explained before this is my third time to try but the previous times which were in 1998 were with my husband who is now deceased. I now have a new partner and I am 39, we have been trying naturally as he has two children but when I went for tests they discovered the high FSH. When I tried 10 yrs ago it was because my husband had a low sperm count. Will keep in touch and praying that you and everyone else going through this journey has good news. Keep positive x

ET  Posted: 18/09/2008 23:30

hi BM, I know it is tough at the moment for you but as I said in my earlier post I too had pains and aches similar to my usual period pains and was convinced it was on the way but got a positive just try to relax as much as possible and don't overdo things! Fingers crossed for you!!

Pc  Posted: 19/09/2008 09:09

BM don't be apologising, honestly I think these days are some of the hardest you will face. At this point I was panicking also and feeling very down and low. The twinges could be a very good sign and I'm praying for you that they are. Just try to relax (not too easy i know) but even just rest yourself and take it easy. Lots and lots of luck to you and to Jo also. xxx FL, can only wish you every success with this treatment. And hope this is the start of a lot of happiness for you and your partner. xx

Ruthie  Posted: 19/09/2008 12:18

Hi PC Great to hear from you again. I do have an e-mail address which I can give you here (I assume they will allow it through!!) I will try and contact the administrators to see if they can tell me if its possible any other way first. BM - please don't feel the need to apologise - as far as I am concerned we are all here for each other through thick and thin, good and bad and I am glad you turned to us for comfort. Shows our little thread is full of trust and care for each other. I can only try and imagine the week you guys are both going through and will say a little prayer for you both that it will work out for you. As some of the others have said the twinges and cramps can also be a good sign - my sister-in-law (who has been trying for 7 years with multiple failed IVFs) also had similar symptoms just before testing positive so it is possible too. Good idea to go out for a long walk to clear your head a little but do keep in touch and feel free to vent your frustrations here - as I said thats what we are here for. xxx Ruthie

Ruthie  Posted: 19/09/2008 12:52

Hi PC Have been in touch with the website editor and if you e-mail him at he will pass on my e-mail to you. Cheers Ruth

BM  Posted: 19/09/2008 13:09

PC / ET and FL - thank you for your posts it all helps. I ended up speaking to the clinic who were great - said the aches and night sweats are not unusual side effects of the oestrogen and progestron (I'm on estrofem tablets, gestone injections and cyclogest). The twinges are undoubtedly my enlarged ovaries starting to heal. They reckon I am preparing myself mentally for a negative result - which I am - hence reading a lot into everything as everyone does at this time. This has helped and I'm doing my best to keep occupied. It is pure torture though - you want to be positive, but your self-protectionism won't let you so negativitly is the only other option. It's so hard to stay in the middle. I can't imagine buying a pregnancy test, let alone doing one. ET/PC - hope you are keeping well. FL - I hope all goes well for you. I had an irregular cycle going anywhere from 32-45 days. I found acupunture helped and for the first time ever, I've had a regular cycle. Maybe it would help you. Jo - the very, very best of luck to you for tomorrow. I hope the weekend brings good news for us both. xxx

BM  Posted: 19/09/2008 14:13

Ruthie - thanks so much for your kind words. This site is a great for all of us and I so appreciate everyone's support. Have a lovely weekend.

FL  Posted: 19/09/2008 16:54

BM and Jo Thinking of you both - saying a prayer that you'll both have positive news xx

BM  Posted: 21/09/2008 09:56

Well ladies, after a very tortorous time, I can't believe that I am posting the news that my test result this moring was BFP!! I have dreamed of this moment. I know there is a long, long road a head and although I have the urge to drink champagne, it is way too early to celebrate. I am going to enjoy this for the time being as I feel - like all of us on this site, that I have been through battle after battle. Thank you all for your support, you have made this easier for me and I really appreciate it. Jo - I have been thinking of you all weekend and hope that you are posting good news

AD  Posted: 21/09/2008 18:03

Just going for initial consultation in Kilkenny Clinic. Has anyone had their treatment there? Was it successful?

FL  Posted: 22/09/2008 09:22

Good morning BM - so thrilled for you!!! Jo - Hoping you have good news too. AD - Sorry from the Midlands all my tests have been performed by gyne in Mullingar and HARI in Dublin

Ella  Posted: 22/09/2008 10:19

BM Congrats on your great news!! I'm thrilled for you. Didn't want to email last week cause i know when you're going through that, that no matter what people say you know your own body, so i said i'd leave it until you got a result! You must be so excited, didn't i tell you this was a lucky site!!! Best of luck to you and your hubby, hope you enjoy it now!! Jo, hope you're doing ok?? Pc, hope you're doing well. Will you have many scans to go through before Christmas? I cant believe how time is flying, 5 weeks now and we'll be in Barcelona for our consultation. I'm trying not to dwell on it all too much, as more disappointment i could not take!! I aim to have a plan in store to get me through it all if it fails. Friends of ours just got engaged, getting married next May and i picture myself with a nice bump by then, fingers X. Hope everyone else is doing good and had a good weekend!!

Jo  Posted: 22/09/2008 11:51

Hi All, well I did my pregnancy test on Sat and it was positive! I couldnt believe it! After everything its positive, I am in shock! So happy and delighted, never expected to get this far and am thrilled. Delighted to hear you too BM got a positive result. All the support and words were a great help to me, and this site also lets me blow off steam when I am stressed! So I have to go back to the Clinic in two weeks for a scan to check for heartbeat, so fingers crossed. Still have to stay on all the medication too. It will all be worth it though in the end. I am delighted. Congrats to you too BM. And thanks everyone for your support.

Ella  Posted: 22/09/2008 12:28

Well done Jo, i can't believe you too got a positive!! Isn't it great that so many of you on this site are getting positives!!! I just hope and pray that it will work for those of us that are still on our journeys!!! I hope that when our time comes that we will also get the support from you that you have all gotten from us. Best of luck to one and all.

FL  Posted: 22/09/2008 12:40

Congrats Jo, hope the good luck with this site continues

AM  Posted: 22/09/2008 14:06

BM & Jo - woo hoo and party on! This site has gotten so lucky after such a long negative stint! I think I am right in saying that there are now 4 of us pregnant! Massive congrats to all. The fist 12 weeks are hard but its really only 8 because you are about 4 weeks now. The 6 week scan is a major milestone. Be kind to yourselves and rest rest rest. I am finishing work next week - woo hoo!

Ruthie  Posted: 22/09/2008 15:49

BM & Jo Such wonderful wonderful news for you both - I am so happy for you both and more than delighted that it worked out for both of you at the same time. You guys should get in touch as your kiddies will only be a few days apart when they are born!! Ready made pals!!! Well done guys and as the others have said put the feet up, relax and TAKE IT EASY!! Nothing else matters now except you, your partners and this little being. Keep in touch with us other plodders and let us know how the six week scans etc go. I for one really hope to be able to post a positive message within the next few months whether naturally or through donor is not yet sure!! Brilliant brilliant news. xx

Lu  Posted: 22/09/2008 19:59

BM & Jo I am so so so thrilled to hear your fantastic news - it must seem like a dream! There is a God somewhere after all!! As the other girls were saying take it easy and let hubby's do a bit of work for a change. Just think next June you'll have your little bundles of joy! I was all excited and geared up to ring the clinic on day 1 but had an appointment with Cons 2 days before and she told us we wouldn't be starting this cycle as my smear result was abnormal. Can anything else go wrong to prevent us making a start!! Ah well, hopefully I'll be on the road soon! Take care.

BM  Posted: 23/09/2008 08:41

Jo - fantastic news! So great that it has happened for both of us. I would be happy to get in touch, if you'd like to. I'm booked for a scan on the 8th Oct, I assume you're going on the 7th? It's so hard to take in isn't it? Ella/FL/Ruthie - thank you so much for your good wishes. Let's hope that this site's lucky streak continues. AM was the only successful one for a long time and it's been great to hear of her progress. Ella - you can be very sure that we will be here for you over the coming weeks and the 5 weeks will fly in. AM - thanks for your good wishes too. It's amazing to think that you are just about to finish work. Put your feet up and build up your strength, as you will be so busy when your two "disco dancers" come along! PC - hope you are thriving. Hope everyone else is well too.

Pc  Posted: 23/09/2008 08:59

Hi BM and JO, OHMYGOD, HUGE Congratulations to both you and your partners!!!! This is just sooo fantastic news after all the disappointments and waiting waiting and I'm so so pleased for both of you!!!!Jo I knew they were strong little embies you had there!! And BM its just brilliant and I had those twinges also but I know you just can't tell until you test. Really girls am so pleased for both of you. I'm not that far ahead of you and hope we can keep in touch!! Do let me know how your scans go. Ella, I will have a scan at 12 weeks and am now just trying to book an obs...hopefully will get that done this week, Its still all a bit surreal to be honest still..time is flying now, 5 weeks to your app, wow thats just great, will be hoping to hear good news for you. xx AM can i just ask have you put on much weight? As someone whos always struggled in this area i'm so conscious of being careful but at the moment am feeling very bloated and despite being careful of what i'm eating over the last week only have put on 4 is something i need to be careful on and so am just wondering how you're finding it. Ruthie, hope you're ok and talk soon. x

Ella  Posted: 23/09/2008 09:10

Hi Ruthie, I see you might be going down the Donor Route?? If you are, will you let me know, as we are doing the same thing, and have a consultation on the 29th of October in Barcelona. We are hoping we wont have any complications on that day and wont have any delays in getting started. Pc has been successful on this route and is giving us hope!! We are apprehensive about it, but are not giving up cause we really want this. Hubby and i are really supportive of each other on this, and after a long, very difficult road, are hoping, please God, that this will be a successful road for us after all the turmoil. I don't know what we will do if it's not, but positive thinking i suppose. So if you decide to do this, let me know and we can be support for each other and you never know, maybe we'll end up like BM and Jo!!!!

CC  Posted: 23/09/2008 12:35

Hi Ella We may have to go down the donor route as well, I know the Sims clinic here in Dublin do egg donation so we are going to move over to them. You mentioned Barcelona, is there a good clinic there? Its just ive noticed the name bounced around a few times on different sites but its only coming to light now that donor may be our only option so i have really looked beyond changing clinics here, i never considered going abroad, can you give me some info on it. Thanks. CC P.S Congrats to the ladies with their BFPs.

lynny  Posted: 23/09/2008 12:40

Just wanted to log in on a positive note as I have always read this site when I felt like just giving up and felt I had no one to talk to. I'm 34 weeks pregnant from our first icsi cycle after attending cfc for over a year. I didnt respond well to fertility drugs because of having pcos. it took a while to get the dosage right and on our 3rd attempt, they were able to go ahead with egg retrieval and took 14 eggs. 7 fertilised and on day of transfer we had only one to go back so we were not very positive so couldnt believe when the result was positive. everyone is so excited after months of still feeling so apprehensive. I know its hard to keep positive but it works for so many people. on our last gyny app I recognised a girl from cfc who had egg retrieval the same day as us and is also pregnant.

AM  Posted: 23/09/2008 12:58

PC - I was told to expect to put on 2.5 to 3 stone although I have read that you can put on up to 4 stone with twins! I have put on 2 stone so far and have another 10 weeks to go. I tended to put weight on in fits and starts eg 3 /4 lbs one week and then nothing for a while. The obstec doesnt place any emphasis on weight gain once the babies are growing according to the plan. I wouldn't worry at all - your body will do its own thing and the most important thing is that the babies are nourished. On the obst front we are attending Fergal Malone who specialises in high risk and muliple pregancies. If you google him you can read all about him and as far as I am concerned he is the bomb! You might want to check it out.

Ella  Posted: 23/09/2008 15:30

CC, I dont have much info myself on Barcelona. Pc is the woman for that as she has fallen pregnant from it. I just got the name of it from my previous Clinic that i was with for IVF. It is supposed to be very thorough and good, and any contact i have had from them already, has been very prompt. Time will tell how successful it is for us, i pray to God that it is. I can't log on the the site from here, but apparently that is the site to be on for egg donation as there are loads on it going through the same thing. Sorry i can't be of more help to you about this. I have a consultation on the 29th of Oct so maybe after that i will have more info for you. Ella.

rk  Posted: 25/09/2008 11:50

hey Bm and Jo am so happy for you both and your dhs CONGRATULATIONS and well done it is such a tough road but stories like yours inspires you to keep on going xxx

Pc  Posted: 25/09/2008 14:56

HI AM, thanks a mil for your advice! Am delighted all is going well for you! Jo and BM, how are you 2 ladies feeling today? on top of the world I'm sure!! Hope you're taking it nice and easy now. RK, great to see you popping in, how are you keeping these days? Are you still very busy with your family? Ruthie. I e-mailed you, did you get it? Hope everyone else is doing well. xx

Ella  Posted: 25/09/2008 14:57

Come on girls, we're losing touch here!! What's everyone's news lately?? I started back on some acupuncture yesterday evening again. I was so relaxed and sleepy when i got home. It was lovely and i slept like a log last night!!!! Love that!!!!! How are all the pregnant women doing???? Ruthie and Kel - how are ye getting on??? Keep in touch girls, i can't believe the email hasn't been hopping in the last 2-3 days. Ella.

Ruthie  Posted: 25/09/2008 16:37

Hi PC Yes did get your e-mail - only last night though as I have been off line and am half way through a reply to you - will hopefully get a mo tonight to send it off. xx Hi Ella sorry not to have been in touch, yes we are definitely considering donor, and have been for quite a while but decided to try the Napro for 6 months first to see how we go before going ahead on the donor route. Keep me up to date on how you go with it - any news is gratefully received. Hi to everyone else - hope you are all keeping well xx

Ella  Posted: 26/09/2008 11:19

Pc, Just a quick question for you!! I emailed the nurse in the Clinic that we had previously attended for IVF, and asked her if Spain was the right option for us, going on our history, and what was thought to be confirmed (bad eggs). She emailed me back saying if i wanted she could make another apt for us to see the Doc again, i presume to discuss it. I'm wondering did you do this, or take the initiative into your own hands? I think myself we've enough of Doc's advice there and just going it our own way. What do you think, what would you do????? Did you have a def reason for going to Spain?? Hope you're doing great and the twins are thriving. When is your 12 week scan???? Ella

Kel  Posted: 26/09/2008 11:45

Ah girls, was away last week so didn't check the site at all! Fantastic news for BM and Jo! Really delighted for you both! We seem to have been with you through each part of it, so really glad for you both. As the rest have said.. relax and enjoy! As for the rest of you pregnant ladies.. I hope you are enjoying every moment of it! All the positive news is so helpful to the rest of us. I don't really have any new news.. waiting for period to start! I'm on day 36. I'm meant to be starting clomid. I know that many of you have tried this with no luck so I'm not that hopeful. My cycle has been really nuts these past couple of months so being late this time hasn't even fizzed me at all! My hubby and I have said, we'l try for 2 mo then try a new clinic here in Belfast. The weeks are flying by.. Ella, your time in Barcelona will be here before you know it! Ruthie, hopefully, Napro will work for you since you've committed to that for 6 mo. Please keep updating us on that. As you know we decided to wait for that treatment and try IVF first. I pray that we made the right decision. Hope you are all trying to stay bright. It's hard when all we do is seem to wait, wait and wait! I just pray that the waiting pays off for us all! Have a good weekend everyone! xx

Lu  Posted: 26/09/2008 13:24

Hi Girls Good news since I was last on. My last posting was that the Clinic were not letting us start treatment this cycle as my smear test was abnormal, but I got on myself to Smear Clinic I had been attending and they confirmed that they were happy to continue to monitor me and it shouldn't affect me starting IVF. I got on to Fertility Clinic and they agreed that I could start this cycle which I am delighted with. I know I would have been starting on my next cycle but it would have been 7 - 8 weeks time, shich is an eternity when I'm so anxious to start! So I am starting Nasal Spray on Day 21 which is Oct 10, estimated E.C. should be Nov 10, so I'm praying things go to plan. Trying to detox now at the mo, no alcohol and bed at around 10 - 10.30 every night, which is hard for me as I am a night owl and usually don't go to bed until at leat 1am! Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend - it looks like weather might be nice for a change!!

BM  Posted: 26/09/2008 16:16

Hi all. Ella you're right it has gone quiet and yet there is loads going on for everyone. Lu - good news it's great that you have a start date, it's not far away now. We'll be thinking of you, be good to yourself as the treatment is tough on the body. Kel - I have no experience of clomid, but I know of people who were successful on it, so you never know.. Lynny - great to see your post, you are almost there and before you know it you'll be a mother! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is happy & healthy. AM/PC/Jo - hope you are keeping well. rk - thank you so much for your good wishes, so nice to hear from you again. I hope all is well with you, please keep in touch. I'm doing well, still can't believe it, feel like I've been released from a prison sentance after the 2 ww. Feeling very tired this week - take any sign as a good sign and taking it easy. Hang tough ladies and enjoy the weekend.

ET  Posted: 27/09/2008 19:23

Hi BM & Jo, Have been away this week and have just caught up with your fantastic news....congrats to you both and take it easy over the next few weeks until your scan.

Cherry  Posted: 27/09/2008 19:29

Thanks for all the great info!!! I had posted this sometime ago but couldn't get an answer. I'm not able to find a place that can do an abdominal ultrasound on a Sunday for an ovarian follicular assessment and for the endometrial thickness...

Pc  Posted: 29/09/2008 09:13

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend! Ella,de was suggested to me by Hari, and told no point in trying any more. then i had a review with Simms and they suggested doing a 'closing' cycle at least so i would know i had tried everything. This i did and even though it didn't work, was so glad i did it, as it just helped me to be able to accept that ivf with my own eggs was not going to work and i needed to make a decision. At the start to be honest i wassn't able to accept going down the de route and found it very hard to accept being honest about it, but think that was because i had a lot of grief and upset over the fact that i could not use my own eggs. As this grief became less i became more open to de and then became very thankful to be given another chance. So i suppose in a nutshell what i'm saying is if you are not fully sure that this is the end of the road for ivf with your own eggs. then maybe have the review with the doctor in your clinic, if nothing else to put your mind at rest and reassure you that you're doing the right thing, or even just to discuss your options. But i don't want to sway you, you will know yourself if you want to discuss your options further before going with de...its a big step so i think you;re right to question anything you need to beforehand...hope this helps.x Jo and BM, hope you're both ok? BM, i was also very tired at the weekend. went for a walk on Sat and Sat night couldn't even keep my eyes open. I have just booked my obs and am due to meet him on Friday but hes asked me to go for a scan tomorrow which will be 9 weeks 1 say a little prayer all will be well.x Kel, i know the waiting is so hard, all you feel you do is wait, then suddenly treatment starts and its all upon you and sometimes you don't feel ready! Its just mad sometimes, best of luck with the clomid you never know, lets hope you'll be a good success story!! And Ruthie, thanks for the lovely e-mail. Best of luck with the Napro and will be great to hear how you get on! Lu, very best of luck with your treatment,...won't be long now. AM. hope all is well and you're in good form. x Hi to everyone else. xx

Ella  Posted: 29/09/2008 16:58

Hi Pc, That's brilliant advise, thanks a mill for that. It's not that i am unsure about this DE at all. In fact, i am very sure i want to do it, both of us do. We made a final decision not to go back for another IVF with our own eggs anymore. It took too much out of me the last time when it failed and hubby and i are quite clear that's a passage that is finally over in our lives. If this works out for us we will be delighted. I am quite ok about the eggs not being my own cause as my hubby says to me, if it works, the baby/babies will be ours and no one elses. He's fantastic!!! We're not going to reiew with the Doc for the mo anyway, will go to Spain and see what is said there and then if we want to, we can then when we come back, but prob wont. I get upset sometimes, especially at night. I think it gets on top of me, the fact that it may fail again, and how will i cope with that. The flashbacks are there from the last time eventhough it wasn't donor, but i'm determined to go for it and hopefully will succeed this time. I wish i could log on to the other thread, where i could see more girls that went down this route, and how they got on. I wonder if there are many failure rates with this, as it is expensive and we prob will only give it one go. Anyway, thanks again, mind yourself and good luck tommorrow with the scan. I'll be thinking of you and hope all goes brill for you!!!! xx. Let us know!! BM - Hope you're doing ok, maybe you're not resting enough, get those legs up girl!!!! Jo - You do the same!!! AM, you're time is flying, how many weeks now? Are you finishing up this week or next?? Kel - Best of luck to you and thanks for all your good wishes and words of optimism!! Everybody else, take care and be patient!!! Ella.

AM  Posted: 29/09/2008 18:22

Ella - sounds to me like you are very much ready for the de route. From what I can gather the success rates are very good. I wishyou the very best of luck with it. Im finsihing work tomorrow - 29 weeks on the advise of the doc. Apparently this is the norm with twin pregnancies. Had scan to day and all is well thank God. PC - best of luck with your scan - will be dying to hear all!

Ruthie  Posted: 29/09/2008 22:02

AM - congrats on your last day of work for a while - paid work that is!! As I am sure you will have your hands full in no time!!! Keep us posted and the best of luck with everything. PC - my thoughts are with you for your big day tomorrow - best of luck with the scan - I am sure all will be fine but keep us posted anyway cos I'm sure I speak for the others when I say we will be hanging around here waiting for your post. Hope to talk to you soon - sorry it took me so long to reply but things kept getting in the way - you know yourself. xx

Ella  Posted: 30/09/2008 09:08

AM, Thanks a mill for those kind words. I sincerely hope i am as ready as you say. I'm feeling good and pos at the mo, so hope that keeps up for me throughout the whole process. So glad you're scan was successful and everything is going well for you, isn't that the main thing. You must feel very assured now. Great being the last day at work. Loads of rest so and i suppose try and keep the mind occupied at the same time, so the time goes quickly for you. You must be real excited!!! Wishing you the very best in the coming weeks, and keep in touch with us!! I was in touch with Barcelona lately by email and they told me that it will take 6-8 weeks from the time i start medication to the time of embryo transfer, so i'm presuming from this, that it might be after Christmas before anything major starts for us, going on the fact that they will have to find the Donor first for us, so dont know how long finding a Donor will take, Pc, how long did it take to find your Donor, 2, 3 weeks, more?????? I suppose it's different for everyone. Anyhow, I'm looking at Jan, maybe even Feb at this stage. How was your scan Pc, hope all went ok?? Ella.

Pc  Posted: 30/09/2008 09:29

Hi all, thanks for the good wishes, My scan has been changed to Thurs so will let you know then,. AM can't believe you're finishing work at 29 weeks, wow. I just didn't realise this was the advice for sure you need to though at this point! Can i just ask are you taking hols on top of your ml or how will you work it out so that you can still have as much time as poss after the babies are born. Or do the doctors put you on sick leave for a few weeks? hope you don't mind me asking, just didn't realise this...thanks!! Ella, am so so hoping this will work for you. for many people it works first time, the odds for a fresh cycle are 60%, frozen 35%. But there are also others who have to maybe have a few tries from the same cycle and some girls are on their second cycle with a different donor. I'm not telling you this to worry you but i know also how you go into this pinning all your hopes on it working first time and even when my first cycle was cancelled i couldn't believe it (due to womb lining not responding). So you have a great chance but its not over if the first transfer does not work, you will hopefully also have frozen embryos and so to have a second transfer while it may be difficult for you to even think about now, sometimes it can take more than one to be successful. Now having said that heres hoping it will absolutely work for you first time..x I wonder why you can get into this site and not the other it something to do with the set up of your pc? it might just be helpful for you to talk to other girls who've gone the same path and maybe take some of the fear of the unknown out of soon.

AM  Posted: 30/09/2008 19:07

PC - I didn't realise this until well into my preg either. The doc said that most women expecting twins don't work past 28 weeks as 28 weeks in a twin pregnancy is the equivalent to 36 weeks in a singelton. The reason for this is that at 28 weeks you will be as big as tired and as heavy as a singelton at 36. Rest is one way of reducing the chances of pre term labour which is the biggest risk factor with multiple births. I thought I would be able to work longer but I am v. tired and uncomfortable, breathless etc now. Having said all that the doc would have let me work longer if I felt up to it but we don't want to take any risks having come so far. He would not have let me work past 34 weeks. The average gestation for twins is 36 weeks by the way. In relation to pay, in this situation you can avail of Health and Safety Maternity Benfit which kicks in when your jobs poses a risk to your pregnancy. The state pay you about €280 per week. Maybe some employers top this up but mine don't. This means that the time between now and the birth is not part of my maternity leave. The doc was the one who told me about this and when I brought it to the attention of HR they already knew about it. Hope this helps - looking forward to hearing about your scan!

Jo  Posted: 01/10/2008 11:00

Hi Everybody, I haven't been on in a while. I have had a couple of bleeds, one night apart, was so upset. Rang the Clinic and they said that it is ok at the moment, but that if it continues I will be in trouble, am so afraid, every time I go to the loo, every twinge I get. I have done loads more pregnancy tests and they are staying positive, was relieved at that, but am on tenderhooks. How are you getting on BM, are you in work or really taking it easy? I have spent the last 3 days just lying down on the bed or couch, but came back to work today as I couldn't handle it anymore, needed to take my mind off things. Have been told by a few people, who have had children that it can be normal enough to bleed at 6 weeks, which i am, not in until next tues for my 7 week scan.

Ella  Posted: 01/10/2008 12:30

Jo - Twice i've tried to send you a mesg but it's not going through, dont know if it will at some stage or not. Going to try this now and see.

Ella  Posted: 01/10/2008 12:39

Ok Jo - Trying this again now!! First things first, you still have positives which is a great sign i think!! Ring the Clinic and see if they will bring forward your scan before the weekend if at all possible cause at least you can rest easy then over the weekend if everything is ok. The other thing i'm going to say to you is:- 1. There is nothing you can do to change the result if it is bad news and 2. There is nothing more you can do to make things any better, if they are ok, so I would relax as much as you can, think positive cause you have no neg signs yet for definate!! Also, you were right to go to work, staying off isn't going to change things. Even if you go for half days it will help!! So i'll keep you in my thoughts and keep hoping, but for you- think nice things!!!!! Baby Dust to you!!! Ella.

BM  Posted: 01/10/2008 15:15

Jo - this is very distressing for you, I can't imagine how you must be feeling, you were right to put your feet up and take it easy. I have a number of friends who have talked about bleeding in the first trimester fairly regularly, it doesn't seem to be uncommon at all so hopefully it will have no impact in your case. I'm sure you're just dying to get to Tues - fingers crossed all will be well. I'll be thinking of you. Hang in there and keep posting, everyone is here to support you. PC - dying to hear how your scan goes. I hope you're managing to get plenty of rest. AM - this is really interesting, I hadn't realised that this was the case with twins, but your consultant seems to be completely on top of things. Enjoy your time off. Ella - not long to go now that we're in Oct! Thinking of you. Hope everyone else is well. I'm in for a scan next Weds.

Jo  Posted: 02/10/2008 09:26

Thanks Ella, you just get such a fright when you see blood and automatically think the worst, but haven't had any since thank God, so I am just taking it easy, am back to work as it takes my mind off things. They cant do the scan any sooner as it is too early they said, so just have to sit tight and wait, sure the whole lot of it is a big waiting game, just have to be patient and relax. Best of luck to you Ella, you have a great attitude. PC hope the scan goes well for you, best wishes. Thanks BM too, hope your scan goes well too on Wed.

Ruthie  Posted: 02/10/2008 10:06

Hi Jo Glad to hear things have settled down again for you. Can't even begin to imagine how scary that whole thing has been. Good to hear you are trying to relax - just make sure you take it easy too. As Ella says there is nothing you can do to influence it as long as you are minding yourself and putting the feet up as much as possible. I have everything crossed for you. Roll on the weekend when you can truly relax. PC - best of luck with your scan today - am thinking of you - cant wait to hear. BM - yours is next wednesday I think - best of luck with that too. xx

Pc  Posted: 02/10/2008 14:40

Hi everyone. Jo am glad the bleeding has stopped and like the others also know from talking to people that it can happen to some and not to others. I didn't have any but one other girl who had treatment just a little before me actually, who is also pregnant with twins, had quite a lot of bleeding at the start and is now healthy and happy at 12 weeks with both babies fine. So I hope all is well and take care.xx AM, thanks so much for this, I didn't know this either! so its very helpful, thank you. Am glad if you're tired and breathless that you're finished as can just imagine it would be hard at this stage, you look after yourself now and let us know how you're getting along!! Ella, like Jo says you have a great attitude and are lovely and kind to everyone..along with some good sense as well. will be hoping for great things for you also after your appx. And Ruthie, hope you're ok! thanks for your lovely mail and i just need to get 5 mins of peace at home to reply to you!! BM, hope all is well with you? think yours and Jo's scans are both next week so hopefully now it will a great moment for both of you! Well girls very happy after my scan today, 2 little babas doing well thank god, strong heartbeats, and about an inch each!! last time 3 weeks ago they were only .7cm so i was amazed at this. Everything looks like it should at this point and so i'm happy. may partake in a twin study which some of the hospitals are doing..did you do this AM? Need to get some more information on it first. Girls honestly today it did seem real, and just shows how things can change so quickly to talking about getting pregnant to talking about being pregnant! its just mad. So to Jo and BM and AM take care and to everyone waiting or going for treatment, things can and do work out not always how we think at the start but can still work for all of us, so best of luck to everyone. xx

Ella  Posted: 02/10/2008 16:30

Pc- That's brilliant news, you must be hopping with excitement now!!! How many weeks are you gone now??? Imagine just an inch long, amazing!! I'd imagine they'd really spurt on in growth now in the next few weeks, sure isn't all the growth in the first 12 weeks really, all the development anyway. Things do change quickly alright, so its great to see people getting lucky after the hardship. Please God it will work for us all someday soon. I cant wait for our consultation now, i'm glad it's Oct. Thank you so much for the kind words again. Do i really talk that much sense???????? Ha Ha!!! It's nice to know you all appreciate my words to you all in tough times. Dont we have to keep the spirits up though??? I was just looking back on the stories lately and there are so many positives there for everyone really, eventhough their times were tough at stages but everyone seems to be pulling together and pulling though!!! I think that is down to pos thinking from all of us on this site and sticking together to help eachother too. So girls - keep it up!! Ella

BM  Posted: 02/10/2008 18:24

Jo - great news the bleeding has stopped! Tuesday isn't far away now, work is probably a welcome distraction. As Ella says, you still have every reason to be positive - keep in touch and please let us know how Tues goes, I have been thinking of you often xxx. Sometimes I think it would be great if we could actually all jump on a conference call and have a chat! Ella - you are so kind, your advice is really practical. We're so lucky to have someone like you on this site. There is no doubt that you will make a great mother and I will be so interested to hear every step of your journey. I so hope things go well for you - sending you so many positive vibes. PC - fantastic news, two healthy babies! It's so interesting the point you make about the journey to getting pregnant and now the feeling of actually being pregnant - the reality is that you will be a mother of 2 within the next 12 months - it's amazing! The IVF journey is so tough and now a new journey begins and one that is completely life changing. Do you mind me asking, how did you chose a consultant - did you go with AM's recommendation? I have no idea how the system works. All going well at my scan next week, I was going to see if the clinic recommend anyone. AM - did the Sims suggest your consultant? Ruthie/Kel/FL and everyone else hope you are all well and that we hear from you soon.

FL  Posted: 03/10/2008 11:32

Delighted to hear that the bleeding has stopped Jo, hope all goes well from here on. I had a friend that had bleeding throughout her pregnancy and thank God she had a healthy baby, I just remember how stressed she used to be but it was good news. I am hoping to start IVF within the next week, I was up the walls because I was at day 44 without a period and a negative pregnancy test. Anyway I phoned the HARI unit on Wednesday and they advised me to come up yesterday for another scan, they have put me on a tablet "primolut" to bring on a period and once that happens I can start on the injections all going well with Day 2 Hope everyone has a lovely peaceful weekend, be good to yourselves

AM  Posted: 03/10/2008 15:43

Jo - so glad bleeding has stopped. I can imagine the worry and will never forget the knicker watching in the first 12 weeks. I know lots of people who had some bleeding and all was well in the end. BM- I have a few doctor friends who recommended my consultant. Sims were a bit funny about it beacuse I booked in before the 6 week scan and they were reluctant to refer me before this. Was annoying beacuse consultant books up so quick. All was well in the end. I would advise booking in with someone soon as they get booked up so quick. PC - i'm not part of the twin study but I hear great things about it. I have befriended a few pregnant with twins ladies through the IMBA ( you should join) and they are all in it. You dont get offered it if you go privately apparently. Private was only option 4 me beacuse I have a very complicated history. To the rest of you amazing ladies - keep up all the great work. it is sooo difficult but tkae comfort in that you are doing all in your power to make this work.

Lu  Posted: 05/10/2008 19:49

Hi Jo I'm delighted that your bleeding has stopped and as the rest of the girls were saying it can be quite common - I know it happened to my sister on her two pregnancies. Please God it will all be plain sailing from now on. BM, I'd say you're looking forward to your scan also, fingers crossed! PC fantastic news about your little heartbeats, I'm delighted for you. Just shows there is light at the end of the tunnel. FL, best of luck with the IVF. I'm starting my nasal spray for the first time on Fri 10th, I'm a bit apprehensive and nervous ...

Pc  Posted: 06/10/2008 10:18

Hi everyone, hope you are well. BM, my doc recommended a consultant but I was happy to go with this as already had heard of him and was going to check him out anyway, its quite close to where i live also, met him last week and he's very nice so i'm happy. He is already talking about a caesarian based on my history, size (quite small), twins, ivf and the journey it took us to get here. Again I am happy with that as feel a lot of factors have to be looked at and in my case feel that we would feel safer with this option. AM hope all is well, not sure what org you are saying to check but i will google it! Jo, hope all is well and things have settled down. Hi Ruthie and Ella. hope all is ok. Ella, I'm 10 weeks now, thanks for asking, Have to run as at work. x

FL  Posted: 06/10/2008 13:54

Hi Lu Thanks for your good wishes and good luck . . I understand the apprehension, but I went through this twice before but it is 10 years ago and just try and stay as relaxed as possible - easier said than done. I was on tablets for 4 days to bring on my period, I took the last one this morning, so I am just waiting for it to start and then I will be on the treatment. Because of my high FSH I am doing the flare protocol which involves the spray and injections at the same time. I would hope to be started the treatment before this day next week so we could be going through it at the same time. Hi and hope life is being good to all the ladies on this thread

Jo  Posted: 07/10/2008 12:54

Hi All, well I had my scan yesterday instead of today as I had another bleed Sunday night, so I rang the Clinic yesterday moring and they said to come in and they would do the scan early to put my mind at ease, so I went in yesterday and there it one heartbeat! Was very emotional, but am thrilled, nurse said its about 6 weeks and looks very healthy and a good size for now. I was put on another injection - Pregnyl to help support the pregnancy more and to help stop the bleeding. So have to go back in 2 weeks for another scan. Will be 8 weeks then. FL hope your period comes soon so you can start your journey, best of luck. Best of luck to all you starting out on the journey. Bm hope your scan goes well for your on Wed.

Ella  Posted: 07/10/2008 14:32

Hi Girls!! Hope you all had nice weekends, pampering yourselves and for those of you not off the gargle, hope you enjoyed it!! Jo - Thats great news, i'm glad and hope it all works out now and that the pregnal stops the bleeding. Did they give any reason for the bleeding? You must have been worried sick?? Anyway, alls well that ends well again!! BM - Best of luck to you tommorrow, you seem to be sailing on through all this, no bother to you, so hopefully all will be sailing tommorrow too. I would think all be will be magic!!! Let us know!! Also thank you for your lovely kind words on the post of the 2/10/08. I will try and think of them when i'm going through my own journey which wont be too long away now!! Pc - Hope you're doing well. I logged on to the other day in an internet cafe. It is a good site alright, but i didnt have that long on it to susss it all out, maybe another day. However i got a name of a hotel that we might check into when we go over for the second time, so that was a help anyway. So here's hoping. Three weeks tommorrow now we'll be off for the consultation. I hope we wont get delayed with anything after that. I'm really hoping to have it over by the middle of January. Getting anxious and it's hard to believe that it might actually have a chance of working after all the heartache, and that these new eggs could be our solution. xx FL - Did you get to start on your journey yet?? To all the other ladies out there still trying, Good Luck!!!

FL  Posted: 07/10/2008 14:52

Jo Thats good news, delighted for you, hope it puts you more at ease, still obviously a worry but please God all will continue to go well. Be good to yourself and lots of rest. No sign of me starting yet but I don't think it will be long, feel a little achy

BM  Posted: 08/10/2008 12:45

Jo - fantastic news that the scan showed a heartbeat - you must be so relieved. Hopefully the meds will stop the bleeding altogether - those guys really know there stuff. I hope it has also put your mind at rest too. Lu - I know you're starting on Fri, best of luck, the drugs can be so tough on your body, so be good to yourself. FL - hopefully you'll be underway too before long. Well I had my scan today and I think it's third time lucky for this site in recent times because there were 2 little heartbeats!! I still can't believe it. One fetus measured 10 mm and the other is 6mm - I have been told not to worry at this point that one is smaller than the other as it's still very early and it was really heard to get a good look at no. 2 because of it's position, but the heartbeats were very visible! We're thrilled. I'm feeling really sick a lot of the time, no vomitting yet, but constantly go from ravenously hungry to nausea - I know it's a good sign and I'm not complaining but it's not very pleasant. I'm going to see if my accupuncturist can help. AM - I instantly called your consultant and I have managed to get in with him, which is great, thanks for the recommendation. I hope you are at home with your feet up now. PC - hope you are keeping well. Ella - not much longer now before the appointment - the weeks will start to fly in for you.

Kel  Posted: 08/10/2008 12:56

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted but i've been reading all of your updates. Jo- So sorry you had to go through all that.. but how lovely, to see the heartbeat of your baby!! It's just so exciting. Hopefully, your much more at ease and the drugs to help the baby do wonders! So happy for you. BM- Best wishes for your scan today.. Please God, all goes well and you too see a little healthy heartbeat! Ella.. it really won't be long now.. Sure the weeks are flying in. Easy to say, I know, but before you know it.. you'll be in Barcelona! You really have been a tower of strength to so many of us on these threads. Thank you for all your positive thoughts and outlooks. Hopefully, we can return it and send you millions of baby dust!x PC- hope your enjoying your pregnancy and that all is going well for you. You too are a font of knowledge and are full of support. So glad that your scan went well and that the babies are growing. It's all such a miracle!x FL- As I said on the other thread.. PG it is on its way and you can finally start your amazing journey! AM- Hope you are just resting with your feet up now that you are at home. Hope you are not feeling too uncomfortable! x Ruthie and Anto.. we haven't really heard from you girls.. hope all is going well with NaPro. Sending you lots of positive wishes.x As for me, well, period came on day 40.. I've taken clomid for the 1st 5 days and I'm due to have a scan this Sunday morning to make sure all is well with uterus lining and follicle. Thanks for all your good wishes.. just continuing to pray that it works. It is great though that at least now we have a plan. We will do this for 2 months only, then go privately to Origins in Belfast to start IVF in Dec or Jan. Who know's Ella, maybe you and I could be going through it all at the same time! What a lovely thought! To the rest of you girls.. stay strong and best wishes! xx

Ella  Posted: 08/10/2008 15:37

Girls, Yet Again, Brilliant news!!! BM - My God, congratulations to you!!! Well done girl, 2 heartbeats and third time lucky is right, well third time for twins anyway!!! I cant believe it, although you might find this funny but i had a feeling about you that things would turn good!!! I wish i had the same feeling about myself!! I suppose the sickness is expected. I wouldn't mind it!!!! I wouldn't worry about the size of them at all at this stage, the other little one will catch up i would imagine!! Best of luck to you anyway, and well done again. Lets hope the third time lucky thing continues for the rest of us, on this tiring journey!! Kel - Thanks again for the lovely words of kindness. The weeks are flying alright, but still i cant wait just to get out there and get started. I really hope the clomid works for you, but if it doesn't dont depair, there are so many options for you yet. You sound like a great person and i'd say we'll be hearing good news from you yet. As you say maybe the 2 of us will be on a successful journey together, and wouldn't it be fab!! I feel like a psycic now!!!!! Ha!! Take care everyone, and keep all these positives going - it's brilliant. I love this site!!!!!!!!!!! Hope i dont be the one to bring it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ella.

Pc  Posted: 08/10/2008 20:58

BM ohmygod congratulations!!! How lovely! and shocking also I'm sure:) I think its a lot to take in when you see two but lovely at the same time and after all your months of waiting and so pleased for you. its just lovely! so we have to keep in touch now with updates and news!! Jo am so so glad also that your bleeding has stopped and that you saw a little baba on the scan...really really pleased for you. And also you've been through a tough time to get here and its just lovely to see it coming right for you, Take care of yourself now and just enjoy all the being looked after! Kel, great that you're doing the clomid for 2 months and then have your ivf you're on your way now which is great news and hopefully it won't be long before you're brining your own good news to the thread! And Ella, great and positive to everyone and lots to look forward to now also!! can't wait to hear how you get on Ella! Ruthie, hope you're ok and the napro is going well? I hope you;re in good form and all is ok. AM hope you're relaxing now on your time off work. and make the most of your rest now:) FL, good to see you're starting also and very best of luck to you. Hope everyone is well and in good form. I'm doing fine. bit tired and kind of sore sometimes from pressure on my bladder of all things! Dread to think what it will be like later if this is what its like now just at 10 weeks...anyway thats for another day. but in general fine. Great to see such good news here and from the names we've all seen over the last months and even year or more...just shows there is always hope!! xx

Jo  Posted: 09/10/2008 14:11

BM am delighted for you, twins! Its so emotional seeing it on screen isnt it, after years of trying and failed attempts to finally get there, its so unreal but fantastic. Best of luck, and to all those out there trying

Jo  Posted: 09/10/2008 15:39

Hi me again, I have just come up with hives on my thighs and knees and was wondering if anybody else has gotten them, I presumed they were side effects of some of the medication I am taking, so I rang the Clinic, they said to stop the gestone injection and use the pessaries instead - so am going to be using them twice a day now, just wondering if anybody else had experienced this? They are bloody itchy!

Julianne (IZU66287)  Posted: 09/10/2008 20:26

Hi All, I've not posted before.. I tried IVF between 2001-2004 (7 unsuccessful attempts in all). Sadly, husband died in 2003 from cancer & the treatments had made him sterile. Now I feel I am too old to try again but I am so sad that I have no husband and no child (I'm 46). I read that IVF is more successful now for the over 45's. Any views anyone?

FL  Posted: 10/10/2008 09:22

Hi all At last it has arrived and appointment for day 2 tomorrow at 10.30 Say a little prayer for me and hoping you are all keeping well, Jo hope the hives go away. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Ella  Posted: 10/10/2008 09:46

Julianne - Hi and you're v welcome on this site. I was so sad to read your message on this board. I'm so sorry about your husband. You're a very brave woman. I myself am 37, and have had three unsuccessful attempts at IVF - never again. We had no probs doing it and everything went well - it just never ended in success for us. We have now decided to head down the Donor route in Barcelona, and have an apt to see them on the 29th of this month. So we are really hoping for success this time round after alot of upset over the last few years. However, i cannot relate to anything about the over 45's and success. I do feel you have been through your fair share with 7 failed attmepts, and i dont know if IVF is the route for you anymore, after that. It's entirely up to you, but do you really feel that it would work for you after that?? I'm def not trying to put you off it, and it is entirely up to everyone themselves. We allowed ourselves 3 attempts at it and always said we would go 3 times, but it took so much out of us both, but especially me, mentally and physically in that i would be slow in advising anyone to keep going with it if it doesn't work after a certain time. What would be your option now that your husband is deceased? Would you go Donor?? If so, i can give you more info if you would like?? Other than that, there is a company called "FORESIGHT" in England that have a high success rate. It's based on a vitamin/mineral experience, where they take hair samples and detect what you are lacking etc and provide you with minerals to get you pregnant. We tried this after our ivf's but we only gave it a few months and it didn't work for us, maybe we didn't give it enough of a chance, but i know they have had a lot of success with older women, so maybe this route could be for you too??? Best of luck to you in whatever you decide, and if i can be of any more help, please just ask!!! Ella

Ella  Posted: 10/10/2008 15:00

Pc- hope you're doing great and all is going well for you. Can i just ask you a quick question if you dont mind ..... When ye went to Barcelona, did they use the frozen sperm sample or a fresh one?? I was just curious about this, not that it prob makes a difference either way, and also did your hubby go with you for the whole process? Sorry for being "nosey" as you might call it....!!! I'm getting a bit apprehensive now so hoping i will be relaxed by the 29th. I'm also doing acup every second week so that is going well also. Thanks for this. Ella

Pc  Posted: 10/10/2008 16:35

Hi Ella, fresh or frozen will depend on the results of the analysis they do on your hubby at the first meeting...then they will tell you which will be ok. So it just depends really but they will tell you all. Julianne, so sorry to hear your story and it must be very hard for you. I don't think from what I understand anyway that ivf is more successful for women over 45 but what is more successful is ivf with donor eggs or double donor. This increaes your chances of luck to you and if I also can answer anything else let me know.x

Julianne (IZU66287)  Posted: 10/10/2008 20:19

Hi Ellia, Thank you for your message.. I am very sorry for you too but I think you have your age on your side. I'll just relay what happened with my cycles. For the first one I did not respond well to the drugs so the cycle was cancelled. The second cycle was a bit more successful in that I made it to egg retrieval. They only managed to retrieve 1 egg but that was poor quality & small + it didn't fertilize. By the way, they were using my late husband's frozen straws (his sperm was very poor quality at this stage + they had very little of it). After that, he had become completely sterile as he was so ill. The rounds after that were using donor sperm (AI). Some more information about donors would be handy. Is it legal in the UK for them to use donor egg & donor sperm do you know?

FL  Posted: 13/10/2008 09:37

Hi Everybody Hope the weekend was good to you all. I had my day 2 in the HARI on Saturday, as expected my FSH level was high (21 when they hope for 17 or below). Anyway this was as expected and even if we waited for another cycle it would not improve so I have started the treatment. Started the spray on Saturday and the first injection yesterday evening. Day 7 scan on Saturday to see if I am responding fingers and everything else crossed.

Pc  Posted: 13/10/2008 10:55

Hi Ella, I answered you on Friday but the post is not here,,not sure why! What i was saying is that the clinic will decide whether you need fresh or frozen depending on the results on the day you go there, so really you will need them to tell you. Try not to worry about all the details as you honestly can't control some of them...easier said than done I know but go with lots of questions to the app and ask about anything you're not sure of. And hopefully you will get on great. x Hi Julianne. if my reply to you appears twice like to Ella then apologies! Firstly I was sad reading your post and am so sorry for all thats happened to you. You sound like a lovely and brave lady. On your q about ivf after 45 having improved success rates, I don't know or really what I mean to say is Idon't think this is really the our ovarian reserves sharply decrease after 40. What i do know is that the chances greatly increase with donor egg and double donor...I'm not sure if this is what you were thinking of but some of the ladies here are going with donor eggs so you're at the right place if you want to know any more. Best of luck whatever you decide and by the way i'm no expert so you could always make an appt with say a clinic like Simms to discuss your options?

Ella  Posted: 13/10/2008 15:14

Pc- thanks for that information yet again. I dont know what happened with the posts but a few seem to have come together now. I cant believe it's only 2 weeks away now really. I suppose I'll just try and go with an open mind and see what they say - it will be interesting!! Looking forward to it though!! Hope all going v well for you!! Julianne - i don't know anything about Donor in the UK. I presume you are living over there? Maybe check this out with a local Clinic that do IVF, or the one you have been to already. I know it was my Clinic here that told me about Spain. Donor might be your best option now though if you still want a baby!! Good luck!! Kel - How are you doing? How did you find taking the Clomid and how was your scan, hope lining is ok?? Jo and BM - hope yer well girls and that yer little tots are surviving well. Any scans since for ye? I suppose a bit early yet. AM - hope things well with you too, you feeling ok? I'm just waiting now for the 29th to head for Barcelona. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be an interesting day. We are sorry we didn't book a night over there, as we plan to travel over and back the one day. Sure if all goes well, we will have another few days there i'm sure. I had a hangover from hell yesterday as we went to my sisters house for dinner, and too much wine was had, and we went out aswell, so the mixture of voddie and wine was not good, infact - v bad!! So it will be detox from now on for me!! Said i'd get it over with early as wont be drinking at all from now on!! Hope ye all had good weekends!!! Ella. Ella.

Julianne (IZU66287)  Posted: 13/10/2008 20:12

Thanks Ella. Yes, I have lived in England for a year. Before that I lived in Australia for 8 years and I think that maybe the laws are different there. Yes, I was interested to know what all the excitement was about with Spain but it doesn't seem very practical, given the distance. Kind regards.

NR  Posted: 14/10/2008 14:15

Hi Everyone - I am new to the site & would like to share my story with you. I'm 34 yrs old and had 2 unsuccessful IVF attempts over the past 2 yrs. Myself and my husband where completely devasted we thought it would never happen for us but last July we decided to go for another round and guess what it actually worked. We tried different meds this time called the antagonist protocol - on egg retrieval we had 7 eggs and judging from our previous cycles where half only fertilise & only another half goes on to transfer we feared that we wouldn't have any to transfer at all but out of the 7 retrieved 5 fertilised and 2 were transferred so needless to say we where delighted with that. During our 16 days wait we had ourselves convinced that it didn't work ( we wouldn't be one of the lucky ones ) but on our day 16 we did the test and it was positive - we just couldn't believe our luck we were so blessed. Then there was the wait for a further 3 wks to get the scan - we were living on our nerves every day we got nearer to the scan was a bonus and eventually the day of the scan arrived. Everything went well at the scan I can't explain the joy of seeing the little heartbeat flashing on the screen only then it seemed real but later that night we got the scare of our lives - I got up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and started bleeding we where so convinced that we where losing the baby - after a couple of hours the bleeding stopped - the next day I just had a trace and from then on for the next 5 wks. I am now 14 wks pregnant & all seems fine - sick as a pig & they say that's the sign of a healthy baby so I say the sicker the better. Jo, I know the fear you have everytime you go to the toilet but just because you bleed doesn't necessarily mean that the baby is in danger - it turns out that my bleeding is coming from an empty sac - the 2 embryo's must have implanted but only one developed properly so I'm told to expect more bleeding from the empty sac - bleeding can also occur from the embryo implanting onto the womb. I'm due to going for another scan in 5 wks so I'll let you know how it goes. To everyone thinking of going down the ivf route it's emotionally very tough but so so worth it when it works, what hope is there without it. Take Care NR

Jo  Posted: 15/10/2008 10:57

Hi all, havent been on in a while, after I posted about my hives it got gradually worse, to the stage of having hives all over my body, swollen eyes/lips/ears/hands/feet - to the extent of I could hardly walk with the pain. It just kept moving around my body and was terrible. I rang the Clinic again and they told me to come off all my mediciation, which I did, very nervously, but it got no better and ended up in the Rotunda A&E on Saturday, so in the end I had to take Panadol and Periton - anti histimine, which i was also terrified about taking, and went back into the Clinic again on Monday for another scan. So they said the baby seems fine, but to stop all my medication except the pessaries. Was nervous about doing that but I really dont have any option as I must be allergic to one of them. Only starting to feel a bit better now. All this would have you a nervous wreak. How are you doing BM? NR - thanks that is a bit reassuring about the bleeding, but thankfully I haven't had any since, touch wood. I'm so glad that it finally worked for you too, it's a very difficult road, but well worth it if you get a good result at the end. Ella will be thinking of you too on your journey to Barcelona

Ella  Posted: 15/10/2008 16:20

Jo- That's awful, you poor thing. It's a good idea to come off the medication anyway. There is only so much you can take too though and whatever the outcome, you have to mind your health aswell. It's great the baby is ok too, i know that must be your main worry at this moment in time. Lets hope that you are sorted now and from here on in everything will go ok for you and baby. I havent time to go back on things but hope everbody is doing great. Thinking of you all. This time 2 weeks i'll be in Barcelona!!! No other news since, and pregnant girls - keep in touch!!! This site needs people like you.

Ella  Posted: 16/10/2008 10:07

Hi Girls. Well i'm emailing this morning, not in great form at all. An issue of a completely different kind!!! This budget has driven us all mad. The loss of jobs is going to be a serious condition. I work in a job that is safe, but my husband is teaching and is not permanent. He came home yest evening and said that there are "talks" that some of them might be let go. I was just devastated. Everytime we went for treatment before, there was always some obstacle in our way that put us under stress of some kind, and now i feel this is happening to us again!!! I was upset all night about this, the timing couldn't be worse. He says not to worry that nothing is definite and he thinks he'll be ok, but i figure that if there are talks like this, that none of them are safe and anything can happen. As you know DE is expensive and now i'm wondering is this money we should be saving and not spending in Barcelona????!!!! I'm upset and scared of the unknown. If it works in Barcelona then of course we'll cope and wont mind, but these times are calling for tightening up of belts etc, and i'm confused now. I know of course it's something we both want very much, and will still go ahead i hope, but what if it doesn't work then, and if hubby loses job in Jan, what then and how will i pull out of that one!!! Bad enough before. Sorry for the moan, i've the flu aswell so, prob just everything getting to me. I said i'd email my girls and see if they have any pick-me-up for me today??????? Ella.

Pc  Posted: 16/10/2008 12:00

Hi Ella, sorry to hear you're feeling low and I know it is all very hubby also had a meeting yesterday about redundancies...but you know i work in a company where we also had a lot of people a few years back and now are only a small before this used to stress me and worry me but now i've come to the conclusion that i can't change or control if redundancies happen and further more both of us have plenty of experience and will I know get something else,, even if it takes a little while. So i suppose what i'm saying to you is whilst you need to be careful, you can be over cautious also and things usually work themselves out. you've waited a long time for the app so i would definitely go ahead with this and you can always delay your treatment until you're ready...or maybe just go for it as hopefully it will all go well for you first time anyway. personally I've just gone past the stage of worrying about redundancies as have been through it about 4 times now in my company and if it happens it happens, its not the end of the world, there are still other jobs even though it may take longer to get them and at least now i don't have this stress on top of everything else as theres enough stress in this whole process without worrying about what we can't change. I hope you feel a little better today and in no way am making light of your concerns...but you did seem ready to go for the treatment so i would say stick to your plans for now anyway and if you want to change down the line its completely up to you. xx

Ella  Posted: 16/10/2008 12:40

Oh Pc, thank you so, so, so much!! I'm starting to feel better already!! You're right i am ready for DE and there is no way i'm putting off my plans now, just in the off chance that hubby might lose the job!! Yes, we will go ahead with our plans and fingers crossed it will work out for us. We have worked long and hard and come through a lot of ups and downs to just give up now, so yes, will continue on and pray that everything goes ok!! We are lucky in that we can afford it at the mo, but it's just you'd be wondering if you should be saving for the rainy day, but no, this is a crucial milestone in our lives now and we can't just throw in the towel now. So full steam ahead and thank you so much for making me see sense!!! I appreciate it. You sound in great aul form. I often think of you and how lucky you are now after all the bad times. Worth it all in the end!! You're like a leader to the rest of us!! Kel, i'm sorry to hear things didn't go to plan and it was looking so good. Clomid can be funny like that - i think i had mentioned that to you before, but i know you have to try these things too. Maybe IVF is the way for you, but make your mind up how many you will do before you start, cause it's expensive and takes its toll too. Keep the chin up and things will work out for you. I'm also doing a Novena to St. Martin. My first time praying to him, but a lot of people have faith in him so will try. Unfortunately i have given up a bit on Mass, but i do pray and light candles, so fingers crossed He will look down on us this time!! I'll be thinking of you too. xx. Ella.

Jo  Posted: 16/10/2008 13:44

Hi Ella, am sorry to hear all that, but you can only cross those bridges when you come to them. As it is go ahead with your Barcelona appointment, you have it booked and all. Your husband might not loose his job, if he does then cross that bridge when you come to it. It is the best way I found to handle things, as I have also had a lot of things getting in the way of treatment, had to postpone it the first time for 10 months due to an accident my husband had. So you can only cross that bridge when you come to it, take one thing at a time, as it is your husband has a job at the moment and hopefully he will keep it. Thinking of you and hope it all goes well.

Kel  Posted: 16/10/2008 13:46

Hi Girls, Well Miss Ella.. you must be in the dumps to be soundin off like that! It has to be the flu! Seems to be getting everyone! I, myself was down with it on Monday and Tuesday. As for the whole credit crunch thing.. well, it's happening and there is nothing any of us can do. YOU CANNOT let this affect you at this most crucial time! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself with your family at the weekend, even if you had to suffer for it. You must keep yourself as stress free as possible and you know it! If January comes, and the worse happens, then you and your husband will deal with it.. look at all you have come through together already! I do understand though. That is why I was so annoyed to be told that I wouldn't be called before I was 40 ( meaning that we have to pay for 1st go of IVF). I know that means nothing to you all that have already paid fortunes to get a wee one. I was annoyed at the loss of a year too though! I know that you can't help thinking what if it doesn't work? Sure.. what if it does??? Heaven know's Ella, you deserve for this time to be yours so give yourself every chance possible. Detox, rest, make love, and try to enjoy the next two weeks while you wait for Barcelona! You can't change the country or world's finances so, deal with the problems as they come! Its's already thursday again! Like I said, the weeks are flying by! Hopefully your flu doesn't last too long. I'm over the worst of it now, thank God! Just know that we're here and we are routing for you Ella. Millions of Baby dust!! Jo- My goodness, you have been through a time of it! Hopefully, the hives have stopped by now. I'm sure it's scary but at least they are keeping a close eye on you and the baby. Best wishes NR- Thanks for your story.. I cried reading it.. I'm quite emotional these days so it was lovely to read that you are doing well and that you too were successful after such heartache. Keep posting. FL- I wrote to you on the other thread.. hope all is still going well. I'l be thinking of you on Sat. I hope your scan goes well. Yes, everything crossed.x To the rest of you pregnant ladies and to those of us still trying, I've been praying for us all at St. Gerard's Novena this past week (Patron Saint of Mum's to be and those that want to be). It ends today. My goodness, there are so many of us wanting so badly to have a baby, that either cant or need help doing so. The petittions that have been read out are just hearbreaking, as are own stories sometimes are. I'm not a holy roller or anything but my mum and I have been going and its been lovely. Today is St. Gerard's feast day.. I'm willing to do anything girls as I know you are too.. Maybe saying a prayer to him might help.. who knows? I went for my own scan on Sunday to be told to come back yesterday (wed). I did, and all seemed great. Two big healthy follies and a smaller one on the other side. Doc said that the uterus lining was good and that I'd prob ovulate today or tomorrow. So, then she warns me though, that there could be a very good chance of twins and that I should be prepared for that, since there are two follies. Well, of course that would be a welcomed blessing! So, we thought everything was on course, til she took a blood test which came back at 3pm telling us that it was too high. I guess the clomid has produces too much eostrogen which means that there could be an unhealthy amount of multiples if we were to try this month. You can imagine.. I was gutted last night. Just another waste of a month! So, the nurse advised for me not to take clomid next month, to wait for my period to arrive and to make a further follow up appointment at that time. So, now the wait is on again! I'm not sure what the next step is other than going straight to IVF. I guess I'll find out when I go back to see her. It's strange.. imagine, we have to use condoms this month! Ridiculous! I'm really trying to not let it get me down. At least something is happening and, there is a good egg reserve! The expense is annoying though. Because all of our tests were done a year ago, we have to pay all over again if we go to this new clinic. I know I'm a joke.. positive one minute then negative the next. But, that's what this does to you! Is it any wonder I'm resorting to prayer! Ha Ha Best wishes to you allxx

SD  Posted: 16/10/2008 15:53

hi im new to this site. My story so far, im 27, be 28 in dec. Im married 5 years was lucky to get pregnant on my honeymoon but 9 weeks into it i was rushed to hosiptal with pains it turned out to be an etopic. They had to remove my left fallopian tube i was heart broken. that was back in aug 03.In feb 04 i had the same pains again went to hospital they scaned me and found i had a twisted cyst on my ovary had an opp to remove it. I was'nt getting pregnant so my doc sent me to the rotunda. I was put on clomid, 2weeks after taking the clomid i got very sick i had to stay in hospital for a few days so they took me of the clomid for a few months. I got myself better so i could start back on the clomid on a lower dose and yes it worked we were pregnant we were delighted. I had to go for a early scan over what happened the last time and we couldn't beleave it history was repeated another etopic so had to have another opp but they managed to save my only tube which was something so i was sent home to recover and to take a few months off from trying for a baby. 8 months later i found out i was pregnant i really didn't want to tell the doc in the rontunda cause i would be sent for that early scan. anyway i had to go it was etopic again and this time they couldn't save my tube i was heart broken it was the end of the road for us.We had to go for ivf so i picked myself back up again "as us women do".We started ivf in the hari unit july 06 12days into injection and it was stopped cause if i kept going i would of hyperstimulated. We went back to start it all again on a lower dose april 07. We got 11 eggs which 8 fertilsed put 2 back in and rest in the freezer unfortually it didn't work.We went back to do a frozen cycle in march and that too didn't work.I have been following all of your story a long time know, Congraulations to the girls that are pregnant.To those that are still on this journey i wish you good luck.I hope to be starting another frozen cycle in Jan or Feb but this time there going to try and bring them to blastcyst. Has anyone had blastcyst with the hari unit and it worked for them as i know the hari unit is not to long doing it?

Ella  Posted: 16/10/2008 16:26

Hi Kel and Jo, and all the other girls. Thanks girls for all your lovely words of kindness towards me once more. Ye have all really cheered me up and i'm much happier now this evening, thanks to you all. I knew ye wouldn't let me down and tis great to just log in here anytime and get the support that you need, when you need it no matter what the issue!! Ye all mind yourselves now and if i dont log on tommorrow have lovely weekends, and Kel, i will take your good avice on board!!!! Cheers for now. Ella.

Kel  Posted: 16/10/2008 19:50

Ella, I just reread what I wrote to you.. Please dont think that I was just brushing off your genuine concerns.. that was not my intention. Of course, you have cause to worry but I guess I just wanted you to look on the side that there is nothing you can do until the time comes.. PG it won't. I just want you to not give yourself all that worry especially at this time. Positive thoughts! Sorry if I sounded flipant. I'm glad you've decided to go ahead with your plans. x

Ella  Posted: 17/10/2008 14:40

Kel- Dont be silly, i had to laugh at what you had to say!!! So thank you for all the positive vibes, and best wishes. Say a little prayer for us that everything will go well over the next few months and i will be thinking of you too, and hubby came home yesterday with positive news that chances are he wont lose his job anyway. SD - Your story is unbelievable. I hope this hasn't left a mark on you, as it can do, and that you will find this site helpful and move on from all that you have been through. We all have gone through heartache at some stage and something still pulls us up and gives us hope again. So hopefully you will get hope from all of us on this site, and think positive to keep trying. I myself have been through alot also with 3 failed IVFs and IUI's so now after a long road we are going down the Donor Egg route, and we pray to God that this will work out for us. I suppose we are scared out of our wits really at times to keep trying but we only have so many years in us to try and suceed, and we dont want to have regrets in life, so that's what keeps me going. I'm 37 at the mo and wont be 38 till next Aug so i suppose age is on my side for now anyway. So keep in touch, this is a great site, log on anytime no matter what the issue and we'll try and help or at least chat!! Hi to all my other girlies!! Ella

FL  Posted: 20/10/2008 09:31

Hi all I had my 7 day scan on Saturday and unfortunately it is not looking great. They couldn't find my right ovary (this is usually what happens) so they presumed there are no follicles on it ( I hope they are wrong) and on the left there is one good one and two tiny ones. It doesn't look very promising but they decided not to stop to wait until day 10 which is tomorrow to see if there is any improvement, I am so nervous because this will probably be the end of the road for me.

Ella  Posted: 20/10/2008 10:23

FL - Sorry to hear that news, but still you do have one good follicle and if that is as good as they say then maybe you could still be lucky, one is all you need sometimes!! So hang in there for another day and see what that will bring, hopefully good news and you'll be able to continue on. You would hear so many edging stories like this and then in the end it often works out brilliant for them. So keep the fingers X and it might all work out very well. Will be rooting for you too. Hi to the rest of the gang on this site. Hope you all had good weekends. I had a great aul weekend, took your advice Kel and chilled out, and had lots of "fun"!!!!!! Pc - How're you doing? I was thinking of you last night. I was saying that i never once heard you mention any sickness in your pregnancy, were you well all the way to the 12 weeks, didn't that 12 weeks fly too???!!!!! Anyway more luck to you and hope all is blooming for you. BM and Jo, how are the hives now Jo, have they calmed down?? Bm - How are you, everything going ok i hope?? When are yer next scans girls?? This is my last week so to speak at work for a while now. I'm taking most of next week off as my hubby is off and we have our apt in Barcelona on the 29th, so i'm really looking forward to the time off and the relaxation and excitement too i suppose. I will be in on the Friday, the 31st so hope to catch up with ye all then and fill ye in on how i get on over there!!! However in the meantime, everything else looks good and i'm feeling relaxed and healthy!! So how's everyone else doing?? Log on with news girls!! Ella.

Pc  Posted: 20/10/2008 11:01

Hi everyone, Ella, you always make me smile, like a leader! ummm me not think so:) Am glad now you're in better form and really looking forward (well you know what I mean) to hearing how you get on in bcn...will be hoping great things for you. FL, sorry day 7 scan wasn't great, its a terrible feeling when that happens, I hope day 10 brings better news for you.x SD, you've had a very rough time and sorry to hear that. I hope all will go well for you in Jan and know that many people support blastocyst and ask for this in their cycles hopefully this will work for you. best of luck!! Kel, I was thinking of you doing the novena last week and hope you said a prayer for all of us! I was supposed to do it, my aunt and cousin told me they were going to do it for me and said I should go even one day,,,there were only 2 days i would have been able to get but just felt too tired after work so felt a bit bad! oh well.. I can imagine how annoyed you feel at the time spent waiting for the ivf,..the only thing is the fact that the clomid worked with more than one follicle is a great sign and hopefully you will respond well to the ivf,,,fingers crossed for you. Jo and BM, hope both of you are keeping well? How are you feeling now? Ruthie, are you still around? How is the Napro going? Ella, you asked me about ms...its funny I have really had hardly any at all, and then from Thurs night last I felt really just out of sorts, had a terrible headache which lasted all day Friday and then on Friday was really sick. But now am fine hoping thats it! I have felt very low though this weekend for some reason and spent all day yesterday in tears and upset over stupid small things..and have no idea why. I know I'm very lucky and don't want anyone to think I'm not...and know many people would give anything to be here..but for some reason just feel really really down and don't want to be like this as its not usually my nature. Hopefully it will just pass. Talk soon. xx

Kel  Posted: 20/10/2008 12:13

Hi everyone.. hope you are all doing okay. PC- you're probably just very hormonal! Thank God, you seem to have 'sailed through' so far. A good aul cry can do ya the world of good sometimes anyway! I was much like that myself yesterday after having a crazy dream that seemed very real. As you say, hopefully it will just pass. I know that you feel extremely blessed for your outcome. Know that you are a great inspiration to the rest of us and your encouragement always helps to spur us on to try to be positve. The Novena was lovely, by the way.. of course very emotional. As I mentioned, there are just so many of us facing this 'problem'. It's nice to think that there are many prayers being said for us. I myself am really stuggling.. not with the ivf side of things but with the, as your Mum would say, 'God's Will'. Anyways, sure, look at the prayers that have worked for so many of you girls on this site lately. It's great! FL- It's just so hard but try to keep your chin up. A couple of days can make all the difference. Sure when I had my scan on day 12 last week, I was so depressed because the doc simply said, 'no, nowhere near where you need to be.. come back on day 15'. I was so distraught to hear that the uterus lining was too thin and, there was no talk of any follicles on my 1st visit. Sure, look what day 15 brought.. too many and too much! I know its hard to content yourself but do try to relax today. We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow. Best wishes FL. Ella.. delighted that you took my advice! One more work week! Look how the time has flown! You and your hubby must be so excited! Good to hear that he's feeling more secure in his job too. Glad you are feeling more up to the whole excitement of it. Out of interest, do your family know that you are going and your plans? I haven't really discussed it with mine. I think that it's really wonderful that your doing this, for what it's worth. Sure, I hope we hear from ya before you go. SD- I too am sad to hear of all that you have gone through. I'm glad that you have joined the site though. I'm not aware of any of the procedures as I'm a bit of a novice to all this, but know that you can rely on support as you go through your journey. Best of luck to you as well. BM and Jo, how are things going? And Ruthie and Anto.. sure it's been ages since you girls were on.. how are ya's and Napro? I, myself am just patiently waiting till the end of the month when I hope to get my period sooner ( day 29) rather than later(day40!). Hopefully, the clomid will have regulated it so I can get on with it all. Yes, PC, you are right that at least it overstimulated so we know that the eggs are there. Trying to hang in there and be positive. One thing I will say is that I'm so glad that I had the nerve to walk into the clinic that day to speak with the doc, otherwise, I'd still just be waiting to be called from the list. At least it helps when you think that some action is being taken. LU- how are things going with you? You must be in the middle of your treatment too. Best wishes to all for a good week ahead. xx

Mai  Posted: 20/10/2008 12:37

Hi Ladies There is a chance that I may have to go for Egg Donation as my FSH is quite high. We are currently changing over to the SIMS Clinic and our first appointment is next month. I already have had 2 failed attempts behind me with another clinic who don't do Egg Donation so there is no point staying with them. I noticed a Clinic in Barcelona mentioned a lot on this site and i was wondering could anyone tell me what they charge for an IVF cycle with egg donation? Our funds (and hopes) are running very low so this maybe an option for us. Thanks. Mai :)

Jo  Posted: 20/10/2008 13:07

FL, sorry things are not going too well for you, hopefully tomorrow will bring some better news for you, its all a big waiting game and its so very hard. You never know that one follicle might be the one for you and be strong. Ella enjoy your time off and hope your appointment goes well in Barcelona, will be thinking of you. SD very sorry to hear your story, very sad and very hard to get through I can imagine. I went to blastcyst stage, but I am with the Sims Clinic, with 2 embryos, thankfully one has taken but I do think that it was a good idea to go to that stage as all the rest of my embryos didnt last, but it seems that I got one good one and am so thankful. Best of luck to you in Jan with your frozen cycle. All my allergic reactions died down, but it really whacked me out, extremely tired from it all, just trying to get back to normal now.

BM  Posted: 20/10/2008 14:20

Hi everyone - sorry it's been a while. I was in London all last week for work, which was a nice distraction. I haven't been getting sick, but feel extremely nauseous a lot of the time and have what I'd call "dry heaves" - not pleasant. I find if I don't eat every hour the floor is coming up to meet me! I'm going to be as big as a house. Like Pc I am not complaining at all and feel incredibly lucky to be here, I just hope it passes and soon as I am not fun to be around, my DH is suffering... Ella - You have had a tough time these past couple of weeks, it's good to see you back to your usual cheerful self - only a week to go now.... I have all fingers/toes crossed for you. I'm so pleased things are still on track and that your hubby looks like he'll keep his job. Mine actually lost his last Monday, which isn't great. Funny though we've both said in light of other things that have been going on ie. the IVF it seems so minor - we're hopeful something will come up and maybe it was better that it happened now than later in my pregnancy. Pc - sounds like hormones are really playing up for you at the moment, although I'm about 3 weeks behind you, I know how you feel I find I cry at the slightest thing like Strictly Come Dancing!!! I'm feeling somewhat pessimistic at the moment about the pregnancy eventhough I have no signs that I should be and feel so fortunate - maybe it's an IVF hangover, I just can't shake it. I have a scan on Weds so hopefully that will put my mind at ease. Jo - you poor thing, you have been through so much, so glad the baby is doing well. I hope things begin to get easier for you. Kel - so sorry you've had to abandon this month - it's an awful feeling. It sounds like you responded very well and I would think that bodes really well for IVF. Good luck with the next step. Julianne and SD - both of your stories are so, so sad. Julianne - I hope you find the right path. SD - I like others on this site have suffered from HOSS due to overstimulation, it's incredibly frustrating, but at least you are responding to the drugs, it will be about getting the dosage right. I had a blastocyst transfer in Sims in Sept and tg I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins. I highly recommend blastocyst, having also had 3 failed FETs. It sounds like they need to keep a really close eye on you next time to ensure you don't over respond. Hang in there. FL - I hope all is going well for you. AM - are you doing ok? Hello to anyone I may have missed. xxx

Ella  Posted: 20/10/2008 16:40

Right Girls, last email for this evening!! Pc-First of all, sorry you're feeling so down, but as BM said, and she's right, it must be the hormones playing havoc with you at the mo. Get plenty rest and you should be ok, you're lucky you're not sick aswell, although i'm sure you wouldn't mind. I suppose the fact that you were so down about not being able to use your own eggs in the beginning too, that might be playing on you now too, all those issues if you get me, i think about that too sometimes eventhough i'm not pregnant at all, but i wonder if i will accept it etc but then i just put it out of my head again and think positive nice things, as i have a fantastic hubby and no matter what, we will work it out together and so will you, i've no doubt about that. When you see those babies, you will be so emotional, you will want to show them off to the whole world, and so you should too. I wonder does anyone ever meet up on these sites especially if they have babies to show. It's a nice thought though!!!! Anyway, you look after yourself and think nice things, read nice mags, watch funny DVD's and dont make time for any bad news, or negative vibes in your life until you are well able to deal with them. What you are feeling i would imagine is perfectly normal!!! BM- Thanks for all your good wishes once more. Sorry to hear about your hubbies job, but havent you the pos attitude towards things - good for you girl!!!! You're one of the bravest girls on this site, off to London when more of us would be dreading it, when we are pregnant with twins!!! Hope the sickness goes away soon, it's prob the travelling, maybe you should learn to relax a bit too, you might be overdoing it!!! 8 weeks now, fair play, all the way now, rooting for you. Mai - I'm going to Barcelona next week, it's supposed to be a great clinic, hope so. The cost is nearly 10k, expensive i know, but it would be worth it if it works out, fingers crossed that it does. do a good site on DE if you want to look it up and talk to some girls on there!! There are cheaper places, dont know if they are as good though. I will let you know more when i return next Friday. Kel, my girl, to answer your Q. No my family or friends know nothing this time round about anything. We are sailing our ship alone this time, and i think its for the best. My hubby is always advising me to tell family as he likes me to have another person to lean on besides him aswell, but all i need is him, and i hope i wont need to cry on any shoulders this time!!! He respects what ever i want. It will be all lies now about where were going etc for the two trips over but sure, it will save people a lot of worry in the end. I hope the Clomid regulates the p for you this time, 40 days is mad, i know, once ever that happened to me, i nearly went ballistic and said i would never again wait 40 days before doing a preg test, even if it was the immaculate conception Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!! You should try acupuncture, it's v good for that type of thing. AM - what's the craic with you, have you the legs up, and the waiter waiting on you hand and foot??!!! I suppose the weeks are dragging for you now or are you keeping busy. Log on and tell us all the news, scans etc. I'm sure you must be thinking names now too!!! Look at me, getting all excited, you'd think ye were all my sisters!!!! Sometimes this is better than sisters!!! Anyway its good to see ye're all listening to me and logging on with the news, when i tell ye, Ha, Ha!!!!! Talk soon. Have a great evening, Promise?? Especially you Pc...!!!! Ella.

FL  Posted: 20/10/2008 17:23

Thanks to everyone for all your good wishes, they mean a lot. I am so nervous about tomorrow.

Pc  Posted: 21/10/2008 16:03

Hi everyone, hope you are all well today! FL. thinking of you and hope you got better news at the scan...its so hard going for these scans. fingers crossed for you. Ella, thanks for the lovely words! And yes I think you've hit it correctly, I think the donor side has hit me and is hitting me harder than I thought it would, even though I had counselling beforehand etc but over the last week I've just felt overwhelmed by it all. Please don't get me wrong. its great we were given this chance...but there is a little sadness there also that has come out. You are so right though. these little babies are ours and thats what matters.. Sometimes its hard even to admit to feeling like this,,,and because we haven't told family or anyone at all about it, then its harder as there is no-one to talk it over with. So its really good to hear your reassurance and to even just say it! Doesn't mean I regret anything, doesn't mean I'm not happy about our decision, just some sadness over where we've come from, how long it took, how we've gotten here...really its such a hard road. Anyway today I feel much more positive and have a scan tomorrow so will tell you all! BM, you are a brave lady with your traveling...great to see you doing so well even though the nausea must be awful. hope your scan goes well tomorrow also and let us know. x And Jo, hope the hives and allergy have gone, such an awful time for you but tg all is well for you and little baba.x Have to run, busy bee today. talk soon.xx

Pc  Posted: 21/10/2008 16:06

Kel, sorry I meant to say thanks to you also for being so nice yesterday, it actually means a lot. And you are at least regulating your cycle which is great and I hope all will work out for you, It is heartbreaking sometimes with the waiting and wondering etc but it will be your time too. x

Ella  Posted: 21/10/2008 16:14

FL - How did you get on today?? Hope it went well for you.

FL  Posted: 22/10/2008 10:44

Hi All, Better news yesterday one follicle on the right ovary and two maybe three on the left, continuing treatment, back up tomorrow Thursday for day 12

Sandra  Posted: 22/10/2008 14:22

Hi all, i am new to this site, I have just had a FET last week and am in the two wk wait which I am finding very hard this time round. This is my third cycle. I'm trying to keep positive but it's just so hard and to top it all off I was getting out of my car a while ago and pulled a muscle in the side of my stomach which has me really worried now. Don't know what to be thinking. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on this.

Kel  Posted: 22/10/2008 19:00

Hi Everyone, Great news FL, so glad you are continuing treatment. Do keep us posted as you obviously are in our thoughts. Was telling my husband about you yesterday. Sandra- I can't even imagine what you are going through. As I've said before, I'm a novice to all this. Can't imagine what it's like to go through one cycle, let alone being on my third! The other girls may be able to help you better but I would imagine the main thing to do is, keep yourself occupied as much as possible. Time does fly when you're busy! Also, maybe treat yourself a bit! Why not get a nice massage or some other type of beauty treatment. Do something that will make you feel good. As for the strained muscle.. obviously keep a close eye on it and if pain persists, don't hesitate to call your clinic. Well done anyway Sandra for joining us. Sometimes being on this site really helps to put our minds at ease. It really is a great source of support. The very best of luck to you this time. Ella, my dear.. less than a week now! You must be out of your mind with excitement! You are so brave for doing this! Very thoughtful too that you and your hubby are doing this together but without your family knowing. At least you know that we are all sending you loads and loads of best wishes. PC there is no need for your thanks yesterday. What I said is all true. We are all so fortunate that you are still posting. Really, I have learned so much from everyone. I am so thankful to have found this site. For those of you ladies in the North, did you hear the wonderful news yesterday.. the health minister has granted some brilliant amount of money to public funding IVF. It means that approx 200 more couples will be able to have IVF next year on the NHS. As you've heard me complain in the past of the long waiting lists here, at least other couples wont have to wait as long next year. Unfortunately, I don't think that I will benefit from it as the cut off age is 40 which is creeping up on me in Dec. It will be a miracle if by chance I can be moved up the list before then. I am looking forward to my follow up appointment once this months period comes. Imagine, my husband and I can't wait for it to come this month! Ironic really!

Sandra  Posted: 23/10/2008 12:42

Kel, Many thanks for your kind words. It is a great support to have this site. Feeling much better today. Went home and had a good oul cry to my husband yesterday - I thinks it's better to just get it out. Having the odd period pain here and there which is to be expected I suppose but just hoping they don't come. It's great though with all the positive stories on this site - it gives me hope. Many thanks again. Best of luck to you all

BM  Posted: 23/10/2008 14:09

Hi all, FL - great news, hope you got on well today - thinking of you. Kel - you are also such a positive influence on this thread, I hope you don't have to wait too long this month and that you are one of the lucky ones and are moved up the list. I know the wait is long but you lasses up North are lucky to get this for free! Pc and Ella - I know I've said it before and that you may not appreciate me commenting as I have not gone down this road - but I think the donor route is incredibly brave and selfless. It is so natural for you to feel a low after all that you've been through - it's such a challenging road for all of us, but especially for those on the donor route. During the months ahead - carrying your babies over the next 6/7 months, giving birth to them and the unconditional love they will give you from the minute they are born will be all that matters in the end. We're always here for you when you feel you need to get these feelings off your chest. Ella - we're all so excited for you, only days to go. The very, very best of luck next week. We'll be dying to hear how you get on. Will be thinking of you xxx. Sandra - welcome to the site. The 2ww is absolute torture. When Jo and I were going through it AM (hope you are well, long time no hear) had some really good suggestions to keep us occupied, you could look at her post on 28/09. Do all that you can to be good to yourself and as Kel says, keep busy. The pulled muscle may have no impact on the outcome at all - you have to put it out of your head if you can. Hang in there and post when you need to, we're all here for you. Jo - hope you are well this week. I had a scan yesterday and thankfully all is well. I'm now 9 weeks and at the 7 week scan one baby was much smaller than the other - but it's caught up! Both have doubled in size over the past 2 weeks - no wonder I'm eating us out of house and home. It's so amazing to see the heartbeats - this time one was asleep and the other had it's thumb in it's mouth and was kicking away - amazing! I can't tell you how lucky and blessed I feel - as well as nauseus! Keep strong ladies. Thinking of you all. xxx

Sandra  Posted: 23/10/2008 14:56

Hi BM, Many thanks for your advice it is much appreciated. Trying to relax and not think about it so much but it's always there wondering if it will work or not. I have another week to wait so I'll have to keep myself busy. Best of luck to you over the next few months. Take care

Jo  Posted: 23/10/2008 15:37

Hi Sandra, it is all beyond your control now, just take it easy, no lifting etc and rest as much as you can. I know how you feel it is very hard, but you just have to bide you time and be patient, I know its easier said than done! Best of luck. And be positive. BM glad your scan went well, I'm not in until next week, actually have an appointment with my maternity hospital tomorrow, so might get a scan then, have you booked your hospital yet? I was surprised at how long the weight was for an appointment, had to beg the secretary for an earlier appointment, as she wasn't giving me one until another month away! I don't have much morning sickness at all, sometimes feel a bit sick during the day, but not really that sick. Don't have a great appetite either and junk food and crisps/chocolate make me feel sick - which is not a bad thing I suppose. Glad both your two little babies are doing well.

Pc  Posted: 23/10/2008 16:54

Hi everyone, BM so glad your scan went well yesterday, it is amazing isn't it...and actually it means a lot what you said about the donor route and no I don't mind you commenting at all. I really appreciate it as have had some very mixed emotions on a couple of days. Yesterday then I had my 12 week scan and just felt so protective when I saw the two little babas. one was curled up and the othe was jumping around, and then of course I was worried about the one curled up...but the doc said they both were showing 12 weeks and strong heartbeats so maybe one was sleeping and the other awake. Anyway am glad you are well and the babies are well, and hope the nausea eases. I had a gp visit this morning and she said i measure 14 - 16 weeks not 12! is it any wonder i'm feeling bloated and big already. god almighty..anyway its all good! Ella, like BM says its not long at all now and honestly wish so much that things go well for you. Are you staying overnight in bcn? I can't remember or if you are coming back the same day? AM, hope all is well with you? How are you now? You must be feeling tired by now! understatement i'm sure:) Jo. so glad all is ok for you and great you're not craving rubbish food. I find I am and having to try to be careful not to have much...its great news for you honestly after all time! FL, so glad the news improved for you! There you go isn't that just great! Hopefully now all will keep going well for you and fingers crossed! Sandra. the 2ww is really so hard especially the second week! I really wish you lots of luck and hoping it all works out for you. Ruthie. are you still around and how are you getting on? How is the Napro going? Hope all is well with you.x Kel. thats great news on the funding,,,we seem to be going the opposite way here. and don't thnk public is an option, maybe in Hari but wait 2 years or more I think...and now even our tax relief on medical expenses means we can't claim at the higher tax rate, only lower of 20%...I just think its so awful to hit things like medical expenses relief and for people who go through ivf it helps a bit...this year alone i can't even imagine what we have we get affected in every way. Anyway don't start me on this!! Hope you're ok and in your case I really sincerely do hope you're called before the cut off. Talk soon, x

BM  Posted: 23/10/2008 17:02

Jo - good to hear from you and glad that you are doing well. Lucky you to be in the hospital tomorrow. I know what you mean, I don't have my first appointment until 10th Nov! As a result the clinic have offered me the option to go back to them in another 2 weeks - I may take them up on it. I'm going to Prof Feargal Malone in the Rotunda. I have a friend who is an obstetrican and she gave me some suggestions on consultants who have good reputation with twins. I tried all of them and Prof Malone was the last one I called and the only one that would take me on! I saw the GP last week and have signed up for the shared scheme. Figured it is a good way to get to know the GP before the babies are born too. Let us know how you get on at the hospital. I envy your lack of appetite - I'm going to be huge!

Ella  Posted: 24/10/2008 08:59

Hi Girls, FL - First of all, that was good news for you anyway, a big improvement. I was thinking of you yesterday, hope it all went well for you. Sandra - Welcome to the site of positive news and vibes and PEOPLE!!! As BM says, you have to put bad thoughts out of your mind now until the 2ww is over - it is absolute torture i know, especially the last week. My p always came before the day i had to test so unfortunately i never got the chance of a proper 2ww, but sure that's life. Hopefully your result wont be like that. Keep in touch anyway as this is a great site for support. Good luck!! Kel - That's brilliant news about the Northerners!! Good for ye - it's good someone is getting benefits. As Pc says we're not so lucky down here, but sure again that's life. I had a week of giving out after the Budget, but i'm over it now!!! Maybe something good might come and you may get the benefit too!! I really hope things work out for you this month and you get started again. I know what you mean about the ironic thing of hoping the p comes!! Mad isn't it?? Thank you so much again for your best wishes next week, and yes, we are looking forward to hearing what they will say to us. Keep fingers X. BM - Delighted your scan went well, don't the weeks fly?? Can't believe your 9 weeks already, it's looking good girl!! I think the 7/8 week stage is the worst, after that it seems to go fine, according to what you would hear anyway!! I hope i find out that too soon enough!! It must have been so exciting to see it all on the scan, it even sounds exciting telling us. I was going aaaaaaaaahh, when i was reading it. The nauseu will surely stop at the 12 week stage anyway. Great everything is going so well anyway. Grub up, you'll need it all!!! I cant wait to be off next week, am v excited about it alright, so say a little prayer for us!! Jo - Best of luck next week with the scan. I'm off so wont hear till the week after. Hope your apt today goes well in the hospital. Great you have no craving for junk food, but you've been through your fair share already so here's hoping its all plain sailing from here on in!! An Finally Pc - Well, isn't it all going great? I'm glad you're there safe and sound and all is well with the babies!! You seem to me like a worrier!! You have to stop that!! Learn to relax more!! Don't worry about being 14-16 weeks, it's now they are thriving and isn't that better cause later on when they get bigger, they might set back a bit and they will need the strength they are getting now, so dont worry unless you have to, and you wont!!! It seems like they are opposites anyway, one sleepy head and another live wire!! God, wouldn't i love to be you!!! I'm glad you're feeling better, you sound better anyway, and I was going to email yest but i said i'd wait till today. I was thinking of you yest or the day before when you were feeling down, and then i had this thought!! Listen to this right, i have 3 nephews, that only live up the road from me. One of them is my Godchild. They are my brothers children. I love them so much. As they grew up, and when they were babies even, i was really close to them and still am. Myself and my Godchild really bonded bigtime and still do. But there were times i used to think to myself that i could never love another child as much as i love these!! I used to think that alot. I was really mad about them. I know they are blood related but they are still not my own. Anyway, rambling again!! My point to you is that ...... if i could love these children like that, there is nothing to say that i can't do the same if i got pregnant with donor, they are still my husbands anyway, and like you say when/if it happens, they will be ours from then on and no-one else's and we will bring them up as our own, and love them as ours. My hubby is the one who reassures me of all this too. Also, when i initially thought of Donor and rang my Clinic, the nurse told me there that the mother is defined by the birthing process, so that's a great thing too to know!! But i'm sure you are ok with it now. You will have 'sure' and 'not so sure' days i bet, but you will be fine - i know it. I hope i get as lucky as you, but i think my hopes are too high at times!! Keep my in your prayers next week that all goes well. We are over and back on the one day (Wednesday). Kind of sorry we didn't book a night there, as we have been there before and loved it, and my hubby is off for the week as i am, but sure, next time, i'm sure we'll be there longer. Ella.

Sandra  Posted: 24/10/2008 09:27

Pc & Jo, Many thanks for the advice. Trying to keep positive but period pains seem to be stronger today terrified to go to the loo. My last cycle I got my period a week after the transfer but still had to go back to the clinic to do test. I feel so much better though knowing I can just log on and speak to all you ladies if I need advice. Take care

Sandra  Posted: 24/10/2008 12:35

Ella, Many thanks for the kind words. If anything I think going through this makes you much stronger as a person & as a couple. It's horrible when you get your P and don't even get to the end of you're 2ww. I had 2 Frozen Blastocysts transfered but the clinic told me that there were a few dead cells in them but that it wasn't a problem as the embryos had enough cells to overcome that. Best of luck to you next week. Take care

Pc  Posted: 24/10/2008 13:16

Hi everyone, Sandra, not to raise your hopes as I know you don't need this either, BUT in my 2ww this time I was convinced my period was coming. Some days were worse than others and I had to keep checking, and actually felt like that for a good few weeks after also..So don't lose hope and just fingers crossed it will go well for you!! Ella. oh thats so similiar to me what you said about your brother's children and your godchild, I also have a niece and nephew who I am very close to and who stay with me for weekends of fun and cinema and trips here and there which are great fun, and I used to think the same how could I love another child as much...I used to just think it to myself but never said it out loud, so it was nice to see someone else feeling the same. But you're right imagine when its a baby or babies we've carried ourselves and give birth to, imagine how we're going to feel then! Its a nice way of looking at it I think. So listen for next week now all the best..I'm on a course on Wed so will be Thurs when i get to check on you, prob Thurs anyway when you get to log in, But the very very best of luck and am sure we'll have great reports of how you get on! hi to everyone else. BM and Jo, hope you're well today and Jo hope the appt went well? FL,hope things are still looking good for you? Do you have any more updates on where you're at now? AM, hope you're resting lots and taking it easy. Kel, enjoy the weekend, its a long weekend here but not in the North I don't think so great to have monday off, I'm sure you have one coming up soon though! Have to run as dreaded dentist app this afternoon, my life is a haze of appointments these days...enjoy the weekend. x

Kel  Posted: 24/10/2008 17:26

Hi all.. I wrote quite a length msg this morning only to find out that it was too long so the editor rejected it! Mostly, I was wishing FL, Sandra and Ella the very best over the next week etc. Then I was saying how wonderful it is that all you ladies r seeing these amazing little heartbeats. I hope the sickness subsides soon! I then was telling you all how fortunate I know us ladies in North are regards having 1 cycle funded but I was also moaning at my own plight! I phoned this morning to find that I am 36 on the NHS list.. 3-5 months away! We originally went private for all our tests but then were advised ( because they said that we should conceive naturally) just to wait because we'd be called for within the year. All this would be fine if this horrible 40th wasn't around the corner ( the cut off for paid NHS IVF). I'm praying that with this new funding that maybe I can persuade the powers that be to let me have the treatment sooner than later! I want to scream to all the Northern girls to make sure that you are well informed and that all the options have been given to you. We were not well informed and truly were led astray really. We could have done all this a year ago. I feel like all you have been on this crazy roller coaster and I haven't been allowed to get on yet! Say a prayer that the Doc returns my call and helps me to sway the powers that be to allow me to move up the list before Dec 15! That means within the next two cycles! Scary! Wish you could have seen the original msg. I may stop now or this may not go through either! Have a good weekend everyone. FL and Sandra, do update us though. We are really routing for you! x

Ruthie  Posted: 25/10/2008 10:37

Hi All Sorry I haven't been on in a long time. Have been double jobbing in work so no time to log on during the day and just pooped in the evening. But I got up early this morning on a mission to catch up with all of you and see what has been going on. My hubby delivered a humungous mug of tea and a fluffy robe so I was able to get well stuck in to the postings for the last few weeks. ELLA - fingers and toes crossed for you both next week off on your trip to Barcelona - can't wait to hear how you guys get on as we may well be follwing in your and PCs footsteps ourselves - I have a great feeling about you and your hubby on this journey xx PC - sorry to hear you have been feeling a little down but I'm delighted to read your post about the scan - I like Ella was oohing and aahing to myself!! I sent you an e-mail too sorry for not being in touch lately xx KEL - life is so not fair sometimes - hope the wait won't be too long this time around - such a bummer to have to sit it out another month - its either all or nothing sometimes isnt it but hey at least the eggs are there - better luck this time around - keep up the positive attitude and thank you praying for the rest of us. Will say a little prayer that everything falls into place for your this time around xx NR - great to hear your story and to have another success to add to this lucky little site. Keep us posted on your progress. Sandra - Welcome to the site - how are you doing today - hopefully all is still well with your 2ww and that the pulled muscle has also eased up - take it handy for the next few days and fingers crossed. FL - great news that the follies are coming up to size - are you going ahead with treatment this time?? I hope so - Baby dust to you by the truck load xx JO - glad to hear the hives have sorted themselves out - sounded a little bit nightmareish - good news that they had no effect on your bub though - hopefully that will be the end of your dramas xx BM - aren't you the brave one jetting off to the UK with your bump - take it easy girl and don't do too much - great to hear all is going well except for the sickness - hopefully it will settle down soon xx SD - your story made me very sad, one person shouldnt have to go through so much - hope so much your IVF works out for you both this time AM - havent hear from you in yonks - even longer that me!!! Hope all is great ANTO - Any news from you - how are you finding Napro?? Better stop soon or the post will be too long. I am still tracking away with Napro - have done day three bloods and day seven after peak ovulation day and am due back to Galway on 7th November, hopefully to good news - but time will tell. Had one month without a p so not sure what that means - if anything - so hope that they can tell us things are going according to plan. Am terrified they will tell us we have no hope but on the other hand we will then go straight to donor and the current waiting and hoping will be done and dusted!! Hope I havent left anyone out xxx

FL  Posted: 27/10/2008 12:42

Hi all Hope you are all keeping well. Just to keep you all updated as I know ye are all thinking of me. I had three eggs retrieved yesterday and the news this morning is that one fertilized.

Ruthie  Posted: 28/10/2008 09:33

Brilliant news FL - tons of baby dust to you and yours - will keep fingers crossed that everything goes to plan - keep us posted. Will be praying for you.xx

Sandra  Posted: 28/10/2008 10:49

Hi All, Ruthie/PC Still no period yet thank god but was convinced I was getting them over the weekend. Still having period pains though. Ruthie best of luck for the 7th November. PC- thanks for the good wishes have everything crossed. I'm dreading fri though - I don't think I can bring myself to do a home test on Thursday as I have had so many negitives in the past. Think I might just wait till fri and get the results from the clinic. Take care x

Kel  Posted: 28/10/2008 13:34

Hi Girls.. Ruthie- Welcome back! Great to hear from you and thanks for your good wishes. Best of luck on the 7th too. Do keep us updated. Sandra and FL.. have been thinking about you both! When you hadn't posted for those few days, I was getting worried. FL.. that is fantastic since you were so afraid you wouldn't even get a retrieval. As Ruthie says.. loads of baby dust to you both. May the luck of this site continue! Sandra- I'm sure you are out of your mind! Do try to keep busy this week. Did you ever get that massage? Go treat yourself! I'm still patiently waiting for this month to finish and for my P to arrive. I phoned to speak to my Doc to do more persuading but she's off til next week. When I tried to make an appointment, they tried to put me off for 5- 6months! That's how crazy things are here. So, I will phone next week to pester her again. Hope everyone else is doing okay and you pregnant ladies aren't too sick. Hope you're feeling brighter PC. Was thinking what you and Ella were speaking about re: loving. These babies are 100% yours! You are feeding them and bringing them life! How wonderful is that! Thank God it has truly worked out for you. I hope Ella is going to have the same blessing on her journey. She must be so excited and anxious today. I don't think we will hear from her until Monday when she's back to work. Anyways.. talk to you all soon.x

Lu  Posted: 28/10/2008 21:08

Hi All, I haven't been on in ages, can't seem to find time in work or home - there's always something to be done (shopping, cleaning, cooking ironing Etc). I'm sure you all understand. I've had to read back so far to try and keep up to speed as to everyone's progress!! This is only a short post as I am heading for shower and then bed, but I promise I'll make a note of everyone's progress and reply to you all. I started nasal spray on 10th Oct so due back to clinic tomorrow morning at 8.20 to have baseline scan to see how I'm doing!! Hopefully the down reg will have worked and the injections are not too far down the line! I had no symptoms whatsoever on the spray except my nose and throat feel raw. Since I was on last my friend had a baby girl and my sister-in-law a baby boy so I've been busy buying baby clothes! Good luck to all and as I said I'll reply again to all when I get a chance. Lu

Ruthie  Posted: 29/10/2008 10:25

Hi Lu Hope all went well with the scan this morning and that things are going to plan. Keep us posted xx

Kel  Posted: 29/10/2008 19:55

Hi girls..Oh I'm not doing well at all! I haven't stopped crying from yesterday. As I mentioned that I found out the doc was off until next week so I had a brain wave to contact my original private doctor to see if she could shed some light for me. She confirmed the worse. It's as simple as this.. when I turn 40, I'm taken off the IVF list! The private list isn't even moving and I was only put on that list last month so that's about 12-14 months away. I feel absolutely helpless. This doc just looked at me as a number and said patronizing things like " well the cut off has to happen somewhere and its a bummer that it's worked out this way for you!". I'm feeling so helpless. All along I thought that okay.. at least I'm 36th on the list. I was under the impression that if it went past my 40th that I still stayed on the list but that I'd have to pay. To find out that I'm just discarded is just awful. She confirmed that there are just not enough embryologists to deal with the lists so they have decided just to work on the NHS list. For the past year we were happy enough to try on our own because if all else failed at least we'd be able to try IVF before my 40th, that's what two doctors told us! I just feel that the system has let us down terribly. My period came today too, so I'm extra emotional, I guess. The fact that the funding has been awarded just wont happen in time for me. I'm literally about one or two months out of time. I wrote a letter to the Manager of the fertility clinic to see if she would go to the Board with my case to see if an exception can be made asking for them to take me next cycle but I really think that she won't be able to do this. It really will be a miracle if she does. I guess I fell that I have to try everything. Sorry to go on about these bloody lists girls but hopefully you can see my dilemna and understand how sad I am. And of course the thing about God's Will keeps coming up. Are these obstacles God telling us that it's just not meant to be for us? Is is all a crock of poo? My husband has been wonderful today. He sent me a txt msg this morning saying beautiful things to try to help me feel better but, I just don't. Like I said before, I can't even get on the roller coaster ride you are all on. It's so frustrating. I hate being sad. Sorry again. x

Sandra  Posted: 30/10/2008 09:47

Kel, I have just read your post. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how you must be feeling. It just doesn't seem right that they can do that. It's so unfair. Hopefully they will be able to make an exception for you - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Patients have rights too. I can't believe the Doc was so patronizing. That was an awful thing to say. I really don't know what else to say other than I'm thinking of you. Take care x

Pc  Posted: 30/10/2008 11:10

Hi kel, just read your post and am so sorry you're feeling so low and can also completely understand it...its a horrible feeling that time is going past and you're not moving.Without going into the details I felt very very angry with the clinic I attended also having spent 3 years with them and felt much more could have been done at the start than was...but thats another story. So I do understand to some degree your annoyance but even worse for you is that you can't even get to a clinic to even kick it off. I have a suggestion for you, not sure if its any use or even if you would want to consider it...but seeing as the wait is so long and i can tell you from my own experience that time is critical...not meaning either to alarm you in any suggestion is to forget about the clinics in the North and make an app here, i would recommend the Simms,,,the wait for an app is about 10 weeks initially but once you're in you will get assessed and moving very very quickly...Thats just my opinion for what its worth. Yes you would have to pay but like you say you will have to pay in the North anyway now most likely and you know when its becoming an issue like it is now, then I think you maybe need to take it into your own hands. I know with travel it may be awkward but you know you could work it out and at least you would be getting treatment sooner rather than later..please feel free to ignore me or if it doesn't feel right then don't even worry. But to me 12 - 14 months at this stage is just crazy and unfair to you so maybe its time to look at your other options, and there are options there believe me....also if you do go this route you could ask them if they have any cancellations and may get an appt quicker. Some of the other ladies may have other suggestions but just do whatever feels best for you and be kind to yourself today, you need to be nice to yourself now. It is hard but it will get better. xx

Jo  Posted: 30/10/2008 12:07

Kel, just read your post and am so sorry for you, not even getting the chance to get onto the IVF road. A lot of time has been wasted for you by others. Would you not consider coming down South for treatment, you would have to pay of course but you would have anyway in the North as you will have passed the cut-off point of 40. If you are thinking about it I would recommend the Simms, try and get a cancellation appointment, explain your story to them. Usually a wait of about 8 - 10 weeks, but its quicker than what you have been waiting on. Hoping you can give this a shot. Thinking of you. Sandra how are you doing, did you do a test or are you going to wait until tomorrow? FL how is your one fertilized egg doing? Any news on implantation?

Sandra  Posted: 30/10/2008 15:35

Hi Jo, I'm fine thanks.I didn't do a test today. Think I'm just going to wait and get the results from the clinic tomorrow. Sure I'll let you all know. Fingers crossed and everything else. Take care

Ruthie  Posted: 30/10/2008 16:54

Oh my goodness KEL you poor thing. That is so not fair - I can fully understand how gutted you are. As Sandra and PC have both suggested I also would recommend that you try and get an appointment with one of the Dublin Clinics. I don't know where in the North you are but the trip down is so much quicker now than it used to be and maybe you could turn it into a little mini-break too - you guys sound like you both deserve one. Can't believe they are so harsh about things where you have been attending. I would defininitely give down here a try. PC - glad you are feelin betta xx Sandra - good luck tomorrow - will be holding my breath for you Gotta dash KEL big hugs - don't let them beat you xx

Kel  Posted: 31/10/2008 12:38

Thanks girls for all your words of support and the suggestions. I guess we're now thinking, it's not over til it's over. I've written letters to the Manager of the fertility clinic and the Royal Victoria Hospital and to the Health Minister at Stormont to ask them both to review my case. I now only have one cycle left but at least I have this month to try to convince them. I just feel that there is such a hole in the administration of it all. Like, they've known over the past 6 months that anyone turning 40 this year would not be seen yet, I've yet to get any notification regarding this. It's only that I have kept on top of things that I even know where on the list I am! If all fails, I will look into your suggestions. There is another private clinic here that I will look into as well. We'l probably wait until after Christmas to do that though. This week has taken alot out of me. As you all have been through this, the ups and downs, I know you know what I mean. Its the thoughts of starting all over and the fact that I've wasted a precious year of my life that is getting to me. Who knows.. maybe a miracle will happen and they let me go ahead in my next cycle. Say a prayer for me girls. Sandra- I'm thinking of you today.. I pray that they give you the best news possible. FL- any news from you and your one fertilized egg? I do hope that you have gone to implantation stage. Ruthie.. remember I had my chance to go to NaPro back in Sept and I declined the appointment? At this stage, would you recommend it? I guess that's hard to answer. I just wonder now, obviously, I made the wrong choice back then. I hope you get good news on the 7th as well. Thanks PC for what you said about being good to myself. All the words of encouragement really do help. I knew I could count on you all. Hope you all have a good weekend. Hopefully, Ella has gotten on brilliantly and she can brighten us all up next week with good news, same for Sandra and FL.xx

Pc  Posted: 31/10/2008 14:27

Hi Kel, glad you are feeling a bit more positive and hope you get good news back from your letters.I would also say that even if you don't want to move ahead with anything until after xmas that you could at least set in motion getting an appt with a private clinic, which you could then cancel in Jan if you didn't need it. At least it might take some pressure off and you wouldn't feel you are losing any more time if this doesn't go your way.(which hopefully it will). Sandra, am hoping you get good news today! FL, did you have your transfer? How are you doing? Hi to everyone else, Ruthie, hope you're getting on well with Napro! Ella, am so hoping Wed went well for you!!! Jo and BM, how are things with both of you? Jo how did your hosp app go? BM do you have another scan? AM hoping things are going great for you? let us know when you have a chance! Enjoy the weekend everyone. x

FL  Posted: 31/10/2008 19:59

Hi All Its been such a rollercoaster, had transfer of my one fertilized egg on Tuesday last the 28th. They said it was doing everything it should be and that it had split to 8 cells. I am so nervous have to wait the 16 days as you all know so the 13th Nov is d day unless its bad news before that. I took the rest of the week of work to rest, but will return on Monday need to keep busy too. I am getting pains that feel like period pains but hoping that I am imagining them Best wished to you all and thanks for thinking of me. Sorry to hear about the way things work up the North when you reach the big 40. I think you should just go private whether in the North or in Dublin, don't waste any more time I know the system sucks but don't have any regrets

Sandra  Posted: 03/11/2008 08:50

Hi Girls, Unfortunately it was bad news on friday, big fat negitive. I was gutted - cried most of the weekend. It just knocks you for six - trying to keep the faith and wondering how many more times I can do this. I feel like I'm going to start crying again. I' don't think I would do a frozen cycle again - I would prefer to do a fresh cycle. I don't know whether to change clinics or to do just one more cycle and see how we go. To top it all off I got my period this morning. I rang my clinic this morning to get an appointment for a review and they told me they would try get me a cancellation. My husband was great over the weekend - he keeps telling me that it will work some day. It's so hard to stay positive though. Hope all you ladies are well.

FL  Posted: 03/11/2008 12:22

Sandra, so sorry to hear your news, its heartbreaking don't know what to say. I am on day 6 since transfer, I think I have period pains but hoping there not real.

Ella  Posted: 03/11/2008 13:39

Hi Girls, Well, i should never go away, it's almost impossible to catch up on all your news!!! I'm going to limit this message cause my last one was too long and cut short by the editor. So if i leave anyone out, i dont mean to!! Sandra - So sorry to hear things didn't work out for you this time. I think you had an idea though. Dont give up on yourself would be my advice. Move on to plan B and if you like your present Clinic i would stick to them. Thinking of you. FL- Well done!! Nov 13th is a Thursday anyway so it's not Friday the 13th if you are superstitious!!! Best of luck, hope it all works out for you too. Kel - My dear, dear girl!! Before i say anything, i'll say this NEVER LET THE SYSTEM BEAT YOU!!! Be brave, get back on that horse, even if it is going South. I know the girls said Simms, but I would recommend the Rotunda to you if you decide on this. Then again everyone's story is different too. Dont waste time anyway, and you are great fun to talk to always, so i know you will pick yourself up again. Hugs to you. XX Ruthie, welcome back. Don't know much about Napro but best of luck on the 7th Pc - Hope all is well, you seem really busy at work these days, take it easy on yourself. I'm going to start a new mesg girls cause i feel this will be cut off .

Anonymous  Posted: 03/11/2008 14:16

Today is my first day on this site just wanted to say to Sandra I am so sorry it didn't work out for you. I too found out on friday that ivf didnt' work for me. it was my second one and I've done iui before that but I always start bleeding before hand and they can't give a reason which I find hard to deal with. everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant straight away and i'm angry at the moment that it isn't happening for me, wondering what I did wrong and bugs me to see so many teenagers with babies that they don't want. Sorry for rant.

Ella  Posted: 03/11/2008 14:23

Hi again Girls, Well we headed up on the Tue night for our flight on the Wed. We stayed in a hotel here in Ireland on the Tue night and stayed there again on the Wed night. We flew over and back on the one day, a mistake really, wouldn't do that again, too much tiredness and stress involved. They rang us unexpectedly on the Tue night wanting to know if we would change our apt to 12 instead of 2, so we did, as our flight was early. Got to Barcelona, and everything was going great. Got to the Clinic, and met out patient assistant with whom we filled out forms etc. Then we met the doc, she was very nice, quiet kind of woman. Long story short, we discussed our history etc and she suggested that we do another IVF pending results of some tests done on me, e.g chromosome maps etc. She gave us the 3 options that could be the prob. 1. Being the eggs. 2. The sperm 3. The uterus. We had no history of anything being wrong with the uterus so ruled that out. We didn't want another IVF cause i just personally couldn't face that again, and my hubby spoke up for me and we both didn't see a point in this treatment - again we felt it was wasting time and a money racket. So we opted for tests on hubbys sperm, chromosome map, FISH, and DNA Frag (PC you will know this). He also had to have a blood test again which he hates, and when she examined my uterus, she said that there seemed to be too much blood there so i dont know. She did a biopsy on me there and then anyway. So now, we will get all these results, and opt for Donor eggs like we said we would. She said that we could more or less pick the time we want to go over. It was to be between the 5th and 20th of Dec but we are putting it back to between the 27th Dec and 6th Jan, they will call us sometime then. I am starting the Pill tonight as the start of it all, as my p came today. Basically we stood up for ourselves over there and took no crap. I hope the change of timing wont put things wrong, it suits cause we will be off work. To be honest i thought there would be a lot more detail about appearance etc, but it was trying and i felt like i was going to break in there. However we are home now and looking forward to going back for transfer. It was my hubbys birthday too that day, some birthday. Anyway that's it girls, i know ye were all anxious to know the score. Thanks so much for all your good wishes, i only got them today when i came back. Pc - if you could shed light on all this for me, i would be grateful - thanks girls!!! Looking forward to your comments.

Sandra  Posted: 03/11/2008 14:58

Rachel, Thanks for your message. I know the feeling - it's like everywhere you look someone is pregnant or getting pregnant at the drop of a hat. I feel so angry too - I think it's just luck at the end of the day weather it works or not. But those two weeks are torture and then to get a negitive at the end of it is horrible. I have an appointment with my clinic next week so not sure what were going to do yet. How bout you. FL- just try chill out as much as you can - I know you don't know what to be doing with yourself in the 2ww. Best of luck to you keep us updated.

Pc  Posted: 03/11/2008 16:46

HI Everyone, Sandra, so sorry it didn't work for you this glad you have a review next week as at least you can get to discuss where you go. Its very hard and I'm sure you're feeling very low. Hope you get some answers at your review.. FL, am glad you had your strong little embie is all you need! Take it easy now and the best of luck! Ella, was looking out for your updates. Am sure it was a bit much going over and back in one day, but when you go back for transfer you can spend a couple of days and not be rushing so much. I think you're right to try to schedule it for a time that suits you, bear in mind the transfer can be anywhere from day10 to 20 of your cycle and you may get very little notice to travel, just making you aware so you don't get panicked if this happens, I had a call on Monday lunchtime (bank hol) to be there Wed morning, some other girls had more time, it depends really if you have to be there for the EC or not (if fresh sample is needed etc). I had actually asked at my review if I could do another ivf cycle with my own eggs with them, as I found it hard to let go even then, but they said really they didn't see any point in me putting myself through that again with such bad stimulation results from before, so made the decision for me. if you felt the same as in it would be too much for you, then you know yourself and were right to say no.. other than that it sounds pretty much like us, getting the tests etc done on your hubby, which i think is great as a lot of times when you go for donor egg you don't even consider your partner may also have an issue so much better to have the tests up front rather than paying for treatment and having transfer only for it not to work. When you say too much blood in your uterus, did they explain what this meant? It's normal to have a biopsy and I think they do this as standard so just wondering if they suggested anything to you for this or maybe its just fine? Anyway sounds like you got on very well and have your dates etc more or less worked out. so how exciting for you to be starting off on this new path and hopefully great news to look forward to straight after Christmas! Ella. xx Hope everyone else is doing well. I'm 14 weeks today, can't believe it!!

Ella  Posted: 04/11/2008 10:22

Pc - Thanks again for your kind words of support. I know we might not get much notice next time to go over and being Christmas and all, it might be hard to get a flight but i'm not going to worry about that now, as it might not come to that. I also wanted to ask you, did you get the extra medication in Spain or did you buy it here when you came home?? I was wondering about that and what would be the best thing to do, can you let me know that too pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee?? It's gas how you wanted another IVF cycle and i didn't. I just couldn't go through that if it failed again. We made this decision because we figured that if we did the egg tests and if they were fine and did IVF then and it didn't work, we would still have to pay out for Donor after that, whereas we're hoping we have made the right decision here now in cutting out the middle man, so to speak. Maybe we're pushing our luck but i hope not. I had magic dreams last night. I pray to St Martin now and yest was his feast day and during the night i felt my body in this strange mode, as if something was happening to it. I pray to Him for success and it was like i got a sign last night!!! I hope i wasn't imagining it, but i know i wasn't. Am i mad thinking this????????????????????? Anyway it was a lovely, lovely, feeling and time will tell, what i felt and dreamt. They always say you dream the opposite of what you dream, but i hope thats wrong in this case. They didn't explain much about the blood thing, but i should have results of that soon enough. What they were thinking i'd say was that the lining might be too thick for implantation?? I'm doing acup to increase blood flow to the uterus and i'm also wondering should i stop this now, what you think?????????? We reckon, all going well that we should have transfer around the New Years, wouldn't that be so exciting????? Anyway, looking forward to your view, yet again, and i'm delighted to hear you are doing so well. You will have your little ones in no time at all, the way the weeks are flying. You should treat yourself to a whole new outfit for Christmas and stun all your family by how you look on Christmas Day!!! Imagine next Xmas you'll have your own brood!! Maybe we will too, please God!! Hi to everyone else, busy here at mo, so hope you're all doing very well.

Pc  Posted: 04/11/2008 12:14

Hi Ella, good to hear you in such good form. On the meds, I'm trying to remember! how could i forget! I think they gave me enough when I was there to cover me until transfer. but then my first cycle was cancelled, so they posted me out more which covered the next cycle o transfer. BUT i also had to go to my gp for an emergency script as they wanted me to take something else that they hadn't given me originally. When I had transfer they gave me enough for 2 weeks, then the doc I went to in the Beacon for the scans (let me know if you need info on this) gave me prescriptions for meds from then on. I had to stay on meds for 70 days after positive pregnancy result. so only stopped this week. So they should have given you enough to get you started? pill, patches? Hope this helps. Like your idea on the new outfit. if I can get one to fit! ha the way I'm going might be dificult! If you need anything else let me know. Hi to everyone else and hope all are well. Jo and BM, how are things? Talk soon. xx

Ella  Posted: 05/11/2008 09:42

Pc - Hi and thanks again. I have enough meds till the transfer but after that they said you have to get the remainder yourself and it says you can get them in Spain or at home and i was wondering where best to get them. I will prob get them here i suppose on the Drugs Scheme card anyway. My prob now at the mo is i started my p on Monday, and its just not like a proper p at all. It's very light and still the same today. I wonder is this the way it should be now that i am on the Pill, were you the same, can you remember??? I'm a bit worried about this cause i wasn't sure whether or not to start it on Monday but i did anyway, and i emailed them in Spain about this too and they said to start it. But i have no proper flow and it's v dark in colour too (sorry to be gruesome). I went for acup yesterday eve to see if he could sort me in this line as this happened once before and he did sort me out, but today it's not much better. From what the Doc said in Spain about all the blood, i dont know where it is now!!! Another thing Pc i wanted to ask you was about the lining of the uterus. They say it should be 5mm or over, but through all my IVF's i had 10, 11 and 12mm, and they always said that this was good to have it so thick. My acupuncturist agreed with this also, so i'm wondering now what yours was at the time of transfer, just to get an idea of what's best. Sorry for all the Q's, but i'm wondering all the time, what will be best, as my acupuncturist increases blood flow for me and no point doing this if it's only meant to be around 5mm???? Thanks a mill. Any shopping done yet for the outfit?? Any news from you other girls out there, log on for a chat!!!!

Jo  Posted: 05/11/2008 11:20

Sandra, I am so sorry it didnt work out for you. There is nothing I can say to make you feel better I know, but time does make things easier. maybe you should think of changing Clinics? If you are going to go again? Sometimes a new Doctor will have different ideas? I had one failed attempt and was told that it would never happen for me, I changed Clinics, went on completely different medication and thank God I am 11 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I honestly thought it would never work for me. And I still find it so surreal and am so thankful as I know how it feels to be so down and disappointed. But give yourself some time to recover, it took me over a year to get the courage to do it again. Anonymous, same to you, sorry to hear your news. FL how are you doing? Thinking of you. Ella, glad things are getting going for you, hope all turns out well. I had a small bit of bleeding again over the weekend, but was back at my Clinic yesterday for a scan and they said that everything is fine and baby looks grand, was so relieved. Best wishes to everyone.

FL  Posted: 05/11/2008 14:17

Hi everyone Jo I am on day 8 after transfer and feel a little bit achy in my lower back, trying to stay positive but afraid to get hopes up as the disappointment is so hard as you all know. I feel tired all the time and not sleeping the best but I think that is one of the side effects of the progesterone gel.

Sandra  Posted: 05/11/2008 14:32

Hi Jo, Thanks for your message. I'm feeling a little better now. I have my review appointment next week so I'll see what the doc recommends and go from there. When I had my review the last time it failed I was very dis heartened when I came out so hopefully I won't be this time. The nurses are really nice and very friendly. I ring the simms to check the waiting times and they told me 8-10wks so it kind of put me off changing clinic but that coluld change after my review app. Just trying to stay positive now that it will work some day. It's great to hear a story like yours though. Do you mind me asking waht clinic you changed to. Take care

Pc  Posted: 05/11/2008 16:59

Hi Ella, On the flow, yes mine was the very same and was very light when I started the pill..I had the same queries as you I remember. if they told you to go ahead though then it should be fine. On the lining each clinic have their own min requirements,,,the 5mm is the minimum IM expect it to be...this is usually around day 7 of your cycle though so by the time you go for transfer (between days 10 - 20) it should be higher than this, so should end up being 8 or higher, Mine on day 10 was 6.8 (first cycle that was cancelled it was only 3.2 and wouldn't respond) so if it was 6.8 on day 10 and my transfer from what I remember was day 14 then it would have been around 8 or maybe 9 so once you're at 5 on day 7 IM will be happy with this. I also had accu to help with blood flow and seemed to help as it got to 6.8. Hope this of luck now!! Jo glad all is well and good you had your scan, Take it easy, FL, am sure the 2ww is very hard for you, fingers and all crossed you get good news! Hi to everyone else. On hols for the next week so mightn't get to check in for a little while but will when I can. xx

sinead  Posted: 05/11/2008 20:54

Hi this is my first time on the sight. I am going througt ivf and it is very hard-we had 3 tries of iui and they didnt work. Now we r trying ivf-we start egg collection the 18th and i am very nervous I find the nasal spray hard to take.

upset  Posted: 06/11/2008 10:27

Sandra, I took my name out as this site was recommended to me by a friend and my name posted in error the first time, its the end of the road for me after 3 failed iui's and 2 ivf's. I can't afford to do any more both financially and emotionally and feel there is no point as I always bleed before hand and nurse basically told me there was nothing they could do about that. I didn't make a review appointment because I know he will say everything was perfect up to putting them back and it just didn't work out. Adoption isn't an option for us as we have no savings and have borrowed for ivf and they want to see your wage slip and p60 which I think is a disgrace. Just because I am not minted doesn't mean I couldn't give the child a loving home. We are going to consider fostering.

sin  Posted: 06/11/2008 13:34

I am new to the site. I have been reading all ur letters. They r sad. I am going through ivf. Nxt week we do egg collection and I am very nervous. Can anyone tell me what to expect?

Jo  Posted: 06/11/2008 14:35

Hi Sandra, glad you are feeling a bit better, no I dont mind you asking, I was with the Hari Unit and I changed to the Sims, and I found them completely different and much much better, they take time with you, which means a lot and just reviewed my whole situation and then decided what medication I should go on, thankfully it all worked. I was like you too, I wasnt going to change thinking it was too much hassle, too much time to wait and thinking that as one Clinic had my chart/history, that it would be better to stay with them, but I wasnt happy with the way they handled my whole situation, so that was my deciding choice to move to another Clinic. It costs too much financialy and emotionally not to be treated with the most care. The waiting time I think would be good for you anyway, give you a chance to recover a bit, you could always make the appointment and have it there waiting, which will prob bring you up to after Christmas.

Sandra  Posted: 06/11/2008 15:18

Upset, I know the feeling. It is very hard financially and emotionally. I had 1 IUI and the doc recommended we go straight to IVF. On my IUI and an IVF I got my period before we tested which was horrible. On my last failed cycle the doc told me the same thing - that everything was perfect but he cannot say why they didn't implant. I'm expecting him to say the same at my review app. I agree with you re adoption - it takes up to 4 years which I think is a disgrace & and when you think of all those children out there who need a home. Best of look to you whatever decisions you make. Take care Sin, the egg colection is not too bad - I found my stomach was a bit sensitive for a few days afterwards but it is to be expected other than that I was fine.Best of luck Sinead, I found the nasal spray okay but got really bad headaches. I think you have to think of the gift you may get at the end of all the treatment. That's what get's me through it anyway. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted.

Ella  Posted: 06/11/2008 15:54

Pc - thanks again for this info, it is, as always very helpful. Enjoy the hols, you deserve the break and i'm sure you're looking forward to it very much!!! Kel - how are you doing, havent been in touch with you for a while. To all the girls with disappointments - keep trying, easier said than done i know, but there are other options, what about donor egg like me?? If i'm honest girls, i think this site has taken a downturn and i hate saying it, but the overall form by people seems to have dropped a bit. I hope this wont be the case for long. I know there have been a few disappointments for people but we're supposed to be supporting eachother and i havent heard back from many of you only Pc and Jo, since i was in Barcelona. So hope everyone is ok out there!!! Ella.

Anonymous  Posted: 06/11/2008 18:20

We have being trying iui,tsi and now we r trying ivf in galway the nurses r great we fine it very hard because we want a baby so bad i am 35 and time is ticking we r trying ivf 4 the first time and we rvery nervous because we dont know what 2 expect if there is any1 could give us advice it would b great thank u

sinead  Posted: 06/11/2008 18:54

Hi upset thank u 4 ur comments i am so nervous i have 6 sisters and 5 of them have kids they had no problems getting pregnant sometime i feel like a failer i think all the drugs we have to take makes u feel very low how is ivf working 4 u

Kel  Posted: 07/11/2008 00:48

Hi everyone.. Ella, you are very right, my dear. Things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, but understandably so for many. Although, I had my own set back last week, I was still keeping up with everyone's postings. I think because I was so down, I just couldn't write! Really didn't know what to say. Thanks to everyone that wrote to me offering support and suggestions though. Heaven knows, i'd be lost without this site! Thanks for asking about me Ella. Please know that I couldn't wait to hear how you got on and you really were in my thoughts last Wednesday. Now that you have posted and everything sounds so positive, sure it's great to hear. It's also a real blessing too that PC is here to help where the rest of us really don't know the ins and outs of the egg donor route. From what I read, I think the two (u & dh)of you have made the right choice to continue with ed and not have another go of ivf. ng to think that your transfer could be around New Year's. Please God and St. Martin.. you too will have a great result. As for you girls that have really had so many let downs and set backs, I'm so sorry. I know how I felt last week just hearing my crap news.. I can't even imagine how you girls are feeling especially after all the attempts. The most frustrating part is not knowing why it hasn't worked. Then there is the whole question of the different drugs that are given by different clinics. How do you know which is the best or right? And then there is the whole secrecy thing. I do know that you girls need to be kind to yourselves and allow yourselves time to heal a bit before making decisions towards the next steps. Maybe we all just have to have some faith, I guess. When we hear all the success stories of late with PC, BM and Jo, well, it's what we all need to hold onto. I hope that doesn't sound patronizing. I know that it might be easy for me to say when I haven't been through it yet! sometimes, I don't know if I should post, because I haven't been through it all. I do want to offer support though. Now, FL maybe you will be next to give us hope again! What day is your test? Will you do a home one or just wait for the clinic appointment? Try to have a good weekend girls and know of course that you are in my thoughts and prayers. xx

Sandra  Posted: 07/11/2008 09:41

Hi Jo, I think if I do change clinics it will be to the SIMS clinic. I'm so glad it worked out for you. I think we are going to wait till after our review and then decide what to do. It will most likely be feb before I go again or after I'd say. I know it is easy to stay at the same clinic as they know my history but when i hear a story like yours I'd be inclined to change but sure I'll see. Thanks for letting me know I'll keep you posted. Take care

FL  Posted: 07/11/2008 11:27

Hi Everyone Sorry everyone seem to be down in the dumps. Kel my test is Thursday what do ye all think, should I just do a home test or maybe go to my gp. What do u mean by a clinic test, I live in Longford so I don't really fancy travelling to Dublin especially if its not good news. I think the fact that Xmas is so near and the whole world seems to be on a high that it is harder for people like us to cope. Because the things that don't matter to us seem to be so important to everyone else like presents, shopping etc. I have five sisters and 3 of them have children, one of the other two is due her first baby the 19th December so please God I'll have 4 sisters with children but it's not easy

BM  Posted: 07/11/2008 11:51

Hi everyone, Sorry it's been a while, I've been in London again for work and didn't have access to the site and now I've read through about 60 posts! Lot's of traffic and not all of it good news - which on a site like this is to be expected. I went through some very dark times and posted on this site and felt good that others were there for me. Ella - I have been so looking forward to hearing how you got on and was thinking of you all last week. It sounds very positive and Xmas time is such a time of hope - let's hope the new year brings new life you you. All fingers crossed. It's lovely to hear how united you and your dh are - I think you've made the right choice not to put yourself through another ivf cycle. You are so brave and positive and you deserve things to work out. All fingers crossed for you... PC - have a fantastic break - 14 weeks - amazing! Jo - glad to hear you are doing well, can't believe we're both 11 weeks. How did you get on with the consultant? I have my first appointment and a scan on Monday. Sandra - I'm so so sorry to hear your news. It's such a difficult time and so unfair. I changed from the Merrion to the Sims after one ivf cycle with 2 FETs. I too thought of staying where I was based on the fact that they had learned so much about me, but my issue was that I over reacted to every drug prescribed was frustrated that there were no alternatives suggested. I decided to book another cycle with them and simultaneously made an appt with Sims to get a 2nd opinion - i was told of an 8-10 week wait but actually it ended up being 5/6. What I heard there was so refreshing - the approach was so different and caring that it was a no brainer. You have to do what feels right for you and your dh - sometimes a fresh set of eyes is what's needed.

Kel  Posted: 07/11/2008 20:07

Sorry FL- I was referring to how Sandra waited until her appointment. She opted not to do a home pregnancy test. With not knowing where everyone is located, I didn't know if you were close to your particular clinic. I just assumed that, as it is here, once you start at a fertility clinic ( which in my case is located in the local hospital) that's where all your scans, tests are done. Of course you don't want to travel unneedingly. Best wishes with whatever you decide and of course for a positive result. Sandra- I've been thinking about you. Its great that the other girls are able to give you some hope and options re the other clinics. It's true what FL was saying about the Christmas season. It's so hard to go about everyday life of feeling up about presents and things when deep down we just feel so down. All our lives, as women, we just expect to be able to grow up, find partners and have a family of our own. Of course we are all struggling with.. why is so hard for us? Why can't we be like most of the female population that are blessed with many, never mind one baby? I guess it shows just how maternal we are, that we are willing to do whatever it takes to have a child of our own. On a positive note.. the doctor phoned me back! She is seeing me on Monday morn for a scan and to discuss what's next for me. She hadn't even read my emails of last week but she does know my frustration. At least she can fill out the referral letter that hopefully will get me on my way to having the treatment. I'll keep you posted Monday.

Lu  Posted: 09/11/2008 20:34

Hi Girls, Haven't been on in a while and like BM I've had to trawl through a lot of posts to try and keep up. Sandra, sorry about your news but keep your chin up, our time will come. Ella, fingers and toes crossed for you that it will all work out. BM, I'll be thinking of you on Mon, you must be so excited! FL please God you'll have fantastic news on Thurs, don't overexert yourself and take it easy. Kel, I'd definitely come down south and opt for treatment here, from what the other girls are saying, the waiting list isn't long at all in the Simms and I've heard great reports from it. Ruthie, hope all is well with you. Since I last posted, I started the injections on 29th Oct and have had around 5 scans since. The last one being today Sunday. All seems fine and I've taken my last nasal spray tonight. I'm due to take my trigger inj tonight at 9.30 and in for EC Tues morn. I feel very positive about the whole thing even though its my first ever go at IVF and I'm not letting it get to me. Sinead, we will be around a week apart with our treatment so I'll let you know how I get on. Upset, I know what you mean - the whole thing is a financial drain with little or no financial support from the state, which I think is farcical, but that's the way it is I suppose. Sin, as I said I'm having EC aswell next week so fingers crossed for us! We shouldn't let the negative vibes get to us. Talk soon!

FL  Posted: 10/11/2008 10:43

Kel - best of luck with the scan today Lu - Best of luck tomorrow for your egg collection I am just up the walls now, today is day 13 - I know I should not be comparing but when I had egg transfer in 1998 I got to day 10 when I had my period. Anyway I am ten years older and my cycle has not been regular of late so it probably doesn't mean anything. I feel like all I am doing is giving out especially to my partner and don't know if its tension, stress or whatever or whether I'm pre-menstrual. I am getting the odd twinge but it doesn't get any worse - like develop into period pains

Sandra  Posted: 10/11/2008 10:58

Hi Ladies, Hope you are all doing well. BM, thanks for the advice. I rang the sims clinic and asked them to send me out the pack so I can make an appointment with them. I'm still going to go ahead with my review app and then take it from there. I'll keep you posted. Good luck on Monday. Kel, it really is great that the other girls can give me info on other clinics. It will make it easier for me to make a decision on weather to change or not. Good luck on Monday. Take care Lu, thanks for the kind words. Best of luck for the next few weeks - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted. Fl, as kel said I waited to get my results of my clinic but I'm not too far from them. I just couldn't bring myself to do another home pregnancy test. But it's totally up to you. Best of luck to you for Thursday. Take care.

Ella  Posted: 10/11/2008 11:18

Hi Ladies, BM - Thank you so much for your lovely words as always, you're a great aul bit of fun on this site and we missed you!! Best of luck today with the scan, praying it's all good news for you - let us know how you get on!! FL - I think you're story sounds positive. Not getting your hopes up but it sounds to me like you could get good news, here's hoping for you, we could do with a boost on this site at the mo!! Day 13, not long to go now Pet, fingers X for you, and best of luck on Thus!! Lu - Thank you for your kind words also. We missed you off this site too. I'm wishing you every success in your first IVF, i know it's tough but you seem to have a brill attitude, and hopefully that will stand to you. EC tommorrow - good luck with that, it's all very exciting first time round!! I'll say a little prayer for you too. Funny how things go, i was in Barcelona the day you started your injections!! It's all go for us all, isn't it!! We'll be thinking of you - let us know also.X Kel - Hope all goes well for you today!! I think of you a lot, wondering how you are doing!! Rem dont waste time if you find you are getting no where, move on!! I hope you feel good after todays meeting. I myself am still on the Pill, trying to rem to take it every night. I feel ok on it so far anyway. I wonder when i'll get my call to say they have a donor for us. I found a great website on donors and was looking it up last week. Today is our wedding anniversary, so hopefully next year we'll be celebrating it in style!!! Positive, aint i?? To all the rest of you, hope you're doing well, had good weekends, and are doing whatever it takes to relax these days!!

BM  Posted: 10/11/2008 16:34

Hi ladies, Half of my post from Friday was cut off - must have been too long! FL - I have everything crossed for you, the very best of luck, will be thinking of you. Sandra - glad I was able offer bit of help, hopefully you won't have to wait long for an appointment and some time off to let your body recover for a few weeks. Lu - very best of luck tomorrow! EC is very exciting, please keep us posted and get plenty of rest afterwards you will probably be a bit sore. Kel - hope all went well for you today. Ella - hope your donor news comes in soon, it's getting exciting and must feel great to be making progress. We had our first consultant appointment and 12 week scan and it all went well - we're over the moon and I feel like going out dancing to celebrate (I'd look a state though). Both babies are a good size and right on track and best of all the Dr said I could come off the drugs at last (I think they have contributed to the nausea and the fact that I am as big as a whale), besides my bum is black and blue from all of the injections - not that I am complaining the journey has been absolutely worth it. Let's hope it's a good week for everyone on this site. xxx

Kel  Posted: 10/11/2008 17:38

Hi Ladies, I'm just back from my appointment at the hospital. The Doctor was lovely about everything again but she has no say really. She did the scan which shows a nice big follicle right where it should be and unterus lining was good. She did a blood test to make sure that it will release an egg so I'm to phone her on Wed morn for the results. Wouldn't it be magic just to conceive naturally! I've been in contact with a Sinn Fein councillor that is going to take my case and fight my corner for me. It sounds to me though, that I'm too late but I am living in hope that they decide to make an exception for me. I'm now 18th on the list! Which means that I'm one month too late. I know, I will probably go private in the South but it really is important to make a point that the way things are handled here are definitely faulted. Anyways, spirits are much better. Thanks for your good wishes everyone. FL- fingers crossed that the rest of the week flies in for you and of course that it all goes positively for you. I agree with Ella.. not to get your hopes up but it all sounds good! Lu- yes, it's all very exciting. I'd near give my right arm to be in your shoes just going through the treatment! Best of luck to you and to Sinead too! Please God all is well with your scan BM- Keep us posted. x Sandra, I think its great that you are just picking yourself up and dusting off and getting on with things. Good for you! Maybe a change will do us both good! Ella- thanks so much for thinking of me. I know that I'm having a different frustration to the other girls but it certainly helps to know that I can come here to be spurred on! I just feel so close and that its not right that I should have to start back at the beginning again for the sake of a month! Oh well.. what's meant to be..etc. Right? x

Ella  Posted: 11/11/2008 09:30

BM -Congratulations, that's brilliant news for you. Hope the bum goes back to it's original colour now, ha, ha!! Still, mind yourself though and take it easy, and most of all enjoy it. Great to get such good news before Christmas too, now you can relax!!! Well done!!! Pc, how are you doing? I have yet another question for you. I dont know if you are going private to your Clinic or hosp now but do you have to pay for your scans as you go along. I presume you do if you are private, but what about public, and which would you advise should a pregancy occur?? I'm getting very impatient at the moment, waiting for things to move on quickly, but i'll just have to wait, i know it will come soon. Another Q for you, can you recommend a hotel to stay in over there for the next time we go. We plan to stay at least 3 nights and my hubby says we should book something nice and comfortable because i will be resting a lot, so would you recommend anything??

FL  Posted: 11/11/2008 10:38

Thanks to you all for your good wishes. My partner wants me to wait till I come home from work on Thursday to do test because he's afraid of me driving upset. I don't know if I'll be able to wait.

Ella  Posted: 11/11/2008 15:31

Kel - I'm so sorry, when i posted earlier, i never saw your post!! Am i losing the run of myself!! Anyway, havent things turned positive for you though and you might say you are hoping but sure that's all we're all doing and it's good that you have hope. I dont want to raise your hopes either, but hey 1 follicle, good lining!! Who knows!! Stranger things have happened and God knows you deserve to be lucky too. I'm a big believer in "things happening for a reason". And believe me at times with what i have gone through like a lot of you, i hardly believe that myself, but in hindsight then i do, so what i'm trying to say to you and to everyone who has not yet been lucky on this site is, whatever happens, there is light always, no matter how dim (i hope i wont be eating these words in Jan!!). Time and time again, not even with IVF, i've seen things happen to people that in a million years you think never would. So hang tough girls, be positive always and be happy in everything you do!!! So Kel, rem what you said, you and me could be going through things together yet even in different ways, you just never know!! So chin up and head held high, and we will get there!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ella.

Sandra  Posted: 11/11/2008 16:30

Hello Ladies, Well I had my review appointment and all went really well. A new doctor had started in the clinic so we were seen by her and not our normal doc which we were really happy about. As she had a few different ideas and was very positive. She gave us a few different options about our next cycle and said that she would think it would be best to change my medication to Menapur - I think it's a longer cycle. Have any of you ever gone through a cycle on this medication. In the past I was on the Gonal F injections and nasal spray. I'm also having a test done to see if the blood flow to my uterus is too thick which can be a cause of implantation failure. But overall we came out very positive. So if I go ahead with treatment it will be Jan/Feb Hope you are all well.

Lu  Posted: 11/11/2008 22:38

Hello All, Well as you all know today was EC day, all went very well. they said they got 6 good eggs, so I'm now climbing the walls wondering how many, if any, fertilise. It seems that there's always something to worry about. I have to say I found the whole thing extremely painful - I feel like I've been run over by a truck. On pain relief at the mo and slept most of the day. Day of rest tomorrow and waiting for the crucial phone call - please say a prayer we get a good number fertilised. Kel, thats great that your new Dr. seems to be getting things moving for you - a bit of compassion and interest from G.P.'s goes a long way and certainly makes you more positive. FL, I'll say a prayer for you for Thurs, it's not an easy time, its great that you're at day 14 today. BM thats great you can come off medication, its another milestone for you - good luck! Ella, fingers crossed you'll get donor news soon. It's mad to think about you being in Barcelona on the day I started injecting. Just think of all the other women that are out there doing there own fertility treatments that we don't know about. It's so comforting to have this site and to think about other people on this site and to wish them well. I'm thinking of you trying to remember to take your Pill every nite - my phone is so full of alarms or memo's to remind me of different times and drugs and appointments that I could nearly do with my own PA!! Anyway, I'm going to try and get some more sleep now and pray that we get a good number fertilised tomorrow. Nite xx

Ella  Posted: 12/11/2008 09:03

Hi Sandra, I was on Menapur for my third and last attempt at IVF which also failed. I think out of the 3 attempts, this one prob showed the most positive results alright, however we had no luck either this time. Dont let this put you off though. Everyone is different. I think the quality of my eggs were just not good enough. As for the lining of the uterus, this is a very grey area, most docs and acupuncturists believe that the thicker the better unless very very thick, however mine was always in around 10, 11, 12mm and no implantation occured for us, so i dont know what to say on this. I am doing acup to increase blood flow anyway and he has done this for other women too who have had success, so it must be the right thing. FL - The very best of luck tomorrow, it's looking good, and do the test first thing tomorrow morning, it's not going to change no matter what time you do it and this will be the best time to do it for a clear result!! I have just received an email from Barcelona this morning saying my biopsy was clear, so i'm delighted with that. However they did say that Faecakus was found in the sperm sample, i think (it's hard to make out part of email) and a course of antibiotics will be needed in order to have implantation under control. The antibiotics prescribed are Ciprofloxacine for 14 days. Pc, do you know anything about these?? She said it's nothing to worry about at all but just to be on the safe side!! Anyway hope everyone is doing well since!! Ella.

Ella  Posted: 12/11/2008 16:46

Lu, I know the feeling of nearly needing your own P.A.!! Well done on the 6 eggs that sounds brill. Hope they will all mature well for you now. I'm thinking of you and will be over the next few anxious days!! Still you're over the worst of the pain and hopefully you will start to feel better after the rest!! Do rest alot, it takes alot out of your body and you will need it to receive them back in a few days. I'll include you in my little night prayers that things will work out for you. I forget where you are attending again?? Relax now till they go back, and then of course the long awaited 2ww!! Try and think of things that will occupy you for the next 2 weeks these days, so you can keep busy!! Best of luck hun!! Ella

SD  Posted: 12/11/2008 19:53

Hi Girls Sorry i haven been in touch since i wrote about my situation on 16 oct thanks for all your reply. I have been reading everybody story and were use are at the moment. FL- The very very best of luck for tommorrow. LU- Best of luck to you to i hope your eggs will fertilise. ELLA- Im so delighted everything went very well for you and ur hubby in Barcelona i think use made the right decsion going for egg donor i say the waiting around is driving you mad hopefully you will hear news of a donor soon.SANDRA- Im so sorry to hear that ur treatment didn't work.Can i ask you what clinic you are with do you think you'll stay with the clinic ur with know and do the long cycle or change to the sims clinic.KEL-I think its terrible the way the medic system has let you down i would love to hear that you got pregnant naturally please god.BM-I say you and hubby are on cloud nine take it easy.Well my GP sent me for a scan went 3weeks ago got results last weeks and couldn't beleave it when my gp said i have PCOS another thing to add to the list does anybody on this site have PCOS or anybody know anything about it? Does it bring my chances of ivf working down even more haven PCOS any information would be great.

Lu  Posted: 12/11/2008 20:22

Hi Folks, I'm back again, still feeling very battered and bruised. Ella, thanks for your encouraging words. I'm attending Merrion Fertility Clinic. Had the E.C. in Holles Street. I got word today from the Embyrologist that out of the 6 eggs, 5 were viable. She did ICSI on the 5 and this morning 3 eggs fertilised abnormally and 2 were fine and had multiplied to the correct number of cells. So I'm on schedule for transfer tomorrow at 12. I'm just climbing the walls now that they will stop growing or multiplying. I've read up so much on IVF/ICSI but I'm not sure about the 2 that fertilised correctly - does anyone know if they can stop growing or will not last until tomorrow. On cyclogest pessaries since this morning - I presume thats to help implantation???? That's great your bioposy was clear, another hurdle passed with flying colours. What is Faecakus - I never heard of it but at least your hubby is getting anti-biotics for it. FL, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. SD, at least you found out about the PCOS, as far as I know it can be treated. I am sitting here typing and thinking - wouldn't it be great if those of us who live near enough to each other could meet up. I have put a face on every name on this site - bizarre!!! Anyway, fingers crossed for FL and myself tomorrow, its a big day. Talk tomorrow. xx

Sandra  Posted: 13/11/2008 11:08

Hi Ella, Thanks for getting back to me. I know what you mean with regard to the lining of the uterus being a grey area. It's so frustrating not knowing why they are not implanting. There is just so many hurdles to get over on this road it just always seems like one thing after another. I had a dream last night that I was pregnent and it was so real - and then I woke up and came back down to earth with a bang!!!!!!! Great to hear your biopsy was clear. Take care SD, thanks a mill all I can do is try stay positive. I'm attending clane and I'm going to stay with them for another cycle. They are all so nice there and I really feel comfortable with them all which I think you need to feel when having treatment and you can have a bit of a laugh with the nurses which helps a lot. Unfortunately I don't know too much about PCOS. Hopefully one of the other girls might know a bit more. Take care

Kel  Posted: 13/11/2008 13:47

My goodness girls.. it's all happening isn't it? FL the very best of prayers to you today. PG this will be the turn around that this site needs! And Lu, same to you. That is wonderful news so far and hopefully 2 chances! As Ella says, your over the worse of it now. Hopefully soon you'l just have to settle yourself through the 2ww. As usual, I can't offer specific advice etc but do know that you are in my thoughts. I do hope all goes well tomorrow for you. As for putting faces to the names.. it really would be lovely to meet up eventually. SD, nice to hear from you again and thanks for you kind words. I know nothing of PCOS. Hopefully the other girls can help. What is the next step for you now then? Do you have a time frame for when you will begin treatment again? Do keep us posted. Ella, any news yet? I bet it will come when you're least expecting it. How exciting it will be to actually have a donor! Excuse my ignorance but do you find out specific things about the donor? Or, is it just a matter where they go through specific screening and you don't need to know? I hope that isn't too intrusive of a question. Glad everything sounds good so far and your DH is getting his anti biotics. Means everything should be right on track for when the time comes. Is PC still on holiday? Hopefully having a lovely relaxing time. You'l be anxious for all her expertise. I think it's lovely that you're going to stay in Barcelona and rest when the time comes. The stress of travelling is the last thing you both need! Do be good to yourself Ella. Thanks too for your lovely response to me. I know that we are all living in hope. I'm hanging on that maybe, just maybe, we may be pregnant at the same time! What a lovely thought! I really am trying to turn this into positive energy.. for all of us! Sandra, hopefully, next time will be your time too and you will join Ella and myself with our BFP's! I'm glad you got a good feeling about this new doctor and you and your DH are in a better place regards it all. Again, maybe this new approach and drugs will work for you. BM- great to hear your scan went well. How great it is that everything is on track for your two babies. I hope that the sickness and bruised bum have calmed down. Ha.x Jo- how are things with you? You must have had a recent scan too? Hope all is well. I got results back from my blood work today that all was well and yes my 1 big follie did have an egg that should have released. In a way, I'm feeling very much like I'm at the beginning of my 2ww to hopefully find that my period doesn't come! I got a letter back in response to my letter to the Health Minister, of course saying that there is nothing they can do regards my waiting list problem. I haven't heard from the hospital yet though on their final decision. You're right Ella, I am living in hope just like the rest of us on this site. I may go or this will probably be rejected for being too long! Hi to everyone else and hope your spirits are good x

Sandra  Posted: 13/11/2008 15:12

Hi Kel, Yes hopefully next time will be my time and the new medication will work for me.. Well done with that big follicle. I hope you get the letter you want from the hospital with good news. Take care. Lu, Well done to you. You will feel sore for a few days but it will pass. Try not to worry too much. It would be great for us all to meet up - put a face to the name. Anyway the v best of luck to you for tomorrow and the coming weeks. Keep us updated. FL, how are you doing. Really hope you got a positive result today. Thinking of you. Hope everyone else is doing well x

sinead  Posted: 13/11/2008 17:49

hi i was just reading ur letter bout pcos i have it its were the eggs grow but dont release into the womb they stay in the ovaries so the hospital has to watch me every two days so i dont produce to many eggs any 1 with pcos will fine it hard to get pregnant naturally but it happens your diet has alot to do with

Lu  Posted: 13/11/2008 19:41

Hi Girls, well today was "d Day". As you know we had 2 good embryo's yesterday, well today when we went to clinic they told us that 1 did not continue to develop so we had the remaining good one transferred today. They told us that it was an excellent grade - a grade 2A which is apparently excellent. So here I am with 1 embie on board - please God we'll have good news on 27th Nov. The whole thing is just so surreal and bizarre - to watch our embryo on screen being implanted, I think i'm still a bit in awe of the whole thing! FL, I hope you had good news today, I really do.

Kel  Posted: 14/11/2008 13:23

Hi Lu.. sorry I guess I got my days mixed up.. thought the transfer was happening today! Anyways, fantastic news for you! Thank God you got one implanted. I like how you discribed seeing it happen. It's a real miracle! Now your wait begins. 2 weeks will fly so long as you keep busy. Ha, easy for me to say, I know. It's really great you've gotten this far!x FL- how are you? We are all hoping you got good news yesterday. No matter what the news, you know this site is here to support and help where possible. Thinking of you. x I have a girl who has written letters on my behalf and has requested meetings to take place regards my case with the National Health Service. Its seems that they are going to push for me to be allowed the treatment before my birthday Dec 15th so as usual, it's a waiting game for us all in one way or another. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Be good to yourselve's girls. xx

BM  Posted: 14/11/2008 18:03

Hi all - wow there is so much going on, I can't actually keep up with every one. Lu - fantastic news about your transfer, fingers crossed and positive vibes to you the 2ww is so difficult, will be thinking of you. FL - so hoping for good news - thinking of you too. Hello and good wishes to everyone else, I wanted to post a quick message to SD. SD - when I went for a second opinion at Sims clinic, based on the fact that I had overstimulated so significantly (approx 36 follicles - 22 eggs collected) the first time around the consultant concluded that I had some of the symptoms of pcos at least my "chemical make up" pointed to a tendency towards it, although it was never diagnosed before - I didn't have classic signs, but over production of eggs in ivf is an indicator apparently. The consultant said in ivf terms it wasn't bad news as with pcos you are likely to respond to the treatment, but need careful monitoring and a different drug protocol. The Sims clinic has developed a protocol for pcos (other clinics may have too, although my previous clinic never mentioned it). I went on this protocol and as a result didn't have the "down regulation" part of the plan and was scanned every 2/3 days - I was monitored very, very carefully and the dosage of the stimulant drugs was significantly lower than in my previous ivf cycle. In my case it has worked and I had a fresh transfer (ended up with 22 follicles, 13 eggs). Which ever clinic you chose it is worth asking the question how they treat pcos and if they have a specific protocol. I hope this helps.

SD  Posted: 14/11/2008 18:36

Hi Sinead you said that your diet has a lot to do with having pcos, can you explain more to me about this? I went into the hari unit to let them know my result and they told me not to worry about it just told me that i have to keep an eye on my weight (easy said than done). LU-great news all you need is one to implant take it easy for the next 2weeks. SANDRA-you are so right all we can do is stay positive. i to am going to stay with the clinc i'm with for one last go. we'll be doing FET in jan and please god it will work this time. KEL - I really hope you win ur case with the national health service. Hope everyone is keeping well. x

Lu  Posted: 17/11/2008 08:33

Hi All, Day 4 after implantation and from around 1pm yesterday I've been having period type cramps on and off and have had a few this morning already. Can anyone put my mind at ease and let me know if this is normal or not at this stage, as I'm going mad thinking the worse. Haven't had any bleed at all but still thinking the worst. I'm wondering could it be implantation cramps?? I'd appreciate you're advice on this??

FL  Posted: 17/11/2008 09:07

Hi all Sorry I haven't been in touch, as you've probably guessed it was not good news, the test was negative and got my period on Saturday. I have a review appt on the 3rd December. I fell apart thought I had myself prepared for the disapointment but really didn't. All my love to all of you traveling on this journey.

FL  Posted: 17/11/2008 09:42

Hi Lu I really hope the 27th November brings you positive results. Do you mind me asking what clinic you went to as you mentioned you could see the embryo on screen. I did not have any of this and I am thinking of seeking a second opinion before I make a decision to try again or not.

Ella  Posted: 17/11/2008 10:21

FL, sorry to hear the bad news. It is terrible when this happens alright. I know after being through it myself 3 times, it's just devastating!! I suppose, in time you will pick yourself up again, but give yourself the time. Counselling is a good idea, but it's hard to get a good one, maybe your GP can help there?? You cant prepare yourself for the failure, no matter how you try!! I too saw the embryos as they were being put back but it makes no difference whether you do or dont, there are no answers in IVF, it's all luck whether you conceive or not. Lu, Beating yourself up whether you have period pains or implantaion isn't going to help you. You'll just have to rest as much as you can for the mo and stop wondering, you'll drive yourself crazy!! I too was like that, but i vow not to be this time round. I will keep working and resting as much as i can, but will lead a normal life, cause it makes no difference either way. Good luck to you, hope it's all good on the 27th!! Hope the rest of you are in good form and had nice weekends!! PC - are you back to work, welcome back if you are!!

Kel  Posted: 17/11/2008 10:30

Hi Everyone, just a quick message as I've to run to work. FL- So, so sorry it didn't work this time. I can only imagine how devastated you are. I think that we trick ourselves to try and accept the disappointment but nothing can prepare for that sense of emptiness and failure. At least you know that you are not alone. The girls on this site are true champions that they keep going. It really is an inspiration. You just have to look at how far some have come and how far some are prepared to go. Whatever you decided to do, do be kind to yourself. Hopefully the review will give you some type of understanding. Really sorry. x Lu, It sounds like the other girls experience these cramps as well. Maybe they can enlighten you. Try not to drive yourself mad though. Thinking of you.x

Sandra  Posted: 17/11/2008 11:11

Fl, so sorry to hear your news. I know how you are feeling as I found out 3wks ago that it failed for me also. It is so hard to hold back the tears but sometimes it is better to get them out. As the days pass it will get better. I got very down but my husband snapped me out of it and told me I have to stay positive. Stay positive and good luck with your review appointment. Stay positive xx. Lu, It's so hard to carry on as normal in the 2ww but just try take it easy. I got period pains about 1 wk after transfer unfortunately it was negative for me but I've heard a lot of stories about people getting positive results after having periods pains also so keep the faith. Best of luck to you.

FL  Posted: 17/11/2008 12:37

Thanks Sandra but is so hard to stay positive, my 40th birthday is looming and throughout the treatment it was touch and go - not responding well etc and then had 1 embryo out of 3 eggs. I just wonder where it went to (being silly and all that) but it was 45hrs old when it was transferred back and I hoped for a miracle like all of us on this site. I know they are not going to recommend trying again at the review, thats why I am starting to wonder should I think about donor egg. My blood levels are showing a low egg reserve (menopausal) and my partners sperm is fine. They don't offer this in the HARI unit as far as I know. I would appreciate some information from any of you that have gone down this route. A lot of you mention Barcelona, how did ye find out the contact details etc..?

Ella  Posted: 17/11/2008 13:02

FL - You're upset at the mo. Maybe you should take some time out first before you decide on Donor, as it's a big step. I am going down that route at the mo, however it was after 2 failed IUI, and 3 failed IVF and alot of heartache. My last IVF was July 2007 and now it's Nov 2008. You need to give yourself time to recover. Think about Donor by all means but take time out first. Barcelona is supposed to be a good Clinic and we have been there for our first consultation and are due to go back in Dec/Jan for embryo transfer. You only have to go there twice which is great. Time will tell if they are good for us or not!! They are in the process of sourcing our donor at the mo, so hopefully it will turn good for us after a very hard long road!! So think about it, and decide but it's very expensive, so you need to be sure. Ella

Lu  Posted: 17/11/2008 13:50

FL I'm so sorry things didn't work out for you - it's a really tough thing to go through from start to finish. I'm attending the Merrion Fertility Clinic, just beside Holles St Hospital, Dublin. When I say I saw the Embryo on screen, I could see the fluid containing the egg being positioned into my Uterus via Catheter. It was a lovely moment as at least then, I could say I had a fertilised egg/embryo inside me. Hopefully, it will stay put in there for the next 9 months. The very best of luck with your review appointment. Sandra, thanks for your good wishes.

FL  Posted: 17/11/2008 14:00

Hi Ella I do hope it is good for you. I too have tried IVF 3 times, I know it is actually treated like a first time because I am with a different partner. I tried it twice in 1998 with my husband ( he passed away in 2002) and now I am so lucky to have met someone that loves me, who has two children ( he has custody, they live with us) and thought that I would get pregnant naturally because my husband was infertile and they told me I was fine. When it didn't happen after nearly 2 years trying I went for tests and they discovered my FSH is high which means that I am probably menopausal and this was probably a shot in the dark (as is every IVF treatment) from the beginning

Pc  Posted: 17/11/2008 17:07

Hi everyone, just back today in work and will have to catch up with everyone, but FL am so sorry it didn't work. Its just so disappointing and know you must be very low. The Hari don't do donor treatment, Simms clinic do but I went to Institut Marques in Barcelona which is where Ella is also going. Whatever you decide best of luck,x Ella, not sure I caught all your posts, but saw the one about the antibiotics and am not sure what this is..maybe google it? But good they saw it and it will be treated so good news. On the hotels the first time we went the hotel we stayed in was bad so couldn't recommend that, second time we stayed in Juan Carlos,,,close to clinic but to be honest it was too expensive and you would probably find cheaper and nicer. I did hear someone talking about the Princess Sofia which is very close to the clinic and meant to be nice, maybe you could check that out? Hi to everyone else, BM and Jo, so glad things are going well for you and BM I also feel I'm ballooning up but prob is not just my tummy, everywhere...even my legs. umm not good. Am 16 weeks today, can't believe it, all ok just feeling very breathless at times and had a few sharp pains last week in my right side but the cons told me it sounded like stretching and nothing serious thank god. Has anyone heard from AM? I wonder how she is getting on. AM hope all is well.x Kel, how are you? See you have some support behind you now so hopefully you might get started yet before xmas? Sorry I know I've missed people and will catch up properly later. Bye for now. xx

sinead  Posted: 17/11/2008 21:30

hi sd, i am going to galway. what they told me is anyone with pcos will find it hard to lose weight, and to drink plenty of water. if you are big like me the more you lose the better it is 4 pcos. you will get your periods more and the less drugs to have to take to follices. i find it very hard to lose weight. the worst thing about it is facial hair and mood swings. the moods is dreadful that why they tel you to try and keep the weight down as well. if u want to know anything else just ask. they told me to eat lots of fruit and veg, to walk a lot. its easier said then done. if you have weight it will not help trying to get pregnant

sinead  Posted: 18/11/2008 16:39

can any help me did any 1 get near to egg collection and then told ur hormones r 2 high they cant do it its just happened to me and i am so upset i dont think i can do this again

Anonymous  Posted: 18/11/2008 16:46

Hi everybody im new to the site just wondering did anyone have blastocyst.

SD  Posted: 18/11/2008 19:04

Hi All, FL- i'm so sorry its hasn't worked out for you, it takes time to get over something like this but try and be strong and try and pick yourself back up, be kind to yourself. SINEAD- i'm 11stone now at the moment i put on 1 stone since i started the IVF i'm trying everything but can't seem to lose anything, on my first go of IVF they stopped me 3 days before egg collection cause of this cause if they continued i would of hyperstimulated i to was upset but when i started back they lowered the dose of medication and eveything worked out well i got through the cycle but unfortunately i didn't get pregnant. LU- try and not think to much into your pains easier said than done i know but some people get pains and they get pregnant what im trying to say is you never know try and keep postive. I hope everyone else on the site is doing OK

ET  Posted: 18/11/2008 23:07

hi anonymous, i had my first IVF in April/May 2008 and it failed. tried again in July and after researching about blastocyst we decided to try it as it had good results. Both myself and DH have unexplained fertility. Anyhow 5 out of our 9 fertilised eggs reached blastocyst stage and one was transferred in early August..2 were suitable for freezing. well the good news is that I am now 17 weeks pregnant so I would definitely recommend giving blastocyst a try as the success rates are high.

Lu  Posted: 19/11/2008 08:36

Hi All Well, today is day 6 since transfer and I am just convinced that it hasn't worked. I haven't had any period like cramps in a day or 2 but those cramps have completely thrown a spanner in the works. If I hadn't had the cramps I think I'd be a lot more positive. I just feel really down and depressed waiting for the bad news. Did anyone else feel like that when on hte 2 ww? I keep looking out for pregnancy symptoms but none at all! My Mum keeps saying to me that its too soon to have any symptoms. Anyone out there any advice before I go mad!!! Thanks!

Pc  Posted: 19/11/2008 10:15

Hi Lu, if its of any help when i was on the 2ww I also had period type cramps and in fact was convinced some days it was on the way. Apparently this can be common but can be very confusing as you're never sure what it means. Even when I found out I was pregnant I continued to have period type cramps for the first don't write it off, just try (I know not easy) to not worry too much and just take it easy, I hope it works out for you!

TW  Posted: 19/11/2008 10:30

Hi SD thanks for your reply thats great news hope all goes well for you im goin for blastocyst in february so hopefully i will be as lucky as you ive had two failed attempts of ivf so they decided to try blastocyst this time so hopefully it will work this time pg.

SD  Posted: 19/11/2008 11:02

<p>Sinead- I wrote to you yesterday but im just after reading it and some of it doesnt make sence what i ment was my hormones was to high and they stopped my treatment 3 days before egg collecting cause i would of hyperstimited.Ihope you are ok when have you to go back to the clinic. Anonymous-i am to going for blastocyst for the first time in jan when are you going for yours?</p>

Ella  Posted: 19/11/2008 11:28

<p>Lu - you'll have to calm down, you're in a panic there. Nothing has happened yet and from the things that have on this site, you still have every chance of success. Cramping is no indication either way of knowing. So get plenty magazines and browse through them, do crosswords, whatever you have to do to relax. Would you go for a cup - it can be very relaxing?? Please try to be calm, as all the panic wont do any good, you cant change the result now anyway. Just to clear up something i had said earlier on this site about when we were in Barcelona. The antibiotics that we will be put on are for me and not for my hubby at all. They found some bacteria in the endometrium, nothing to worry about and so they will give me an antibiotic to clear it up before we go over so that it wont interfere with the implantation. FL - Did you think anymore about the Donor ?? Hope you're picking up again, i know it's not easy. I'm heading off for the weekend with my hubby, not too far away but for a nice break of 2 nights!! Looking forward to it. Hope ye are all keeping well, talk soon. Ella.</p>

Kel  Posted: 19/11/2008 12:34

<p>Hi Everyone, PC- Welcome back! It seemed ages since you were on. Easy for me to say, but I think that it's cute that you are getting big! In fact, it's wonderful that it's worked out for you and BM and Jo. You girls are the inspiration that keeps or should keep the rest of us going! Ella pet.. any news? Thinking of you.x Ruthie.. How'd things go on the 7th? Don't think that we got an update.. or maybe I missed it? I'm so anxious to know what you think of NaPro after all this time. Have we heard from Anto? Maybe she doesn't realise that we all switched over to this thread. Just a thought. FL- hope you are doing better as the week has gone on. I think Ella was giving good advice in suggesting that you give yourself some time to heal before jumping into ed. It really is a major step. I certainly share your worries with the looming 40th coming. There is definitley a certain anxiety that comes with it making you feel like.. that's it , it's over. I guess we need to think of all the ladies over 40 that are successful sooner or later. Anyways, your in my thoughts. Lu- you need to try and pick yourself up. You're trying to prepare yourself for the disappointment before you need to! Try not to do that to yourself before you have to. Maybe you won't have to! Maybe you'l be one of the lucky ones! Easier said than done, but do try to keep yourself busy and try not to obsess. Like PC said, she had cramps into the beginning of her pregnancy so it sounds common. One more week to go! Sinead, Sd and tw- It's good that you seem to be helping eachother. I'm sorry, I can't offer much. I can talk about trying to loose weight ( as I'v been on a diet since I was 12!) but I'm not familiar with blastocyst. In fact, can one of you explain that a little for me please? Among many things, this site has definitely taught me so much about infertility that I truly did not know before joining. Hello to everyone else.. hope I didn't forget anyone. I am still waiting to hear what the powers that be are deciding for me. I should hear within the next week. Please say a prayer for me girls that I at least be given the opportunity. I am feeling better though after having that scan and knowing from the blood test that there was an egg released from the follicle this past month. At least I know now that I'm still ovulating where I had myself convinced that I wasn't anymore. Maybe the clomid gave my system a kick start. I'l keep you posted. x</p>

sinead  Posted: 19/11/2008 13:29

<p>hi sd sinead here sorry i didnt reply i was just upset but i wll b fine idont know if we r going to do it again what bout u? pcos is a pain it very hard to lose weight around the tummy area they told me ti drink plenty of water what happens with money when this happens is this a cancelled cycle what happens sd r u trying ivf again r are u trying sumthing else let me know thank u 4 answering me i just feel alone my husband is great but he doesnt understand hi,every1 else</p>

Tw  Posted: 19/11/2008 14:34

<p>SD Im going for blastocyst in february. Kel blastocyst is when the wait til day 5 or 6 for transfer as ive had it done on day 2 and it didnt work.</p>

Tw  Posted: 19/11/2008 16:01

<p>Hi annoymous it was you that replied to my query on blastocyst im tw now sory sd i taught it was you only new to this so i got a bit confused. Best of luck annoymous hope all goes well for you. Can anyone tell me if they are taking any vitamins prior to their treatment or have went for acupuncture or reflexology.</p>

Lu  Posted: 19/11/2008 22:38

<p>PC thanks so much for your comments, at least I know someone else who got a BFP had cramps too. I know I could still have a neg but my mind is more at rest now, thank you again, how all is well with you! Ella, hope you have a lovely relaxing time on your break away - I don't think the weather is meant to be too bad which should lift your spirits a little bit! Kel, fingers crossed you get good news soon and delighted you find out that you'r eovulating, its another bridge crossed for you. TW, did have a course of reflexology a few months before IVF but she couldn't find any blockage etc or problems with my reproductive system, but I did find it hugely relaxing. I think any alternative remedies are well worth looking into. Day 7 for me tomorrow after transfer and as I said earlier, I don't feel much cramping anymore, which I'm hoping is a good sign and as you've said its better if I stop obsessing and self diagnosing every little twinge - but I can't help it. This is such a tough journey!</p>

AM  Posted: 23/11/2008 19:56

<p>Hi Girls,</p> <p>life is hectic with two little angels. Worth every second of the journey. Delivered by Emergency c-section 11-Nov. One daughter home today - second still in ICU.</p> <p>Soooooooooo happy!<img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" /></p> <p>When everything settles down, I'll read through the posts, but hope you are all well. Was in hospital for 6-weeks - sorry for no contact.</p>

FL  Posted: 24/11/2008 12:50

<p>Congrats AM - delighted for you<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Pc  Posted: 24/11/2008 13:24

<p>AM oh wow Congratulations on your two little babies!!!! I was wondering how you were and how you were getting on! But didn't think you had had the babies yet!! Thats just fantastic, am so so pleased for you.</p> <p>When you get a chance please tell us how you are! It seems like you went early is that right? And do you mind if I ask why you were in hosp beforehand for 6 weeks? Am a little anxious myself over everything and just if you have any helpful advice it would be great.</p> <p>In the meantime look after yourself and your 2 precious babies and enjoy every minute of it. xx Talk to you when you have a chance to catch your breath!!</p>

Kel  Posted: 24/11/2008 13:38

<p>Congratulations AM! Really wonderful news. Have you named them yet? We were wondering how you were doing. 6 Weeks in hospital.. you must have been out of your mind! Thank God they are here and they are safe and healthy! There is plenty for you to catch up on. Good luck with finding the time to read them though. I'm sure your hands are full!</p> <p>Lu- how are you holding up? 2 days to go? You are in my thoughts. Please God, BFP! Do keep us posted.</p> <p>Ella- Did you enjoy your break last week? Any news?</p> <p>Everyone seems very quiet lately. Maybe you are all just busy or maybe nothing to report? Hope all is well anyways. I've still had no word back from anyone regards my letters. Expecting my period to come this week but secretly hoping it wont after that ovulation news this past cycle. Once it does come, I will be too late to have the treatment before my 40th (Dec 15th). I pretty well have accepted that but I am hoping that they make the exception and just leave me on the list til my time comes. I will surely let you all know. Take care friends. x</p>

Lou  Posted: 24/11/2008 17:11

<p>Hey Kel am I reading your post right do they not allow IVF treatment for women over 40? Regards Lou</p>

AM  Posted: 24/11/2008 17:21

<p>hello ladies</p> <p>Had a little bleeding at 30 weeks. That cleared and just as was about to go home when the doc said there was a lack of fluid around baby b so until that cleared no going home. Developed pre eclamapsia at about 33.5 weeks so devivered by emergency c section when blood presure went mad at 34 weeks and 6 days! Sounds dramatic and scary but was not really and worth every second. PC - dont worry - my health issues are v complicated and I doubt you will have the same probs. certainly not worth worrying about.</p> <p>Won't say babies names in case anyone readaing this that might identify me although most people know our ivf story anyhow to be honest.</p> <p>Cant wait to get a min to read thorugh all your posts properly!</p>

SD  Posted: 24/11/2008 19:32

<p>AM-Congratulations to you and your husband on your twin girls that is really wonderful news enjoy every moment with them.</p> <p>ELLA-Did you enjoy your weekend break away?</p> <p>LU-How are you doing? not long left know.</p> <p>FL- How are you keeping?Did you go for your review yet.</p> <p>KEL-It would be great if your periods didnt come this month and you found out you were pregnant and then you could tell the clinic your news that would be brillant for you fingers crossed.</p> <p>SINEAD-How are you know? Hope you are feeling better sorry for not getting back to you sooner just been run of my feet.As far as i know if you have a cancelled cycle they don't charge you for this and you start over again.Iknow that it is very disappionting see they put everyone on a starting dose and hope it will be ok for you but everyone is different and some people might be ok and some might overstimulate which hapened to me and you but on the good side at least we are responding to the injections cause some girls don't respond at all even on the highest dose.When you start over again they will lower your dose and please god everything will work out then.I have 4embryo's in the freezer so i hope to be starting treatment on the 9 jan they are doing blastocyst with me this time,our worry know will be that our embryo's will make it to blastocyst always something to worry about. Hi to everyone else hope you are feeling good.</p>

Lu  Posted: 25/11/2008 08:25

<p>Am, that is fantastic news, what a lovely Christmas present for you both, you must be pinching yourselves! Well folks, I got my period on Sun am, so I still have to go in on Wed and get a blood test to confirm BFN. Talk about rubbing salt into the wounds. We're both upset as I think when you get to the IVF stage you think you're on the home run and it will work 100%. Ah well, we'll just pick ourselves up and get on with it. Would anyone advise that we change clinics - maybe to do a blast cycle. I'm not really sure what to do, but I know the money is going to run out at some stage and I really want to give the next shot 100% and I know there seems to be a greater chance of success with blasts?? Any advice please would be greatly appreciated!!</p>

FL  Posted: 25/11/2008 09:14

<p>Hi Everyone</p> <p>SD - Our review is on the 3rd Dec, tomorrow week.</p> <p>Lu - so sorry, what can I say its so tough, like you I am wondering about changing clinics just to see if they would have a different opinion on what to try</p>

AM  Posted: 25/11/2008 10:19

<p>Lu - so sorry to hear that. u are bang on about thinking it will work when u start out at first. We got lucky on the 3rd time after a fresh and frozen non blast cycle. We were succ on the fresh blast cycle. Succ rates for blasts are higher provided you have blasts to transfer. The downside is that u may not have any to transfer but at least then u avoid the 2 WW. Take a little break before you start again though - body and mind need chance to recover.</p>

Sandra  Posted: 25/11/2008 10:40

<p>AM, Congratulations you must be over the moon. Best of luck to you.</p> <p>Lu, So sorry to hear your news - it really is so hard. You sound very positive though about your next cycle which is good. Do you mind me asking what clinic you are attending. On my 2nd IVF attempt I had 2 Blast transfererd and 2 blast forzen but none worked for me. I'm hoping to go again in Jan/Feb. I was going to change clinic's but decided to stay with Clane for another cycle as we met with a new consultant and she's going to change may medication and had a few different idea's for us. Anyway you are in my thoughts. Keep me posted. Take care xx &amp; treat yourself to something nice.</p> <p>Kel, How are you doing. Any word from the hospital yet.</p>

Ella  Posted: 25/11/2008 11:47

<p>AM - Wow, congratulations to you and your hubby, brilliant news and glad to hear all is well. You must be thrilled with yourself now to have it over!!</p> <p>You'll be busy now so i'd say a hit and a miss with you from now on on this site.</p> <p>Any break you will have, will contain alot of sleep i would imagine!!</p> <p>Lu, So sorry to hear your news. There has been so much lately on this site, that i cant rem how many times you have been through this??</p> <p>It's not easy, i know that myself, but you seem to be over the worst of the upset and are ready to move forward, which is great!!</p> <p>Fair play to you. It's really up to yourself on the decision of changing clinics, i didn't, but i liked where i went and found them great. There are mixed ideas on this, some think it's a good idea and more dont. My idea is that if it's meant to work it will and no clinic will make that happen or not happen!!</p> <p>They just do there job like everyone else.</p> <p>I responded well every time to the medication but it just didn't work for us. Good luck to you whatever you decide from here on.</p> <p>FL - Good luck on the 3rd!!</p> <p>SD - We had a lovely weekend, very relaxing and did loads of shopping too. Food and craic was mighty, just what i needed too. However i'm a bit out of sorts with laringitis at the mo, so hoping that will clear soon as i have to start medication for the bacteria in the endometrium. Typical everything together!!</p> <p>Kel - I really hope this month is a bit of success for you, wouldnt it be a turn up for the books, however be pos but try not to get the hopes up too much, you know how these things work!! We had a lovely weekend too thanks!!</p> <p>Pc - Hope all is well with you??</p> <p>BM and Jo - How are ye getting on these days, havent heard for a while?</p> <p>I have no news yet from Barcelona, hoping everyday that we will hear something, but i suppose no news is good news too.</p> <p>This is the 4th week since we were over there so should be hearing from them soon enough, PG!!</p> <p>Take care everyone,</p> <p>Ella.<img title="Wink" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif" border="0" alt="Wink" /></p>

Lu  Posted: 25/11/2008 14:02

<p>Hi Fl</p> <p>What clinic are you with, and how many attempts? Best of luck and fingers crossed for your review tomorrow week.</p> <p>Thanks Am, also what clinic did you attend as I know not all clinics do blasts? I keep wondering why it didn't happen, everything went to plan from down reg, to injections, to lining thickness and it was a grade 2a embryo. Now I'm wondering is it my fault that it didn't implant. I'm going to try and go again straight away as I'm geared up for it now and time is also ticking. Do you know can you start again more or less straight away or does the Clinic need to run more tests etc.</p> <p>Sandra, we're with Merrion only since July and started our first cycle on 10th Oct, so its our first go. Did Clane do any investigations after your 2 WW to see why the blasts hadn't taken or do they just close the case so to speak. I don't understand why they'd change meds - are there different ones to help or increase implantation? I'm a bit of a novice at all this!!</p> <p>Ella, where are you attending? Did you get to implantation stage - sorry about all the questions but I forget what stage everyone is at and as I'm in work, its hard to browse back to recap. Thanks everyone</p>

Jo  Posted: 25/11/2008 15:11

<p>Hi everyone, I have been reading all your posts and keeping up, in case those of you dont know my story, just a quick recap, as I see some of you asking about Blast cycle. I first did IVF over 2 years go, it didnt work, eveything went accoding to plan, thought it was husbands low sperm problem, everything went fine until they mixed sperm with egg, then my eggs just desintagrated, was told that it was very rare and that IVF would never probably work for me. I changed Clinics and went back to do IVF 2 years after this devastating news, went on completly different medication and they let my eggs and sperm go to 5 days blast, when after getting 7 eggs I was left with 2 good enough to transfer, and one thankfully took and I am now nearly 14 weeks pregnant. So just to all you out there, it can work and does work, but its not easy and very hard mentally. But I do think blast is a good option as you get the strongest eggs in the end.</p> <p>AM am delighted for you, with your two new baby girls, all the best to everyone else and keep positive.</p>

Ella  Posted: 25/11/2008 15:42

<p>Great hearing from you Jo, nearly 14 weeks, wow!</p> <p>Lu, i attend the Cork FC, however i am now opting for Donor eggs, in Barcelona but will attend Cork for scans in the meantime and hopefully if it works i will go on attending there for a while anyway. Sometimes i ask myself if i'm doing the right thing, when i hear all the stories here of how it worked when they changed clinics etc, but i couldn't face another failed IVF with my own eggs. Make sure you ask when you go back for your review about what could be suggested as being wrong and why it failed. I didn't get much infor the first time i went back after it failed, but the second time they suggested it might be the eggs, however we always intended going 3 times and after the third they suggested egg donation to us. At the time we didn't want this, but on review, we decided we would go for it, but i'm getting nervous now in case it doesn't work again and then what will be the solution to that!!</p> <p>I know what you mean about catching up on this site, it's impossible to keep up.</p>

SD  Posted: 25/11/2008 20:59

<p>Hi LU</p> <p>So sorry to hear your news its very hard to take in.I think we all expect it to work first time and when it doesn't its heart breaking. i really thought it would work for us first time but it did'nt and it didn't work 2nd time either and we were thinking of changing clinic but at our review they told us they are going to do blastocyst with the 4 embryo's we have left and please god this will work but me and husband have discuss it and if it doesn't work this time we are going to change to the sims clinic. but as i said hope we wont have to. If you are thinking of changing were are you thinking of going?</p>

FL  Posted: 26/11/2008 09:29

<p>Hi Lu</p> <p>I am with HARI. This was classed as a first attempt as it was my first attempt with my partner. But I tried IVF twice back in 1998 with my husband. My husband had a low sperm count but we didn't know why while trying the IVF. One year later in 1999 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was on his piturity gland which is the gland in the brain that controls fertility and metabolisim etc. We were asked then did we know that we would never have children, when I told the consultant that we had tried IVF twice the previous year he could not believe that nobody had realised what was wrong but sure nobody thinks to investigate the male. Anyway things went from bad to worse and he died Christmas 2002. I met my current partner two years later and when the releationship progressed I broached the subject of trying for a baby and we decided to try. I presumed (you'd think I'd have known better) that there would not be any problem getting pregnant because I had been told I was fine and my partner has two children, but nothing happened and when I was referred to HARI again they did the day 3 bloods which showed up high FSH (menopause). So thats currently where I am wondering should I try donor or accept what life had dealt me</p>

Sandra  Posted: 26/11/2008 14:50

<p><span style="font-size: x-small;"> <p>Hi Lu,</p> <p>When we went back for our review appointment we met with a new consultant and when we asked what they would do differently the next cycle she recommended a change in medication which we were happy about. In the past they have retreived alot of eggs so next time I will be on menopur which as far as I know will decrease the amount of eggs but they should be better quality and I think it's a longer cycle. I also had some blood tests done to check the blood flow to the uterus but won't have the results for another couple of weeks. It's so hard when everything goes to plan but they just don't implant and nobody can tell you why.</p> <p>Does anybody know what vitamins are good to take before treatment. I 've heard a few people talking about MumOmega.</p> </span></p>

SD  Posted: 26/11/2008 18:56

<p>Hi Sandra</p> <p>Im taking folic acid and B12 vitamins as far as i know we all have to take them dont know anything about MumOmega.</p> <p>FL-You have been throught so much would you not go to another clinic even to get there opinion dont know really anything on donor.</p> <p>Hi Girls</p> <p>Did any of use ever hear of Jan de Vries he does be on the Afternoon Show once a month he specialises in herb's,he was talking about different kind of herb's girls can take before going for ivf i have an appointment to see him in his clinic monday.</p>

BM  Posted: 27/11/2008 10:42

<p>Hi all - I have been travelling for work over the last few weeks and now I can't keep up with this site!</p> <p>AM - congratulations, it's such fantastic news. You have been through a lot over the past 6+ weeks. You are a very brave woman. How lovely to have one of the babies home, hopefully the other one is doing well. For a long time you were my inspiration on this site as I believe you were the first BFP on this thread for a long time. Look after yourself, I hope you have plenty of support around you and are grabbing sleep at every opportunity.</p> <p>Lu - I'm so sorry things didn't work out, you mustn't blame yourself, nothing you could have done. It's an unbelievably tough thing and the 2ww (all 3 times I've done it) were the worst times I've known. You want to be positive but want to guard yourself against disappointment - it's a no win situation and takes a lot out of you. I agree with AM's advice, if you can take a month or two off to give yourself some space it would be ideal.</p> <p>FL - hope you are doing ok and feeling better as time passes.</p> <p>Kel - you are so positive and upbeat inspite of what's happened, I so hope you get word of a treatment date soon and that no matter what you are planning to celebrate your 40th in style!</p> <p>PC - good to hear that you are doing well, you are almost half way there!</p> <p>Ella - so hoping you get word on your donor soon. Great to hear that you are in good form. Lucky girl being taken away for the weekend - sounds lovely!</p> <p>Jo - good to hear from you, hope you are feeling well?</p> <p>SD/Anyonomous/TW - I like Jo, had a blast transfer after 2 unsuccessful FETs last year. You have a 5 day tortuous wait to see if the embryos will make it to blast stage and in theory the 2WW should be less stressful but that wasn't my experience! Sandra - sorry you were unsuccessful with blast, that's so hard.</p> <p>SD - I posted on the 14/11 about my experience with PCOS (I've never been diagnosed but it was determined when I went for a 2nd opinion that because of the number of eggs I had produced and because I had HOSS that I must have a tendancy to PCOS). The Sims clinic and maybe others, have a special protocol for PCOS. I went on this protocol in August and was watched like a hawk. I'm now 14 weeks pregnant with twins.</p> <p>I feel so fortunate, this time last year I was so low having had a cycle cancel on my 38th birthday - it's amazing to think how life can change and not a day passes when I don't pinch myself or feel lucky. Stay well ladies. xxx</p>

Kel  Posted: 27/11/2008 12:09

<p>Hi Girls,</p> <p>I agree Sandra.. It is most frustrating when all looks good but for some unknown reason, they don't implant! There has to be something going on with the uterus lining!? Normally, I think that you are right as well Ella.. if it's meant to happen, it will. But, it's very hard when you hear of the other girls being succussful after changing drugs and clinics. Ella, did you ever try blastocysts? Sorry, if I haven't read your posts properly. Jo- nice to hear from you. Imagine, 14 weeks! Fantastic. Glad you are doing well. Lu-very sorry, but you do sound so positive, well done! You know, my husband and I have had such a long wait and been so disappointed and we haven't even tried IVF yet. To answer your question Lou, I live in the North. You can only have IVF treatment on the National Health System (NHS) once until the age of 40. I have been on the list since Dec of last year. I was promised to be seen before my 40th but time has run out as my birthday is in Dec. and the Dec patients have all been called for. I haven't had a response to my letters but the government Member of the legislative assembly person has taken my case and sent letters too on my behalf. I'm now number 11 on the list. I doubt that they will make an exception and allow me to stay on the list. So, I am now a year behind. I would hve paid for treatment a year ago had I known this would happen. I know you girls in the south get no funding for treatment, which is awful, obviously especially for those of you that can't afford it. Do remember though, that we pay (in the north) every pay cheque a considerable amount towards the NHS. Betwn my husband and I over the years, we could have paid for this treatment 100 times over with what we've given to the NHS! The tragedy here is that they have put the age limit on treatment. I keep saying, they dont tell an 80 year old that they are too old for a hip replacement do they? I know, I need to get over it girls for the stress that I hve caused myself during the past cple of months can't be helping. My period came yesterday, bang on day 29. At least the clomid seems to have put my system back on track. I am awaiting one final reply from the fertility clinic, we will then get Christmas over us and then probably go to Origin, and finally have the treatment but pay double the amount for it. And then, as we all know, there are no guarantees.. obviously! If blastocyst has a better success rate, why don't they just do it that way for everyone? Ella, I'm back with saying to myself.. are all of these obstacles God's way of telling me it's Not meant to be!? Thanks for your comments. I knew not to get my hopes up. It's just so frustrating.. for some unknown reason, it's not happening. So, I nearly have myself convinced that even if we go to IVF, they won't implant, cause they aren't implanting when I have a perfectly good ovulation month. Doesn't that make sense? Sorry this isn't a great post girls, think my hormones have me up the left. x</p>

Ella  Posted: 27/11/2008 14:21

<p>Hi Girls,</p> <p>Firstly i'd like to suggest that maybe trying to go back over weeks of posts should be forgotten as everyone seems to be really busy and doesn't get time and then feels bad about it. Dont worry if ye havent read everything, we can fill in as we go along, unless ye have time and want to do this. I think everyone has the general jist of where people are at this stage anyway.</p> <p>BM - congrats 14 weeks, you're doing great and as usual you're a busy little bee. Your pregnancy seems to be a dream for you since the start. Good for you and hope it stays like that.</p> <p>Kel - Come on, this is not you at all. You need to go shopping!!!! Unlucky with the p coming but in reality did you really expect it not to either?? I think you are at the start of all this and it's prob harder for you to expect the knocks. However, hopefully in time you wont have to go through too many knocks, but i was on Clomid too, never worked either. I've tried everything now and nothing worked, hence the donor route for us. Dont know what i'll do if it fails. I get anxious thinking about that and when we have had so many failures, it's hard to expect miracles but as you can see from this site, they do happen, and we have to stay hopeful until we give up altogether!! Anyway, what i'm trying to say is, move on, to the next stage, dont linger on this or on Clomid. Try the IVF, it could be just what's needed, but rem this is a gamble, always a gamble, i hate saying this but from exp i know what to expect. I suppose alot of it is down to budget, morale, your body and emtions too. So see what you are able for and that will determine your route and your decision!! Hope this helps.</p> <p>Hi everyone else, any stories?? <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Pc  Posted: 27/11/2008 16:45

<p>Hi everyone,</p> <p>Ella how did you weekend away go? Did you have any pampering for yourself! I had some on my week and it was just fab, just what I needed! I know you're on countdown now waiting to hear news but the time is just flying and will do so over the next month so you won't feel it at all. Try not to worry about it not working, you can only try and pg it will. It gives you a great chance and thats the important thing...60% for fresh embryos....59% better than the chances I ever had with my own eggs anyway! So thats a good think, also remember though that for some people it may not work the first time and that doesn't mean its over or not going to...I've seen where its worked for some first time and some second or don't want to alarm or worry you but just to try to put it into perspective. Its a new start for you with new hope and all good!</p> <p>Hi Kel, sorry to hear you're finding it hard. I do hope you get some answers before your birthday BUT like BM says make sure you enjoy your birthday!!! Go to a nice hotel. go for a meal, drink pink champagne!! and just enjoy it...And have your plans made also for what happens if you don't get approved, thats all you can do. Take care.</p> <p>BM great to hear you're doing so well! 14 weeks so you're only 3 weeks behind isn't it just mad! I hope you're keeping well. When is your next scan?</p> <p>And Jo, hope all is going great for you also and that you're feeling well.</p> <p> sure you haven't even time to look at here never mind post..but such lovely news about your little babies and I hope the second little baba is home very soon. Sounds like you had a hard time for a while but tg all is well now and isn't it just great!!.xx</p> <p>Ruthie how are you these days? Haven't heard from you in a while. How is the Napro going? Hope you're in good form.</p> <p>And FL how are you feeling? Your story is very sad and I'm sure being back at the Hari did not bring back any good memories for you. You sound like a brave lady and I'm glad you've met your current partner and hopefully you will achieve your dream now as well. Don't give up. xx</p> <p>Sorry I know I'm not getting everyone but have to run out the door literally in two mins so hi to everyone else. I am doing ok, had 17 week scan this week and babies look well and happy...2 little miracles. Bye for now. xx</p>

sinead  Posted: 27/11/2008 23:32

<p>sd congrats on ur news. u will be fine. so people with pcos do get pregnant. keep me posted on how u r doing. hi to everyone else.</p>

Ella  Posted: 28/11/2008 10:03

<p>Hi, Pc.</p> <p>Thanks for the kind words, but unfortunately i'm feeling very low at the mo. Cant put my finger on it, must be hormones. However there is alot of bad news around us too at the moment, so that doesn't help either. Our weekend was nice, but i abstained from the drink, said i better seeing as its so near the time now and to give it every chance. Had no treatments, not a big fan of them. It's ok to say if it doesn't work, that to try again but really, financially, i dont think we can afford anymore treatments if this doesn't work for us, so really this will be our last attempt at trying to have a family. I was full of hope but as usual my hope fades as i get nearer the time. I just feel after so many failed attempts, what's going to be different for us this time!! However, i will try and keep positive. At this stage i just cant wait to have it over us!!</p> <p>Thanks for the advice though, i appreciate it.</p>

Pc  Posted: 28/11/2008 13:23

<p>Now Ella, you're usually the one who tells everyone to look at the positives,,and the difference is this time its a younger donor and look it made all the difference in the world to why couldn't it make the same for you! Also when I say about first or second try I don't necessarily mean a new cycle each time. you may very well have frozen embryos from your first cycle and I've seen where it works not on the first but then on the frozen please try not to feel down. There is every chance it will work first time, 60% chance. thats a really really good chance...with me my first cycle was cancelled as womb lining wouldn't respond, then I needed a hysteroscopy to see why, nothing was found and next cycle it responded great and thats when it just leave yourself open to go with what happens and IM will make sure that you're all ready when the time comes for the little embies to implant. Try (hard I know) not to think about it not working...its completely different than before and you have every chance. xx</p>

gi  Posted: 28/11/2008 16:33

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>I am new to site, delighted i found it (complete accident) i was just browsing thro ivf.&nbsp; PC Congrats hope all is going well.&nbsp; I am 29 have had 4 failed icsi in last 14mths - 3 fresh 1 frozen,&nbsp; last icsi was a blast which didnt make a transfer so now we are waiting on results of genetic testing as they think i may have poor quality eggs, at least then we'll know if we need egg donor or not. I really dont mind doing the cycles they are mentally and physically&nbsp;hard but&nbsp;it will be worth it if we get a bfp!!&nbsp; We discussed it in detail with our doctor and we are determined to continue until we achieve our dream.&nbsp; We are realistic and it might never work but as long as i am fit and healthy we'll plough along.&nbsp;</p> <p>Ella -&nbsp;chin up yes its difficult&nbsp;nobody said it was going to be easy believe me i know but we have to keep going&nbsp;and have some faith it can happen - look at the&nbsp;other&nbsp;girls on this site that&nbsp;have done it they&nbsp;too thought it would be impossible!!&nbsp;</p> <p>best of luck to everyone<img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" /></p>

Lu  Posted: 28/11/2008 17:04

<p>Hi Everyone</p> <p>SD, I was thinking of changing to Sims. I e-mailed them and they sent out an info pack for me to read. We're going to wait until 15th Jan for our review consultation and see what they suggest. I know there is currently a 10 week waiting list for Sims, its a pity we couldn't just go on it and then decide nearer the time without being charged. FL, your story is so sad, don't give up hope, plenty of women with high fsh can have very successful ivf treatment. Sandra, at least next time you'll have fewer but better quality eggs. SD, I did a lot of research on Jan de Vries and bought some of his products. Our problem is on the male side so I didn't continue with his stuff for long. I'm definitely going to do accupuncture along with treatment next time, I've heard very good reports on combining the two. Kel, keep the chin up and don't let things get you down, I know its easier said than done. Ella, same to you, don't let the neg thoughts bog you down. Try and have a good weekend!</p>

Ella  Posted: 01/12/2008 09:10

<p>HI Girls, Hope you all had good weekend, as i did. Didn't do anything exciting but it was nice all the same. Pc- thanks for your words of wisdom and making me cop on once again!! I think i need someone to tell me that now and again. I suppose you are right in all that you say but you know yourself what it's like and how hard it is to be positive after all the negs. I do trust them over there and hope that they will see us right. I try and think about a pos end result and that keeps me going at times. I just wish the time would come now and it would be over. I'm glad it's the first of Dec!!</p> <p>gi - welcome to this site, you will find it a tremendous help, as we all do and are great support to eachother here!!. You are so young, i'm 37 myself. You've been through a lot too from what you say. It's good you did the genetic testing, i didn't know they did that in a big way here!! You have a great mentality about the whole thing. I had poor quality eggs too they thought, hence why we're now going for donor. I'm looking forward to it and hope it brings us success. That's what it's all about at the end of the day. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, and i wish you all the success in the world. Keep with us anyway, it will be great to have new support!!</p> <p>Hope you ladies are good after the weekend and looking forward to any news from ye!!</p> <p>Ella.<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

SD  Posted: 01/12/2008 11:15

<p>Hi girls</p> <p>Hope everyone had a great weekend.</p> <p>Sinead-Im not pregnant (wish i was) think you ment that for BM.How are you doing anynews?</p> <p>Ella- Glad you had a nice weekend you seem to have picking yourself back up i know how you feel i to have bad days its because its getting closer to the date for us wish it was here to.</p> <p>BM-Congrats 14weeks pregnant thats brillant news sometimes i think we should of tranfered our 4 embryo's over to the sims clinic, was it you or AM that done that.But we decided to stay at hari unit for 1 more go and really hope it will work this time .</p> <p>gi-welcome to this site the girls are great here and were all looking for the same thing at the end of it.Do you mind me asking what clinic your with?</p> <p>Well i have my app with Jan de Vries this evening be interesting to hear what he has to say as all of use girls know will give anything a try.I'll lets you's know how i get on.</p>

Ella  Posted: 01/12/2008 11:19

<p>Pc - I hope you get to log on today as i need your help again!!</p> <p>I have just heard back by email from Spain. They said that my hubby's tests are normal except for the DNA fragmentation, which showed a result of 30.94%, 20% is normal. He will have to undergo a TESE proceedure now on the day of egg collection. This means we could miss Christmas at home with his family and he hates needles too. I just dread telling him all this. He has been so great and now to have to go through all this again, which we did not expect. I wonder is it all a money racket. I'm wondering did ye have to go through this and is it a big drama????? Please help, as i'm worried now again!!</p> <p>Will it ever end????!!!</p> <p>Thanks - Ella<img title="Embarassed" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-embarassed.gif" border="0" alt="Embarassed" /></p>

gi  Posted: 01/12/2008 14:50

<p>Hi girls</p> <p>I Have been going thro. most of your stories this am and ye seem like a really friendly bunch, ye have been thro. so much already there are so many happy and sad stories but ye all seem so strong.</p> <p>SD: I am with the hari unit but may change if going down donor route to sims, my sister (whos my best friend also) did some research without telling me and and spoke to a doctor at Sims who told her there is a possibility that she could be my donor - thats as long as we fit the criteria, would absolutley love it that could happen but even if it doesnt i am so grateful that she is even considering it - she has a beautiful baby boy of her own and wants us to have a baby of our own too. Hopefully we get the results of the genetics testing this wednesday - they could only be done in London - our health system has stopped doing these tests cause they are too expensive &euro;510 for both of us!!</p> <p>Has anybody else on this thread had a donor eggs from a family member?? I dont know much about it as only getting to that stage now.</p> <p>gi xx</p>

Pc  Posted: 01/12/2008 16:35

<p>Hi Ella, yes my dh had to go through this also...from what I remember his results were 29% dna fragmentation, I genuinely don't think this is them trying to get more money or anything like that...if you read up/google dna fragmentation you can see that it can be a cause of infertility which is very often not tested for. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic and whilst I don't think anyone likes the thought of this, in our case my hubby was fine after it, a little sore but not as bad as he thought or was worried about. So yes that would mean you would need to be there for egg collection so it would mean being there a bit longer than anticipated. They don't recommend this in all cases only in those cases where the dna frag is over the 20% mark...Maybe this was a factor in the past for the ivf not working. I know we were shocked to hear this at the start as we had always thought the issue was my eggs...and never considered there may also be another issue. The procedure is called Tese and from what I understand the belief is that by taking the sperm direcly from source it reduces the amount of fragmentation so more 'good' sperm.</p> <p>I hope this helps Ella. Sorry you've had a shock but maybe its good also to have found out that there is an issue for which there is a treatment/option available.</p> <p>Talk tomorrow. xx</p>

sinead  Posted: 01/12/2008 23:24

<p>hi girls, ella i hope everything will be fine, it sounds like you are in good hands. your hubby will be fine too, i have my fingers crossed for you.</p> <p>gi, this site is very good. i found it very helpful and reading everyone's story moved me.</p> <p>sd, i am sorry i read the letter wrong, how are you?</p> <p>has anyone been to galway clinic, if so let me know what you thought.</p> <p>take care everyone, sinead<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Ella  Posted: 02/12/2008 09:10

<p>Hi Girls,</p> <p>Again i want to thank you all for your kind wishes to me, it means alot to me, as time is getting closer.</p> <p>Pc - I'm so glad to hear all of this. My dh is worried too, but he jokes about it aswell, so that's good too. He is mainly concerned with all the time we have to spend there now waiting around when i suppose we could be here spending a nice Christmas with family, but sure we will have that again!! I'm glad to hear what the DNA Frag can cause and that it is so vital to have it right. My Q now of course is, i wonder if my eggs were ever wrong and should i consider using my own or leave it at Donor. I know with you they suggested Donor but with me they wanted to use my own and do the tests on them and hubby first and try it that way with IVF, but of course the thought of facing more drugs in my system too put me off. I just dont want to go back over it all again and do that when we have come so far. I suppose we could always do this down the road?? What do you think about this one?? I still dont know that my eggs aren't good or bad, so it's a hard one to call too. Maybe we should just do it this way and continue on? I hope "someone" helps us to make the right decisions in all of this anyway, and that it will work out for us. I'm sure you have no regrets about it all, and i hope that we wont either. Thank you for your advice, and support once more. I'm sure you're busy and i hate bothering you but as you are the only one on this site that has gone down this route also, you are the one i find comfort in confiding at the mo. Hope all is well with you and the twins are growing big and strong!! Did you treat yourself to any Christmas outfit yet??</p> <p>Sinead and SD - Thanks for your kind words also, they are all much appreciated.</p> <p>Wont be long to go now girls, so keep the fingers X and the prayers up!! <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

gi  Posted: 02/12/2008 11:48

<p>Hi everyone - thanks for the warm welcome.</p> <p>Sinead: Hows your treatment going?? Where are you in it at the mo?</p> <p>Ella: I just read your last message, dont know if this is any help for you but i am in the middle of waiting for the results of our genetic testing. After our last failed icsi in Sept - blastocyst but unfortunately we had none to transfer as all died on Day 3 - our doctor has now queried if my eggs are of poor quality. we were given a choice to go for 1 more cycle or get this genetic test which looks at our chromozones and genetic makeup. this will tell us if my eggs are of good quality or if my partners sperm is poor (though they dont thinks it his sperm even though we are doing icsi what they get is good quality - which unfortunately leaves me). We decided to get this test as we feel there is no point in going thro another attempt or expensive if the eggs are poor quality and our chance of pregnancy is slim. However they did say my eggs are fine and have another failed attempt we should go donor then as a change may be good. Like yourselves we want no regrets and will try everything. This test is just a simple blood test and sent to London it takes about 6 wks for results - hopefully we will know tomorrow.</p> <p>Best of luck, it wont be long now<img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" /></p> <p>g xx</p>

SD  Posted: 02/12/2008 12:00

<p>Hi Girls</p> <p>Ella-How are you doing today?PC is great she always answers your questions. i'd say your so glad she on this site.&nbsp; its mad to think that most people out there are just thinking about getting everything ready for xmas and us girls on this site are just thinking of getting ourselfs ready for ivf, god listen to me rambling on. anyway i hope ella ur doing good, try not to get stressed about it. all will go well as some of the girls already said you seem to be in good hands over there. I cant help you out about if you should stay with donor or use ur own again as i haven been in that situation but do try and keep postive.</p> <p>KEL-How are you? Any news?</p> <p>Well i went to see Jan de Vries yesterday and he gave me herb's to take and he also gave me tablets called Female Reproductive Factors to help my body get all the vitamins it needs did anybody ever hear of these. now my worry is am i doing the right thing taking these?</p>

Kel  Posted: 02/12/2008 13:00

<p>Hi Girls,</p> <p>Haven't posted in a week or two but I've been reading yours. You were right Ella, it's not like me to be so down and negative. I've received one letter saying that I won't be getting the treatment. There is still the question as to why was I put on the list in the first place but I'm not hopeful.</p> <p>As for you.. I think that you will always question if you should have had more testing on your own eggs, especially if it could now be down to your husband. It's crazy that these kind of tests are not done or available in Ireland/UK. I have a copy of my husbands results and I checked if there was anything about dna fragementation and there isn't. Maybe you need to question why they feel you should try with your own eggs first? What makes them think that they can be successful when you've had three failed attempts in the past. What will they do differently? I asked about blastocyst in one of my last posts and no one replied as to the pros and cons of it. Could this be an option? I don't mean to confuse you. Obviously, we all want you to make the best choice for you. As you said, PC was advised that the donor route was the best for her and obviously it was. PC will never have any regrets. Ella, you are a very strong woman. I can only imagine the pain and heartache that you have been through but, you have come back fighting each time. At least you will know what to expect with the drugs etc. I'm not saying that you should go through with trying your own eggs first. I'm saying that if I were you, I would want to explore further why it didn't work with your own eggs in the past. What kind of quality of eggs do you actually have. You are definitely in my thoughts. What is your husband saying about it all? Ultimately, it's a choice only the two of you can make together. x</p> <p>SD- thanks for asking about me. I'm just waiting for the final no, then we will see about a private clinic I have found out about here in the North. You pay more but there isn't much of a waiting list. Please realise girls that I would have done this a year ago if I had been told there was a possibility of me not having the treatment before my birthday. Anyways, I have heard of Jan de Vries. I heard him on a radio show. I believe he has quite a waiting list as well but is very successful with fertility problems. Can you buy these drugs at a chemist or does it have to be from him? Will you see him again?</p> <p>I'm trying so hard to keep my spirits up. I know what you mean SD about everyone else getting ready for Christmas when all we have on our minds is getting pregnant! I know that I should be celebrating my milestone birthday and I will certainly try. I definitley would prefer to be allowed to have the treatment though. Anyways, chin up and get on with it!</p> <p>PC/ BM and Jo- Hope you ladies are all doing well. Bumps showing and glowing!</p> <p>gi- you are very welcome to the ups and downs of this site. You have been though a lot already. Hopefully, the test will get to the bottom of things for you and you can make your decisions from there.</p> <p>Lu and fl- how are you doing girls? Thinking of you's. You too Sinead and Sandra. AM, sorry I asked about twins names. Totally, got excited when I read your post and forgot myself. Of Course you shouldn't have given the names. Didn't mean to intrude. Hope you are coping well and baby b is at home.</p> <p>Take care everyone.. and happy shopping x</p>

Lu  Posted: 02/12/2008 13:43

<p>Hi Sd</p> <p>I bought Jan de Vries products in a health food shop in Nutgrove - can't think of the name of the shop though. I bought Female Reproduction and a wheat germ oil I think it was that I dropped into water. As our problem is male factor, the cons at our clinic said not to bother taking them and for me just to take folic acid and Vitamin B6, so I stopped with them.</p> <p>I feel that they would be great products to help people conceive if there are no fertility issues, maybe a couple starting out on the road to having a family. Thats just my opinion as I think once a medical reason for infertilty has been diagnosed the only path is for medical intervention. Glad to hear everyone else on the site is doing ok-ish!!</p>

BM  Posted: 02/12/2008 14:09

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>Ella I really feel for you on this one and wish I had some answers for you. Is there anyone in the Barcelona clinic you could call and discuss with? Do you have your notes from the clinic you were with in the past? It would be useful to know why they reached the conclusion that egg quality was an issue. At the same point in time the fact that they have discovered this about your husband is very positive. They are obvioiusly very proactive in doing all of these tests. I remember saying to PC when she had these tests done that it's such a shame that they don't do this genetic testing in Ireland - it would save a lot of heartache/time and not to mention money if we had the full picture entering into IVF. No matter what you decide to do we'll all be keeping up the positive thoughts/prayers for you.</p> <p>PC - good to hear that you're in good form. I hope you are enjoying pregnancy, I've now gone for 7 days without vomitting and the world feels like a different place! Not that I'm complaining at all. I have a scan on Monday so we'll see how things are going. Jo - hope you are doing well too.</p> <p>SD/Sinead - thanks for your good wishes. SD - the Jan de Vries consultation and herbs etc. surely won't do any harm. My DH and I went to accupunture for a couple of years in the run up to IVF and both took herbs. It had a good effect on my periods (less heavy and regular for once in my life). My DH has anti-sperm antibodies so hard to know if it made a difference but it didn't do any harm.</p> <p>Lu/FL - hope you are both doing ok.</p> <p>Gi - welcome to the site, hope you find it helpful - it has been great to me over the past 18 months.</p> <p>Kel - still want to hear plans to celebrate your 40th, I'm 39 tomorrow (can't believe it!).</p>

Pc  Posted: 02/12/2008 15:27

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>BM, am so glad you weren't sick over the last sure it makes a huge difference. Would you believe I only really started being sick about 2 weeks ago, and now some days I feel queasy all day and some days I am sick but it doesn't last...I hope it doesn't stay too long as its not nice! But not nice in a good way:)</p> <p>Ella, oh I can well understand your questions and thoughts....such a hard one to advise you on. You're right in my case I didn't have a choice in my eggs but I can tell you now I almost felt like pleading at the time to try once more in Spain with them. I couldn't let go of that biological connection for a long time..and found it very hard and really went through a grieving process in order for me to be able to move on to donor.But for me IM were right, it didn't make any sense to put myself through that again as I had never responded to any previous treatments so to hear hubby also had an issue was like a double whammy. Like BM says ask can you speak to a doctor again maybe to help you make up your mind. I don't want to push you one way or another and maybe the test alone would make the difference this time with your eggs but maybe it wouldn't also..I hope you can talk to them and see what they think and recommend now based on these latest results. Will you let us know how you get on? I remember my head being wrecked also with it all (feels so long ago but only 4.5 months really!)We were never offered any additional tests in Ireland and I don't think anyone does the dna or fish...although maybe Simms do dna, I'm not sure. Its strange really isn't it...the standard male test is done but that seems to be it. But then I also think that some clinics feel by going to blast and using icsi it can help combat these kind of male factor issues as well....(only what I've read) but I do think more testing should be offered here. or at least thats my opinion if it has such a bearing which IM have always said to us it did. But I'm no expert and am sure each clinic have their own protocols etc for treatment..</p> <p>Anyway rambling now...but I do feel your confusion and just hope you can make the choice you feel best with. Please query it with them though and get all the info you need to help you make a decision. It is expensive and you need to feel happy you're making the right decision,</p> <p>Hi Kel, glad to see you in better form and hope you have something nice planned for your birthday:)</p> <p>Hi to SD and everyone else.. and hope AM's little twins are doing well. xx</p>

Pc  Posted: 02/12/2008 17:49

<p>ps Ella, meant to say you're not bothering me in the least. ask away. I mightn't be able to help or even advise you sometimes as these are big decisions but I have been there and if I can help at all then great. I know I needed plenty of help when I started off on the journey from the Irish clinics to the Spanish clinic. One thing to bear in mind is that with donor eggs our age is not so important as its the age of the donor thats important..what I mean is with our own eggs we are under time pressure as we all know and sometimes we put ourselves under even more pressure than we should...but with donor eggs the main pressure I suppose is that we just want it to happen as quickly as possible but a woman in her early, mid or even late forties has every bit as good a chance of de working. I didn't realise this at the very start and had always felt time was running away from me so just wanted to say this..x</p> <p>BM, happy birthday for tomorrow. xx</p>

sinead  Posted: 02/12/2008 23:04

<p>hi everyone, gi i am going to galway. its great. we are private. we have one chance. we can't afford it again. where are you going?</p> <p>pc/bm hope u both are doing well.</p> <p>kel keep fighting never give up, thinking of you.</p> <p>we are starting treatment again in feburary. i am looking forward to it. what will be will be. has anyone thought about adpotion. myself and my husdand have. we have been called for a meeting in janurary. it will be good to go and see what they have to say. can anyone give any advice.</p> <p>sd hope you are doing well.</p> <p>ella hope you are ok, thinking of you.</p>

Ella  Posted: 03/12/2008 09:49

<p>Girls, i have two pages of stuff i want to say to you all. i hope to get it all in. If not, i want to thank you all so much for your support!! Pc, Sorry to hear you're not feeling so well. Imagine it starting now, the main thing is your babies are well and hope it will improve soon. I have taken all you said on board, and as you will see at the end of this email, we have made decisions. I want to thank you for all your tremendous support, you are a rock to me!! BM, 'Happy Birthday', you are so kind, thank you. I have emailed the nurse in the previous Clinic we were with and she has gotten back to me and will get Doc to ring me. However we are glad we found out about this and it's very possible it was an issue all along. Hope you have big plans for today without the BOOZE of course!! Kel - I'm so lucky - my DH has been nothing but support to me. We have talked, made decisions, more to make. You are right about my past, and all the 'Why's'. You are a great aul trooper and please keep up your courage. The New Year is coming and a new start for you hopefully. For now i think you should forget about the 'No' Letters and concentrate on your partying, start afresh then after Christmas!! SD- Thank you also for your kind words of support. Its mad alright thinking about preg and not Christmas, but sure we're in a different boat to everyone else and Christmas means nothing to us without our kids!! So first things first and we'll have our Christmas' to enjoy in years to come!! The vitamins etc, i havent tried with him, but have tried other ones, never worked but they are good to get your body in good nick, so prob do you good, and you never know!! gi - Good luck today, hope you get the results you want. Thanks for the tip and it's good to know anyway. I hope things go well for you, you sound v brave too. The main thing is to have no regrets about it anyway, and that every option that can be explored, will be!! Sinead- Also thanks!!</p> <p>So Girls, DH and i talked last night and have decided to stick with our original plan and go with the Donor Eggs. We have been there, done that, and come too far to go back there again, with our own eggs. Besides we were never told we had fantastic eggs, ever, so chances are, they werent anyway. Also the worry would be too much again. Pc - i know now what you mean by 'Double Whammy'!! I rang Spain last night and was told to put our concerns in an email to the Doc which i have done, awaiting reply. I was very upset last night, and confused but talk and support is great!! We may have to consider Donor Sperm now too, as DH DNA Frag is so high and i have asked about this in my email to them too. Hopefully not and that the chances of TESE working are high for us. Pc- Do you know if the chances are increase by much? My DH says no matter what, the main thing is that we get a result, and he doesn't care how we get it.. His concerns for us now are to optimize our chances no matter what way we do it, and he wants them to tell us how we can do that. So, we are awaiting what they will say back to us now and pending that info, we will make a decision. I pray that it will be the right one for us!!!<img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" /></p>

Pc  Posted: 03/12/2008 17:30

<p>Hi Ella, am glad for you you've made a decision and that you have mailed all your questions to the clinic. Hopefully they can help clarify it for you. I'm sorry but am not sure what the improved % is with Tese and don't think I asked this myself which is mad now that I think of it! But ask this as well and hopefully they can tell you truthfully. Your DH sounds lovely and kind and it is hard for both of you but at least you're in it together and can support each other. Hope the clinic gets back to you soon. xx</p> <p>BM hope you had a lovely birthday today. xx</p> <p>Hi to everyone else, just running out the door from work so talk tomorrow.</p>

Kel  Posted: 04/12/2008 13:48

<p>Ella, great news that you have come to your decision. I think we all get a gut feeling on what is really the right thing to do. Sometimes, we just don't want to listen to it, so we give it every obsticle possible. You and your dh obviously have a very strong relationship. It's fantastic that you can support eachother through whatever comes. I think that its so important when it comes to any fertility question. Hopefully, the clinics and docs can give you all the information needed quickly. You are right about moving forward and not backward. I'm taking that advice too. I really am coming to terms with things here and I'm determined not to let it get us down anymore. My dh has been very worried about me. I think the stress ( not just this but other family matters) that I have been under lately has taken its toll on me. He has booked for us to go somewhere for a few days after my birthday. I know that friends and family are planning something but I'm not sure what. So, my plan is to go shopping and buy a fabulous dress for this birthday of mine. Seems to be the topic of conversation until I enter the room these days. I'm just looking forward to getting away to relax. Please God, the new year will bring lovely happy BFP's for all of us!</p> <p>PC- sorry to hear you haven't been well. At least, you know the babies are doing well. Your so good never to complain. I like how you said it was a nice sick. You really are such great support. It's great that Ella has you to ask all these questions that none of us can help her with. You are going to be a great Mum PC. You are so caring and giving and concerned.</p> <p>BM- hope you had a lovely birthday! Do anything nice? Thanks for your words of encouragement. I think I just needed time to feel sorry for myself. Have you been shopping for a x-mas outfit yourself? Glad to hear your sickness has stopped. Hopefully that part is over you now. Good luck for your scan on Monday. You too will be a great Mum! You always see the positive and have a great attitude to getting on with what has been dealt.</p> <p>gi- What an amazing gift that would be for your sister to match and be able to be your donor. Really lovely. I hope all the testing goes your way. You really have been through it all already. At least you know where to come to for support now. Best wishes.</p> <p>I'm just glad that we all found this site! I have learned soo much that I truly had no idea about. I now have the answers to questions that I didn't even know to ask! And, the support is absolutely tremendous. So thanks to everyone!</p> <p>I'm putting my tree and decorations up today. Determined to get into the spirit of things.</p> <p>Hi to everyone else. xx</p>

gi  Posted: 04/12/2008 15:52

<p>Hey all,</p> <p>Pc hope you are feeling better though you seem to take everything in your stride.</p> <p>Kel: have a great birthday, please god you'll get good news soon and start your own journey it must be tough waiting and not knowing. I rang the hari unit this pm - my partners results are back - all ok , still waiting on mine maybe next wk. Looking foward to knowing what route we are going to take de or not so we can get started again, it feels strange wanting to do ivf again but i feel in limbo land when we are not doing anything even though i was told i need at least 4 months to recover this time as we have had 4 cycles in 1 yr.</p> <p>Ella: great to hear you've made decision it must have been tough but you and your dh sound like a strong couple and now you are happy with what you've decided you can give it your all and have no regrets. Fingers and toes crossed, when are ye going??</p> <p>sinead: understand what your saying about expensive hopefully it'll work next time - when are you going again??</p> <p>Bm: did you have a nice birthday??</p> <p>Hi to everyone i've missed, still new to this i only remember people after i've sent the message. Right better go do some work.</p> <p>G xx</p>

Ella  Posted: 04/12/2008 15:55

<p>Hi ladies!! Well the Doc in Spain rang me this morning. She is almost impossible to understand, her English is not very good, so i had the loudspeaker on and my ear tight to the phone!! Anyway, her prognosis is, that we go ahead with the TESE procedure, and also go ahead with Donor eggs as my eggs were not good enough. So i was absolutely delighted with this, as it was confirmation to us of what to do. I suggested the Sperm donation to her also, so she was aware that we were willing to do anything and she ruled it out for us. She could not give us a % rate of which the TESE would work better, but from their outcomes she said that it is a much higher rate of success. So i'm thrilled and cant wait to go home this evening to my DH to tell him. I just text him that it was good news anyway. I was for acup yest evening. He also printed off some info for me on DNA Frag and he said that it is very hereditary (which going on DH family could be very very true). Anyway that is the outcome girls. My old Clinic didnt ring me yet, but i'm not worried about that now, as Spain seemed to be able to diagnose this info on the eggs from what was sent to them and i'm happy to trust them!! So Girls all i can say is, i'm very relaxed now about it all and look forward to the next few weeks!! Kel - Dead right girl, i hope you celebrate in style and have a fab time on your birthday, is it the 15th?? Havent you a great DH too!! Gi - how did you get on, good i really hope? BM - have you a scan on Monday? Good luck with that, let us know, aaaaaaaah so sweet that will be! Pc - thanks a mill. I know isn't there so many Q's to ask, it's all mad. I never want to go back over any of this again, so please God it will work out for us, i am hopeful though, i have to say!! Were you??</p> <p>Take Care Girls, talk soon!! Ella. xxxx</p>

BM  Posted: 09/12/2008 10:27

<p>Hi girls - hope you all had a nice weekend.</p> <p>Ella - thrilled that you now have a clear path and are happy that you are on the right track. So much of the stress around this is about making the decisions and agonising over doing the right thing. Not long to go now...</p> <p>Kel - so good to hear you back to your old positive self and looking forward instead of back. Hopefully you'll have a start date for treatment soon whether on NHS or not. You will be on your way in the meantime enjoy hitting the milestone birthday!</p> <p>PC - good to hear from you, hope the nausea eases off, so unfair that it is only now happening when you should be into the "blooming" phase. I found accupunture gave me up to 2/3 days relief - might be worth a go.</p> <p>Gi - you are a brave woman, hope you get a start date from the Hari soon. Thank you and everyone for your birthday wishes.</p> <p>I've actually had a bit of drama which put the birthday very much in the background. Last Tues night I experienced some bleeding out of the blue. I'd been working from home that day, hadn't even walked further than the end of the road to the shop and it seemed like a low key day. DH rushed me into hospital (thankfully we don't live too far away) and we ended up in the emergency unit. They did a scan and couldn't see anything untoward so it was a waiting game. My doctor was called and at his request I was admitted. Finally at 3.30 the next day a detailed scan by an expert showed that the babies were doing fine and that there was no damage to the placentas - let me tell you seeing them and their heartbeats was the BEST birthday present I could have had!! So the bleed is unexplained. The doc sent me home on bed rest - good news and bad news. Good news - less than 1% chance of miscarriage at this stage; bad news - if anything does happen it's too early for any intervention. I've been on tender hooks, went for scheduled scan yesterday and again all looks well, so hopefully it was a one off. I've gone back to "knicker watching" again. I have lost peace of mind and hope that as each day passes I'll regain confidence. I'm resting this week and signed off work until Monday.</p> <p>PC &amp; Jo - if you are reading this, I hope it doesn't worry you or make you in any way anxious. Jo, you've already been through all of this and I know all seems to be well now.</p> <p>Keep all of your fingers crossed for me girls. This journey is a challenge start to finish!</p>

FL  Posted: 09/12/2008 11:20

<p>Hi BM and Everyone</p> <p>BM So sorry you had that scare but thank God everything is ok and positive thoughts that everything will continue to go well.</p> <p>Ella good for you that you now have an idea of what your plan is.</p> <p>Kel Hopefully you'll get a start date soon and all will go well</p> <p>Hi to everyone else and hope things are good. Sorry I have not been posting lately - really feeling down about everything. I think its a combination of IVF not working, the hype of Christmas and its my husband's anniversary on the 21st December. Don't get me wrong I am happy with my current partner but the memories always seem to haunt me.</p> <p>Anyway we had our review appointment in the HARI unit last Wednesday, as I expected they wouldn't recommend trying IVF with them again. They think that donor egg would be a better route for us. They gave me the contact details for two clinics in Spain one in Madrid and one in Barcelona. I don't know who to contact, was thinking maybe try Sims first to see what they could offer. Would appreciate any advise.</p>

Ella  Posted: 09/12/2008 11:24

<p>Hi Girls, this site is gone a bit slow, so hope you're all in good form and will catch up soon!!!</p> <p>BM - I'm thinking of you and very surprised to hear you're mixed news!! You were doing so well in all of this. Is there any smoke without fire!! I'm sure you will be fine after all this has passed. The thing is you were very busy with work and flying alot and not taking it as easy as you should have been probably!! When you used to talk about where you were etc, i was always shocked at how you had so much energy and that you did not fear for yourself with what you had to do!! I think you've prob had a scare from this now and it will hopefully teach you a cheap lesson!! I really feel for you cause you are a great warrior, but rem this is a double pregnancy and you really need to take some time out and rest yourself. I think you've been lucky and you are one of the healthy ones, to have survived it. A lot of people might not have!! I have no doubt that things have eased up and you will be fine, but have to rest. I would see what happened to you, as a small warning. How many weeks are you now? So sit back, relax and everything will be eh ok!!!</p> <p>To the rest of you out there, hope all is going well for ye. I'm sure yer all busy on yer routes!! Let us know how ye are getting on at the mo, and yer current positions!!</p> <p>At the mo, i have stopped the contraceptive pill since Sunday. I'm delighted cause my bo*bs were so sore from it!!! My P should come in a few days now and then i start the patches to thicken up the lining of the endometrium. I have to go for a scan then probably next week sometime to check all this and let them know the results of that in Spain. We're nearly there now girls, so after the scan we will have transfer between 10 and 20 days. We are hoping to go over sometime after Christmas and be back shortly into the New Year. We'll prob be there 4-5 days in total. I can't believe how time passed so quickly and we are now at this stage. It's so exciting, but worrying too as you can all imagine!! Keep the fingers X for us girls, and thanks again for the support!!</p>

Sandra  Posted: 09/12/2008 14:12

<p>Hi all,</p> <p>Sorry I haven't been on in a while - v busy in work. Bm, I'm so glad you're doing okay and all seems to be well - just try and take it easy now and lots of pampering. Kel, great to hear all is going well for you I'll be thinking of you over the christmas holidays. Fl, so sorry you're feeling so low at the moment. I really don't know what to say other than try stay positive. Just try enjoy the christmas holidays.</p> <p>Well I got my blood test results back (blood flow to the uterus) and all was ok so all going well I should be going for my next cycle in Jan/Feb. I'm still waiting for my p to come - seems to be all over the place at the mo.</p> <p>Anyway hello to everyone else. Hope you are all well xx<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

BM  Posted: 09/12/2008 17:40

<p>FL/Sandra and Ella- thanks for your comments.</p> <p>FL - good to hear from you it sounds like this is a very difficult time of year for you. I'll have to defer to PC and Ella on the donor egg information. I also have a friend who went down this road successfully in the clinic in Barcelona. I hope you are able to get things underway in the new year.</p> <p>Sandra - really great that all is well and that you think about starting things in the new year it will fly in with all the fuss of Christmas etc.</p> <p>Ella - I appreciate your point of view and I guess I deserve your comments as I have been very open about my pregnancy and the fact that I have been travelling for work etc, I have always looked to this site for support and maybe I need to be more careful and keep somethings to myself. I need to make one thing completely clear - I only did so having consulted my doctor who sees no issue (and still sees no issue) with me flying to London or working (I work most days from home actually and have already reduced to a four day week). I, like everyone on this site, have been through a lot to get here and I've mentioned a number of times how fortunate I feel to be where I am. I would never knowingly put my pregnancy at risk or have been wreckless, given what I've been through to get here. My "episode" hasn't been put down to working too hard, travelling, not taking care of myself or putting my pregnancy first. These things are apparently relatively common especially in twin pregnancies. I'm sure you probably mean well and I may be misinterpreting your comments about teaching me a "cheap lesson" but you have upset me and I feel I have to set the record straight. I've always found this site a source of support instead maybe I should now keep my experience to myself.</p> <p>I hope things continue to go well for you, I only wish you the best.</p>

Kel  Posted: 09/12/2008 21:51

<p>Hi everyone..</p> <p>Oh BM.. so sorry that you had to go through all that. I don't think Ella meant any harm. In fact, I think that she will be very annoyed that she has annoyed you! Goodness, we all know that you would never jeopardise your pregnancy! You have been through loads of heartache in the past and we all know that it is a real miracle that you have come so for and that you have been blessed with two babies! I think that she meant that you seemed to be gliding through your early weeks not really mentioning any horrors like poor Jo with her early spotting and rash etc. The hardest part about going through this whole journey is that we all have to get on with everyday life. You have to work! We all have to work after all. I strongly believe that Ella was only saying to you.. take time for you and rest up. Please God, your bleed is just a one off episode. It's great that your doctor was on the ball and is keeping a close eye on you.</p> <p>Of course this site is here to help us to support each other. Please don't feel that you need to hold back, otherwise, what's the point? Some times we all need to be gently told what others think. We all go through ups and downs. I mean, I was feeling so hard done by and it was you who said.. what about my birthday plans!? You really did help me just to get past the down and start concentrating on the up side of things. Please be clear that I certainly did not judge your work, and travelling and I would go so far as to say that Ella too wasn't judging either but simply advising that maybe it is time for rest. I'm blabbing now. Ella, I just wanted to offer you some support on this one.</p> <p>Fl- I know exactly what you mean about the time of year. What happened to your husband is a real tragedy. Of course his anniversary will always be hard. I too have such heartache at this time of year. 2 years ago, on my birthday, my father had a ruptured annurism in the main artery of his stomach. He had emergency surgery that night but died on the 2nd of Jan/07. Then on Dec 2 last year, my uncle committed suicide. He was more like a brother to me. This time of year is meant to be happy with my birthday and Christmas but it is just so hard. All I can say is be kind to yourself. Really think about the Donor Route and hopefully PC and Ella will be able to advise you.</p> <p>I received a phone call from the hospital last week. They are moving me up the private list as a compromise. I am 10th on the private list. They take 5 per month on the private side of things so, I think that it will be Feb or March. Yes, we will have to pay but that's life. It would be so worth any amount. I wish they could tell me more about my eggs. You'd think that there would be a test that they could do before you go through with IVF to tell you if its a good idea or not. Is there such a test? Of course I'v had FSH and that was 5.4 but that doesn't say anything about the quality of the egg does it?</p> <p>Thanks for all your good wishes everyone. No matter what, I'd be lost without this site and I'm very grateful that I found it. You are all very strong! xx</p>

Ella  Posted: 10/12/2008 08:34

<p>BM- This message is for you and you only. I am so, so, so sorry to read this morning that i have upset you, please believe me that was never my intention at all. All i meant was that maybe you were just working too hard, and to be honest with you i felt sorry for you that your job contained so much travelling and my heart went out to you at these times when you had to travel. Please, please, please dont take my comment as an insult or anything else like that to you. It was genuinly meant in good faith. As for the "cheap lesson" bit. Looking back now i can see how you could read this and pick it up wrong. Again i meant by that, that you have been lucky and i'm delighted to hear that everything is ok. I know my choice of words werent good now, and i apologise for that. I wish you every good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and hope you feel better after this apology and accept it. So, so sorry, i cant say this enough. Please do not shy away from us, you have also given us great support here and always glad to read your stories, so please dont give up now??!! Take care.</p> <p>(An embarrassed) Ella <img title="Embarassed" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-embarassed.gif" border="0" alt="Embarassed" />xx</p>

Pc  Posted: 10/12/2008 09:09

<p>Hi BM, Firstly am so so glad all is ok with you and the babies.I think sometimes its easy to read something and it can sound a wee bit different than its meant (I always re-read my e-mails before I send cos sometimes honestly they can sound too much!) but anyway my point is we all know how much this means to you and also to all of us and please don't think any other way. I know another girl pregnant with twins who has had 3 bleeds so far, starting at about 8 weeks and one only a few weeks back and shes now 22 weeks and not a bother, babies are great and shes great, but for some reason she was susceptible to bleeding. I don't travel for work or at least not very often, but it takes me an hour both ways to commute and most days I leave at 7 and am not home till 7 and to be honest sometimes this feels too much, but what can I its hard for us all with work and everything but thats just the way it goes I suppose and we have to do our best.</p> <p>Thankfully I haven't had any bleeding (and pg won't) but honestly sometimes even if I go shopping my family tell me I shouldn't be doing it. and I really don't overdo it at all but I know my family mean well so just say nothing. I have been feeling some pressure over the last week so am not up to doing too much now anyway. i said it to the cons and he said if it continues or gets worse I need to get it checked so this week I've been a bit worried as I've had it most days and can feel sore just to stand up. But this morning its eased so say a prayer its not going to start getting worse or causing probs!</p> <p>I thought I was being well organised with work as my employers were working with me already on getting cover in place for when I go on mat leave, now its kind of falling apart as one of the people in my team is leaving a month or so before I am due to go and now theres lots of stress around if we can hire with hiring freezes etc and the team are all up in arms over 2 resources being out (me being one) and no proper plans in place. Honestly the timing is all so rubbish. Add to this the fact that my family (who on one hand tell me not to be overdoing it) are having stupid rows and have a lot of issues and are ringing me with all the tales and upsetting me terribly and whereas usually I just listen and try not to take sides ever this time I'm just so annoyed with them all that I'm ending up just feeling stressed and angry. This should be the happiest time and Christmas ever for me and my lovely husband and instead the goodness is being taken out of everything with all the flippen rows and phone calls and stupidity thats going on. Wouldn't you think that after all the initial happiness over our news that at this stage they would remember and not be causing upset.</p> <p>Anyway BM I have no idea where all that came out from and sorry for rambling on. My initial point was we have to work and do what we have to do and unfortunately the stress or work or whatever it is doesn't stop just because we are pregnant even if its twins! So I hope you don't stop telling us how you're getting on and would love to stay with you throughout both our pregnancies as honestly at times we do get more support here than anywhere else..even if I have lots of lovely friends etc its hard when no-one understands any of the journey to date and sometimes when you think of what it took to get here in the first place it can be overwhelming. Take care and pg all will be fine with you now and your scare is all over and in the past. xxx</p> <p>FL, am sorry you're feeling low at this time of year, It can be a sad time for many. My mum's anniversary is Dec 19th 2 days before your husbands and still many years after my mum died I still feel very sad around that time, and this year feels very poignant as it would have been lovely for her to have been here and been with us. I can only imagine the sadness you feel with your husband's anniversary and all that you shared with him. I'm sure you feel this each year and then it probably starts to get a bit better again. Just look after yourself and we're here if you need to talk. On the donor egg, the Hari also first recommended de to me also. Ella, think you went to a different clinic right?</p> <p>Anyway myself and Ella were/are with Institut Marques in Barcelona. In relation to Simms. I honestly found Simms very good for the one ivf cycle I did with them, the reason we didn't use them for DE was (1) there is a 3 month quarantine period for the sperm as it is flown to the ukraine and eu regulations means this is the case and (2) therefore the timeframe we were quoted was around 8 months from the start of the process and (3) we made an app with both Simms and Spain and when we went to Spain had the extra tests done that Ella also had on her DH which were not offered in Simms, In our case these highlighted big issues. so hence our decision was really made from there.</p> <p>It depends I suppose if you can wait the time for Simms or want to go quicker in which case you can get an initial app in Spain in 2 months and should be ready for transfer within about 2 months (all going well) from your first app. Spain though is expensive as I'm sure Ella would agree. Another option is Reprofit in the Czech Republic which is much cheaper and has very good results from what I've seen. The girl I spoke about above who is pregnant with twins went here and her treatment seemed really good. so its another option.</p> <p>For more info FL go to (anyone going down the donor route, under the 'trying to conceive') board and also there are threads on czech republic, Spain etc. Also have the same threads and lots of info around the whole donor area. But if I or I'm sure Ella can give any other info on Spain let us know!</p> <p>Ella, sounds like you're well on your way and I'm so glad for you! Keep us updated on how you get on.x</p> <p>Kel, hope things are ok for you and hope you're feeling a bit better. Will catch up with you next time as think I've posted too much today:) and hope it doesn't get lost on me. Hi to everyone else. xx</p>

Jo  Posted: 10/12/2008 10:35

<p>BM, I am sorry to hear of your bleeding, it is such an awful fright to get, it scares you so much as I know. Even now I still knicker watch. But as I was told at the time too, its unexplained and baby is doing fine, but you cant help but worry. Just take it easy and no heavy lifting. It is so scarey though and I know its so hard to stop thinking and worrying about it. Thankfully you and your babies are doing ok. Hope you are doing ok.</p> <p>PC, i think I remember you saying that you had some pains and that you were told that it was ligamets etc stretching. I am nearly 16 weeks and have had a few darts of pain, only a few, but sure you cant help but worry. I am still not showing too much at the moment, only a very small bump, but not noticable, just wondering if it was around this time you had your pains, although I know you are having twins so much more room needed! I have an appointment on Monday at the hospital for a scan and check up so will check with them then, but was just wondering. Hope you are keeping well.</p> <p>Wishing everybody luck with their individual journeys, I am keeping up with them all, its not easy, but hopefully worth it in the end for you all. Best wishes.</p>

Ella  Posted: 10/12/2008 12:41

<p>Kel- I just want to thank you for your message to me. Yes i was only trying to support BM but it obviously came across wrong to her. You are so kind to wish me so much support on this, as i was very hurt myself when i read the message this morning. However, i have now apologised and hopefully we will hear from her again. I think it's great news on how they have moved you up the ladder so to speak, congrats on that. Time will fly for you, and you're nearly better off that it is Feb/Mar cause it will be a quieter time to concentrate on things!! In relation to the egg quality. I'm not sure there is a test here or even in the UK for this, however we had the option of doing it in Barcelona alright, if this is any help. We didn't have it done cause we opted for other tests instead as we were aware at the time that my eggs were not of good quality anyway, and no point in testing to find out what we already knew. Have no regrets there. Your FSH was good, but then again so was mine, but egg quality not so good. I dont know where you could find out more about this, maybe try the Simms. They may put you on the right track in finding out where you could get this done.</p>

BM  Posted: 10/12/2008 14:38

<p>Ella,</p> <p>Thanks for your message, I really appreciate it. I'm sure I over reacted, it's been a really tough week and although I seem to be out of the woods, I have lost confidence and peace of mind. I even fear going too far from home at the moment and have left the house twice in a week both times to go to the doctor. I felt I had to respond as it had upset me so much yesterday. I have probably been over-sensitive to your remarks. I don't want to upset you or anyone. Probably best that we put this behind us now.</p> <p>Kel - thanks for your words of support and kindness it means a lot. I also appreciate you putting perspective on Ella's comments - you made a lot of sense. I'm sure the hormones have a lot to do with it! I'm thrilled you will have a date early in 2009, it will come up much sooner than you realise and having the date itself as something to work towards is a big step.</p> <p>Hope everyone else out there is keeping well.</p>

Pc  Posted: 10/12/2008 16:00

<p>Hi girls, BM, Kel and Ella and Jo, great to hear from you all!</p> <p>Jo, just a quick update to your question but yes it prob was around that time when I had some pains, kind of like twinges..or bad stitches, quite bad sometimes. Now I feel more of a pressure sensation but still get twinges every so often, My cons told me to expect ALL kinds o sensations and said some people are more susceptible than others so there you go. Am sure all is fine with you and very best of luck on Monday. let us know how you get on?x</p> <p>Kel was sad to see earlier of the sad times you've had over the last years and you seem a lovely and kind person. Am so glad you've been moved up the private list. good for you. Now whats the birthday plans, isn't it the 15th? think you were expecting a party? Anyway enjoy whatever!!</p> <p>Ella, glad you are happy moving along with your treatment and will be cheering you on.xx</p> <p>And BM hopefully the nervousness will go away in time. I also feel a bit like that in crowds and have been feeling it a bit on and off since I started getting the twinges some time back as they just frighten me when they happen.</p> <p>Better go. talk later. xx</p>

Ella  Posted: 10/12/2008 16:22

<p>BM - Good to see you back on site, stay with us please, we need you!! I agree about putting it behind us, it's as good as forgotten now!! You had a hard week and emotions run high, i'm a bit like that at the mo myself with no pregnancy, yet!! Thinking of you, and take care. xx. Jo - I'm sure you are trotting along nicely. PC is the woman for the Q's, will answer them all. It's prob stretch pains, and nothing to worry about PG. Aren't you lucky you're so tidy and 4 months gone!! Best of luck to you!! Pc - You have a long day too at work, not easy for you either. I think i can also relate to your family issues. You dont need this at the mo, and i think if i was you i would let that be known in a kind way if possible. They should understand for you now after all you've been through to get to this stage, but the thing is people are always only concerned with their own problems. At least you can let off steam to your hubby like i do all the time. They understand us. It's funny cause i was just thinking about family last night, before i went to sleep. I have a friend and her and her 4 sisters are very close and i envy that. But sure we cant have it every way and i'd say if were honest most families are prob like ours!! For you and FL it's a hard time with the grievences also, those pains i would imagine would never go away. Support is what you have to call on at this time.Yes i attended a Clinic in the South and not the Hari or the Simms. Also Pc dont worry about work and what's going to happen when you're gone, that's their responsibility, they have to sort it out, not your worry!! Interesting about the Czech Republic, worth a go if anyone is thinking about this route. Yes not long to go now for us, looking forward to it, hope it all goes to plan, fingers X.</p> <p>Take care everyone till next time!! Ella. xxxxxxx</p>

SD  Posted: 10/12/2008 23:57

<p>BM-So sorry to hear what you have been through you must of been so scared but im so glad to hear that you and the babies are ok also happy belated birthday.</p> <p>PC-i think everybody can relate to you about family they can be the best thing in the world and also the worst in the world but we still love them and dont worry about ur job thats there worry.</p> <p>FL- Sorry to hear that ur not felling good at the moment it cant be easy for you with your husband ann coming up take care of urself</p> <p>KEL-Im delighted to hear that you have been moved up the private list.Its the big birthday for you on the 15 dec you really have to celebrate this one.I be 28 tomorrow i have mixed fellings about my birthday i really though i would of having a baby by know i know im still young as i have been told by doc nurse everybody really but it still hurts when the ivf fails no matter what age anyone is it really makes me mad when they say i have plenty of time.I had 3 ectopic pregnancy 1 failed fresh cycle and 1 failed frozen cycle when will it all end listen to me going on, talk about feeling sorry for myself.Awell tomorrow is another day and hopefully it will be a good one.</p> <p>ELLA-you seem to be getting very excited about the treatment which is great not long know fingers X for you.</p> <p>Hi to everyone else hope everyone is doing great.</p>

Ella  Posted: 16/12/2008 09:45

<p>Hi Ladies,</p> <p>Just a quick message to say i have my 7 day scan tommorrow. It is to check the thickness of the blood and the ovaries for any activity. I then ring Barcelona with the results of this which hopefully will be 5mm or over as this is what they want for success. Transfer should be between 10 and 20 days pending the result of this, and our Donor. So fingers X girls for us, i will let you know how i get on when i email on Thursday.</p> <p>So how is everyone getting on?</p>

Jo  Posted: 16/12/2008 11:40

<p>Ella, best of luck to you, will be thinking of you. Getting so close for you now.</p> <p>I had my scan yesterday, all is fine, baby doing great 10cm big. Moving around like mad! Great to see, still cant quite believe it, we are so lucky I know. Those pains I had were just stretching pains. But I am so delighted. Best of luck to all out there.</p>

gi  Posted: 16/12/2008 12:50

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>My messages dont seem to get posted this wk so hopefully this one will go thro.</p> <p>Ella: You must be so excited best of luck, will be thinking of you xxx</p> <p>Sd: Hope your feeling better, you've been thro. so much lately when do ye plan to try again??</p> <p>BM &amp; Jo: Hope the pregnancys are going well, Bm you must have had quite a scare but please god all is well.</p> <p>As for me - we got our gentic test results back this wk - we are both ok, my egg quality is fine so we dont need to go donor just yet. I have a review in Feb so we plan to go in March again, looking foward to it however i was told i have to take a month off work sick leave the day i start the injections as working and travelling to hospital ( 2hrs each way!) may be contributing to the quality and quantity of eggs been retrieved. I feel relieved in a way as i always over stimualte and feel quite ill and i usually loose a lot of weight at least this way i can relax and not have to worry about work.</p> <p>Hi to every one else</p> <p>g xx</p>

Pc  Posted: 16/12/2008 17:33

<p>Hi everyone.</p> <p>Oh Ella I'm so excited for you and the very very best of luck with your scan tomorrow!!! Where are you having it done? Let us know how it goes!</p> <p>Kel, hope you had fab birthday!! Was thinking of you yesterday, isn't that mad and we've never met...but couldn't get to post! I hope you were able to enjoy it and got spoilt!</p> <p>SD, I hope you managed to have a nice birthday also! I'm sorry you've had such a rough journey and that 2009 will be your year along with all the other lovely ladies here who will be going through ivf whatever kind.</p> <p>Jo fantastic news on the scan. good for you! Am so pleased. I remember how upset you were after the last ivf with Hari and look how its turned around for you and for me and BM...and AM of course! Its just great! Take care.</p> <p>And BM I hope you're doing well now, Are you still off work and how are you feeling? I hope very well.x</p> <p>Gi, sounds like you have a good plan in place for March and its good you will be off work as 2 hours is an awful lot with injections etc. So relax for now and enjoy Christmas. it will fly until March.</p> <p>Hi to everyone else. Hope all are well. xx</p>

Ella  Posted: 18/12/2008 08:59

<p>Hi Girls,</p> <p>Gi - That's great news about the genetic testing, well done and it's great you dont have to opt for donor just yet. This gives you a chance with your own eggs anyway first. The travelling is terrible alright. I'm only 10mins from work now but used to be nearly and hour and it makes a huge difference. I wish you the very best in Feb/Mar and hopefully it will all work out for you. BM - How are you these days, hope things going well. AM - the same for you, i know you prob aren't getting a min to yourself, hope all is well with the two!! Pc - Hope you are well, time is moving on for you now too, is it April you are due? Hope all is settled down and that you are looking forward to Christmas. Jo- Great to see baby is doing well, things seem to have settled for you now too, which is marvellous. SD - You are so young, compared to us all here, time is def on your side. I know when you want something you tend to get anxious anyway and you have been through the mill too. Hope your b'day went well!! Kel- The same for you, come on and tell us all how the celebrations went, dying to hear all. Hope there was loads of champers and pampering!! Thanks for all your good wishes once again girls - much appreciated!!</p> <p>Well i was for my scan yesterday. All went very well. It was Day 7 of my cycle and they had to check for the thickness of the lining and that the ovaries were quiet. The lining was expected to be 5mm or over and mine was 6.5!! The ovaries were quiet as should be, so all was very well. They will fax the results of this to Barcelona now, and i also rang them myself with the results, must email them now too. So i suppose our next port of call will be waiting for the call and then we're off, so i'm presuming that will happen anywhere in the next 10-20 days!! So that's it girls, all well so far, thank God!!</p> <p>Hi to anyone i missed out there, and take care, talk soon!! <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

gi  Posted: 18/12/2008 10:19

<p>Morning,</p> <p>Ella: Great news that all going according to plan so maybe transfer in early jan? So hopefully you will get christmas at home then not that it matters cause you'll be too excited and just want "D" day to come. Do you get much notice for when you have to travel?</p> <p>FL: Have you decided what route to take yet? or are you still thinking about it.</p> <p>Kel: Looks like you and I could be doing the cycle around the same time its expensive but worth it. It may be our last attempt for a while as the savings are dwindling and we plan to get married in xmas 2010. We have put it off for so long as we are ttc for last 6 yrs and have been using our wedding fund for the ivf - 4 attempts so far. We are together 11 years (my first and only boyfriend!) and would absolutley love to walk down the aisle with my family complete. Cannot wait for the xmas hols. only 5 days left then 2 wks of relaxation<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p> <p>Better go do some paper work</p> <p>Hi to everyone else.</p> <p>G xx</p>

FL  Posted: 18/12/2008 11:55

<p>Hi to everyone and hope you are all keeping well.</p> <p>Ella fingers crossed its good news with the transfer</p> <p>Gi I have written to HARI to get copy of my file and I have sent in the application forms to SIMS to get appointment.</p> <p>Hopefully we will have a better idea in the new year.</p> <p>Hope everyone has a good Christmas and its loads of good news in the New Year. My baby sister (She's 26) is due her first baby tomorrow and my partners only sister announced last week that she is 12 weeks pregnant, she only got married last May - just feel life is so unfair</p>

Jo  Posted: 18/12/2008 14:20

<p>Fl, keep your head up, I know its easier said than done, especially when all around you seem to be getting pregnant. Its not easy, even when a friend of mine announced she was pregnant on her first month of trying I was gob smacked. I've been trying for years and then she does it on the first attempt, where as I was delighted for her that she didnt have to go through everything we had to go through, as you said life is unfair. But hopefully the Sims will be able to help you and give you more options, I have to say I found them much better that the Hari and much more helpfull, so you never know! Try to enjoy your time off over Christmas, even go away for a few days if you can manage it, it might help you, and give you a break.</p> <p>Best of luck to you too Ella.</p>

BM  Posted: 18/12/2008 14:41

<p>Hi all,</p> <p>Ella - I am so excited for you - what a fantasic result from your scan. It looks like you'll be home for Christmas but may be over in Barcelona for the new year. I met my DH in Barcelona (many, many years ago in my youth!) and it's always been a very special and lucky place for me. I hope that I can pass that luck on to you. If anyone deserves it it's you. We'll all be thinking of you.</p> <p>PC - glad to hear all is well. I know what a stress families can be and Christmas seems to bring out the worst in everyone. I hope you are able to put your feet up and be waited on over Christmas.</p> <p>Jo - also great to hear all is well with you and baby. Hard to believe we'll be having our 20 week scan after Christmas! All seems to be well with me and I'm getting my confidence back. I've been working this week but from home which has been fine.</p> <p>Gi - you have been through an awful lot, it's great that the genetic testing came back with good news. You are so young and at least you have time on your side - it doesn't make the disappointment easier to bear but it does make a difference. Hopefully the new year will bring you good news as well as the excitment of a wedding!</p> <p>FL - hope you get an appointment at Sims soon, we found them so professional and caring and willing to offer new insight. It's so hard when you hear of other people's pregnancies and it's got to be so tough with your younger sister being due, the time of year being tough anyway. My heart goes out to you.</p> <p>Kel - you must tell us how the birthday went. Hope you were treated like a queen.</p> <p>SD and everyone thank you so much for your good wishes - the support from this site means a lot.</p> <p>If I don't check in for a while then have a great Christmas ladies and let's hope a new year brings good news for all of us. XXX</p>

gi  Posted: 18/12/2008 14:43

<p>Hi again,</p> <p>Fl: I know where you are coming from everybody appears to be pregnant and are always asking me when i'll be having a baby some even say how lucky i am to be able to do what i want and when i want, little do they know. My sister was 22 when she had her little boy and she told me she was pregnant on the day i was told i needed ivf and she had the baby on the day i started ivf! Life does seem so unfair sometimes but i believe this is happening for a reason, we will appreciate it more when it does happen and make it even more special. For us as a couple it has brought us even closer and all the trival things we used to argue about dont matter anymore, we knew this was going to be a long battle and we are not going to give up. Please god we will all get there and get on with our lives, it does feel like we are in limbo land at the moment always waiting for the next cycle to start.</p> <p>gxx</p>

Kel  Posted: 18/12/2008 19:02

<p>Hi Girls,</p> <p>I'm only back from the completion of my birthday celebrations! I was indeed treated like a queen by my DH! It started last Saturday when my girlfriends took me out Sat night and fed me lots of drink. We danced and sang and had a ball. I suffered Sunday then on Monday, my family were all out for a lovely dinner and more drinks, then on Tues, DH and myself went away to a gorgeous country retreat at a beautiful Inn here in the North. Was absolutely lovely! I need to stop eating cause I think I've had more yummy meals in this past week than I'v had in a year! I was spoiled and pampered all week long! Not to mention lots of fantastic pressies and 2 cakes and 3 bouquets! Everyone did their best to take the sting out of the 40 thing. I'm past all the anxiety of the waiting lists etc and I'm just looking forward now to the new year and all that it will bring for us either way.</p> <p>I haven't really had time yet to go through all that's happening with everyone. I just wanted to post as it has been a cple of weeks for me now. Ella, I think that you are the only one that any action is happening with over the holidays so heaven's knows you will be very much in our thoughts. As for the rest of you, I will try to catch up and post before the holidays. Thanks for all your lovely birthday wishes and interest. Mad to think that we have all these friends with no faces ( you all know what I mean!) Ha!</p> <p>One week left! December has just flown! It'l be no time before we all go through our next challenges! I think that we should all just try to enjoy each day of these days! Very philosophical but I'm an old woman now! Fl- you have had such a disappointment and I know it's so hard to hear of everyone else's good news. Sometime's life just sucks but usually something else happens to help us see that it's not so bad. Hopefully the New Year and the new clinic will bring you some good news. My DH always says.. if you haven't had the bad, you won't appreciate the good! I don't mean to say that we all have to go through the crap times.. I just mean that it will be even more amazing if it does happen now that you've been so disappointed. I may not be saying it right, but I do wish you well and some kind of contentment over this holiday season.</p> <p>I will try to catch up on everyone else.. until then, xx</p>

Ella  Posted: 19/12/2008 10:44

<p>Gi - It's so much a waiting game and an unfair game at times too. All i can say is try and keep positive and you have your wedding to look forward to also. You have been through alot in the last year with 4 treatments, that's alot in 1 year. You must be very fit and healthy. The most i went through in 1 year was 2 and it knocked socks off me, but i suppose everyone is different too. Best of luck to you. Also we are guessing we will travel on the 28th/29th/30th and stay for 5 days and return. So yes, transfer in early New Year, please God!! We have given them dates between the 27th and the 6th that we can travel so they are timing it around that which is great, no pressure then and they are most helpful to us. BM - Aaaaah thank you so much, for all the luck you are giving me. Thats a lovely story about your hubby and where ye met!! Nice place to meet. You have a great Christmas too, i'm sure you'll enjoy it no end!! Jo- Thanks for your good wishes. FL- I know that feeling of unfair only too well, as we all do on this site!! My sister in law announced their first pregnancy on Christmas Day and we were all there, i bawled my eyes out and we were only at the early stages at that time. It was heartbreaking stuff, but little did we know we'd have come so far to this, never thought it in a million years, always thought IVF would work for us!! There are no guarantees in life, that's for sure!! It happens all around us but unfortunately we are vulnerable to this situation and get hurt easily when it comes to announcing pregnancies. Unfortunately we have to pick ourselves up and carry on. Your day will come, all i would advise is, if you can, keep going and explore every option available to you, until you are contented to call a halt to it. Then at least you can say you tried and tried hard!! Kel - Any word on you, how're you getting on these days?? Pc, what you up to, hope the pressure has eased off for you and that family are supporting you too.</p> <p>Everyone, have a lovely weekend and i hope to tune in on Monday for the last time before Christmas!!</p> <p>Ella.<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Pc  Posted: 19/12/2008 15:15

<p>Hi everyone,</p> <p>Ella just wanted to say thats fantastic lining..thats where I fell down on the first cycle so brilliant now that you're well on track,</p> <p>Haven't been posting much this week as not feeling great...have a really bad bladder infection and painful even to stand today. Am worried as went to hosp yesterday and was put on anti-biotics and told it should start to settle but today it seems worse and I've been really sick and nauseous also. Not sure what to do. They checked me 'in case' anythiing premature was starting which kind of freaked me out as i'm only 20 weeks so say a little prayer it will settle down..</p> <p>BM, am glad all seems to have settled for you, Take care and have a nice Christmas.</p> <p>And Kel sounds like you had a lovely birthday, I'm so glad. you deserved it!</p> <p>Sorry for the short post and will talk soon. xx</p>

BM  Posted: 20/12/2008 09:40

<p>PC&nbsp; - how awful for you, bladder infections are bad at the worst of times.&nbsp; Hopefully after 48 hours on the antibiotics you'll begin to feel better. Will be thinking of you, do make sure you keep the hospital posted.&nbsp; I'm seeing my obstetrican friend this weekend, I'll ask her for her opinion if you like?&nbsp; My sister-in-law had a bad bladder infection when she was pregnant last year and really suffered, but after she got a perscription from the doctor she recovered within a few days and the pregnancy was plain sailing from there. Try and get as much rest as you can.&nbsp; None of this is straightforward is it?</p> <p>Kel - birthday celebrations sound fab.</p> <p>Ella - great that you have approximate dates, so close now!</p> <p>Hello to everyone else.&nbsp; Sorry this is short just saw PC's posting and wanted to respond.</p>

Ella  Posted: 22/12/2008 10:28

<p>Pc - You poor thing, and you had been sailing through with hardly any sickness at all.&nbsp; Something always gives doesn't it.&nbsp; Well hopefully the antibiotics will help you get better quickly and you wont have a bother after that then.&nbsp; Will say a little prayer for you that it all goes well.&nbsp; I have no experience of a bladder infection, only kidney infections, i presume they are much alike and both awful.&nbsp; It can't be easy being pregnant with twins aswell.&nbsp; I think they are common in pregnancies though.&nbsp; I hope it doesnt interfere with Christmas for you anyway and i'm sure the antibiotic will clear the sting in the it.</p> <p>Kel- the birthday bash sounds like something we all need at the mo, what a fab time you had.&nbsp; You seem to have a fab DH and he is very good to you, cherish that as it's hard to find!!&nbsp; Werent your family great too to go to so much effort for the celebrations and to make you forget the past.&nbsp; New beginnings now for you, i have no doubt it will all go well for you.</p> <p>I just got a call for DH to go over tommorrow for the TESA op, but of course he cant with work.&nbsp; We had given them the dates that we can go and i dont know how many times i explained this to them, and then when he checked, he had the dates in front of him.&nbsp; This maddens me, cause it causes me stress and that is something i dont need now - how many times do they have to be told! Anyway he said it was ok and that he would say it to the Doc's.&nbsp; So again, nothing runs smooth, but maybe thats a good thing too, hopefully anyway.&nbsp; I'm guessing they will call us as soon as the 27th comes though and not much notice either!!&nbsp; Oh the drama!!!</p> <p>Anyway, girls, i would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fab, relaxing, Christmas and look forward to catching up in the New Year again, as i prob&nbsp;wont get to log on again till&nbsp;2009. &nbsp;I also want to thank everyone for their good wishes on this site&nbsp;up to now, and i'll be thinking of you all over the Christmas as i head for transfer in Barcelona!!!&nbsp; Fingers X for me!! <img title="Wink" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif" border="0" alt="Wink" /></p> <p>Ella.</p>

Sandra  Posted: 22/12/2008 11:09

<p>Hi all,</p> <p>Just wanted to wish you all a very happy christmas and happy new year. Hope 2009 brings us all the luck we need xx<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Jo  Posted: 22/12/2008 12:06

<p>PC, sorry to hear your not well, hopefully the anitbiotices will start working and clear it up soon for you, its so awful to get anything wrong with you as its sends your mind into over drive. Hope you get better soon, take it easy.</p>

Pc  Posted: 22/12/2008 16:25

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>Ella, BM and Jo, thanks so much for the kind replies. Really helped as&nbsp;was feeling a bit low&nbsp;and just really appreciate your support and kindness..bladder infection is much better and thanks for all the reassurance. Had a fall though at the weekend which gave me an awful fright. twisted my ankle and was on the ground before I knew it..typical I suppose for all to happen in the one week. Prob not feeling well wasn't helping me to concentrate on what I was doing...anyway all is fine with babies as got a scan and all is ok thank god. BM thanks for offering to check for me...hopefully all will be ok now. I am feeling a lot of pressure generally. are you do you mind me asking? Cons said it may just be like this.</p> <p>But look we're nearly at the holiday season thank God!! Can't wait to be off for a while and Ella the very very best of luck to you in Barcelona, will be thinking of you and praying all will go well for you and you will be joining me very soon:)</p> <p>Hope to talk to everyone soon and if not before xmas then happy xmas to you all and hope everyone's dreams come true in 2009. And thanks again for all the support and kindness over the last year and over the last few means a lot. xxx</p>

gi  Posted: 23/12/2008 10:58

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>Only 2 more hrs left then xmas hols! Can't wait, just wanted to wish every one a Happy Christmas and a great 2009. I have no computer at home so wont be able to check in until the new year.</p> <p>Bm and Jo: How are your precious bundles doing?</p> <p>Pc: glad to hear your feeling better, you were in the wars lately! Hows the ankle? At least the babies are ok.</p> <p>Ella: Nearly there!! Fingers crossed, will be thinking of you over next few wks, please god your dreams will come true and 2009 will be you and your husbands year.</p> <p>Everybody else - hi - 2009 is another new year for all of us, keep believing that it will work out for us and who know miracles do happen - we still use an ovualtion kit everymonth - who knows? if you dont try it wont work!</p> <p>gi xx<img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" /></p>

BM  Posted: 23/12/2008 12:34

<p>PC - I too have those feelings of pressure and it's quite disconcerting.&nbsp; Apparently it's normal with twins, my obsterican friend says it's common with twins and that at this stage we are feeling like most singleton pregnancies feel in the last trimester - heavy and slow!&nbsp; I also have a slight tightening in my legs after I've been on my feet for a while or have been walking around, as though the blood isn't getting to my feet fast enough - again it's common and felt usually in the later stages.&nbsp; So it's feet up for us this Christmas.</p> <p>Ella - will be thinking of you over the next week or so - best of luck!</p> <p>Everyone else Happy Christmas and let's hope 2009 brings good news! xxx</p>

Kel  Posted: 30/12/2008 18:29

<p>Hi Everyone, this is the first that I have been able to check what's happening with everyone.&nbsp; Please God, Ella you have received your call by now and are on your way to Spain.&nbsp; All the very best of luck that all goes well for you and your DH.&nbsp;</p> <p>PC, BM and Jo, I hope your family's took care of Christmas for you and you all got your fair share of putting your feet up!&nbsp; You girls really need to rest as much as possible.&nbsp; I'm sure that all you could think about is how next Christmas will be for you all with your little bundles.&nbsp; Best wishes to you all.</p> <p>As for Sandra, gi, fl, please God, all will work out for us all in 2009.&nbsp; Really looking forward to the next step.&nbsp; Should be Feb or March by the time things start happening for me.&nbsp; I'm trying to enjoy this time and trying to be stress free as we enter the new year.&nbsp; My husband and I have talked about taking a week in the sun somewhere just to relax before I have the treatment.</p> <p>Happy New Year to all you girls, and thanks so much for your support over the past load of months.&nbsp; Hopefully, we can all continue to help each other during our next battles!&nbsp; Best Wishes. xx</p>

Ella  Posted: 05/01/2009 09:27

<p>Hi Girls,</p> <p>Welcome back to everyone and a very Happy New year to you all. I sincerely hope that you all had a lovely, relaxing Christmas and for the ones not yet pregnant and note i say "yet" that this will be yer year!!</p> <p>Well we're back anyway after our stint in Spain with 2 embryos on board!! We got a call on the 29.12.08 to fly on the 30th and my DH had to do his TESA on the 31st. When they went to do this on him, it didn't really go to plan and they ended up doing a biopsy on him to get the results they wanted. This made him quite sore for a few days, hence he wont forget New Years for a while!! He healed up well though and is ok again now. After that we had transfer on the 2nd of January. Everything went very well. We got 11 eggs from our Donor, 9 of which fertilised, 4 of them were no good, so we ended up with 5, freezing 3 and transferring 2. So everything looked positive anyway, so fingers X now that it will work out. I rested all day Friday and we flew home on Saturday. We stayed in a hotel which was very near the Clinic and a 5* Hotel. The service was first class and the hotel itself was fab, so very glad we picked that one, for the comfort. It was a long Christmas away from home and we spent the first few days at my DH's for it. I'm due to test on the 16th of Jan. At the mo, i feel ok, bit twingy here and there though, and sometimes i get negative vibes from that, but i suppose that's normal??? Just wish i knew what was going on inside me!!! Anyway that's it for me now girls. Thanks for all your good wishes sent before i left, all much appreciated.</p> <p>Pc, BM and Jo, hope you're all doing well, and are in good health!! Kel, hopefully all will go well for you this year, you deserve it. You wont feel Feb/Mar coming and you should def have that break to relax you, isn't it an excuse to get away!!</p> <p>Hope everyone else doing well and looking forward to new beginnings again!!</p> <p>Ella. <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

gi  Posted: 05/01/2009 11:40

<p>Hi girs,</p> <p>Happy New Year to everyone, hope u all had a nice and peaceful christmas.</p> <p>Ella: have been thinking of you over last few wks and delighted everything went well, its great news that you also have some frosties. The 2ww is awful and you are aware of every twinge and cramp, fingers crossed its all just implantation twinges. My mind used to go into overdrive during 2ww but i suppose thats normal after all we have been thro. and also the fact that pregnancy and period symptoms are quite similar. Are you working or just taking it easy at home?? Its such an exciting and scary time but all me fingers and toes are crossed for ye that all goes well and you get a BFP!!!! I will be logging in everyday to see if theres news.</p> <p>How is everybody else doing - anybody starting ivf this month? I think a couple of us maybe starting Feb/March - hopefully time will fly by.</p> <p>Hope all ye pregnant ladies are doing well and looking after those precious bumps.</p> <p>gi xxxx</p>

FL  Posted: 05/01/2009 11:47

<p>Hi everyone and hoping for a great 2009 for everyone.</p> <p>Ella this is great news all the best for the 16th - positive vibes. Do you mind me asking what clinic you went to and how you went about getting your first appointment?</p>

Kel  Posted: 05/01/2009 13:36

<p>Happy New Year!!!</p> <p>Ella.. such wonderful news! 2 and extras! So delighted for you and DH ( poor him, glad he's okay now!). I'm sure everyone was thinking about you over the holidays. Did you just tell your family you were just going away for new year together? The two of you will never forget this one! Please God your 2ww will just fly ( ha, positive thinking!) of course with every twinge being a good one. I know that you've had ur fair share of ivf attempts.. have you ever gone this far before? I'm curious about the implantation stage. That's a topic for another time. I just wanted to congratulate you getting this far. All the best of wishes and prayers for you this time Ella. You deserve to see a BFP! Hopefully, your story will be the beginning of this site becoming positive again.</p> <p>As for the rest of us.. New Year! We've all got to find ways of staying positive and helping each other whatever way we can! Try to let the past be in the past and try to concentrate on the present and future. Wouldn't it be lovely if it was so easy! Ha! Well, my resolution is that i'm going to try!</p> <p>I just pray that we all get what we want sooner rather than later! xx</p>

BM  Posted: 05/01/2009 14:18

<p>Happy New Year ladies - let's hope it brings good news for everyone.</p> <p>Ella - we've all been thinking of you so it was great to hear your fantastic news today. It's great that you have 2 on board and others frozen - a great result! The 2ww is without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever been through on all 3 occasions - there isn't an easy way, but with you have such a great attitude, I found this site to be my best support during my last 2ww - so keep on logging we'll all be here for you. You could be the 1st BFP of 2009! I too had all of those twinges and from memory others like AM and PC did too. Take it easy, be good to yourself. Like I said before Barcelona could be lucky for you!</p> <p>Kel - great to hear you back to your old self. Once we had our date last August, my DH and I went away for 10 days and it was the best thing we could have done - it felt like we had two things to look forward to on the horizon and I felt relaxed and ready when the time came. I definitely recommend it.</p> <p>Gi/Kel and all waiting to start in Feb/March - I'm sure Jan will fly in - fingers crossed..</p> <p>Pc/Jo - hope you are both doing well and had a relaxing xmas. I had my feet up and was waited on, I'm pleased to say! I have my 20 week scan on Weds - Jo you must have one soon too.</p> <p>AM - hope you and your babies are doing well and that you enjoyed your first family Christmas!</p> <p>Hello and Happy New Year to everyone else I may have missed.</p>

Jo  Posted: 05/01/2009 16:15

<p>Happy New Year to everybody and hope you all had a nice Christmas. Ella so glad things have gone good for you so far, was thinking of you over the Christmas, fingers crossed now. I know how you feel though, every twinge you get you think its your period, just take it easy and try not to worry, I know its easier said than done! You will just have to wait and see! So will be thinking of you.</p> <p>BM glad you are doing fine, I am in next Monday for my scan so will let you know how it goes.</p> <p>Kel a holiday sounds great if you can get it take it, I realy do think relaxing does help the whole process, In know easier said then done, but if you could get a break away with your hsband it would be good for you, chill out and relax, would be lovely! Best of luck.</p>

Ella  Posted: 06/01/2009 11:29

<p>Hi again girls,</p> <p>Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you for your lovely words of kindness to me and your good wishes. It's great to know that your were all thinking of me over the hols with all that was going on. I appreciate it all.</p> <p>Jo and BM, i want to wish you all the best with your scans, hoping all goes perfect for you both. Let us know how ye get on.</p> <p>Kel- You have the right idea facing the New Year, you sound so much more positive now, and ready for anything. Did you book any hol yet? I hope this is a lucky year for you!!</p> <p>FL- I dont know what you have decided to do since about treatment?? We went to the Institutomarques in Barcelona for our treatment as did Pc. I just emailed them a short synopsis of my past and told them i would be interested in DE so they emailed me back all the details and we took it from there. If you are interested let me know and i will send you their email add.</p> <p>Gi - i too am hoping i have implantation twinges!! To be honest it's impossible to tell. They said to me that implantation should take place about 5 days after treatment, but not always. I'm working at the mo, and dont plan to take off any time yet anyway. With my past treatments i always took off the 2ww but it used drive me mad so this time i've decided to work, and am glad i did. I am not a bit nervous about it which is amazing. I can really block it out of my mind this time for some reason, which is strange, but i suppose when you've come so far, you dont expect much anymore, but please God this time will be good, i hope. My DH is dreading it more than me, cause he remembers the times before and how i felt after which was not good at all and he's dreading that happening again.</p> <p>Pc - i'm concerned that i havent heard from you, are you ok?? I hope all is well with you and the babies. Please let us know if you can, cause you were under discomfort before Christmas and i'm hoping you're ok??</p> <p>To everyone else that i might have missed, thanks!!</p>

Lu  Posted: 06/01/2009 13:33

<p>Hi All</p> <p>Haven't been on in a long time, what with Christmas and work and always having to do things! So much has happened with everyone, I'm really finding it hard to keep up to speed. Firstly Ella, congratulations on everything going so well so far! I have a great feeling this will end up in a BFP and you deserve it! Jo, hope all is brill when you go for your scan next week, the weeks seem to fly by. Kel, I think you're dead right going away for a bit. BM hope you're feeling ok, you must be well on the way now! After our first attempt in November the embryo didn't implant so we are waiting on our review consultation Thurs week. So hopefully we should be starting our second ICSI attempt Feb, fingers crossed. I'll try and keep up on this site regularly from now on as it's hard to remember what stage everyone is at.</p>

AD  Posted: 06/01/2009 15:25

<p>Hi Everyone,</p> <p>I hope that you have all had a nice Christmas and that you will all have a happy new year. I am new to this site but I read all the discussions and they have given me great hope for the future. I have just gone through a failed IUI and now I am going to go through IVF in the next few weeks. I am currently going to the Kilkenny Clinic.</p> <p>Have any of you attended the Kilkenny Clinic and had positive results from their procedures.</p> <p>Best Wishes to everyone</p> <p><em></em></p>

gi  Posted: 06/01/2009 17:10

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>Welcome Ad - i only joined recently too but the girls here are fantastic and very supportive of eachother, we have all been thro. so much and some of us still going thro. it but its nice to know that you have the support of someone who is going thro. the same thing as you, i know my family and close friends are great but they dont realise the emotional rollercoaster that is ivf also i dont know any other person who has done ivf so i find it a great help. When do you start??</p> <p>Ella: Hope all is going well, its great you are working to keep you busy i worked for my last 4 cycles and it did distract me, dont know what i will do next time as i have to have complete bed rest for 1 month! My mam is going to tie my arms to the bed and just leave a bed pan for me cause she knows i cannot resist cleaning<img title="Tongue out" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-tongue-out.gif" border="0" alt="Tongue out" /></p> <p>Lu: great to hear you are going again shortly, its tough getting BFN but if we want to succeed we have to keep trying and believing that it can happen.</p> <p>I have decided not to do blastocyst this time round, i know it has a higher rate but the day we were told on the last blast. that there was nothing to transfer was devastating it didnt feel like "closure" on that cycle i would prefer the 2ww (and we all know how bad that is) as i was eased into the idea that it didnt work. Also a different doctor broke the news to us but she was so cold and clinical and actually told us that same day that ivf would never work for us, said she would try once more but the embies will prob. die inside me on the day of transfer cause my eggs werent good quality! Honestly thats exactly what she said, we were shocked, but i got over that quite quickly, who is she to decide? We told our own doctor at the review that if they are giving up on us we will just move to another clinic thankfully he was quite optimisic and said that there are lots of options available to us still also the genetic testing showed everthing was fine.</p> <p>Sorry for ranting, it must be one of them days!</p> <p>My fingers and toes are still crossed Ella</p> <p>gi xxx</p>

Ella  Posted: 07/01/2009 09:06

<p>Hi everyone,</p> <p>AD - you are very welcome, this site will be a great help to you i would think. Havent had any exp of Kilkenny though, sorry!! Best of luck to you!!</p> <p>Gi-Thank again, you are great!!</p> <p>Unfortunately girls i had a bad night. I woke at 3am last night with a pain that was for all the world like a type of "contraction". After that i experienced some terrible cramping that last about 10 minutes, it was awful. I had to get up and sit on the side of the bed until it went. I thought i was going to puke it was so bad. I dont know what implantation cramping is like, but i dont think it is supposed to be this bad?? Does anyone know?? The bad thing about all of this is, that exactly the same thing happened to me with my other 3 failed IVF's. So now, i'm worried and there is nothing i can do. I was having the dull, achy cramping up to now, which i know was normal, and i still have a bit of that this morning, which might be a good sign, or it could just be the medication, or a period coming, who knows, but i'm a bit disappointed now and not expecting much after this!! Sorry for the moan, but i know i can rely on you all for support. Thanks!!</p> <p>Hope yer all well today, talk soon again. <img title="Cry" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cry.gif" border="0" alt="Cry" /></p>

Pc  Posted: 07/01/2009 10:19

<p>Hi everyone, Happy New Year!</p> <p>Ella. I was thinking of you over Christmas and logged in a few times to see if any updates but didn't get to log in since i got back to work this week, so sorry and don't be worrying about me, You have enough going on now. Firstly am so so glad to see you had 5 good embies with 3 frozen, thats really great..we never had any to freeze. Terrible for your dh about the biopsy and probably good he didn't know in advance. Now am sorry to hear about that awful pain you had last night and know it probably frightened the life out of you. I know in my 2ww I had cramping sometimes bad enough and remember having a sharp pain very low down at one point. I think I rang the clinic that day to check as I also had some spotting and was sure something was wrong. So don't be afraid to give them a call and explain whats happened just to see what they say..I can't remember the severity of it though or how long it lasted for. but everyone is different. I hope you can maybe rest today and the clinic may even suggest this as I know at the time they told me to go home from work and to bed for a day which I did. I hope you're ok and please let us know how you get hoping so much you will get good news!!!</p> <p>Hope everyone else is well? Kel sounds like you had a nice Christmas and sound good and positive. I'm glad and pg this will be a great year for you. what are your plans?</p> <p>BM and Jo. how are things with both of you? BM 20 week scan , wow thats just brilliant. Do you know if this is a 'big' scan? I've heard a few people talking about this 'big' scan but don't seem to have had it. at my last scan at 21 weeks it just seemed like the others. no difference...but all seemed fine so thats the main thing.</p> <p>Things are ok with me. Had a good talk with my cons at the last app as was finding things tough and was worried about the painful kind of pressure I was feeling. but this doesn't seem to be as bad over the last week. He was very good and reassured me that if i felt in anyway worried to contact him immediately and he seems to be keeping a good check on me which is great. And good news is that over the last 2 weeks I have started to feel the babies move..I hope no-one minds me telling this and maybe it will give hope to anyone trying or going through treatment that it can work...after 8 years in my just wanted to share it with you! In fact last night I nearly jumped off the chair I felt such a jump in my tummy:)</p> <p>Anyway better go, can't wait to finish work even though it will be a while...very stressful here but thats another story! Talk soon ladies. x</p>

Suzie  Posted: 07/01/2009 11:04

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: ">Hi Ladies</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;">&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: ">I have been reading your posts for the last few months and I was wondering if any of you can give me some advice. <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>I have severe endometriosis which has blocked my fallopian tubes so IVF is my only option. I started IVF treatment in Nov 07 which did work but unfortunately ended as chemical pregnancy a few days later. I had 2 frozen and went for FET March 08, one didn&rsquo;t survive the thaw so only one was transferred but unfortunately it didn&rsquo;t work. I started a fresh cycle in July 08 which was cancelled the day before egg collection due to poor response. <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>I had had my FSH tested before the last cycle at it was 18.5, on my first cycle 8 months earlier it was 9.4, I don&rsquo;t know how the hell it jumped so quickly i&rsquo;m seriously freaked out about it! <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: ">I have now changed to the SIMS clinic and they are giving me another chance with my own eggs starting next month. I&rsquo;m due to get my FSH tested when I get my period next week and my nerves are shattered with worry, if its gone even higher that will be the end of using my own eggs. </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: ">I just feel so worn out with it all, I&rsquo;m sick of feeling down all the time. I&rsquo;m trying so hard to keep my spirits up even if it&rsquo;s only of my husband&rsquo;s sake but I spend a lot of time on my own crying. <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: ">I have spent the last Gods knows how long on a mission to cure myself, I can&rsquo;t seem to get it into my head that there is no cure for Endo. </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: ">In the last year I&rsquo;ve researched Endo and made so many changes to my life trying to cure myself through nutrition, I changed my diet, cutting out wheat, yeast, sugar, caffeine, soya, dairy, red meat, shallow water fish, tinned foods, fast food, processed/refined foods. I also don&rsquo;t eat anything deep fried or any directly from the fridge as my acupuncturist told me it can create dampness in the body which is bad for Endo suffers. I&rsquo;ve also been told the Endo is due to estrogen dominance in the body so I&rsquo;ve tried to eliminate all Xenoestrogens which are environmental estrogens like household chemicals (im now cleaning my house with salt, lemon, vinegar &amp; bread soda), Parabens which are a preservative in cosmetics and toiletries, certain seeds and spices, plastics&hellip;..the list is endless! I replaced all these by buying organic products which is costing me a small fortune. I have also been getting counseling on and off cos it&rsquo;s expensive plus I&rsquo;m sick of going over the same thing every time as it aint solving anything. I&rsquo;ve also done yoga and I&rsquo;m getting regular acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine. I gave up the herbal medicine before the last cycle as I was told by my RE and by a Dietician that it can affect the estrogen levels in the body as the herbs have phytoestrogens in them. I am now on other supplements which I get from the Tony Quinn Centre which are to help balance the hormones and improve fertility. I do feel physically a lot better on these supplements thank God but its slow.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: ">The only thing I&rsquo;m still struggling with is staying off the cigarettes; I&rsquo;ve been on and off them for the last two years. Every time a cycle fails I end up back on them and I hate myself for it, im not a heavy smoker I would only ever have 4-6 a day but that&rsquo;s 4-6 too many! I&rsquo;m now off them again and I&rsquo;m going demented. I&rsquo;m trying to keep focused on the IVF coming up but my nerves are shattered. I feel so deprived off them, its not like I can have a biscuit or a cup of tea or anything, I&rsquo;ve given up so much over the last while and looking forward to my few cigarettes where the only comfort I had left. I had one last night cos I was so stressed and the guilt I feel today is terrible, I know ill blame myself if this IVF doesn&rsquo;t work. I&rsquo;m so weak with no will power and I&rsquo;m extremely ashamed of myself. My husband tells me not to beat myself up cos I&rsquo;ve made so many positive changes and that one smoke is not going to do any harm but I&rsquo;m not so sure, it&rsquo;s a vicious circle. I wish i was stronger but this whole fertility thing has me all over the place.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: ">Sorry for ranting but have any of you ever fell off the wagon while preparing for IVF, whether it is a drink, a cigarette, a burger, a coffee etc. or am I the only weakling?</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;">&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: ">Suzie</span></p>

gi  Posted: 07/01/2009 12:19

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>Pc: Its great you are doing so well, it must have been amazing feeling your little ones move, pg it continues you are half way there already!!</p> <p>Suzie: Sorry to hear you are so down at the moment, you have been thro. a lot and have given up a lot. Try to stay calm and positive, hopefully you will be able to use your own eggs but remember there are always other options like egg donor - if you really want a baby it doesnt matter where you get the "ingredients" from you will still be carrying it. I am going for one more cycle with my own eggs and then i move on to donor. Hopefully things will work out for ye.</p> <p>Ella: This 2ww is tough and the mind and body play awful tricks. I know its easier said than done but try to stay positive - look at pc!!</p> <p>Love gi xx</p>

AD  Posted: 07/01/2009 13:17

<p>Hi Ladies,</p> <p>Thank you for all your words of support, and I hope that everything will work out for all of us. We just have to keeping going towards our goal and keep hoping.</p> <p>I will know today if I can proceed with IVF. I feel very tired it is a very long journey to get to this point for me. I have unexplained infertility. I had a lap and dye there last Aug. They found nothing wrong and the gynie did not want to see me again. I have been trying for a child for 8 years and nothing has ever been found wrong with either myself or DH, I tried clomid and it only made me very tired. I feel very disappointed that my IUI did not work but I am not alone. All of you brave ladies keep me going.</p> <p>Best wishes must do a bit of work....</p>

Ella  Posted: 07/01/2009 13:18

<p>Girls,</p> <p>I'm taking some time off just today to go home and rest. I want to ask a stupid Q if i may?? Did any of you (who are now preg) have an org in your 2ww?? I think this is what happened to me last night, didn't want to give TMI earlier, but this lead to the cramping afterwards. DH was working so it happened in my sleep as it has before also. I have read some stuff on this now and some say it makes no difference, but because it happened to me before during 2ww i'm worried it will fail again.</p> <p>Any info welcome!!</p> <p>Ella.</p>

BM  Posted: 07/01/2009 16:01

<p>Ella - you poor thing - this cramping must have terrified you. I don't fully understand your last message, I'm not clued in on all the abbreveations - can you explain and I'll answer as soon as I can? Hang in there.</p> <p>AD - welcome to the site. It's so tough this whole journey - you've been through a lot. I only know one couple who had success using IUI but my cousin had 2 failed IUIs but was successful on IVF, so don't give up hope. I don't have experience in Kilkenny, I'm afraid. Keep logging on - we are all here to support each other.</p> <p>Suzie - you have had such a rough time and it just like your DH has said, you have done and are doing all of the right things. I'm sure the smoking has minimum impact, look at all the women who are smokers and get pregnant unassisted. I think it's that you give up during treatment that matters. I attended the Sims for my last and successful (touch wood) cycle and found them to be fantastic - I felt so much more confident in their hands than with my previous clinic, I have to say. The donor route is another option and seems to be relatively successful - so if things don't work out there is another route and if there is anyway of using your own eggs then I'm sure Sims will make sure that happens. We're all here to support each other so don't despair, you're not alone. We've all been through a hell of a lot.</p> <p>Pc - so great to hear from you and that you are doing well. I had the "big" 20 week scan today and I gather it's a big one because it's the first time that they can really check out all of the vital organs, hear, stomach, spinal cord etc. and in the case of twins, after this stage it becomes difficult to see all of the details due to space constraints. The mid-wife seemed to take a lot of time over it. Thankfully all is well - still no explanation for my scare and the Cons said he's doubtful it will happen again now. Both babies are the size of an average singleton as are the placentas and I feel enormous! I am also starting to feel a lot of movement and it is miraculous - I used to love to read about AM's pregnancy so hope this also gives optimism to all on the journey. It sounds like your Cons is really looking after you, hopefully you can enjoy the remainder of the pregnancy now and not worry too much about the pressure you're feeling, it sounds normal.</p> <p>Jo - good luck on Monday.</p> <p>Hi to everyone else.</p>

AD  Posted: 07/01/2009 18:45

<p>BM</p> <p>Thank you for your words of support. I know that the road is long. I am one of these people who have to slog for things that I really want. It took me 4 attempts to pass my driving test. I know it is not the same but it shows that I have tenacity and reading all of your blogs have helped me alot during all this.</p> <p>Best Wishes to you all and I have to get back to work again will it ever end....</p>

FL  Posted: 08/01/2009 10:13

<p>Hi everyone</p> <p>So many posts in a day, I was off with the flu, please God you are all staying free from it.</p> <p>Ella hope your ok and the pains have eased, the 2ww is absolute torture. I think I have no choice but to try donor egg but just don't know where to turn - would the SIMS clinic be as successful as your clinic in Barcelona. If you don't mind giving me the email address, I have nothing to lose giving them a summary of my case history</p> <p>Welcome to the new posts - hope we can be helpful to you.</p> <p>Best wishes to everyone<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Ella  Posted: 08/01/2009 11:47

<p>Hi again everyone!!</p> <p>Hope you're all well today. BM/Pc - congrats to you both on your scans, you have done so well so far, and you're a credit to us all on this site!! Real exciting about the movements i would imagine. Long may your good luck continue. In relation to my last mesg BM, it was Orga8m i was talking about, just wondering if any of you had this experience in the 2ww?? I'm feeling better since, still dull cramping off and on but that's ok. Although i have PMS symptoms today, so that's not good either. Pc - can i ask you on what day of your cycle your embies were transferred?? Mine were Day 23 and i'm wondering was this too late in the cycle??? What you think??</p> <p>FL- Hope your feeling better from flu, hear it's an awful dose. The address is:- <a href=""></a>. Hope you get on ok with them. I dont know anything about Simms, so all i can give you is this and wish you the very best.</p> <p>Suzie- All i can say is we went through all that stuff you did, the eating healthy, this vitamin, and that vitamin and while i think they are good for your body, they dont always bring us the results we want. After my 3rd and last IVF, we contacted a group in England in relation to this food thing, take suplements etc, supposed to be 78% successful for fertility, however we gave it nearly a year and nothing, very disappointing cause it made alot of sense to us at the time. Still i was glad we did it, cause i suffered badly after the last IVF and wanted to get my body back in tow again, so it did that alright. I just think you should start looking into how your eggs are and maybe if ye are genetically ok etc. This clinic in Barcelona (above mentioned) is v good for all that. Maybe try emailing them to see. It's not just for Donor, they do IVF too.</p> <p>AD Just want to say, did IUI twice, never worked either, i've all the treats done at this stage. Hope you get good news about the IVF anyway.</p> <p>I rang the Clinic yest too and they said to take panadol but i didn't and just to test on the day, that it can be common but i dont know about that. I went home yest on a half day and slept most of it, felt better after that alright, but feeling tired alot, dont know if it's PMS or something else??!!! My acupt's told me he has done some research into the pain i had and he has some infor on how he can prevent it happening again, so that's good.</p> <p>Jo - good luck on Monday!!</p>

Suzie  Posted: 08/01/2009 12:07

<p>Hi BM &amp; GI</p> <p>Thank you so much for your supportive posts its meant a lot and i feel a bit calmer today for it. I guess we all get into states of panic throughout this journey. I think im trying too hard to be perfect cos i dont want any regrets which is ridicilous cos im only human and sometimes no matter how hard we try nothing is really ever guaranteed, even sometimes trying too hard can have the opposite effect. Im constantly reading about how stress can effect the whole thing and then I end up getting stressed about being stressed! It would be great to just switch off our brains for a while just to have a rest from the mental torture wouldnt it!</p> <p>I have heard great things about the SIMS clinic, their approach in dealing with people seems so different to the other clnic i was with which is a positive thing. I am definitely open to the donor route alright and thankfully the SIMS have a donor programme, whatever it takes im willing to do it. Im going try and just look forward now and take each day at a time. I'll keep in touch on the board as i find it a great comfort and like you said BM i am not alone in this.</p> <p>Good luck to you all and congrats to the ladies who have had success you give us all hope. You are all in my prayers.</p> <p>Suzie <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Jo  Posted: 08/01/2009 13:38

<p>Ella, hope you are feeling ok, just try to take it easy. I too went back to work, to take my mind off the 2ww, but sometimes you just need to rest, more the emotional side of things and stay in bed. It is so much to go thorugh and then the big wait. Take it easy for a day or two if you can.</p> <p>Suzie dont be so hard on yourself. I had a few beers/wine before my IVF attempt, eg. whilst out for a meal etc, nothing major but I realy do think that if it relaxes you, that is far more important, than worrying about it, it was only one cigarette, dont be too hard on yourself, but I do think that when you are doing the IVF if you could give them up altogether it would be better. But than again you see plenty of women pregnant that smoke and drink, I've seen them myself. I was with the Sims and found them very good, so hopefully you will too and it will all work out for you, best of luck and keep us updated. I found this site very supportinve and helpfull - even if it is just to let of steam in a written rant!</p>

BM  Posted: 08/01/2009 13:42

<p>Ella - you are doing everything you can and more - between the clinic's advice and your accupunturist. I didn't have cramps like this, but it's passed now. I too felt PMT symptoms during my last cycle at every turn - mood swings, head aches, dull limb aches etc. and drove myself mad - think I posted at the time. In my unsuccessful attempts I just had spotting that ended up in a full bleed without PMT symptoms. So hang in there - it ain't over til it's over and you have less than a week to go. Just remember that there is every chance this has worked. The 2ww is so tough, there is no way around it.</p> <p>AD/Suzie - glad you are already finding the site helpful. Keep checking in.</p> <p>FL - hope you are feeling better.</p>

Pc  Posted: 08/01/2009 15:23

<p>Hi BM, thats brilliant your scan went well! am so pleased for you. i didn't have anything pointed out to me at 21 weeks so will need to query this. Maybe it was checked anyway but it would have been good to have known this at the time. But not to worry I'll check it out.</p> <p>Ella. I think my transfer was on day 16. But I've heard of some other people who were day 25...don't worry about the day of transfer. if they didn't think it was ok to do it then they wouldn't have.Am glad your pains have eased now and am hoping for the best for you. I think you will analyse every twinge and pain until you test and lots of people seem to have pms feelings at this stage. i was convinced this was the case and its just hard to know. Look after yourself and take care. Will check in tomorrow.</p>

Ella  Posted: 09/01/2009 10:29

<p>Hi Ladies,</p> <p>Well i'm still cramping away. My acup has been great help to me though. He had given me a CD for relaxation that i listened to last night. I feel relaxed myself anyway this time, but you know how sometimes you wouldn't be. I called to him yest evening for some information on the severe cramping and it showed a point or 2 to use, so he gave me points to put in if it comes back again, which it did this morning, but not near as severe as the last time. I put the points in and contacted him to tell him. He wants me to come in this eveving again and he will put the points in properly for me to help. So i will go as i dont want to take any risks. Sometimes i get pains at the tops of my thighs aswell. I'm not panicking though as there is nothing i can do to stop it if i am losing them at this point. Funny though, i still have hope, so whether that's a good or a bad thing i dont know. Sorry for moaning on, ye'll get alot of this from me over the next week. Today week, i will know for sure anyway.</p> <p>So how are ye all today?? AM how are you getting on with your girls, we'd love to hear from you. I know it's prob up the walls stuff for you!! PC and BM and Jo thanks again for your works of wisdom and support. I'll do my best to stay positive anyway. I get great hope from you girls!!</p> <p>Suzie i hope the info i gave you helped also.</p> <p>Sinead, SD and Kel - how are ye all since?? What are ye up to Sinead and SD? Kel i'd say you are relaxing and looking forward to Jan being over so you can get started again. FL - Did you hear anything from Barcelona yet?? Will you let me know how you get on, id love to hear!!</p> <p>Later chicks!!! Ella. <img title="Wink" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif" border="0" alt="Wink" /></p>

BM  Posted: 09/01/2009 12:28

<p>Ella - your acup sounds great, a real find. I think you have to keep doing what you are doing and hang in there. There's lots of new films out this week, maybe you should go out and distract yourself. I know it's always at the back of your mind and some how it gets worse the closer you get to d-day. Keep on posting though. We'll be sending the positive vibes your way all weekend and thinking of you. xxx</p> <p>Have a good weekend everyone.</p>

choosen one  Posted: 09/01/2009 14:58

<p>Hi guys,</p> <p>Just stumbled upon this page &amp; i'm hoping some of you can please tell me the feelings i have are completely normal !! At the moment my hubbie &amp; I are about to embark on our fourth IVf attempt in 2 years - this time its an fet. I am completely disheartened at this stage &amp; feel we are only setting ourselves up for another fall . We've have been made aware the sucess rates aren't as high from fet as the are from ivf/icsi but, I suppose if we don't try we'll never know. The thoughts of going through the procedure itself at this stage doesn't bother me but i dont know pyschologicaly if i can take the 2ww again . Each time a part of me dies when the test is negative. But if i'm honest, somewhere in the back of my mind ,i know it hasn't been sucessful even before I take a test. We have been trying to get pregnant for 10years, have had all the usual tests done but the only answer has been <span style="text-decoration: underline;">unexplained infertility.</span> God, i wish someone could just tell me there is something wrong with me, that would probably be the first step in accepting being childless ! While all around us family &amp; friends are starting families or adding to them . I am starting to feel resentful, self pitying etc., this is not the real me. Please tell me i'm not the only person to feel this way !!!</p>

Ella  Posted: 09/01/2009 15:25

<p>Chosen One</p> <p>Welcome to this site, hope you find solace here, as i think we all do from time to time!! You are not going mad!! We have all been there and know exactly what you are going through. I'm not going to go through what i and some of the others have been through, but if you read back along, you will see for yourself. It's absolutely heart rendering everytime you get failure. I suppose the only thing i can say is, you can't give up until in your heart you really cant take anymore. I'm in the 2ww at the mo, after Donor Egg transfer in Barcelona last Friday. It was my last option, so i'm at fingers X at this stage that it will go well. However i've been through 3IVF's and failed, so i know what it's like, and this time i'm totally relaxed as your body just doesn't perk up as much for the falls anymore. You havent said where you are attending or what stage you are at, but i wish you the very best from this wonderful site and please stay logged on, cause everyone is brilliant and positive here!!! If nothing else, it will pick up your form, which is half the battle!!! <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p> <p>Ella</p>

Tw  Posted: 09/01/2009 16:32

<p>Chosen One,</p> <p>I know how you feel im in the very same situation myself we are going for our third attempt of ivf wel its blastocyst this time its very hard but what can you do only hope for the best</p>

AD  Posted: 09/01/2009 19:30

<p>Hi Ladies,</p> <p>I have just confirmation that I am going to start IVF in March. They are putting me on the pill in a few weeks time. Can you please tell me what happens and what to expect. Will I be put on puregon again and ovitrelle? I would be very grateful to hear your answers and do they put you to sleep when they are retrieving the eggs..</p> <p>Thanking you in advance and may you all have a nice weekend<img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" />....</p>

choosen one  Posted: 10/01/2009 13:26

<p>Ella &amp; Tw,</p> <p>Thanks for your replies. It feels great to hear from others who share my feelings, for a while there i was beginning to doubt my sanity. I think yesterday was just one of those bad hormone days - i'm sure you girls have probably had some of those also ! I'm attending Galway fertility unit &amp; have to admit the guys there are absolutely brilliant. They treat us both with great compassion &amp; you just know they are trying their hardest to realise our dream of having a family. My consultant &amp; embryologist are at a loss as to why the last attempt wasn't sucessful as everything went so well &amp; all seemed to be in our favour, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'm booked in on 14/01 to have a hysteroscopy, d&amp;C &amp; polyp removal &amp; am starting meds for fet on 21/01 all going well . Both Pat &amp; I have made a conscious decision that this will be our last attempt for the forseeable future as it's taking a toll on our finances &amp; more importantly our emotions. So, I guess that's why i'm a little more anxious this time around , which in itself does not help our situation. Thanks again for your support. It's great to finally speak to someone else who understands. I'll keep logged on &amp; let you all know what's happening. Take care all.</p>

AM  Posted: 11/01/2009 12:32

<p>hello choosen one</p> <p>you would have to go back a long way to find any of my posts. I still check in from time to time. It would be abnormal for you not to feel what you are feeling. IVF is easily on of lifes most difficult challenges. I almost lost my marriage, my physical and mental helath and my job over it. It can be such an isolating and devaststaing process and I really feel for you. This time last year, my marriage was shaky, I had dreadful panic attacks that interfered with my work and I had been hospitilaised twice for ivf complications. my doctor told me I should find another way. I gathered the energy to give it one last shot and hey presto third time lucky! A year on and I am the mum of 9 week old twin girls! So please dont give up unless you feel you want to call it a day. I have a very complicated medical history and the doctors think it is a miracle. Wishing you the very best of luck.</p> <p>To the rest of you amazing ladies - the twins have been sick for 10 days so have not had a minute and have not read back very far but wishing you all well. Keep up the good work!</p>

gi  Posted: 11/01/2009 18:14

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>My internet has been down since thursday so havent a chance till now to ck in - it has been busy!</p> <p>Pc, BM Jo Its great ye are doing well - jo good luck 2moro with your scan.</p> <p>Chosen One: When i did the FET we were told that the chances were only reduced by about 2% which isnt much really, the hardest part is waiting to see if the embie survived the thaw. Last May we only had 1 frozen embie and it survived it, if didnt work but we were given nearly the same % as a fresh. Fingers crossed all will work out for ye, we are going for our 5th cycle in 18months, yes its tough but i dont mind too much the only thing that worries me is running out of money, if i had endless money i would keep going till I run out of eggs!!</p> <p>Ella how are you doing, only 5 more days left but that prob feels like a life time to you, how are the cramps?? You seem to be in good enough form, try to keep positive. Still keeping me fingers and toes crossed XXX</p> <p>FL: have you decided what to do yet or where to go?</p> <p>Kel: How are you lately, Have you a date yet for when you start?</p> <p>How is everybody else doing?</p> <p>gi xx</p>

Cinderella  Posted: 11/01/2009 23:04

<p>Hello Ladies, I came across your discussion by accident, I hope you wont mind me joining in every once in a while!! Some background... we had our 1st ivf attempt last year, didnt go to plan, plus discovered that I suffer with endometriosis... that was on egg retrieval day! So.... found out that it's in the ovaries, and affecting egg production... so if there are any eggs, they will never be up to much... what a lot to take in eh!!! So here we are now, 2009... and we're just about to go the egg donation route... yikes! Had given up the cigs for ivf round 1, went back on them straight away, and now, going to give them up again.... it's hard though! So, that's my story... as I say, I hope you wont mind me joining in every now and then! Best of Luck to Everyone x</p>

Ruthie  Posted: 12/01/2009 07:55

<p>Hi Guys</p> <p>Sorry I haven't been on over the last few months, every time I sit down and spend an hour or so reading all the posts I have missed my internet seems to give up and I don't get to post replies. I have been keeping up with all the progress though and suppose my own lack of progress has probably kept me from posting too. I am still charting away here with Napro and have been back to Galway in the interim but will fill ye in on that later. Just wanted to jump in and catch up with everyone first. I am on the eve of the big 40 and I think that has also been playing on my mind over the last month or so - just can't wait until it is actually behind me - I think I will forget it all then!!!</p> <p>Where do I start?? Ella - CONGRATULATIONS on your transfer - I have everything crossed for you and your hubby - hope you are still hanging in there - only a few more days to go. Donor is our next step too so I love hearing all about your journey.</p> <p>PC - my goodness you were in the wars just before christmas - hope you are feeling better now and all is well with you and your precious cargo - just think of the pandomonium next Christmas!!! The same for JO and BM - glad to hear your scans are so good - you three are an inspiration to anyone who logs on to this site. Huge congratulations too to AM - delighted to hear about your two little miracles - hope all is going well after their early arrival!</p> <p>KEL - delighted your hubby and family made your birthday so special - my hubby organised a lovely surprise lunch attended by his mum, dad, sister and my entire family right down to my three little nieces and nephew yesterday - it was great and extra special as he did it all quietly and without letting it slip. Had them travelling from all over. I was thoroughly spoilt and it isnt even my birthday yet - I have been told he has more up his sleeve!!! He knows that this birthday has been giving me a hard time and is really making an effort to distract me from it or at least to bring out the positive in it for me!!</p> <p>Better not make this too long or wont get through the message through. Lu/Sd/Sinead/Fl/Gi/Sandra/and everyone else fingers crossed for you all in 2009.</p> <p>xx Ruthie</p>

Ella  Posted: 12/01/2009 10:32

<p>Just a quick "hi" girls, as am busy at work and will post later in the week or day if i get a chance!!</p> <p>Hope you all had nice weekends, great to see you back Ruthie, will catch up with you soon on your news too!!</p> <p>I'm not the best today girls, have shoulder pain (that i always get before my p), this is not a good sign!! I also have back pain, which i dont ever get before a p, and it's more down near my kidney, am wondering would it be an infection??!! I rang my acup who is seeing me this evening but he said maybe ring my GP but i dont think there is much she can do at this "waiting stage". I'm up the walls as i dont think these are pos signs at all, you know the way you know your own body!! Anyway will post later if anything good should happen. I also have a sore throat to add to all this!! I'm a real little moaner today!!!</p> <p>Ella <img title="Cry" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cry.gif" border="0" alt="Cry" /></p>

Kaki  Posted: 12/01/2009 11:28

<p>Hi hope ye don't mind me joining in. I used to post here two years ago. Will be embarking on 4th ivf this month. 8 years ttc and started IVF in 2005. I have also done 3 FET's - all single embryo transfers due to a rare uterine anomaly. It gives me hope to read all the success stories here. Doctor has agreed to transfer 2 embryos this time due to all past failures, hoping for a singleton as twins could be very complicated for me. On hrt at the moment and will be doing the antagonist protacol - no sniffer. I'm so glad I don't have to do the sinffer as I always hated it. I can't believe I'm doing IVF again after a nervous breakdown following the last IVF failure last March, ended up on anti-depressants. I have taken a one year career break from my work in the hope that I will have less stress this time around, not sure about this logic though as it will mean more time to obsess. DH and I agree that this will be our last IVF/FET as mentally I can't take anymore. IVF can take over your life and I will be 40 in a years time and determined to be off the rollercoaster one way or another by then. I'm not going to drink any alcohol this cycle as I did with all the other failed cycles, I figure it won't hurt to do something different, although it won't be easy to sacrifice all those nice glasses of wine! I am going to do a novena to 'our lady of the milk' a friend got it in the holy land, I never heard of it before for breastfeeding and childless couples.</p> <p>Ella - good luck on 2ww.</p> <p>Chosen one - I know how you feel.</p> <p>Hope I haven't been ranting. Hope to chat to you all later. Kaki.</p>

sinead  Posted: 12/01/2009 13:30

<p>hi everyone</p> <p>ella congrats on your tranfer, i really hope it works out for you. how are you feeling, how long left have you to go b4 you will find out?</p> <p>choose one i also am attending galway. the staff are brilliant, they are so helpful. this is my first try of ivf. we got as far as egg collection and it was cancelled. we are starting again this week.</p> <p>i want to wish everyone a happy new year and this is the year for everyone on the site for good things.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Jo  Posted: 13/01/2009 09:38

<p>Just a quick e-mail to let you all know my scan went fine, they checked everything, heart, kidneys, lungs even for a cleft palate - couldnt believe they could see so much at this stage (20 weeks), anyway so thankful. To all the new members stay in touch it is a helpful website and Ella hope everything is going ok for you.</p>

FL  Posted: 13/01/2009 12:12

<p>Hi to everyone</p> <p>Sorry I have not posted in a while. Things just seem to be going from bad to worse. I was given a months notice at work yesterday (Construction firm).</p> <p>Ella I hope things are going ok for you. I have heard back from Barcelona and I emailed them copies of letters from HARI etc and they emailed me back this morning to say that they would be happy for us to try the donor egg treatment. Have to talk to himself because on top of everything money could now be the problem - being unemployed - hopefully I'll get something else but its seems to be pretty depressing out there.</p>

gi  Posted: 13/01/2009 21:04

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>Ella: Sorry to hear your having a tough week all those aches and pains are so worring during 2ww your mind is on overdrive, please god a miracle will occur, will keep you in my thoughts in the next few days xxxx</p> <p>Jo thats great news about the baby you must be so relieved.</p> <p>Kaki: You have had a tough time lately, ivf affects us all differently and really can take its toll, best of luck this time round, i am with you on the missing the wine i too enjoy a glass of red!</p> <p>Cinderella welcome to the site as you have probably noticed the girls here are great and supportive. There are a few others who have gone down donor route so they should be able to answer most of your queries and tell you what was best for them.</p> <p>FL its great to hear your making progress hopefully it wont take too long. I agree with the financial situation, we are both working but there isnt much left in the kitty and i am trying to save to get married but as my partner says we will get the money somehow.</p> <p>Sinead: Good luck this wk, did they freeze your eggs after the collection last time or do you start from scratch??</p> <p>Hi to everyone i have missed</p> <p>gi xxx</p>

AD  Posted: 14/01/2009 09:30

<p>Hi Everyone,</p> <p>How are you all doing? I have been reading up on the harvesting procedure and you have to be either sedated or general anaesthtic. Did any of you ladies have any side effects from Sedation. I can not have anaesthtic as I have a very bad reaction to it. I would appreciate any advice that you can give me.</p> <p>Best wishes to you all and I hope everything is going well with you all</p>

Kaki  Posted: 14/01/2009 11:04

<p>AD-Egg Collection is done with sedation, they don't do anesthetic. Sedation involves putting an iv in your arm(needle) then they inject the sedative drug into it (pethadine I think but not sure). You get a yucky taste/feeling at the back of the throat, after that you are anyone's. It's a nice feeling in a weird kind of way. You are aware of whats going on around you but you don't gve a damn. You will not feel any pain, if you do, just ask for the max and they will give it to you. Once they have harvested the eggs, you will be asked to dress and you go and lie down in another room for about 20 minutes or until you feel you can safely walk out of the unit. You should have someone with you and do not drive. You might feel a little bit groggy that evening. Once I was out of the hospital and on the way home I felt just as I did before I went in - no grogginess or anything. You might have cramping from the procedure that evening and the next day but no side effects from the sedation. Don't worry. Kaki.</p>

AD  Posted: 14/01/2009 13:03

<p>Kaki,</p> <p>Thanks for your clarification in relation to this issue. It all sounds grand and hopefully it won't be that bad and I will make sure that they drug me up to the max. It is great that this forum is here for us to voice our worries and share experiences.</p> <p>Kaki thank you again...</p>

Kel  Posted: 14/01/2009 13:14

<p>Hi Everybody! Great to read all the new entries. You are all very welcome! Ruthie, great to hear you back. I hope you too had a fantastic birthday. Sounds like the first part was really lovely with the family all around. I know what you mean about turning 40. For us, its not just the normal mile stone birthday that it is for everyone else. I too am blessed to have such an amazing DH. He really went out of his way. I'm still so interested in Napro so please tell us what you think when you get a chance. Remember I gave up my appointment to start with them last Sept cos I thought I'd already have started my IVF treatment. Hence, I'm still waiting!</p> <p>Ella, you are very much in my thoughts and prayers this week. You know that everyone is routing for you. Although this site is anonymous, I feel that we've all become quite close.. if you know what I mean. No matter what happens on Friday.. know that we are all here to help in what ever way we can. xx</p> <p>Jo and BM, so glad to hear your scan's went well. How exciting it all is for you both to be going through this at the same time. You two and PC must be well bloomed by now. I hope you are all feeling well.</p> <p>Sinead.. I hope all goes well for you during this cycle. It must have been awful to get that far and to have it cancelled last time. Best of luck and of course, keep us posted.</p> <p>Kaki.. welcome! Boy, it sounds like you have been through the wars and back! My hat goes off to you as to many of the other very brave ladies on this site. Hopefully, this month, all goes well for you and your journey finally gives you a BFP! When I read about ladies like yourself, I just be overwhelmed. Your strength and determination is fantastic and very inspiring to the rest of us!</p> <p>There are so many of us now, it's hard to keep up. Many of us are either starting or hoping to start over the next couple of months. If my timing is right, it will be the middle of Feb for me. I am awaiting the first consultation with the new private clinic that we will be going to. I am just so anxious after waiting all last year (another story that I promise, I am really trying to put behind me)!</p> <p>So, to gi, ad, tw, kaki, cinderella, chosen one, suzie, and anyone else that I sorrily missed.. I pray that we all have success stories to tell sooner or later!</p> <p>FL, don't think that I forgot you pet.. So sorry to hear about your job. I think over the next year.. unfortunately, we'l be hearing a lot of that kind of news. Great to hear that barcelona are prepared to see you guys though. If only it weren't all so challenging. As far as money is concerned, I think that one of the other girls mentioned way back about the Czech Republic, or Ukraine or somewhere like that, that also had a good success rate with donors that weren't as expensive as Spain. Maybe you could look into that? I'm sure it was PC or Ella that mentioned it. You've had a hard time Fi, I know it's hard, but do try to keep your spirits up and try to see the positive good things in life. It sounds like your partner is very supportive of your wish to have a child of your own. Hopefully, you'l get another job quickly. I do hope all works out for you.</p> <p>Must go or this won't all get posted! Hope the rest of the week is good for us all! xx</p>

Cinderella  Posted: 14/01/2009 19:07

<p>Hi Everybody ! My God... you are all bloody fantastic !!! When we went through the ivf last year, thought it would all be grand, no bother... found out that the hard way that I can cry for a very long time and also how it feels to have you're heart broken!! It was all so unexpected... you just presume you can get what you want don't you, and then to be told that the only way I would get pregnant was to use donor eggs - out with the tissues again !!!!</p> <p>First thing I did when I left the clinic was have a cig &amp; a coffee, and then slept for the rest of the day... Luckily we have a close network of friends, especially for Husband as he got dispatched to the pub that night - I really didnt want to talk to ANYBODY ! But, we got there TG and here we go again... We're with SIMs by the way - have to say the staff are fab, mind you, anyone in that business must be special.</p> <p>Just waiting to hear when the donor can start medicines now... was an interesting evening we spent choosing that one!</p> <p>So again, best wishes to everybody whatever stage of the experience you are at ... fingers, toes crossed, candle lit and prayers said !</p> <p>Talk soon x<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

FL  Posted: 15/01/2009 10:11

<p>Good morning</p> <p>Ella - hope you are ok, thinking of you.</p> <p>Cinderella - I have an appointment with Sims on 11th February - this is the first appointment to discuss donor eggs. Is there a long waiting list for donor?</p> <p>The clinic in Barcelona have also said that we would be suitable for treatment.</p> <p>Don't know who to go for.</p>

Suzie  Posted: 15/01/2009 11:17

<p>Hi girls</p> <p>I havent had access to my computer for the last few days so only catching up on all the posts now.</p> <p>Ella - thanks a mil for the info, if we have to go for the donor option its definitely worth looking into. We have just joined the SIMS for our final attempt at my own eggs, they do donor but it will depend on the cost, if its cheaper to go to Barcelona we would definitely consider it.</p> <p>Cinderella - thank God someone else who is trying to give up the smokes, im with ya girl, its so hard isnt it. God if we could turn back time we never would've started. Im just drinking loads of water which is helping the cravings a bit. Like you i fall off the wagon every time a cycle fails, its a vicious circle. I see you are doing donor with the SIMS, do you mind me asking how much its costing you and how long you've been waiting for a donor, just to get an idea.</p> <p>Hi to everyone else and thanks for your support, im thinking and praying for you all.</p> <p>Say a prayer for me girls, i have my day 3 FSH blood test tomorrow. i know i wont get the results straight away but im very nervous about finding out. Its was 18.5 last time so im on my bended knees praying to my guardian angel that it will be gone down a bit. Im terrified that if its gone too high that they'll pull the plug on my last attempt with my own eggs. its in the hands of God i guess. At least there's the donor option so alls not lost!</p> <p>Thank God for celebrity Big Brother is the only thing thats keeping my mind off things at the moment, sad eh! Sure eh whatever works!</p> <p>Talk to yas soon.</p> <p>Suzie <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

BM  Posted: 15/01/2009 11:20

<p>Hi all,</p> <p>Wow there have been so many new postings this week, it's fantastic. I don't think I'll be able to get to everyone on this post and I mostly wanted to send a message to Ella.</p> <p>We are all thinking of you - test tomorrow, we all know that feeling of dread that comes upon you. We haven't heard from you for a few days, so hope you are doing ok. We're all here for you. I have everything crossed that you get good news, you so deserve it.</p> <p>Kaki - good to hear from you again, it's been a while.</p> <p>Cinderella - welcome to the site. I did my last cycle with Sims and found them to be fantastic (if you have the time/patience you can see my posting history - we were successful and I'm now 21 weeks with twins - still pinching myself). Keep posting, you will get so much support from this site - we all have.</p> <p>Jo - great news about your scan. Pc - hope you are doing well this week.</p> <p>AD - hope all goes well with your egg collection - Kaki has given you good advice, you'll definitely need to rest afterwards, but you shouldn't find it too bad.</p> <p>Suzie/gi - hope you are both doing ok.</p> <p>Kel - hope you get your appointment soon - have you booked a holiday?</p>

Ruthie  Posted: 15/01/2009 12:21

<p>Hi Everyone I will hop on over the weekend and bring you all up to speed with my Napro progress, treatments etc and also the big 40 celebrations but for now this post is just for Ella.</p> <p>Ella, just to let you know that I have everything crossed for you (as I'm sure have all the girls on this site), we haven't heard from you in a few days so hopefully no news is good news. Although I'm not religious and our church doesn't have candles - I have said a little prayer for you on a number of occassions this week and will light a candle especially for you tonight at home. I so hope that you get positive news tomorrow - you and your hubby have been through so much and you have been SO STRONG for EVERYONE on this site - always upbeat and chirpy and pulling us along when needed it and hopefully its your time for success now. If not please don't forget to come back here to us and let us help you for a change. We are all here for you and will help in any way we can. Although I haven't posted much lately I always log on and follow everyone's progress and I feel as if I know you already. The best of luck to you xx<img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" /></p>

Kel  Posted: 15/01/2009 15:53

<p>Well done Ruthie! I want to ditto everything you just said to Ella!</p> <p>It's true that you have been a tower of strength to us all. Please know that we are all here hoping the very best for you. Everything crossed and candles lit! We are here no matter what the result is. I had never heard of Our Lady of the Milk before, but I'm willing to give anything a try.</p> <p>Post when you feel you can. xx</p>

Pc  Posted: 15/01/2009 16:02

<p>Hi All.</p> <p>Ruthie its so nice to hear from you and look forward to hearing how you are getting on when you have a chance...and belated Happy Birthday! I found this a hard one also last year but drank pink champagne on the day which cheered me up!!</p> <p>Ella, you can see we are all routing for you and thinking of you today. I hope you're ok and just wishing you the very best for tomorrow.Like Ruthie says you're always strong and positive for everyone and I can only imagine that the last few days have been hard for you. Take care and sending you a hug with lots of luck for tomorrow. xx</p>

sinead  Posted: 15/01/2009 17:40

<p>ella i am wishing u all the luck for 2morro, may god be with u. i wil lite a candle 4 u.</p> <p>And to everyone else the best of luck what ever path u take. i really hope that we all get good news this year. we all deserve it and to all the girls that are pregnant or had babies, doing this you all deserve it and the best of luck.</p> <p>god bless to u all and thank u for this site.</p>

SD  Posted: 15/01/2009 21:33

<p>Hi Girls</p> <p>I haven posted since before the christmas holidays hope everybody had a great x-mas and i wish you all a very happy new year and hope all of our dreams come true this year. Me and dh and my family plus my 84 year old nanna spent x-mas in Egypt, we had a great time we went x-mas eve and came back 7 Jan. it was great to unwind and not to think about anything back in ireland (IVF) but did think of ella wondering how she was getting on. My news is i went for my pre scan on the 9 and everything was grand i didnt even have any PCOS there which was brilliant. i got my periods tues so i started the tablets wed evening as im doing FET with blastcist back in the clinic on the 26 jan.</p> <p>Welcome to all the new girls on the site you are very welcome. i find all the girls on this site very helpful and will try their best to answer any question anyone might have so dont be afraid to ask anything.</p> <p>Ella-What can i say. Its so true what Ruthie said and i really mean that my stomach is in knots at the moment thinking of you. i really wish you the very very very best of LUCK tomorrow you so much deserve it.xxxxxxxxxx</p>

gi  Posted: 15/01/2009 21:43

<p>Hi ladies,</p> <p>Ella: The girls have said it all, we are all thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck 2moro, we all know what you are going thro. but it doesnt make it any easier. Please god your prayers are answered but remember we are always here for you. xxx</p> <p>Quick question on egg collection are some of ye aware of whats going on during the procedure?? I am out for the count around 10 seconds after the drip is inserted, i always wake up back in the bed out of theatre, my partner thinks its hillarious cause when i am coming too i say the funniest things!! I wasnt aware that some of ye were awake and just not fully with it.</p> <p>Cinderella: hope you get the good news soon that your donor is ready, isnt it exciting!!</p> <p>BM 21 weeks!! My doesnt time fly by, pg it will be plain sailing from here for you pc and jo.</p> <p>Right going to get a nice hot bath and then watch celebrity BB - suzie you are not the only one who is addicted <img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" /></p> <p>gi xxx</p>

Cinderella  Posted: 15/01/2009 22:20

<p>Evening Ladies! and thanks to you all for the warm welcomes and kind words!</p> <p>I guess, most importantly, my thoughts are with Ella this evening... Im new to the site but I soooo hope you get the result you're hoping for - if positive vibes can go through the air, we're all there with you! And if things dont go as you wish, the gang are all here for you!</p> <p>Forgive me while I get to know who's who... FL - we met the donor co-ordinator I think it was August last. Husband got to make his "donation" that day too!!! Once that's frozen and shipped across the seas, there's a 3 month incubation period. So we were back in December for more bloods, saw the counsellor in that time frame too ( you have to have at least one appt. ) Then went through the selection process last week and clinic will be in touch once Donor is available to start meds. I start on the pill next period, so for me that's the start of it!!!</p> <p>Suzie - am still smoking ( oops ), But my aim is to quit once I go back on the pill, and this time, the house becomes no smoking too - so poor Husband will be out on the deck!! Hope the weather improves!! The donor programme is &euro;12k, in a nutshell you cover the cost of the donor's cycle in addition to your own. The pack from the clinic is quite informative, although it sometimes seems a long time, but back in August, we knew it would be New Year before any movement, so that meant we were able to relax and enjoy the season!!!!</p> <p>BM - congrats, I hope all is moving along nicely for you with your precious cargo onboard!!</p> <p>And to all the other ladies - keep smiling!! Keeps you sane!</p> <p>We spent the last 2 years hoping and praying, we didnt want to plan holidays or other stuff as we didnt know what to expect... we put our lives on pause for a while, but now, we're alot wiser than we were starting out - the realisation that this one thing that you want is so out of your hands. But once you begin to talk to other people, you realise that you're not alone - there are so many others in the same boat, and others who havent thought so far ahead and dont realise that Life likes to throw a wee spanner at you every now and then - it's strange!!</p> <p>So now, enough deep reflections!! Husband taking me off to Scotland this w'end for an early birthday treat - my final fling with cigs &amp; wine!!! Will check in tomorrow see how we're all doing, until then Ladies, I bid you all a very good night.</p> <p>My final final wish goes to Ella, best wishes xxx</p>

Lu  Posted: 16/01/2009 08:27

<p>Hi All,</p> <p>I have been following everyone's progress aswell, but just want to wish Ella the best of luck today - it's a terrible wait but hopefully it'll be the best news ever. I was back at clinic yesterday and was all geared up for starting 1st Feb but apparently they have no free slot for us as they are booked out so it looks like we'll be starting end of Feb instead. Best of luck to all out there on this journey!</p>

AD  Posted: 16/01/2009 11:18

<p>Hi Gi</p> <p>Thanks for your comments in relation to sedation for egg collection. It sounds like something that I would like. I think being knocked out would be the best for me.</p> <p>Best wishes to Ella, and everyone else whatever stages that you are all at. Enjoy the Weekend</p>

Ella  Posted: 16/01/2009 15:24

<p>Girls, My Friends!!</p> <p>This is a flying visit as i'm off work today and no email access.</p> <p>However, i'm glad to say that yes, i think i'm the first BFP of 2009!!!! We can't believe it after all our hardship and long road!! It's almost surreal. I'm still in shock, as is my hubby, but thrilled as you can all imagine. Didn't post all week as firstly i felt i had some of your heads wrecked, and secondly, i had a few symptoms that werent nice, and thought i was on for failure, but thanks to St. Martin (my belief) we were successful.</p> <p>I have only read some posts, but i'm going to print off here now and read all the rest at home. Girls you have been beyond doubt the best support to me over the last 2 weeks especially, and more. I cant thank all of you enough for everything and the messages some of you have sent especially for me, nearly made me cry!!! I will log on on Monday when i'm back to work and respond to you all, if i can. In the meantime, i want to say a special thank you to Pc for the knowledge and insight you gave me to help me get where i am today. I also want to say to those of you out there wondering, yes there are miracles, i used never believe that, when people said it but now i am living proof. Also, believe in yourselves, fight it to the bitter end (as i intended to do always), and i also want to say that i will be here now for all of you, as you were for me, and any help, support, kick in the a** (ha ha) i can give you to get you all where i am now, will be given with my full heart!!</p> <p>Until Monday everyone, have a good weekend, HAPPY DAYS!!!! <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /><img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

AD  Posted: 16/01/2009 15:50

<p>Ella</p> <p>May I be the first to congratulate you on your great news and that I was thinking of you all day wondering what was going to happen. It gives me and others great hope</p> <p>Best wishes again<img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" /><img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" /></p>

Pc  Posted: 16/01/2009 16:12

<p>Oh Ella, just wanted to check one more time before I go home and am SOOOOO happy for you and your DH!!! Am a bit tearful here myself seeing your news and am just delighted for both of you! Am sure you're just trying to take it in and huge congratulations to both of you! Have a lovely weekend just enjoying this feeling and letting this lovely news sink in! Catch up with you and everyone next week. xx</p>

Pc  Posted: 16/01/2009 16:14

<p>ps Ella am glad if I was able to help in any way:) I know what it feels like to be starting out on this path and know how we need all the help we can get. Talk soon. xx</p>

Kaki  Posted: 16/01/2009 16:46

<p>Congrats Congrats Congrats!!! So happy for you. I have been logging on all day to see if there was any news. It must have been a great moment when you got the bfp. You probably don't know what to do with yourself. I'm new to this site and not up to speed on everyone's history. Do you mind me asking how many IVF's did you do to get the bfp? - enjoy the feeling. Kaki</p>

sinead  Posted: 16/01/2009 17:43

<p>Ella, congrats i am sitting here crying with joy because u give us all great hope when people are down they just read ur story and its give great hope to me and i say alot ella all the best u deserve it <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

BM  Posted: 16/01/2009 17:47

<p>Ella - this is simply FANTASTIC!! I had a feeling Barcelona would be lucky for you. It is great that you are the first BFP of 2009 - you have been so fantastic to all of us and we have all been on tender hooks all day for you, I've been checking all day. You and your DH deserve this. Have a relaxing weekend while the shock, relief, disbelief and joy sets in. I'm over the moon for you as I know everyone on this site is! xxxxx</p>

Ruthie  Posted: 16/01/2009 19:02

<p>Ella - Your news is just BRILLIANT!! - I am SO very very happy for you. I have this site nearly broken I have checked in so many times today!! as have all the others I know. Such lovely lovely news - congratulations and make sure you take it easy over the weekend - try and get lots of sleep although i'm sure its not easy sleep with a huge smile on your face!!!! Well done to you both - couldnt be happier for you. xxx<img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" /></p>

SD  Posted: 16/01/2009 22:25

<p>Ella-congrats to you and dh that is brilliant news. iv been checking in all day and seen no post from you and just said to dh ill check in one more time before i go to bed cause im so tired and so glad i did. congrats again. i can tell you ella im not tired anymore after seeing your news know you go and enjoy every moment of it as i said last night you so much deserve this.xxxxxxxxxx <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Cinderella  Posted: 16/01/2009 23:16

<p>Evening Ladies, especially one Lady - Ella - I know Im only new to the site, but I had to check in to see how you got on today- Im delighted for you - I cant imagine how you are feeling, it's fantastic!! Big Hugs and Kisses to you ( hope you don't mind!!! )</p> <p>Now I can nip off to bed, have to be up in 5 hours for my flight - in the airport for 5'ish, and am so happy for you I could cry!!! Was telling Husband about you all, and all the support that's here!!</p> <p>Have a wonderful weekend, talk next week xx</p>

Kel  Posted: 17/01/2009 13:43

<p>I must say Ella, I was afraid to check yesterday.. as we hadn't heard from you all week! A HUGE CONGRATULATION to you and DH. You both soooo deserve this. As I said before, I feel that we are quite close on this site.. I too have a tear in my eye for you. You've really battled through and are such a true inspiration to all of us. I know that we all deserve to get a postive result but I'm especially glad for you. Fantastic, also, since you were the first of 2009 to even have the treatment. Really Ella, this has just made the weekend for us all! And, whether its St. Martin, St. Gerard and /or Our Lady of the Milk, just plain science or even God.. what ever any of us believe, .. as long as finally, it's a BFP! As PC said, really enjoy this time of taking it all in. Thank God, all the prayers and lit candles worked. xx</p>

gi  Posted: 17/01/2009 17:21

<p>Hey ladies,</p> <p>Ella CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Thats fantastic news, 1st expectant mum of 2009!!! My internet is still down in work and couldnt get to ck how things went until now, i am so thrilled for you and dh after such a rollercoaster few yrs ye have finally done it. It will probably take time to sink in but ye have overcome your major obstacle, please god you will have a happy and safe pregnancy (betcha that sounds weird, pregnancy!!!). So all those aches and pains were just implantation pains you may remind me of that when i am moaning and imagining all sorts of negative thoughts.</p> <p>Hi to everyone else, will catch up next wk.</p> <p>gi xxx ps ella i guess its safe for me to uncross me fingers and toes now<img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" /></p>

Kel  Posted: 18/01/2009 14:49

<p>Hi Everyone,</p> <p>Ella, I wrote a message yesterday to congratulate you. It was quite lengthy but for some reason, it hasn't posted. So...</p> <p>A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!! I was afraid to check on Friday because we hadn't heard from you all week! So, with bated breath, I checked yesterday to see if you posted. So, so glad for you and your DH. You really are a true inspiration to us all! Also delighted because you are the first to have the treatment in 2009 and the first BFP! Hopefully it's the first of many on this site! Really can't tell you enough how glad I am that all the thoughts, prayers and lighted candles worked for you! It does show us that anything can happen! Really enjoy this time Ella and as PC says, let it sink in. This really is wonderful news that has just made the weekend for all of us, I'm sure! This must give all you girls that are considering or starting the donor route a real sense of hope that it really can and does work! Fantastic news Ella!</p> <p>I'll catch up with the rest of you next week!</p> <p>Cinderella, hope you had a lovely weekend away in Scotland and I do hope that things move quickly for you.</p> <p>SD, welcome back, lovely to hear from you and BM- we have just booked our holiday and we too are going to Egypt on Jan 29th for a week. Really can't wait to have this break before we start into everything. I do hope that it's Feb and no later before we start this venture. To be honest, like many of us I'm just sick to death of waiting! It's now a race between the private clinic and the hospital as to who will see us first ( being that I'm 10th on the hospital private waiting list). The private clinic is more expensive but we've decided to go with who ever will see us the quickest. I think, given my cycle, that it will be March before I actually have the treatment. I really do need this holiday. Was at a family party last night and yes another announcement of a family pregnancy came. This couple only got married in May. I think the only thing that lets me off the hook is my age. So the family don't really know that I'm even thinking, let alone agonizing over not having a child. So, like many of you, I'm happy for them but quietly aching inside. I just want to relax, de-stress and get myself ready for what ever the next few months brings our way.</p> <p>Anyways, SD, we've never been in Egypt. Did you like it? Any tips for me? Sorry girls that I'v gone off topic. Hope you don't mind. I do hope that this cycle works for you SD and I will be thinking of you closer to the 26th!</p> <p>Once again, Ella, so delighted for you! xx</p> <p>p.s. sorry girls if I end up posting twice!</p>

Lu  Posted: 18/01/2009 22:26

<p>Ella, like everyone else on this site I am so delighted and thrilled for you both, it truly is a miracle, you are probably on cloud 9 and deserve to be. How brilliant is that news - October babies??? It really is an inspiration to all the rest of us. Please take care of yourself and take it easy. It's great to know that IVF can and does work and please God, we'll all have our turn.<img title="Wink" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif" border="0" alt="Wink" /></p>

Ella  Posted: 19/01/2009 08:34

<p>Hi Girls,</p> <p>Firstly to everyone who sent words of support, kindness, lit candles and said prayers over the last 2 weeks, i want to say thank you all so, so much. I was nearly in tears reading them and eventhough i didn't log on to reply, i read them all and it was much appreciated in my time of need and wont forget it for you all. To the girls starting your journeys in Feb, i want to send you all my best. I know you are all on different paths but all looking for the same result, and i sincerely hope you find what you are all loooking for!!</p> <p>To the girls thinking of Donor, i want you all to know that any info or help i can offer you, i will and please dont hesitate to ask. I notice a few of you opting for this route now, it's expensive but if it works you'll never look back!!</p> <p>Pc, BM, JO- You were all a power of strength to me too - thanks, thanks, thanks!! I hope things are all well with you girls, and you wont feel the next few months fly by. Pc - Are you the first of these deliveries to go???</p> <p>Ruthie, Kel - Firstly Ruthie, Belated Happy Birthday i think!! How was it, tell all. Napro - how's that going for you, i dont know much about that!! Never did it. To you both, your messages had me softening up like putty!! I was afraid of the unknown and afraid to reply then because of that, said id wait, but thank GOD it all worked out in the end.</p> <p>To the new girls, thanks for your kind words also, i appreicate it all. Hard to get round to everyone, hope everyone doing well and that i didn't miss anyone. I'll be in touch during the day (if not too busy) or else tommorrow again. Determined to keep up!!</p> <p>Kaki - I had 3 failed attemps at IVF before this one. This was Donor.</p> <p>So I'll leave it at that for the mo. Our next port of call is a scan on the 28th of Jan, i presume i will be around 6/7 weeks at that stage?? I'm still pinching myself and have done two tests since to make sure!! It's funny saying things you thought you never would say, like "i'm pregant". Great though!!</p> <p>Love you all Girls!!</p> <p>Ella. <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

FL  Posted: 19/01/2009 13:23

<p>Hi everyone</p> <p>Ella Congrats to you and your husband - delighted for ye hope its the start of a positive year for every one of us. Ella who did ye fly with and was it into El Prat airport <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

FL  Posted: 19/01/2009 14:30

<p>Ella</p> <p>Have posted congrats to you and your husband but it has not appeared anyway as I said CONGRATS delighted for you - lets hope its the start of loads of positive stories in 2009</p> <p>You are an inspiration, am still trying to decide what to do worried sick about not having a job as well</p> <p>Was it Aer Lingus you flew with and was it into EL Prat airport in Barcelona.<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Ella  Posted: 19/01/2009 15:07

<p>Hi FL - Yes, flew with Aer Lingus. We flew to the main airport in Barcelona, i forget the name of it though. I will ask my hubby tonight for you, but we just booked the flight and never even looked at airport names. The Clinic is out near the Nou Camp anyway. We got a taxi both ways as it was handier and only about 20/25 euro from the airport. We flew over the day before as my hubby had tests to do a couple of days before transfer. So we were there on the 30th and had a day to look for our Clinic. We booked Hotel Princess Sofia which was lovely and only walking distance from the Clinic which we found easily. However the day of transfer they called a taxi for us as they wouldn't even let me walk this distance. We flew back on the 3rd then. They were so helpful to us, i am forever grateful to them.</p> <p>Best of luck, let me know what you decide to do. Try not to worry about the job TOO much, as this might not help.</p> <p>Girls, which others of you have decided to opt for Donor, my mind is slipping??</p> <p>Ella.</p>

FL  Posted: 19/01/2009 16:35

<p>Thanks Ella for the information, take it easy and be good to yourself</p>

Cinderella  Posted: 19/01/2009 19:26

<p>Hi All - just a quick hello before I get down to my studying ( have an exam on Saturday - yuk!! )</p> <p>Ella, do you mind me asking - did you take time off work ( apart from the obvious flying out etc!!! )? We too are going Donor route, just waiting to hear when our donor is ready to start... I think Id be afraid to move for the duration!!! Was there much difference with everything this time round?</p> <p>I hope you all enjoyed the weekend Girls and everyone is in good form despite the horrible weather, talk tomorrow xxx</p>

SD  Posted: 19/01/2009 20:57

<p>Hi Girls</p> <p>Ella-Congrats again you wont feel it til the 28 jan for your scan say you and dh cant wait.</p> <p>I have been looking back on the site wanted to read the letters from the new girls as i didnt get a proper chance to write back.</p> <p>AD-sorry to hear you had a failed IUI as the girls already said IVF is a long journey but if we all get the result were looking for well thats all we want so please god we will.</p> <p>SUZIE-I was readind your post on the 7 jan.You have given up alot of thing hopefully you will beable to use your own eggs but if not its not the end you have donour look at PC &amp; ELLA they are over the moon with there bundles of joy.</p> <p>CHOOSEN ONE-I know how you feel i also feel resentful, self pity, angry, jelous the list can go on and on everyone around me seems to be pregnant but i have to keep telling myself that this is life and i have to get on with it.Im in the middle of FET with blastocyst at the moment.we've been through a fresh cycle which had failed and FET which also failed.Are you still starting treatment on the 21 jan let us know how you are getting on.</p> <p>CINDERELLA-When i went for my first IVF i to thought it would be grand i even thought i would of getting pregnant as the doctors said it should work first time as i got pregnant 3 times natrully but they all ended in etopic pregnancy how wrong could he be.Any news on your donor starting meds yet.How was Scotland did you and dh have a great time hope you enjoyed your cigs &amp; wine.</p> <p>KIKI-You have been through alot so sorry to hear you had a nervous breakdown you really need to look after yourself going through this cycle and log on anytime for a chat or even a rant as it will make you feel better, beleave me we all do it take care.</p> <p>Hope everyone is doing well take care talk soon.</p>

Ella  Posted: 20/01/2009 09:49

<p>SD - Thank a mill, time will fly. Unfortunately my DH cant get much time off with work so i will be going alone for this scan anyway. I will prob have one again 2 weeks after that, so he might make that one, hopefully!! We dont mind once we have crossed the bridge, so to speak!! Still a long way to go though and being careful, but living life normally.</p> <p>Cinderella - Every other time through IVF (not donor) i took the 2ww off work, and stayed at home, probably worried alot more too and rested. It never worked. This time i went into it all alot calmer with the attitude if it works, great, and if not well that it wasn't meant to be for us. We had been through so much i think, we were past worrying. So we planned it at Xmas because of work committments and we would be off, so it worked well that way. I had said to Dh and myself that i would go back to work cause it will either work or not at that stage, and that's exactly what i did. Can i just say, its amazing how calmer you get as time goes on. 2 years ago i would have not been like this. I suppose anxiousness didn't help either. I know it's easier said than done. Also i think, it would have never worked for us with just IVF or naturally either, because at the end of the day there were problems there and they had to be rectified and the way i look at it now is, we were lucky to find that Clinic, because of what DH had to have done also which was TESA, (a prob with SOME sperm). I suppose if we were to think deeply about it, we both had problems and that was unlucky for us, but together we made it and it was tough at times i can tell you, but we got there and because of this long, long road, we are stronger for it.</p> <p>FL - I forgot to ask DH about the airport but if you just book with Aerlingus it will prob be just the one airport. Ryanair fly to Girona but that's no good to you, so Aerlingus is the way to go.</p> <p>I also want to say that in my 2nd week of the 2ww, we had a car accident in the family and it was also an anxious time for us all, but again thank God everything was ok, but what i'm saying to you girls is that while in the 2ww, (when you all get there) no matter what you think you should or shouldn't be doing to jeopordise things, you are not, because if you're healthy and the eggs and sperm are good then things will work out. I think they way i see it now (hindsight a great thing) is my eggs were never good enough to work, and when i had two healthy ones put back, i was much more relaxed too that things were in good order, and i had the best chance got of it working. Still rest as much as you can, but what i'm saying is do the things you want to do in that time. I also went for dinner that week and drove and all, things i would have never done the other times, so see the difference it makes!!!!</p> <p>Girls gotta go, or this wont get to you all. Hope this helps you all and gives you courage!!</p> <p>Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for now!! Ella.<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

Sandra  Posted: 20/01/2009 09:51

<p>Hi all,</p> <p>Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Ella, Just wanted to say congratulations to you and your husband. You must be over the moon. Take it easy now and enjoy xx</p>

Jo  Posted: 20/01/2009 10:45

<p>Ella, Congratulations!!, I have only had a chance to log in today, was checking and checking all Friday but then had to leave work and I dont have access to internet then. Was worried as hadnt heard all week from you, but I am so thrilled for you and your husband, its be a long long road for you both, but now you are finally there!! I am so delighted for you. Congratulations again!!! Take care of yourself.</p>

Suzie  Posted: 20/01/2009 12:45

<p>Hi Ladies</p> <p>Just logged on and i noticed a post that i had put on over the weekend never when through for some reason! Anyway ill start again - oh my God Ella that is fantastic news CONGRATULATIONS to both you and your husband, its such a hard difficult road and wonderful to see its worked out for you after everything, you give us all hope. Keep us posted.</p> <p>Cinderella - hope you enjoyed your weekend away and enjoyed the few cigs and vino, i caved and had a few myself over the weekend too but sod it im sick of beating myself up over it, as long as im off them when the cycle starts next month thats the main thing. Also thanks a mil for the info on the costs and length of waiting time for the donor programme in the SIMS, its more expensive but quicker than i thought. I'll see how things go with my FSH, i'll get the results this Thursday so ill have a better idea then. If it means donor we'll find the money from somewhere, where there is a will there is a way eh!</p> <p>SD - thank you for your kind words it means a lot and the best of luck with your FET at the end of Jan, keep us posted on it we are all here for you girl.</p> <p>LU - Good luck starting at the end of Feb, ill be starting mid Feb so you wont be on your own girl. Is this your first or have you been through it before?</p> <p>AD - About the egg collection, i didnt feel or hear a thing when i was sedated, i might as well have been in a coma, i even had to be woken up, it was probably the best sleep i had i a while to be honest! I was a bit crampy afterwards but it does pass, the next day i felt fine so dont worry. Its a pity we're not knocked out for all the procedures eh!</p> <p>Two quick questions for you girls, im due to start the pill on the first day of my next period and im told i have to get a saline test done on my uterus to check for any obstructions etc. between day 4 &amp; day 10. The previous clinic i was with didnt do this type of test so its new to me. Ive read the leaflet and it has my nerves in bits, its it painful at all, the leaflet goes into so much detail of side effects and risks that its put the fear of God in me. I know they have to cover everything but it doesnt help to put the mind at rest. Could any of you fill me in on what to expect? Am i worrying too much?</p> <p>My second question is about my ovary moving. During my first IVF and the following FET the scans werent very painful just usual discomfort but when i started my second fresh cycle i was told my ovary had moved and the scans became very painful to get as they had trouble trying to locate it, it was eventually found under my uterus but it made things very difficult as it was hard for them to see if there were any follicles growning on it, in their efforts to see if there was ment every scan was agonising to get and i found it very distressing. In the end the cycle was cancelled not just because of my ovary moving but the follicles on the other ovary werent growing as well as expected. Im hoping that its moved back into place but i wont know really until i start the next cycle and it is an extra worry on top of everything else! Have any of you experienced or heard of this happening at all?</p> <p>Anyway I better go as im in work. Hi to everyone else i didnt get to. Talk soon.</p> <p>Suzie <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

sinead  Posted: 20/01/2009 13:43


BM  Posted: 20/01/2009 13:49

<p>Hi all,</p> <p>A quick message for you Suzie. I'm sure others will also respond, the proceedure I think is called a saline ultrasound. I have had one (lots of us probably have) and it was fine. They basically flush the uterus with saline to see if there is any polyps, fibroids, scar tissue etc. before you start a cycle, which may impact the outcome. In the Sims they also do it to "map the uterus" so the consultant knows exactly where to transfer the embryos. It's honestly not bad at all - strange sensation, doesn't last long. I think you can have a tiny bit of spotting or cramping afterwards but it is less intrusive than say egg collection or an embryo transfer - I'm sure you'll be fine. I don't think they like you to drive home afterwards- from memory. As for the moving ovaries- I don't have any experience of this, sounds very painful - sorry can't be of any assistance on this question.</p> <p>Ella - so glad you are taking the time to enjoy your positive result, the scan will make it seem far more real too.</p> <p>All those starting in Feb - not long to go now!</p>

Ella  Posted: 20/01/2009 14:16

<p>Sinead, the Donor is very expensive, you'd want to be sure about it and have your mind fully made up that this is what you want. As we always said, it's just another chance that it could work. Depending on your history and what your previous Clinic said to you. Our previous clinic suggested donor to us after our second failed IVF but we always said we would do 3IVF's and never contemplated Donor at all at this stage (God when i think back on this now!!). Anyway after the 3 failed attempts we sat back and took a year out to get ourselves better and up to scratch again (as i was gone down a lot), we talked about this and decided to go ahead. It was all real fast in the end, once we decided to plunge. I suppose not including flights, accomodation, bloods or any tests leading up to it. Just the program itself is nearly &euro;10K, a lot of money!! We had the TESA then as well for hubby, which ended up in a biopsy which was extra again and then we had eggs to freeze, another &euro;800, so it all adds up. I would round it off at between &euro;13K and &euro;15K.</p> <p>So as i said, and this is to anyone out there, take your time deciding. Hope you make the right decision for you!!</p> <p>To the smokers, i just want to say, i used to be one, both of us were. I'm off them 15 months now and hubby nearly 6 years. It's a lot of money girls for any treatment so, give up if you can, it will pay off one way or another for you!!</p> <p>Anyway, was at Doctors this morning and she confirmed my preg test. She said it was a definate positive and came up real quickly to her, no waiting. She also took blood, routine she said, this and that, can't remember. I have a scan next Wednesday as i said (28th) so she said pending that, we will make decisions then. She said i'm nearly 6 weeks already, and my due date is the 16th of September!! I'm soooooooooooooooo excited now!!!! Told no family yet though as no one knew only ourselves!! Ella.</p>

Lu  Posted: 20/01/2009 14:32

<p>Hi Suzy</p> <p>It's our 2nd time doing ICSI. First cycle was in mid Nov where only 1 embryo was available to implant. Unfortunately it didn't work, so we are scheduled again for Feb. It would have been sooner but Clinic was booked up. I just have to comment on the egg collection - I found it the most excrutiating procedure ever and remember waking up in chronic pain 3 times while sedated. It definitely took me more than a few days to get over it. I mentioned this to Consultant at our meeting last week and she documented it and said next time they'd up dosage of the sedative - thank God!</p> <p>The saline test is to test for any blockages or fibroids/cysts etc and is also call a Hycosy scan. It's costs around &euro;308 but is covered by VHI, so you shouldn't have to pay for it. Basically its done via catheter into the uterus (if I can remember correctly) and a saline solution is flushed through, which flows through the uterus and fallopian tubes. It's tracked on the ultrasound machine also. As BM said they also measure the depth, lenght, thickness etc of the uterus to get the prime location to insert the catheter during embryo transfer.</p> <p>About the moving Ovary - that happened to me aswell during one of the many vaginal scans I had during the stimulation period. It didn't cause me any more discomfort than I usually had during the scans. The nurse explained that the ovaries are not "tied" down as such but move or swirl around gently all the time. On this occasion, my left one moved behind my bowel, but with a bit of gentle poking with the ultrasound probe she was able to get a clear picture and count the follicles etc. So don't be worried about this, it's completely normal for them to move gently. Sometimes if there's a lot of gas in the bowel or if you have a full bladder, the ovaries can appear hidden. I wouldn't imagine they'd cancel a cycle over this as its completely normal and they should have been able to locate it in a few hours or the next day. Hope all this reassures you!!!</p>

AD  Posted: 20/01/2009 15:26

<p>Hi Lu,</p> <p>The egg collection sounds very painful and I didn't know about the second procedure.</p> <p>I hope that they heed your comments and sedate you a lot more the next time. We are trying to do a good thing and we should not have to endure that much pain.</p> <p>I hope that it will be a bit easier the next time.</p> <p>Best Wishes to you all</p> <p>XXXXXx</p>

Suzie  Posted: 20/01/2009 16:37

<p>Hi Girls, thanks so much for your responses and reassurance.</p> <p>Lu - God you poor thing your EC sounds awful, maybe i was just lucky on that occassion, a least you said it to your consultant so hopefully next time that wont happen. Reading some of the post its seems everyone has different experiences with the EC alright. With such an intense procedure you'd think they'd use something stronger to ensure situations like that dont happen, its all distressing enough as it is! Thanks for re-assuring me about the moving ovary, i had never heard of that happening before but sure i suppose it makes sense that organs would move around a bit. They could only see one follicle on the one that moved which hadnt matured and only one mature one on the other thats why they cancelled it. They said if they went ahead with only one mature follicle it doesnt always gaurantee that there would be an egg in it and it would be pointless putting me through that. Im glad we've changed clinics though cos on that cycle they down regulated me even though my FSH was high which didnt make much sense, the new clinic are doing a different protocol due to the FSH so please God this time it will be different.</p> <p>BM (and Lu) - thanks for putting my mind at rest about the saline ultrasound. Fear of the unknown i guess. Hopefully they wont find any obstructions, i do have Endo on the back of my womb on the outside so im praying it hasnt grown into it!</p> <p>Ella - Great news now that your Doctor has it all confirmed you must be over the moon, its fastastic. Also you are right about the smoking, im back drinking the water again to relieve the cravings which helping thank God, im getting there slowly but surely.</p> <p>Thanks again girls for your help, you've seriously calmed me down.</p> <p>Talk soon.</p> <p>Suzie <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

SD  Posted: 20/01/2009 21:45

<p>Hi Girls</p> <p>I have never heard of a saline plus i have never had it done.The clinic im with never said anything to me about this, now im worried as to why they have never done this to me. starting to think are they even putting the embryo in the right place as how would they know the depth lenght thickness ect of my uterus if they never done this to me. oh girls im starting to panic know. Is there anyone else that didn't have this done when they were going through treatment before.</p> <p>SINEAD-How are you? What stage are you at on the treatment. Hope everything is going well for you. Can i ask you whats making you think of going down the donor route?</p>

Suzie  Posted: 21/01/2009 10:16

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">Hi Girls</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">I replied to your posts yesterday evening before I left work but for some reason it hasn&rsquo;t appeared, are any of you having problems with posts cos this is the second time it&rsquo;s happened to me in a few days. Hopefully this one will go through but I&rsquo;m going to save it in advance just in case!</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">Firstly thank you all for your advice and reassurance it really calmed me down, its good to hear from people who can share your worries cos this whole thing can be such a lonely place.</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">Lu &ndash; Sorry to hear your first ICSI didn&rsquo;t work out please God the next one will be the one for you. Your egg collection sounds like a nightmare you poor thing, at least your Consultant knows and hopefully next them they&rsquo;ll give you more an increased dose of sedative. Maybe it&rsquo;s a combination of different clinics and how things affect people in different ways, I don&rsquo;t know the amount of sedative I was given it could have been more than what you were given or it could have been a case of it doesn&rsquo;t take much to knock me out! God knows really cos I find now as I go on through this journey the procedures and meds are affecting me different each time so what I think I know from previous experience turns out to be different which makes things so uncertain.</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">I also see that your ovary moved as well thank God im not the only one! I was surprised when mine moved cos I was told I had a frozen pelvis, apparently the endometriosis is stuck to left ovary (the one that moved), on the outside of the back of my womb, bowel, bladder and completely clogged my fallopian tubes! I suppose the fact it moved is good in way cos it means that things are loosing up a bit but as far as scans are concerned hopefully it&rsquo;ll reposition itself. They didn&rsquo;t cancel the cycle solely on that, on day before egg collection the ovary still hadn&rsquo;t moved back into place and from what they could manage to see was only one follicle that just wasn&rsquo;t maturing, the right ovary had one that had matured but advised us not to continue on the cycle as they didn&rsquo;t see much point of putting me through the egg collection procedure with only one follicle that may not have an egg in it, they recommended cancelling and starting again in a few months on a different protocol. My FSH was high just before I started that cycle but they still down regulated me which didn&rsquo;t really make any sense to us, anyway we are with the new clinic now who have a different protocol for high FSH and an egg donation scheme if necessary so fingers crossed.</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">BM (and Lu) &ndash; Thanks for your insight into the saline ultrasound, it doesn&rsquo;t sound as bad as I thought so hopefully ill be ok, I have a tendency of tensing up when I get any of these scans done which makes them even more uncomfortable, ill have to try and learn to relax a bit. I just hope the Endo hasn&rsquo;t grown into the womb, well if there is anything there they can remove it so I&rsquo;m not going to start panicking about something I don&rsquo;t know yet. <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>Also it&rsquo;s great that it&rsquo;s covered by the VHI cos every cent counts at this stage!</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">Ella &ndash; that&rsquo;s great news that your BFP was officially confirmed by your GP, relax now and enjoy every moment girl you deserve it. You are right about the smoking, I haven&rsquo;t touch one since Monday evening so doing well, I&rsquo;m knocking back the water to kill the cravings and just keeping myself very busy and thankfully so far so good - one day at a time as they say!</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">I&rsquo;ll be getting the results of my Day 3 FSH tomorrow girls to say a prayer its gone down a bit.</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">Hi and best wishes to everyone else I didn&rsquo;t get to. </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;"> </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">Thanks again.</span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;">&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Arial;">Suzie</span></span></p>

Suzie  Posted: 21/01/2009 10:53

<p>Hi Girls</p> <p>I see my first post went through as I was re-typing it again (typical!), apolgies for repeating myself.</p> <p>SD - The clinic i was with for 2 years never done a saline ultrasound at all and like you i never heard of it until i joined the new clinic. It would be no harm to mention it to your consultant maybe you could request one. Dont panic as each clinic seems to do some things differently, im sure they know what they are doing but again you've nothing to lose by asking. Good luck and let us know how you get on.</p> <p>Suzie</p>

gi  Posted: 21/01/2009 11:21

<p>Hi girls,</p> <p>Ella: Congrats on the offical confirmation, you must be so excited only 7 days left till the scan, you never know it could be twins!!</p> <p>SD: How are you?? When is the transfer? How many embies to thaw?? I assume its not a natural transfer that you are using meds, I had a FET last May but it was natural transfer during ovualtion as they didnt want to put me on meds for just 1 embie in case it didnt survive but it did., its nerve racking waiting to see if it survived but hopefully all will go well for ye Fingers crossed XXX</p> <p>Suzie: Good luck with the FSH levels, pg you will get to complete the cycle.</p> <p>Chosen one: Have you started your meds today? Good luck to you too.</p> <p>How is everyone else, its going to be busy around here soon hopefully lots of BFP's!!!</p> <p>gi xx</p>

Suzie  Posted: 21/01/2009 11:47

<p>Hi Girls</p> <p>I just rang my GP on the off chance my FSH results came back early and they did, it aint good news. Its gone up from 18.5 to 20 and my progesterone is 3.2 (not sure what the progesterone supposed to be or what is was periously). Im sitting here in work shaking like a leaf and in a cold sweat, how am i gona get through this day! Oh jesus this could be the end of the road with my own eggs. I know there is always donor but im just in a state of shock at the moment.</p> <p>My clinic dont know yet, i have to collect the results from our local surgery this evening and ill fax them over tomorrow. My husband has an appointment with the our clinic for a semen analysis this afternoon so he's going to mention the results to them then and see what they have to say.</p> <p>God i am so sick, sore and tired of getting bad news all the time, i feel like im fighting a losing battle!</p> <p>Suzie <img title="Frown" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-frown.gif" border="0" alt="Frown" /></p>

Ella  Posted: 21/01/2009 12:22

<p>Suzie - Please dont panic!</p> <p>Ok, so the news isn't that great, but NO it's not the end of the world at all. Where there's a will, there's way. You're panicking now and this wont do you or your DH any good at all. Try to calm down and relax and you'll deal with things better this way. Take one step at a time. If you still intend to go ahead with your own eggs, then do. It's not gone up that much, and medications can do wonders too. Ask your Clinic for advice on what they think would be best going on these results. If it's a good Clinic they should know what to say. I would heed their information then. Its first things first for you now, so take one thing at a time and deal with that first. You cant change the results so the best thing to do is talk, discuss, get good advice from the experts and after that, the ball is in your court. So listen to your body, your head, your heart and go with what your gut is telling you, (i always do and it works every time). Hope this helps for now. Brave faces and positive thinking, that's what tis all about and remember the experts are there for a reason!!! Use them!!!</p> <p>Ella <img title="Wink" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif" border="0" alt="Wink" /></p>

Ruthie  Posted: 21/01/2009 12:36

<p>Hi Suzie</p> <p>Just read your post and thought i'd hop on and see if I could comfort you in some way. Try not to be too worried about the FSH of 20 - FSH levels are not the be all and end all and can be seriously affected by stress levels i.e. if you are worrying about them being high then you may be helping them increase. I have had FSH levels as high as 35 and when they put me on Clomid to try and decrease them they went to 45 instead!!! They are now currently back around the 18 to 22 level and thats two years on so its not really an exact science. I don't know how your clinic will react but I suppose what I really want to say is try not to worry about it as it won't help in the long run - easier said than done I know. Try and take a few deep breaths and make yourself a nice cup of tea - try and think a happy thought and let yourself calm naturally. Sorry there isnt more I can do to help - consider yourself cyber-hugged. Keep in touch and let us know what the clinic says this afternoon.</p> <p>xx Ruthie<img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" /></p>

FL  Posted: 21/01/2009 14:38

<p>Hi Suzie</p> <p>My heart goes out to you. I will never forget the day I got a call from the HARI to say my FSH was high. Anyway mine were as high as 26 and like Ruthie they rose with clomid. I did go ahead in October last and on that cycle FSH was 21. I got three eggs - only one fertilized and it was transferred but unfortunately it did not work. I really don't know what to say to you, they don't recommend I try again with my own eggs. I will turn 40 this March and have an appointment with SIMS on Feb 11th to discuss donor. Also the clinic in Barcelona have said they would be happy to treat me with donor IVF. Its so hard <img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

SD  Posted: 21/01/2009 15:57

<p>Hi Suzie</p> <p>Just logged on now and seen you got your results and you're in a bit of a panic. you poor girl, as Ruthie said they're not the be all and end all. I hope you have calmed down by now, easyer said than done i know but this wont help you. Hopefully your husband will have brighter news for you when he comes back from the clinic today. keep in touch, we're all here for you.</p>

Cinderella  Posted: 21/01/2009 19:04

<p>HI Girls - my last post didnt post ( and I wouldnt know how to save it!! ) - maybe the person who posts had gone home for the evening, and Im an evening postee !! ( no email in work - how ancient?! ). Maybe it's because there's so much activity!!!!</p> <p>Suzie, hope you have calmed a little, no stress is good for you. When will get more info on the result? When we did the bloods, gyny only commented that the level was slightly high.... and didnt think too much of it. I dont know how much they count... Hopefully things are a little brighter by now for you....</p> <p>Ella, are you excited about the scan? Is your DH able to attend with you?? Oh, the excitement - you're so blessed!!!</p> <p>Is anyone else going donor? Apologies, I cant remember, and I wish I could view the other posts when Im writing!!!!</p> <p>Unfortunately Im still smoking, as Im (allegedly) studying - but my cut off is after this w'end - made a deal with myself to get scotland, birthday &amp; exam outta the way first!!! I'll keep the water handy, do you really think it works???</p> <p>Talk soon, hope everyone is ok<img title="Wink" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif" border="0" alt="Wink" />x</p>

gi  Posted: 21/01/2009 19:30

<p>Suzie,</p> <p>Just read your post, how are you now? poor you getting the news in work it must have been a very long day. Put your feet up and relax with a glass of wine the girls have given some wise advice it may be difficult to sink it all in now but have a good chat with DH. I believe some things happen for a reason we too are going one more round with our eggs but donor after that if it fails, this ivf business is so tough physically, emotionally and financially i dont want to spend any more wasted cycles on my eggs if they are not up to scratch. I'm afraid i dont know much about fsh levels - damn i really should listen to why they take my blood levels you would think after 4 cycles i would know what they are doing to me!! they usually laugh at me in the hari unit they say i never let things bother me even when the news aint good i am still smiling but i say i have got to, i am doing this ivf until it works no matter how many cycles - please god let it be soon i feel like a pin cushion, my family think its funny how i use to be shy in taking off clothes and stuff in front of people but now i could walk around naked cause i have been stripping off so much in the last 2 years<img title="Embarassed" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-embarassed.gif" border="0" alt="Embarassed" /> Sorry i am not much help hopefully you are feeling better by now. Keep us posted, you never know what can happen</p> <p>gi xxx</p>

Kel  Posted: 21/01/2009 23:30

<p>Hi Suzie,</p> <p>Ella and the rest of the girls have given you some sound advice. I hope by now, you have calmed down a bit and that your husband was able to help put you to ease when he came home from the clinic. It sounds like it was your initial reaction. I wont repeat all that the others have said. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you.</p> <p>Ella, I really like what you said when you were explaining how you dealt with the 2ww this time and your whole philosophy this time on whethor or not it would work. You gave us all some very good advice with that post. I hope that we can all use it when it comes to our time for treatment.</p> <p>For me it seems that there is no beginning in sight! My period came yesterday so I thought I would phone the clinic to see if I could try another month of Clomid. The doc agreed that I could try but because we have booked our holiday during our "hot" week, which is when the scans would need to be done, I cant take it this month. It seems that the last time I tried clomid, in October, it produced 3 follicles, one at 19 (large) one at 16 and one at 13. So, it would have been "irresponsible" to try during that month. So, because of those results, she wouldn't feel comfortable with me taking it this month, without any scans that week. Also.. yet again, no private patients are being seen until after April now at the fertility clinic here in the North so.. I'm waiting now on getting my appointment with Origin. They say that I can have the 1st consultation appointment at the end of Feb so, I can only hope and pray to be starting in March. I'm so tired of waiting! Just fed up with all the bad news I keep getting. Sorry for the moan!<img title="Frown" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-frown.gif" border="0" alt="Frown" /></p>

Suzie  Posted: 22/01/2009 09:19

<p>Hi girls</p> <p>Thank you so much for all your responses and support. i got into a bit of a state over it all alright. I knew i couldnt go through the rest of the day like that so i got my GP to fax the results to the clinic and took a half day and went in with my husband so see if someone could talk to us and they did. A lovely nurse took me aside when my husband went for his test. She also spoke with the consultant we had our first meeting with last november. Even though the FSH has increased slightly they both agree to give one more shot with my own eggs based on my first successful cycle (that ended as a chemical pregnancy) and the fact that i was down regulated on my last cycle which shouldnt have happened as i had high FSH then as well (all this was with my previous clinic). This time there will be no down regulation and they'll give me the highest dosage of meds and go from there. She did say that this will be my last attempt with my own eggs though but im just glad i still have a chance and the nurse agreed its worth a shot and if it doesnt work there will be no regrets as i tried everything. They gave me great consulation and were so friendly to me and said that i done the right thing coming in instead of going home in a state. They are so nice in the SIMs clinic and i really feel i can trust them.</p> <p>I feel calmer today and thank god i have yous to talk to thank you again girls, cyber hugs to you all too.</p> <p>Suzie<img title="Smile" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" /></p>

gi  Posted: 22/01/2009 12:38

<p>Hey suzie, thats great news you must be so relieved. At least now you can relax and focus on the next step. Pg it will work but at least you know there is the donor option.</p> <p>Kel: Sorry to hear you are still having probs hopefully they will call you to start soon - this waiting business is annoying as that is all we can think about but it will be worth the wait.</p> <p>May fly gotta lot of work to do, Hi to everyone.</p> <p>gi xx</p>

Lu  Posted: 22/01/2009 13:22

<p>Thats great Suzie that you feel more positive - its amazing what some kind words, a friendly face and some sound advice can do. Keep positive. I've only done one failed cycle so am unclear about the "not down regulating". I was down regulated on the last cycle but wondering now why not everyone is down regulated - any advice??? I will be down regulated on our next attempt again using suprecur but wondering what are the advantages of not being down regulated??</p> <p>Thanks everyone</p>

BM  Posted: 22/01/2009 15:14

<p>Suzie - you did the right thing in going to the clinic, they are so incredibly helpful at the Sims. Lu to answer your question from my own experience, I went through a full cycle down regulation/up regualtion etc. and then over responded, ended up with over 30 follicles and ended up with "mild" HOSS (hyper ovarian stimulation syndrome) - which was awful, it took me a while to bounce back. This was followed by 2 failed FET attempts using the eggs from that cycle. In my case I overresponded to every drug and developed polyps on the HRT, two FETs had to be abandoned - it was disappointing and at the time seemed like nothing was ever going to work. I went for a second opinion at the Sims and did my last cycle with them and it was decided not to put me on "down regulation" as this had contributed to my over-reaction and based on the number of eggs collected (22), that I had or seemed to have some of the symptoms of PCOS. In my case there are no "female factors" (still didn't make it easy, I have to say), DH has anti-sperm antibodies.</p> <p>From what I gather, from my second consultation, the "down regulation" where they literally shut your system down, sort of like early menopause and then simulate it in a massive way so that you ovulate to produce lots of eggs has different effects on people - it can lead to over stimulation and in the case of a friend of mine they believed it contributed to understimulation, she did a second cyle without it and it was successful. What I experienced at Sims (as did my frined), that there didn't seem to be a standard approach and that they tailored it to what they could tell about you from your history/results etc.</p> <p>Suzie - you're in good hands.</p> <p>Kel - I know all the waiting is frustrating, have you thought about also making an appointment down south, they say it's a 10 week waiting period for an initial consultation, but in most cases it ends up being 8. I know it's not as convenient but at least you might feel a sense of things progressing and you can always keep your appointment with Orign? Great news about your holiday, enjoy it - Egypt sounds v. exotic!</p> <p>Hope everyone else is well and that you are still smiling Ella! I feel enormous (not complaining, I assure you all), Pc are you v. big? I'm just 22 weeks but look like I'm full term, last scan showed both babies were the size of singletons, public appearances may be limited soon, luckily I am working from home most of the time now.</p>

Ella  Posted: 22/01/2009 15:30

<p>Suzie - That's good news and we're all here to support you along and encourage you no matter what happens. I really hope things go well for you this time, so have courage and fate, and put trust in yourself that you can do this.</p> <p>Cinderella, - Yes looking forward to the scan. DH cant make it this time due to work committments, but i have arranged the second one so that he will make it, so that will be exciting!!</p> <p>Kel - I'm glad to see i gave you and hopefully others support for the 2ww. When your time comes and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later, it will help you to read back on these comments (although you'll have a job to find them at that stage) I'm sorry it's been delayed, but maybe that's a good thing and i honestly believe from my own experience that the more you go through to get results on this road, the better the results often are, if that makes sense, so maybe look at your wait as a positive thing.</p> <p>Pc, BM, Jo, what you up to these days, how are you all feeling? There are so, so many people after joining this site, i just cant keep up with what stage everybody is at anymore, so forgive me if i make mistakes or forget, and ask twice. AM - how are the twins doing now, good i hope?? Ruthie, how are things with you?? A new year for you all girls and hopefully a good one for you all too. I log on often to see how you are all getting on but i forget again from time to time, sorry but the older girls stick in my head i suppose cause i started with most of them!! That's not to say that i dont wish the very best for everyone cause i do of course, that goes without saying. Now i'm going to sign off before i make a pig's ear of this conversation, Ha, Ha!!</p> <p>Take care everyone. Ella <img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" /></p>

SD  Posted: 22/01/2009 19:40

<p>SUZIE-So glad you feel much better know the sims clinic seems to be very good.We were going to change over to them but we thought it might be to messy bringing our 4 frozen embryo's over there so decided to stay with the hari unit. to be honest my heart was saying to give it 1 last go there (hope my heart is right)</p> <p>GI-We have 4 embryo's to thaw we are hoping they make it and also make it to blastocyst.Back in the clinic monday to see if my body is ready, yes im using med's so should no more monday i surpose it will hit me then and ill probably start to worry.Thanks for your good wishes. When are you starting treatment again.</p> <p>KEL-I Feel so sorry for you IVF is so so very hard emotionally and phyically wihout haven to wait around to start it but please god you will be one of the lucky one's and it will work for you first time.You will love Egypt the weather is lovely but got a little chilly at night when we were there, would bring a light jacket with you.Are you going to Sharm El Shiekh what hotel are you staying in are you going all inclusive.<img title="Cool" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cool.gif" border="0" alt="Cool" /></p>

CG  Posted: 22/01/2009 20:27

<p>Hi there, I'm new to this after receiving an email from Irish Health today. As I've been trying for a baby for the past 18 months, this discussion caught my eye. I can't tell you how good it feels to not feel alone. It seems that all of my close friends, most of whom were not even trying, or had only been trying for a few months, are already pregnant or have had their babies. The mixed emotions I felt when my best friend called me to tell me she was pregnant were like nothing I've felt before. Happy for her, disgusted with myself that she was almost scared to tell me and upset that it still hadn't happened for me. I felt like such a horrible person. I don't understand all of the terminology but I'm sure after my first visit to the clinic in March I'll understand a lot more - and have some idea of what to expect over the coming months.</p> <p>I look forward to returning to these discussions to read some more of the regular's posts and have my fingers crossed for you all.</p> <p>CG</p>

AD  Posted: 23/01/2009 09:06

<p>Hi Everyone,</p> <p>I hope that you are all well. I have a bit of a problem and I was wondering if you could enlighten me. My AF is late. I have done the test and it was negative. They think that the meds that I was on for my IUI may have effected my cycle.</p> <p>Did this happen to any of you ladies. Any input would be appreciated. If my AF don't come soon it will effect the timing of my IVF in March.</p> <p>Best wishes to you and have a nice weekend.</p> <p>XXXXXX</p>

Pc  Posted: 23/01/2009 09:36

<p>Hi Ella, great to see you in such good form and can't wait now to hear about your scan - its a big event deffo! And a lovely event too..I was nervous and excited and worried all at the same time at my first one.,,mind you come to think of it I'm kind of like that still at each one! Am sure you're still on a high and just getting used to it all! Good for you.</p> <p>To answer you and BM also, yes I'm doing ok. BM yes also flippen last scan both babies were 1lb 9 ounces exactly each..which like you is the same and maybe a bit on the higher percentiles for singletons. This was at 25 weeks. I have another scan the week after next. Am finding work tough girls, getting up so early, being under pressure here. and whilst this is the best thing in the world I'm also just finding it hard going at times with feeling uncomfortable and breathless. I know we are so lucky and am not meaning to complain in any way, but in some ways there are a lot of emotions going on even at this point probably after all the journey etc it took to get here and trying to cope with all the changes that naturally happen. I feel for everyone here who are waiting and starting or in the middle of can be difficult and seem never ending..but I sincerely hope that everyone here gets their dreams and the waiting will be all worth while!</p> <p>Kel, just to say hello and hope you're ok. Again I know you're still waiting and know the frustration...hopefully though by March you will be well on the way!</p> <p>And Jo hope you're getting on ok also? How many weeks are you now?</p> <p>Ruthie. how is the Napro going?</p> <p>Sorry i'm not getting to everyone but I do check often and just to say hi to everyone else. xx</p>

Ella  Posted: 23/01/2009 11:34

<p>Pc - I can't believe you are so far gone!! Doesn't time just fly. It's amazing they are both the exact same size too!! I know what you mean when you say, feelings of breathlessness etc. I feel like that and i'm only at the beginning!! It's not easy for you being at work, but sure maybe you will be finishing up shortly enough, if the twins decide to come early. I get down too at times, so i know now what you meant all those months ago!! The weather doesn't help me either, hate this cold and wet!! I think i'll have to plan a weekend away to bring up my mood!! I'm feeling ok so far but the mood drops now and again, all hormones i suppose, not complaining either though!!</p> <p>AD - i cant help you there i'm afraid, havent had that exp. CG - Welcome, 18 months isn't that long, compared with some people on this site, but it's no harm to be investigating it anyway. Hope you find help in us here on this site!!</p> <p>Kel Hun, when are you off to Egypt?? I think you said next week, well if anyone deserves a proper break you do, so enjoy, and do it in style!!! Cant wait to hear all about it.</p> <p>FL - how are you, any word on you starting the Donor yet?? Will be following your story closely!! Hope you're well these times.</p> <p>SD - Wishing you the very best on Monday, hope the bod is ready, 4 is great and surely you will get 1 or 2 that will survive, PG!!</p> <p>To everyone else, take care and everybody, have good weekends, will log again on Monday PG!!</p> <p>Ella <img title="Kiss" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-kiss.gif" border="0" alt="Kiss" /></p>

Jo  Posted: 23/01/2009 11:55

<p>PC, I am doing well, 22 weeks now, though know what you mean about the changes, you still worry about everything though, like I think I felt the baby moving for a few days, then I havent the next few and you start to worry over that too. i'm not that big at all, still in my 'fat' clothes days, but have had a lot of stress recently too. and I always lose weight with stress, husband had to go for more major surgery on his back (long story!), and have had other family stresses too. So then you worry about being too stressed for the baby too, vicious cycle. But dont get me wrong to all the rest of you out there trying, I wouldnt change this for the world and am so happy with the pregnancy and best wishes to all the rest of you going through it all. I dont post much, but I do follow all your stories and if I can help with any advice I will.</p>

Ruthie  Posted: 23/01/2009 12:11

<p>Wrote a HUGE message and got confirmation that it posted but no sign of it so I have asked them to see if they posted it somewhere else - in the meantime Happy Weekend everyone and AD if by AF you mean your period (sorry what does the AF actually stand for?? not too good on some of the abbreviations) then yes I had very late AFs after both lots of IVF drugs - did preg tests both times and it arrived a day later!! I was told to expect a few dodgy cycles each time so thats probably what it is.</p> <p>If they can't find the mail I will re-enter all the details of my Napro to date tomorrow morning again!! Til then <img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" /></p>

gi  Posted: 23/01/2009 12:13

<p>Hey ladies,</p> <p>CG welcome to the site. i know its tough watching everyone get pregnant so easily but at least your decision is made to start ivf. i found that the toughest decision when to stop trying naturally and move on to ivf but since i decided i feel so much better as now i feel i am doing something that might actually work instead of getting upset each month when AF comes. Hopefully you will get pregnant soon but the girls are support here and are full of information and advice, dont worry i dont even know all the terminolgy and i have going on my 5th ivf!!</p> <p>AD - would you belive my AF was 5 days late this month as well i didnt bother testing as i got a small bit of spotting on the day it was due. i think my body knows when its going to do ivf as this only ever happens when i am doing ivf - every other month its bang on 28days!! That means i will prob. not start cycling till middle of March.</p> <p>SD thats great news 4 embies to thaw!!! Fingers crossed they will keep dividing, good luck on Monday. I am with the Hari too, we have prob. seen each other in waiting room without knowing!!</p> <p>To all you expecting ladies hope ye are doing well and blooming.</p> <p>Kel enjoy the hols its great you are getting a break before tx you will feel really refreshed and motivated for when you come back.</p> <p>Did any of you hear Ray Darcy show this am, a lady has a 2 yr old after 8 attempts and is now going on her 10th!! Fair play to her, i told my partner and he said that means we are only half way there!! I will have grey hairs before this is over!!</p> <p>gi xx</p>

Kel  Posted: 23/01/2009 12:40

<p>Thanks so much girls for your kind thoughts. CG welcome! You know that you can always come here for the support that is so much needed during these times. You are not alone in your feelings. If you read back, we've all been through the exact same, feeling both, happy for the other pregnant person and sad and jealous and guilty that you haven't been successful yourself.</p> <p>Ella, really gonna try to take your advice of looking at the wait as a positive sign. At least we can go on this holiday and know that the first consultation should be only a couple of weeks after we get back and please God, the ball will be rolling quickly after that. It really has been one obstacle after the other just to get started. God help us when it actually does begin! Ha!</p> <p>PC, and BM, thanks too. I think you girls think the rest of us would be annoyed at your complaints.. God knows you both deserve to complain! You've both been through so much before getting to this stage. I've never known a pregnant woman not feel like poo, never mind you two that are having twins! Sorry that you are having such a hard time PC. Is there no way that you could work from home? When are your due dates? What about you Jo? How are you keeping yourself? As for making an app't in the south, my DH and I discussed this back when PC first suggested it months ago. We didn't think that it would work ( more stress getting to and from if there were complications, etc). I'l be happy with Origin as they have great statistics and reputation. I'm just anxious now, when I read about all these different protocols that each of the clinics use on different people. It's scary to think, if they used or did something different, that you might be successful or not? Very confusing for those of us that haven't started yet.</p> <p>SD, yes we are staying in Sharm el Shiekh at the Hilton Sharks Bay and yes, its all inclusive. Do you know it? All the trip advisor comments seem to be good so We are really looking forward to getting a bit of sun. Would we need jeans at night or light summer trousers etc? We don't know anyone else that has been to ask? Any other tips would be grately apprecitated! Sorry to the rest of you that I've gone off topic!</p> <p>Suzie, really glad that you got the information that you did at the clinic. Think about the different night you would have had, had you not taken the half day and went with your DH? Just shows ya, to go with your instincts.</p> <p>Good luck on Monday Gi, hope all goes well for you.</p> <p>As the others have said, its hard to keep up with all the new people on the site. Hope all is going well with everyone and that you all have a nice weekend. The weeks are really flying by so it may not be too long before we get our next BFP! x</p>

AD  Posted: 23/01/2009 13:08

<p>Hi Ruthie(What a nice name)</p> <p>AF means Aunt Flo as far as I know. It is a polite way of saying period from years ago.</p> <p>I am showing my age at this stage.</p> <p>Best Wishes to you all for the weekend and thank you all for your advice in relation to my query. I now know that I am not alone in relation to this problem.</p>

FL  Posted: 23/01/2009 14:24

<p>Hi Everyone</p> <p>Ella</p> <p>we are going to see what they say in SIMS on the 11th February before we make a definite decision.</p> <p>Would you believe that since the IVF my cycle has returned to 27/28 days, cannot believe it, for months before it was really all over the shop, sure I had to get medication to start it for the IVF cycle because I was at 42 days.</p> <p>Wonder could there be a miracle, that it would happen naturally - wishful thinking but sure we all have dream.</p> <p>Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, will log on again on Monday.<img title="Wink" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif" border="0" alt="Wink" /></p>

Cinderella  Posted: 23/01/2009 18:51

<p>Evening Girls - hope everyone is well - couldnt log on last night, something wrong with the eircom site, and was so annoyed! I wanted to share with you that we got a call from the clinic yesterday, our Donor is starting her meds Jan 30th !!!!!!!!! So they will be in touch end Feb !!! Hurdle one over - we were warned that Donor might not be available, so we move on now to next step - how they respond to the meds... fingers crossed it's all good! Was so delighted and was dying to tell ye, and couldnt log on - gggrrrr!!</p> <p>Susie, we're with sims too - friend of mine recommended them to me, she's the proud mother of 1year old twins now, assisted by sims... I have to say, I have found the staff really great, and now that we're dealing with the donor co-ordinator, it's even more special! ( prob sounds a bit strange, but I hope ye know what I mean!!! )</p> <p>I dont think I was down regulated last time - is that the nasal spray ?? But I know they did put me on as high a dosage of the other meds that they could, and when it came to the scan, there were only 3 dots on the screen, one ok and 2 small - but doc agreed to go ahead.... and we know the rest of that story!!!</p> <p>ah well, hope you all have a lovely w'end, and pg Monday when Im talking to y'all I'll be smoke free <img title="Laughing" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" />xx</p>

Ruthie  Posted: 25/01/2009 17:12

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: small;">Hi there Guys &ndash; Hope you are all having a good weekend. I just said I&rsquo;d hop on again and bring you up to speed with how my Napro tracking is going. I did post a long message late last week but it disappeared despite appearing on the site for a few minutes!!! Bizarre. </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: small;">Anyway basically I will try and keep this one shortish!! We are on to stage two of Napro at the moment, which is the fixing stage, <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>having ascertained during Stage one &ndash; the discovery stage - that I suffer from consistent ovarian cysts which as far as they can tell are basically stopping me from becoming pregnant. The cysts are benign and they believe that they are actually unruptured follicles &ndash; in other words my follicles grow and progress as normal for the first few weeks but instead of rupturing and releasing an egg they continue to grow and become cysts &ndash; these cysts usually go with the onset of a period but most of the time seem to come back again the next cycle. Obviously this results in the constant lack of released eggs hence impossible to get pregnant!!! </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: small;">Drives me mad that NO-ONE during IVF ever told me that the cysts that kept appearing and having to be drained during treatment could have been unruptured follicles &ndash; instead I was told that I wasn&rsquo;t producing ANY follicles or eggs and assumed the cysts were infections or something<img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" />!!! </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: small;">Anyway now that we have found this out the next step is basically to try and fix the problem. I start with scans on Monday to make sure I don&rsquo;t have a cyst (fingers crossed please cos I did have the last time I tried to do this &ndash; didn&rsquo;t have one when I was with the gynae on 22nd December but couldn&rsquo;t start because no scans would be available over Christmas) If I do have a cyst I can&rsquo;t go ahead with treatment but if I don&rsquo;t then i have ten hormone tablets to take at once and then I continue getting scans every few days until the follicle reaches 22mm at which point I have two injections to give myself to try and rupture the follicle and release the egg. The scans continue then to ensure that an egg has actually been released. If we can manage to prove this then there is every possibility that I may be able to achieve a natural pregnancy. If not then at least we finally know WHY we have been unsuccessful to date and can move on to other options. Needless to say I am a little anxious and really really hope that I don&rsquo;t have a cyst as I want to move on with things.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: small;">Galway also sent me to see a gynae specialist in Ballinasloe who is the only one they deal with to see if he wanted to redo my lap and dye but he has decided that nothing major would probably have changed in the two years since I had the last one which was completely clear and showed no problems whatsoever <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>and will hold off on further surgery til we see if we can prove follicle rupture and egg release. If we can do this and are still not having success then he may change his mind and explore further!! The Napro charting has also shown that I only seem to ovulate every second month which is another hurdle to sort out!! </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: small;">Other than that I am desperately trying to stay off all traces of Soya and soya products, since having the food intolerance tests &ndash; really hard as it is in EVERYTHING and is also disguised EVERYWHERE &ndash; thought I had finally found white bread which I could eat &ndash; made without soya flour only to discover &ndash; when I emailed them &ndash; that although they don&rsquo;t list it as an ingredient and don&rsquo;t use soya flour in any of their breads &ndash; they do oil the tins with soya oil so bang went that source!!!! I SO wish people would correctly label their foods!! Steering clear of the <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>cashew nuts and pineapple, kidney beans and buckwheat <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>and cutting back hugely on the egg yolks is a much easier affair cos they are clearly labelled. I must admit I feel 100% better for giving up the foods I am intolerant to and have dropped a stone without trying since giving them up &ndash; no more bloating and overtiredness either which is great. </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"><span style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: small;">Sorry if this has turned into an epic and also a bit of a rant but its a complicated road and hard to think of everything that has been going on since I started with Galway. Fingers crossed all will go well with the scan tomorrow and we will FINALLY be able to head off on the next little trial to see if we can fix things bit by bit. Will keep you posted and sorry again for the long message. Xxx Ruthie</span></p>

Ruthie  Posted: 26/01/2009 11:57

<p>Hi AD - thanks for that explanation - the painters and decorators I had heard and now that you mention it Aunt Flo too - just wouldn't come to me !!! Must be what my mum calls "a Senior Moment" now that I've hit the big 40!!!!</p> <p>Cinderella - BRILLIANT news about your donor starting her meds - can't wait to hear how your story unfurls - I have a particular interest in donor as we may end up going down that route ourselves in the not too distant future.</p> <p>Everyone else - Happy Monday - I'm off for my scan now so fingers crossed it will be clear. <img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" /></p>

Ella  Posted: 26/01/2009 12:48

<p>Ruthie - Wishing you the very best for today, hoping it will all go well for you. The Napro sounds like a very complicated road, however i really hope it works out for you.</p> <p>Cinderella - Great news on the donor, hope it goes well for you now!! Well done on the smokes too!! Anyone else have news on donor?? I'm amazed at all the girls on this site, heading for this route, i hope everyone has thought it through, it's a big, big step!!</p> <p>FL - Good the cycle has settled down, that's a plus anyway. Dont expect anything i think is the best approach and you wont be disappointed then, easier said than done i know!! but it's the best attitude to have if you can have it. Hopefully Simms will be good news for you too!!</p> <p>Gi - what's your news??</p> <p>SD- Did your 4 survive?? I bet you have good news today??</p> <p>Kel - Enjoy the hols babe!!</p> <p>To everyone else - hope you had good weekends and are in good form, being patient in your waits!!</p> <p>I haven't much news girls, had a quiet weekend, relaxing, eating dinners in other people's houses!!!! Lovely!!! I have our 1st scan on Wednesday morning, so i'm looking forward to it but also a bit nervous that everything will be ok. I think i'm 7 weeks this week. The nurse in the Clinic said it was to see that it would be in place and then the next scan would be for a heartbeat but i reckon i should see a heartbeat this week, here's hoping and praying anyway. I'm just going to go to it relaxed and take what comes.</p> <p>Talk soon, Ella xxxxx</p>

gi  Posted: 26/01/2009 14:34

<p>Hi girls, hope ye had a nice wkend.</p> <p>Ruthie: just read your message, you have been thro. the mills!! Good luck with the scan today.</p> <p>Cinderalla: You must be so excited!! Things are moving along nicely for you, hopefully your donor will respond well.</p> <p>SD: Good luck today, fingers crossed for those little embies, forgive my forgetfullness are you having ET today?? oh and whats napro??</p> <p>As for me i too have my review on 11th Feb, cannot believe its 5mths since my last cycle! It only feels like few wks but getting excited now, isnt it amazing how much ivf consumes your life i feel like i am always thinking about it and because i work on a computer all day i am always checking to see how ye girls are doing.</p> <p>Hi to all i have missed.</p> <p>gi xx</p>

Ruthie  Posted: 26/01/2009 14:55

<p>Thanks Ella for the good wishes. Unfortunately it seems not to be my turn yet. <img title="Cry" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cry.gif" border="0" alt="Cry" /></p> <p>The large cyst which I had when I went for the scan in November was gone, this much I knew from the second scan in Ballinasloe in December and there is a little folly in its place which was good news BUT (and there always seems to be a but) there is a biggish cyst now on my right ovary which means I cant go ahead with the medication today and this means that the follicle tracking is put off AGAIN for another month until we see if I am cyst free next month.</p> <p>It is SO FRUSTRATING not to be able to get past this hurdle each time. The gynae who did my scan did say that the follicle which he could see on the left ovary seemed to be the size it should be at this stage in the cycle and indicated that if it continued on its merry way it should rupture in about 5 to 7 days - so fingers crossed - miracles can happen!!! I will remain hopeful and keep the chin up. His parting shot was - hopefully I won't see you this time next month!!!</p> <p>Ella best of luck with the scan on Wednesday - you must be very excited, terrified and i'm sure a thousand other emotions - is someone going with you instead of your hubby or are you being brave and bold??</p> <p>We haven't decided to go donor yet - we nearly went that route 7 months ago but decided to give Napro a whirl seeing as my sister-in-law had such success with it along with a few other friends too. We have discussed it a lot over the last few months and have decided that should we fail along this route that it is definitely the best option for us. We are however quite happy to be patient with the Napro for a bit longer so that we can say we gave it our best shot and also because I find it very helpful that it gives us answers as to why we are not getting pregnant - the lack of information was something which I found very frustrating about IVF.</p> <p>Anyway girls - hope all is well with the rest of you. Say a little prayer for my folly!!!</p> <p>Talk soon</p> <p>xx Ruthie<img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" /></p>

gi  Posted: 26/01/2009 16:00

<p>Ruthie so sorry to hear you didnt get good news today but you seem such an optimistic person and taking all thats thrown at you in your stride. I hope things are better for you next month, i am going to make a mental note to start praying for your little follicle <img title="Innocent" src="/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-innocent.gif" border="0" alt="Innocent" /></p> <p>SD sorry was meant to ask Ruthie what was Napro? Havent heard of this or Follicle tracking - i seem to learn something new everyday.</p> <p>Ella: Best of luck on wed for you and your little bean, 7wks! gosh doesnt time fly.</p> <p>I really gotta do some paper work today!! BYE gi xx</p>

Cinderella  Posted: 26/01/2009 20:00

<p>HI Girls - hope this Monday finds you all well! and that you all had pleasant w'ends.</p> <p>Yes, am v.excited that things are moving with our donor - a long, unknown road ahead, lots of hurdles Im sure - but will keep you posted as we journey!!</p> <p>Ella - best of luck Wednesday with the scan.</p> <p>Kel enjoy the hols! ( am soooo jealous!!! )</p> <p>Gi &amp; FL - do you both have appointments early Feb?? Looks like we all have a busy month ahead!</p> <p>BM &amp; PC - how you are both keeping well? and enjoying the moments!</p> <p>Ruthie - was back reading your posts, you poor thing - the ups &amp; downs, the anticipation and all of the other emotions - you must be a very strong person, keeping the chin up - as one of the ladies said, you always sound upbeat - my thoughts are with you x</p> <p>SD - did you have an appointment today ??</p> <p>and Suzie - how are you keeping hun??</p> <p>You might laugh, but I now have to make some notes before I type - so pardon me if I leave anyone out or get a bit mixed up .... my thoughts and prayers are with everybody who lends support ,gives advice and shares experiences here !!!!</p> <p>Keep well, talk soon - hugs &amp; xxx's</p>

SD  Posted: 26/01/2009 22:29

<p>Hi girls</p> <p>CG-Your very welcome to the site.</p> <p>Cinderella-Great news about your donor i say you were delighted to hear she be starting meds on the 30 jan.</p> <p>Ruthie-Sorry to hear your news PG it will be better news next month.</p> <p>Kel-I never seen the Hilton Shark bay Hotel but i have heard that all the Hilton Hotels over there are really lovely but all the hotels are.As for bringing jeans with you i would bring 1 or 2 pairs with you to be on the safe side as it can get cold at night.I brought all short skirts and dresses with me and really wished i had my jeans with me for some of the nights bring some summer trousers to. The tips i would have for you would be if your going for the sun i would get up early as the sun goes down early.Make sure the food your eating is well cooked don't get me wrong the food is lovely but as i said make sure it's cooked. There is plenty of resturant's in Naama bay which the food is lovely and it's really cheap.The Camel bar up on the roof is really nice to go and have a drink in they also have heater's if it's cold.My dh would recomend going diving if use can swim he said it's